didrocksgood morning05:39
oSoMoNgood morning07:03
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htorqueandyrock: hi, i'm sorry to tell you, but the branch didn't change a thing here :-(  http://dl.dropbox.com/u/673326/out.ogv09:22
andyrockhtorque, i'm working on it... i've also write an email on ayatana-dev09:23
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zniavre_good afternoon12:37
zniavre_the new appearence properties for gtk theme into gnome-control-center can read only gtk-3.0 theme from usr/share/themes or from local ~/.themes too ?12:38
zniavre_root/.themes * sorry12:38
zniavre_i do not want to move a folder from my own into /usr/share/themes to get my theme into the appearence "stuff"12:39
davidcallezniavre, AFAIK it doesn't read ~/.themes12:43
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zniavredavidcalle,  thank you answering,  it will read /home/USER/.themes ? or it's not priority ?13:01
jmlthe launcher doesn't seem to be hiding at all any more for me. this means I can't use maximized windows, as the left-hand side is obscured and unclickable.13:08
davidcallezniavre, I hope it will.13:09
zniavrethank you13:10
jmlis there a work-around?13:11
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andyrocknjpatel, test-gtest no loger works14:12
andyrockFATAL: Unable to connect to test serviceandyrock14:12
andyrockFATAL: Unable to connect to test service14:12
njpatelandyrock, make gcheck14:13
jjardontedg: hey, any idea how to reproduce https://bugs.launchpad.net/indicator-datetime/+bug/774071 ? Also, do you have any other indicator when you can reproduce the bug?14:39
ubot5Ubuntu bug 774071 in indicator-datetime (Ubuntu) "Indicator-datetime-service renders 100% CPU usage" [Low,Expired]14:39
tedgjjardon, No, it happens randomly.  When it happens EDS is spaming the bus with messages.14:40
tedgjjardon, No, it doesn't happen with other indicators.14:40
tedgjjardon, So something in datetime is causing EDS to go haywire.  But if you kill the datetime service, EDS stops.14:41
tedgjjardon, DBO claims to get it a lot.  Not sure why.  But he might have more information.14:41
jjardontedg: I mean, do you have installed the indicator-weather, reading the bug report seems that can be related14:41
tedgjjardon, I do have it installed.  Though, I can't imagine how they'd be related...14:45
jjardontedg: ok, thanks. I have patches to fix the delays in the date using the new glib api (that will be in the glib release of today). Also, Do you have any chance to look at https://bugs.launchpad.net/indicator-datetime/+bug/807509 ? David told me that maybe you have some time to take a look14:46
ubot5Ubuntu bug 807509 in indicator-datetime (Ubuntu Oneiric) "Cannot click on Calendar to select another day, month or year" [High,Triaged]14:46
tedgjjardon, There's really no interaction between weather and datetime.14:46
tedgjjardon, I am looking at it.  Made some progress, but it's a tricky one.14:46
Trevinhonjpatel: hi... I've updated the indicator redesign branch against new trunk... Is it fine for review now?15:03
Trevinhotedg: I've seen the "clear notification" thing you've made... I saw that you always show that menu item, but in the case you disable it for clicks... Isn't better to hide it at all (as I did in my client-side implementation?)15:07
tedgTrevinho, No, not really.  In general, hiding things makes it so that people can't remember where things are.  If you disable it, then you're showing the state.15:10
om26ertedg, sometimes the clear button is active even there is no notification pending, should I file it?15:11
tedgom26er, Uhm, yeah.  Any information about how to recreate would also be useful.15:13
Trevinhoom26er: I've found the same too15:13
om26ertedg, sure.15:13
om26erTrevinho, you report and i'll be the confirmer, deal ? :D15:14
TrevinhoOk... om26er: and please check also the issue I've described in the last comment of this merge: https://code.launchpad.net/~3v1n0/unity/fix-688117/+merge/7008415:14
om26erTrevinho, yes i can reproduce it here15:20
jjardontedg: Could you apply the patch from https://bugs.launchpad.net/indicator-datetime/+bug/730476/comments/29 . I tested it here and seems to be correct15:21
