JontheEchidnabrb, removing PA from my new install00:12
JontheEchidnalibreoffice seems to be dragging in libgtk2.0-0 now, which is causing our oversize issues :/00:27
claydohScottK: much belated pong: no floods, but lost power for about 10-11 hours release notes will b e in the works!05:06
claydohon a different subject, we now have a server for kubuntuforums w00t! currrently it has a bare Ubuntu server on it, I will get to learn how to mess up, err, admin the thing05:10
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* bulldog98 is trying to convert icecc into a git repro07:54
apacheloggerbulldog98: did you get a fix for runtime yet?11:12
apacheloggershadeslayer: can you snapshot qtwebkit?11:13
shadeslayerapachelogger: i'll try11:13
shadeslayerJontheEchidna: http://matt.might.net/articles/nine-kinds-of-students/11:19
* JontheEchidna is Medic in CS courses11:22
JontheEchidnaMedic's also one of my best TF2 classes11:23
* shadeslayer is more biased up towards the Engineer11:24
JontheEchidnawtf, canada: http://i.imgur.com/Y0sEX.jpg11:24
JontheEchidnargreening: ^my sources tell me this was spotted in nova scotia11:25
JontheEchidnaoff to work, bbl11:25
shadeslayerafter 20 hours of running chrome, adblock is taking like 40 megs11:26
shadeslayertotal ... 156 MB's11:27
apacheloggerI once had a chrome11:34
apacheloggerI traded it for some recum11:35
apacheloggerbad deal that one was11:35
rgreeningJontheEchidna: yeah. Irving probably. They have weird shiz.12:04
rgreeningJontheEchidna: I believe I can get that here in NL too... though.. ewwwww... yuk. :P12:05
shadeslayerdebfx: uhm, i downloaded the webkit tarball from here : http://gitorious.org/webkit/qtwebkit/trees/qtwebkit-2.2-week3413:40
shadeslayerits the right one, right?13:40
shadeslayerhuh, weird, the tarball from launchpad is like only 30 Megs13:41
shadeslayerthe one from that page is ... 667 MB's ...13:41
debfxwell you need to run a script that generates the final tarball13:44
debfxI have added some basic documentation to README.source13:44
shadeslayeryeah, i was just going through the package13:44
apacheloggerQuintasan, rbelem: is slc up yet?14:11
apacheloggeralso someone revuz the http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/touchegg-gui14:12
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rbelemapachelogger, yup14:30
rbelemapachelogger, i made the requested changes last time14:30
rbelemapachelogger, i will make some more changes to plasma-mobile then i will upload again14:37
bambeeScottK: could you review touchegg-gui as ubuntu-archive admin and as motu ?14:51
bulldog98apachelogger: yes I‘ll push it soon14:58
bulldog98apachelogger: lp:~bulldog98/kubuntu-packaging/kde-runtime15:07
bulldog98still pushing15:07
bulldog98apachelogger: https://code.launchpad.net/~bulldog98/kubuntu-packaging/kde-runtime/+merge/7339115:13
shadeslayerqtwebkit is still cloning -.-15:28
bulldog98shadeslayer: do you use yofel’s server?15:34
shadeslayerit'll take a week to clone it on my connection15:35
bulldog98shadeslayer: how fast is yours? mine is 56kbit/s down15:35
shadeslayerbulldog98: 600 kbps during the day, 1Mbps at night ( from 10 PM IST to 10 PM IST )15:36
shadeslayer10 AM15:36
bulldog98shadeslayer: so your connection is better than mine don’t complain :P15:37
shadeslayerheh, true :P15:37
shadeslayerbulldog98: how come its so crappy?15:38
bulldog98shadeslayer: I’m in a 200 people village15:38
charlie-tcaman, You guys should have my connection - 156kBps on a good day15:38
bulldog98but we get a new line15:38
shadeslayerah, what are you doing there?15:38
bulldog98charlie-tca: that’s still better than mine15:38
bulldog98shadeslayer: living15:39
charlie-tcaI guess it is at that. 15:39
shadeslayerhehe ... 15:40
shadeslayerfunny thing is, you can wget files on yofel's server at 3-4 MBps ... but cloning using git is like .. 400 kBps15:40
