xubuntu379lots of people and no conversation00:01
psycho_oreoslots of people except for one impatient person who probably likes to find someone and put a leash on00:07
patriceI have a problem. I have xubuntu last version and when i right click on the desktop and click on new-> file, nothing happens00:22
patricei can't create a file anymore from the desktop00:23
BlueEagleI was going to say it was because having files on your desktop instead of a proper folder structure is stupid, but then I realized it may be not helpful. :/00:28
SaaMmYpatrice your window manager00:28
patriceok, but i like to create files on my desktop and then i move them00:28
patricewindow manager?00:28
SaaMmYchange your window manager with nautilus00:28
patricehow to?00:29
SaaMmYsudo apt-get install nautilus00:29
SaaMmYsudo apt-get autoremove thunar && sudo apt-get autoremove thunar-data00:29
patriceto remove thunar? ok thanks00:30
patricei have another problem with a mounted disk00:31
SaaMmYxfce4-settings-manager -> preferred applications -> select the right tab and where you see thunar there select nautilus00:31
SaaMmYthen reboot00:31
patricei reboot00:32
industrialSo I run mongo;00:38
riddleboxhello, how do I change which browser the icon in my panel opens?00:38
industrial*** warning: spider monkey build without utf8 support.  consider rebuilding with utf8 support00:38
industrialwhy, in 2011, would you leave out UTF8 ?00:38
patriceok, now it's worse00:46
patricei don't have desktop anymore00:47
patriceno icons, no menus on right click00:47
* industrial bails00:47
patriceare you here SaaMmY?00:47
patrice??? It came back LOL00:51
patricexubuntu is quite a mess...00:51
jbrouhardAnyone ever have a situation where their file system goes from 40gb used to 145gb used in a matter of an hour and you did nothing (Other than crash pidgin) ?? (Drive is a 150GB SATA)00:53
jbrouhardThat's been plaguing me for the last few weeks00:53
jbrouhardhappens every other day00:53
patriceok, another problem00:55
patricewhen i start my machine, it ask me if i want to mount a disk00:55
patricethen it fails00:56
charlie-tcajbrouhard: check in /var/log. By examining the log files, you can determine what is causing the increases and maybe even why?00:56
jbrouhardBeen there, done that00:56
jbrouhardvirtually NOTHING in there that tells me any indication of increase in files00:57
jbrouhardit seems to be coming from .gvfs00:57
patriceand i have a disk mounted icon on the desktop. I click on it and it put me an error00:57
charlie-tcaYou say the file increase happens every couple of days/00:57
charlie-tcaWhen you restart the space is back?00:58
patricearf... now i can't create a launcher on my desktop00:58
jbrouhardOnly get the space back when i start deleting in .gvfs00:58
patricenow i can create a file but not a launcher00:58
patricesuch a mess that linux...00:58
charlie-tcapatrice seems to be running nautilaus without adding --no-desktop00:59
jbrouhardand not very patient either00:59
charlie-tcaThey were told earlier it there was a bug in Xfce causing the inablility to create a file, but didn't like that answer.01:00
charlie-tcaWhat are you deleting in .gvfs?01:00
jbrouhardWas a folder that mounted to a remote file server01:00
jbrouharddoesn't delete anything on the remote server01:01
charlie-tcaSounds like continous file creations from there01:01
jbrouhardbut every once in a while, it, for some reason, re-mounts in there and suddenly it counts towards my disk space01:01
jbrouhardWhy ?01:01
charlie-tcaHave you filed a bug on it?01:01
jbrouhardis that an xfce bug or something with the file manager ?01:01
jbrouhardactually no01:01
jbrouhardit doesn't replicate on my laptop01:01
jbrouhardjust on my desktop01:01
charlie-tcadon't know. Mine is empty, but I use ssh-fuse to mount remote folders01:01
jbrouhardi mount via samba..01:02
jbrouhardMostly cause it's a NAS01:02
charlie-tcamine is more because I been doing it for three years01:02
charlie-tcaand it works for me01:03
* charlie-tca thinks "works for me" is a big item01:03
jbrouhardyes.  it is01:03
jbrouhardtho i wish people would stop applying that kind of thinking to systems management01:03
jbrouhardand not leaving documentation01:04
charlie-tcaI am going to suggest the next time .gvfs fills up, you file a bug using ubuntu-bug gvfs01:05
jbrouhardI'll remember that01:05
charlie-tcaYeah, I agree on docs01:05
charlie-tcaThat thought really fails with them01:05
jbrouhardWell i'm a systems admin01:06
jbrouhardi use documentation for just about EVERYTHING01:06
charlie-tcaI can see where "lack of docs" would cause issues01:06
jbrouhardsadly my current employers' sysadmin did NOT do that.. and I'm having to do everything blindly.01:06
charlie-tcaThe other side of that is what I have been seeing lately, with the "no one reads the docs"01:07
charlie-tcaEven worse trying to pick things up that were never documented01:07
jbrouhardlol.. yeah01:08
inaetyHi I have a laptop with xubuntu installed.  I'm trying to configure it such that when I close the laptop while plugged in will only turn off the screen07:24
Sysiright click on power manager panel applet → preferences07:26
inaetythe option for laptop lid is closed is lock screen07:26
inaetyand that keeps the screen on07:26
Sysiif you set it to "do nothing" it should turn it of07:26