ubot5Ubuntu bug 730476 in Indicator Date and Time "Part of the time appears cut off when displaying the day of the week and date" [Undecided,In progress]15:21
jjardontedg: or do you want me to create a branch instead?15:22
tedgjjardon, Sure, a branch would be better as that way I won't miss it when making releases.15:29
tedgjjardon, Though, in that case we need the contributor to sign the CA if they haven't.15:29
tedgjjardon, So I'll talk to them.15:29
Amaranthso it seems the BUILD_TESTING build option in unity doesn't actually disable building tests15:44
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Amaranthhehe, unity has a fixme saying "this needs to be GL_TRIANGLE_STRIP"16:05
Amaranthwell, thanks for thinking about me anyway :D16:05
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njpatelandyrock, hey dude, have you come across this recently? https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/830887 I fixed a bunch of rendering bugs over the past week and I'm unable to reproduce the issue now16:10
ubot5Ubuntu bug 830887 in unity (Ubuntu Oneiric) "Dash shows an empty icon for some applications." [High,Confirmed]16:10
njpatelAmaranth, we love you really16:10
andyrocknjpatel, mmm no... but in the dash there still are app without icons...16:12
andyrocki mean: when i wrote the bug ccsm, gedit, etc. sometimes had no icons16:13
andyrocknow i think that there are no default icon when app icon is not present/found16:14
andyrock*thre is no default16:14
njpatelandyrock, can you give me an example app?16:14
njpatel(easier to fix with an example)16:14
Amaranthnot sure why that needed a fixme, looks like it was a simple swap to convert16:14
njpatelandyrock, sweet, thanks16:14
andyrocknjpatel, yw! if you need a screenshot let me now :)16:15
njpatelandyrock, will do :)16:15
andyrocknjpatel, if i keep pressed an icon dash, the first icon of the row is selected16:57
htorqueandyrock: confirmed, did you open a bug report?17:23
andyrockhtorque, about what? :)17:24
htorque> if i keep pressed an icon dash, the first icon of the row is selected17:24
andyrockah... no :) can you do it?17:25
htorqueandyrock: bug 837560 - sorry took some time (needed to build unity first)17:38
ubot5Launchpad bug 837560 in unity "Dash: clicking any item will also highlight the first item" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/83756017:38
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andyrockhtorque, np17:42
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andyrockDBO, any idea how to solve the dnd issue?20:31
DBOandyrock, I wont lie, I haven't even given it a thought20:31
DBOwere you the dude I was telling not to leak CompScreen?20:32
andyrockDBO, yup20:32
DBOdid you fix the null thing?20:33
DBOalso, just because compiz cant spell display doesn't mean we cant :)20:33
DBOinstead of WindowManager::Dpy :)20:33
DBOIm sorry for being so rough on you20:33
andyrockDBO, null thing solved using a simple null check20:37
andyrockbtw you are evil ahahah :)20:37
andyrockbut i will change Dpy to Display20:38
TrevinhoDBO: please could you check this again: https://code.launchpad.net/~3v1n0/unity/fix-690143/+merge/7343020:39
TrevinhoI ported it to current code20:39
DBOTrevinho, timing is good, doing now20:39
Trevinhonice :D20:39
TrevinhoAnd.... Since the timing is good when you've done... You also would have to merge the bamf branch I sent one month ago... :P20:40
TrevinhoIf it's nice then I'll work on the other branch related to the window mapping... Since there still are severe issues...20:41
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andyrockI think that Display* Display() is not legal20:49
andyrocki'va to use Display* display()20:50
andyrockDBO ^^^20:50
DBODisplay* Display should be legal20:50
DBOhow does it complain?20:50
DBOif you must, do Display* XDisplay();20:50
andyrock/usr/include/X11/Xlib.h:495:26: error: changes meaning of ‘Display’ from ‘typedef struct _XDisplay Display’ [-fpermissive]20:50
andyrockhome/andyrock/Desktop/other-dnd-fixes2/plugins/unityshell/src/PluginAdapter.h:137:3: error: ‘Display’ does not name a type20:51
andyrockXDisplay should be good20:51
OmegaI miss being on the same time as you guys ): every since I moved to europe ):20:51
andyrockDBO, can i use nux::GetGraphicsDisplay()->GetX11Display();20:54
andyrockin DNDCollectionWindow?20:54
