anaithnidI am having trouble with bad output from JACK on my iMac using Ubuntu 11.04. Ardour is scratchy and zynaddsubfx outputs a constant horrible buzzing15:30
anaithnidI am having trouble with bad output from JACK on my iMac using Ubuntu 11.04. Ardour is scratchy and zynaddsubfx outputs a constant horrible buzzing15:39
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HighOctaneI'm trying to get a m-audio firewire solo working with Ubuntu Studio on Natty, but I get no sound. Anyone here have any experience with a Firewire Solo?20:21
holsteinHighOctane: you still using that agere chipset?20:27
holsteinif so, im 99% sure thats going to be the issue20:28
mali_after ubuntu went natty, I thought ubuntu studio would follow suit so been distrohopping due to unity , G3 etc22:07
mali_rofl.. turns out this baby is on gnome 2 still?22:07
holsteinmali_: gnome then xfce22:08
holsteingnome2 is leaving the repos22:08
mali_just as I finally thought 4-5 moinths of distrohopping hell would perhaps be over22:09
holsteinotherwise, we would have probably just left well enough along22:09
holsteini mean, there has been talk of a gnome2 fork... but, its going away22:09
mali_I admit, arch is brilliant for a desktop but I also want to run a semi-live server so don't feel so safe on arch tbh22:09
holsteinxfce is quite nice though22:09
holsteinvery gnome2 like22:09
mali_ah I can't say I like ti hat much but22:10
holsteinwhat about it?22:10
mali_ye, I run xfce on top of ocmpiz to get the gnome feel22:10
holsteinright... xfce is the most gnome2 like22:10
holsteinif you havent looked at xubntu in a while, its quite slick and polished these days22:10
mali_but still .. I guess when one has the time as I had up until a monthy or two ago, one can always put on one's own fave panels on top of compiz, arch vanilla is a good choice for this22:10
mali_I haven't holstein22:11
holsteinanyways, arch or whatever... gnome2 is going away22:11
holsteinthe gnome3 stuff wont play well with it22:11
holsteinmali_: now22:11
holsteinits dead22:11
holsteinits going away22:11
mali_fair enough22:11
mali_seems mint is still hanging on to it as debian no?22:11
holsteindoesnt matter whos 'hanging on to it'22:12
holsteinits jst a matter of time22:12
holsteinthe gnome2 and gnome3 stuff doesnt work well together22:12
holsteinso, it could be a custom fork/spin that maintains gnome222:12
holsteinbut, that will likely be a lot of hassle for whatever 6 folks try to do take that on22:12
holsteinso, i would look to the future peronsally22:12
holsteinxfce is great22:13
holsteinand it sounds like you actually havent seen the latest version of it22:13
mali_as i said, that's a personal preference, I didn't find it great.. than I find lxde more ot my liking :)22:13
holsteinthats what i am planning on running22:13
holsteinand thats what ubuntustudio is going to22:13
mali_but past months I been doing more custimisation on X distros than producing22:13
holsteinim still running 10.04 personally, and have no plans to move til 12.0422:14
mali_right, I mnight as well cancel then22:14
holsteinwhen i will run xfce22:14
holsteinmali_: lubuntu is quite nice too22:14
holsteinlxde is nothing like gnome2 though22:14
holsteinthats why we didnt go with it22:14
holsteinxfce is much closer to gnome222:14
holsteinand we can set it up to be bascially the same22:14
mali_ya I will have a look in he future22:14
mali_has G3 become more hmm customisable by now?22:15
holsteini have no idea22:15
holsteini dont use gnome3 or unity22:15
holsteinthey answer a question im not answering22:15
holsteinthey answer a question im not asking*22:15
holsteini would not mind at all if gnome2 had just stayed around22:16
holsteinbut it cant22:16
mali_I haven't felt so aggrevated on computers for years lol22:16
holsteinyou dont have to use a computer ;)22:16
holsteini was a little upset when i read about unity22:17
holsteinthen, i warmed up to it22:17
holsteinim glad ubuntu has their own thing now22:17
holsteinbut, i was a little frustrated again when i saw how similar gnome3 and unity were22:17
holsteini feel like its a bit of an unecessary duplication of efforts22:17
holsteinbut... again... they have their own thing now22:17
holsteinand thats great for a lot or reasons22:18
holsteinand, im not planning on using either, so it really doesnt effect me22:18
holsteinanyways... im heading out to dinner...22:18
holsteinmali_: you might enjoy #opensourcemusicians22:18
mali_am trying to tell a colleague at work he is paying os much on win platform where he can get os much in ubustudio say22:19

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