shadeslayerReceiving objects:  71% (924001/1283922), 1.38 GiB | 364 KiB/s   ...15:43
bulldog98shadeslayer: I’m currently pushing icecc as a git repro to my scratch15:44
bulldog98Writing objects:  33% (2525/7643), 3.15 MiB | 8 KiB/s15:45
tsimpsonwell, it is called git... which is a (mild) insult15:47
apacheloggershadeslayer, bulldog98: you know, bug triage would really need some help15:59
shadeslayerapachelogger: i'm working on a threading issue in nepomuk16:00
apacheloggerI thought you are packaging qtwebkit? :P16:00
shadeslayeryeah, git is resolving deltas16:00
shadeslayertook forever to clone16:00
bulldog98apachelogger: if I finished pushing the repro16:01
apacheloggerit might be faster if I'd put a clone of my clone onto a usb stick and send it to india16:01
* apachelogger waves fist at fat repos16:01
* bulldog98 too16:01
apacheloggerbulldog98: what are you pushing?16:01
* apachelogger thinks that no one ever looked at kaffeine bugs16:02
bulldog98apachelogger: icecc as git repro16:02
* apachelogger had too much coffee16:03
apacheloggerbug 82438616:08
ubottuLaunchpad bug 824386 in kubuntu-default-settings (Ubuntu) "Tips in LibreOffice interface is ureadable with default Kubuntu Oneiric settings" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82438616:08
apacheloggerScottK: bug 79926216:09
ubottuLaunchpad bug 799262 in kubuntu-konqueror-shortcuts (Ubuntu) "Please remove kubuntu-konqueror-shortcuts from Oneiric" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/79926216:09
apacheloggerScottK: I dont get bug 82017516:14
ubottuLaunchpad bug 820175 in kubuntu-default-settings (Ubuntu) "Activity manager and virtual desktop widget both in panel" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82017516:14
apacheloggeractivity switches the set of widgets (and offers startup of related apps)16:14
apacheloggerby default that is not linked to the virtual desktops16:14
apacheloggerso on virtual desktops you'd organize your windows, whereas on activities you mostly organize your widgets16:15
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ScottKapachelogger: So maybe I don't get activities then.16:23
apacheloggerthere are default activities16:23
apacheloggerif you try them you'll notice that they switch around the stuff on your desktop16:23
ScottKI'd be fine with making that 'remove pointless activity manager from panel'16:23
apacheloggerit aint pointless 16:24
ScottKYes.  I'm familiar with them from plasma-netbook.16:24
ScottKAFAICT it is.16:24
apacheloggerthat is because you dont use them fancy widgets 16:24
ScottK(I mean now)16:24
ScottKSomeday I'm sure it'll be great.16:25
bulldog98apachelogger: can you verify #10710716:25
apacheloggerbug 10710716:25
ubottuLaunchpad bug 107107 in KDE PIM "KMail prevents encryption, if the target key is not ultimately trusted or (locally) signed" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/10710716:25
apacheloggerScottK: I honestly do not see what is wrong with it now16:25
ScottKWhat's it there for?16:25
apacheloggerbulldog98: too long to read16:25
apacheloggerScottK: so you can have multiple widget line ups16:26
ScottKI tried it and couldn't figure anything useful to do with it.16:26
shadeslayergit checkout --track qtwebkit-2.2-week34 -b qtwebkit-2.2-week34 is actually taking time ....16:26
bulldog98apachelogger: simply try to send me a mail and encryp it16:26
apacheloggerI do not have encrypt0ration setup16:26
apacheloggerset up16:26
apacheloggerScottK: just because we cannot think of a good use, does not mean it has none :P16:26
bulldog98apachelogger: mh, yofel and shadeslayer can’t reproduce it since they singed my key16:27
apacheloggerand I did not get to sign your key?16:27
bulldog98apachelogger: no haven’t seen you since we singed keys16:28
* bulldog98 doesn’t finds bugs he can triage, maybe apachelogger should point me to a link16:28