Sysiit also should do that when you set it to lock.. can be some bug with acpi power managment or something07:27
inaetywhen i have it to do nothing, it will turn off for a few minutes and then come back on by itself07:28
inaetyunder extended, set monitor sleep mode to "suspend" actual might work07:29
inaetyim pretty sure standby would keep it on07:29
vixusGah, why has ubuntu gone down this path of removing customisability?13:22
vixuscan't even get rid of the awful GDM look.13:23
vixusand how do i set focus on mouse hover?13:27
vixusit used to be in Mouse or Window Manager Tweaks I think13:27
charlie-tcaum, ubuntu support is in #ubuntu13:34
vixuscharlie-tca, that would be great if I was using ubuntu :)13:37
vixusand not xubuntu13:37
charlie-tcaThen you should be specific.13:37
charlie-tcavixus | Gah, why has ubuntu gone down this path of removing customisability?13:37
vixusAh, but it's happened all across the board :D13:38
charlie-tcaWhat release of Xubuntu are you using13:38
charlie-tcano, it hasn't. Xubuntu has not removed most of the options in many releases13:39
vixusthe latest13:42
vixusI think when GDM got updated it removed most of the customisability (GNOME's fault, not xubuntu's)13:43
vixusso i should probably go whine in #gnome13:43
charlie-tcaas to focus, Menu -> Settings -> Settings Manager -> Window Manager, focus tab, focus follows mouse is still there13:44
vixusah, that's grand13:44
vixusam i able to edit the right-click menu?13:50
vixusor does  it have to duplicate the main menu?13:50
charlie-tcaIt is a duplicate13:51
vixuswell, in fact I used to have it so that right click directly opened the applications menu and not the desktop one..13:52
vixusbut I'm not sure how I did it..13:52
charlie-tcaYes, that was before Xfce 4.813:52
vixusah ok13:52
charlie-tcaas for GDM, we have replaced it in oneiric with lightdm, which is much easier to customize, for both the developer and the user13:53
vixusthat sounds good13:54
vixusmaybe i should have waited before installing this then :/13:55
charlie-tcaYou can upgrade from 11.04 to 11.10 when it releases in October13:57
xubuntu584hi habe ein paar fregen14:11
xubuntu584und zwar sucht mein netbook nicht mehr nach WLan accesspoints14:11
xubuntu584muss alles manuell einggeben werden was kann man da machen?14:12
charlie-tcaCan you use English, please?14:12
ubottuIn den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!14:12
xubuntu584ooh sorry14:12
xubuntu584of course14:12
charlie-tcaNo problem.14:13
xubuntu584i have to searche accesspoints manually14:13
xubuntu584for some times my netbook does this allone?14:13
charlie-tcaThat is a common problem.14:14
xubuntu584is there a wrong network-driver14:14
charlie-tcaNo, it is probably network manager not working right14:14
xubuntu584oooh damned14:15
xubuntu584how can i fix the problem?14:15
charlie-tcaI wish I knew that answer14:16
xubuntu584i could get angry every time i have to search for WLan14:17
xubuntu584ok bye14:17
DaBigBossola bruda14:28
DaBigBossbazhang bro ola14:28
DaBigBosspici bruda ola14:28
volga629nvidia driver can't install on dell e6400 NVIDIA-Linux-x86-177.80-pkg1.run15:28
volga629any help welcome and thank you15:28
volga629I was googling for solution for last few days non of solutions didn't work :-(15:29
ElderDryasvolga629: Define "can't install"15:30
volga629just sec I will paste bin the error from nvidia log15:31
Sysitry with menu → system → additional drivers first15:33
volga629it is no gui right now15:34
volga629I have ssh access only right now15:34
volga629and linux headers and linux sources installed15:36
volga629and i checked  /lib/modules/2.6.35-30-generic-pae/build is symlinked as should be to /usr/src/linux-*15:49
volga629that what I have installed http://pastebin.com/RY7JJPJP16:18
volga629in term of kernel16:18
ubottuTo change your theme in Xubuntu, go to Settings Manager » Appearance (GTK+ theme) or Settings Manager » Window Manager (xfwm4 theme) to change the theme - find more themes at http://xfce-look.org/17:08
knomecharlie-tca, is that okay? ^17:08
charlie-tcaYes, but we need it in here and -devel17:09
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Efazatii was installed xubuntu 11.10 alpha and i receive '/run/udev/' not writable19:09
charlie-tcabecause it is an alpha release19:09
Sysibecause it's alpha and has problems, support in #ubuntu+119:09
charlie-tcait still has a lot of things to be fixed19:09
Efazaticharlie-tca, use 11.4?19:12
charlie-tcano I use the development release19:13
Efazaticharlie-tca, so how fix this problem?19:13
charlie-tcaI don't know19:13
Efazaticharlie-tca, tnks19:13
charlie-tcaI don't worry about warning messages that don't break anything19:13
Efazatii love debian ... shit19:14
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gentoo_drummeranyone here?21:48
gentoo_drummerjust wondering how I change the scrolling speed on xfce..21:48
andres-kainsorry could not help anybody today! bye!21:57
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gentoo_drummeranyone knows stuff bout xfce?22:31
gentoo_drummerhow do i set the scrolling speed??22:32
GridCubescrolling speed22:32
GridCubewhat version of xubuntu are you using22:33
gentoo_drummertell me know please, or die22:34
charlie-tcamouse speed should be controlled by Settings -> Mouse, acceleration23:04

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