DBOlauncher has a Display that gets set on it20:55
DBOit could easily pass that along20:55
DBOand again just handle the null case20:55
jcastroDBO: thanks for merging those BAMF fixes20:56
jcastrolike a month later20:56
DBOandyrock, Launcher::display20:56
DBOjcastro, shut up20:56
jcastrostay classy!20:56
jcastroDBO: clean em out before thursday, that would be swell20:56
TrevinhoHi jcastro20:57
TrevinhoHow long...! :)20:57
DBOjcastro, if you could get the community to like what we do by Thursday, that would be swell20:57
jcastroDBO: remember when you did stuff people liked they also flamed you20:59
jcastroit's just your personality, you're a target of ridicule. :p20:59
jcastroTrevinho: hey did you see someone found a workaround to the bamf bug?21:00
TrevinhoFor the chromium thing ?21:00
TrevinhoWell... I read something, but not in detail...21:00
TrevinhoHowever I hope we could get that fixed soon... Now all the stuff we're depending on are fine. We just need to put our things int the correct order.21:01
DBOTrevinho, your queue is now empty21:01
TrevinhoOh, cool DBO... However not completely... I still wait for the branch I sent you in private and to rewrite the one window mapping one...21:03
TrevinhoAlso because you introduced a bug :P21:03
TrevinhoDBO: read my last comment: https://code.launchpad.net/~3v1n0/unity/fix-688117/+merge/7008421:03
DBOTrevinho, works fine ehre21:05
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Trevinhoreally? also om26er confirmed that to me...21:05
DBOyeah just double checked21:06
DBOworkspace switching works fine21:06
TrevinhoDBO: maybe that was before the recent change....21:06
Trevinhofine, so ;)21:06
DBOonly issue is in alt-tab, fixing that now21:08
DBOTrevinho, great work though21:08
jcastroDBO: the stacking one?21:08
DBOjcastro, no21:08
Trevinhothanks DBO ;)21:08
DBOjcastro, your buddy needs to get back to me and confirm I am speaking before I book a hotel21:09
jcastroDBO: ohio linux is fun, you'll have a good time21:10
jcastroDBO: hey are you in charge of the dash blur or is that neil?21:12
DBOjcastro, depends on your problem21:12
jcastrostill a bit too light on light backgrounds21:13
DBOpoke gord21:13
* jcastro nods21:14
TrevinhoDBO: the indicator branch is more related to njpatel, isn't it?21:16
DBOTrevinho, yes21:16
htorqueTrevinho: nice work on the arrow thing! :-)21:22
Trevinhothanks htorque ;)21:28
Trevinhohi Andy8021:28
Andy80Trevinho: welcome back from holidays :)21:29
TrevinhoThanks Andy80 ;)21:31
htorquewould such artifacts be a compiz issue: http://img.xrmb2.net/images/703132.png ? (that's on intel on two systems, about to check with nvidia)21:45
DBOping me please21:54
TrevinhoDBO: I've just checked to map a window that is visible in another viewport..22:36
Trevinhobut currently a scale is launched for that application...22:36
Trevinho(if more than one window is available)22:36
Trevinhoisn't that wrong?22:36
TrevinhoI guess that the scale should be performed only on second click22:36
TrevinhoAnd however DBO I still have the issue... Open just one window for an application, put it in forground and switch viewport. Click on that application launcher icon, then it won't be mapped and no vp switch is performed to show it22:38
DBOTrevinho, still cant reproduce22:39
Trevinhothat's weird22:41
DBOwhy do you say mapped?22:43
DBOTrevinho, ^^22:43
DBOno mapping should happen in what you describe22:43
TrevinhoMh, DBO sorry... Not mapped... I meant is not shown22:48
Trevinhono VP switch is done...22:48
DBOTrevinho, cont reproduce22:49
Trevinhoso if there's just one window opened, the its launcher icon is not useful at all22:49
TrevinhoDBO: it's so strange.... I guess I'm running unity trunk right now22:49
DBOTrevinho, is your compiz up to date22:49
Trevinhocompiz 1:
DBOand compiz-plugins-main-default22:50
TrevinhoMhmh... OK that was outdated... :P22:52
TrevinhoDBO: plugins updated, issue remains22:57
DBOTrevinho, did you update all the other compiz things?22:57
DBOTrevinho, I suggest dark cult rituals23:03
DBOor restarting your session23:03
TrevinhoDBO: I'll try to dance in my room singin something I learned in Africa... Maybe it helps23:12
DBOTrevinho, sacrifice a virgin if you can find one23:13

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