bulldog98apachelogger: that’s way better that were I searched for16:29
* bulldog98 looks for the akonadi stuff16:29
apacheloggerthe good stuff is well hidden in the lunchpad16:29
jussiapachelogger: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!16:29
bulldog98#770689 is still valid16:34
apacheloggerbulldog98: you should write bug in front of it16:34
apacheloggerso that the bot tells us all about it16:34
bulldog98bug #770689 is still valid16:34
ubottuLaunchpad bug 770689 in akonadi (Ubuntu) "backups with akonadi are not possible due to missing mysqldump/bzip2" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/77068916:34
apacheloggerthere are two things that broken software has in common16:35
apachelogger1. they have a workaround section in a wiki/manual for thei brokeness16:35
bulldog98apachelogger: btw I don’t have the right to confirm stuff16:35
apachelogger2. they have backups built in, because shit falls apart ever so often16:35
apacheloggerI quite frankly don't give much of a song about either16:35
yofelbulldog98: if you have a launchpad account then you do...16:35
bulldog98apachelogger: now I now know why Apple has implemented Time Shift16:36
bulldog98yofel: right16:36
shadeslayerAborting, Working tree is dirty16:36
apacheloggershadeslayer: how did you do that?16:36
yofelhow did that happen?16:37
shadeslayerapachelogger: i forgot to apply a patch16:37
shadeslayerand ran the python script16:37
apacheloggerwhat pyth0rn script?16:37
shadeslayer- Apply debian/derivedsources_include_path.diff16:37
apacheloggershould sheytan appear at some point tell him about bug 735046 and whether he has an idea16:44
ubottuLaunchpad bug 735046 in kubuntu-default-settings (Ubuntu) "use "Horos" as plymouth background" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73504616:44
apacheloggeror someone send him a mail plz16:44
shadeslayer=== Archive [qtwebkit-2.2-week34.tar.gz] sucessfully created16:51
shadeslayerwth, quilt can apply the patch, but debuild can't -.-17:17
bulldog98shadeslayer: blame debuild whoever maintains it :)17:18
rbelemshadeslayer, do you know if it is possible to get the package name in the debian/rules that is being currently building?17:18
shadeslayerrbelem: iirc i saw something like that, but they used cut and grep on the changelog file17:20
rbelemshadeslayer, and the binary pkg name?17:21
shadeslayernope, haven't seen that anywhere17:22
rbelemshadeslayer, oki... thanks :-)17:22
ScottKWe didn't disable ntrack support did we?17:25
debfxno, did it break again?17:26
shadeslayerdebfx: what do i do with the -gstabs patch which gets applied with quilt but not with debuild / pbuilder17:30
debfxshadeslayer: fix it to apply cleanly, e.g. using quilt refresh17:32
shadeslayerdebfx: tried that as well17:33
shadeslayerdidn't work17:33
shadeslayershould i make a new patch?17:34
bulldog98apachelogger: Fix for kde-runtime: https://code.launchpad.net/~bulldog98/kubuntu-packaging/kde-runtime/+merge/7339117:37
debfxyeah, if everything else fails just apply the changes manually and create a new patch17:38
rbelembulldog98, i'm working to get it compiling again17:50
bulldog98rbelem: what?17:51
rbelembulldog98, and we need two kde-runtime, one kdelibs, and one slc patches to get it building17:52
bulldog98rbelem: hm so quite some work to do17:53
bulldog98rbelem: what patch is failing for you?17:54
rbelembulldog98, your ftbfs is related to the missing patches17:54
rbelembulldog98, i will have a meeting in a few minutes, after that i will push the missing patches and the plasma-mobile changes :-)17:56
bulldog98apachelogger: have we set up an iso for kubuntu-mobile yet?17:57
rbelembulldog98, i think so17:57
bulldog98!search kubuntu-mobile iso17:58
ubottuFound: 17:58
rbelembulldog98, i downloaed it yesterday17:58
bulldog98rbelem: where?17:58
rbelembulldog98, from cdimage.ubuntu.com17:58
bulldog98rbelem: does it work?17:59
rbelembulldog98, with old plasma-mobile18:00
bulldog98rbelem: keep in mind to accept my merge request for kde-runtime18:01
rbelembulldog98, oki :-)18:02
ScottKLet's save any kubuntu-mobile ISO changes for after beta 1.18:07
Quintasanapachelogger: It is not, I was not able to do anything at all since I had no access to the internet past two days18:48
jussiQuintasan: apachelogger says you are lazy... making up random excuses, you are like shadeslayer :P18:58
shadeslayerqtwebkit is moot http://paste.kde.org/116299/19:00
claydohok ScottK apachelogger Quintasan shadeslayer and anyone else I can spam : whats new for beta?19:01
shadeslayerclaydoh: possibly new upload of webkit if i can get it fixed in time19:02
ScottKshadeslayer: It's a bit late for that now.19:02
shadeslayerapachelogger might have managed to get more prn on the CD ... hidden away at some place19:02
shadeslayerah ok19:02
claydohshadeslayer: that was already assumed :)19:03
Quintasanjussi: Hah, he always says that and he is no better :P19:03
Quintasanclaydoh: most likely some plasma-active parts if I manage to get runtime fixed19:04
jussiQuintasan: he said he did bug triage today...19:04
bulldog98Quintasan: I guess he hides all the porn in phonon and dragonplayer19:04
Quintasanjussi: Well, I did gles, and some of the active magic along with rbelem and ScottK19:05
QuintasanAll past Feature Freeze :P19:05
jussiScottK: fyi, I fixored the access lists19:12
* bulldog98 wrote nice intellegent zsh completion for a function toggeling on and off the ninja repro19:39
apacheloggerwhoop whoop19:41
apacheloggerQuintasan: what was the "it is not" replying to btw?19:41
Quintasanapachelogger: slc19:41
Quintasanapachelogger: Depending on the result of my attempts at fixing kdelibs we might have to drop kde-runtime-active altogether19:56
CIA-1[kubuntu-default-settings] Harald Sitter <apachelogger@ubuntu.com> * apachelogger@ubuntu.com-20110830195707-obakd422wwsdw9pw * (share/config/khtmlrc debian/changelog) (log message trimmed)19:57
CIA-1Drop khtmlrc as rekonq is default browser we do not need to ship our outdated19:57
CIA-1filter list anymore + it is easily switched on by the user. Also the config19:57
apacheloggerQuintasan: why is that?19:57
rbelemQuintasan, why drop?19:58
Quintasanapachelogger,rbelem: for some reason kde-runtime-active depends on kde-runtime which leads to dependency hell as you might have guess since kde-runtime-active conflicts with kde-runtime19:59
rbelemQuintasan, o.O20:00
Quintasanapparently the problem lies in kdelibs in which libkdecore5.symbols has a dep on kde-runtime and pulls it as a dependency20:00
QuintasanI've just tried changing that to kde-runtime | kde-runtime-active but I have no idea if it will work20:00
QuintasanWaiting for code to finish building20:00
rbelemQuintasan, lets drop shlibs :-D20:01
QuintasanThat's not shlibs as far as I could understand20:02
rbelemQuintasan, what could be?20:02
Quintasanrbelem: Well, looks like that magic in kdelibs is responsible but I can't say without any testing20:06
bulldog98Quintasan: I have fixed that not installability20:15
bulldog98it is installable20:15
Quintasanbulldog98: Where?20:15
bulldog98Quintasan: I gave apachelogger the merge request20:15
apacheloggerQuintasan: https://code.launchpad.net/~bulldog98/kubuntu-packaging/kde-runtime/+merge/7339120:16
QuintasanI see20:16
QuintasanAre you sure this works?20:16
bulldog98Quintasan: I have kde-runtime-active installed on my tablet so it works20:16
Quintasanbulldog98: Cool stuff, now let's wait for apachelogger to merge and upload20:17
Quintasanthen I can do s-l-c and plasma-mobile20:17
bulldog98Quintasan: do we have all patches in kdelibs that are in active-development/4.7 ?20:18
apacheloggerQuintasan: I am doing bug triage, later phonon stuff, so I'll definitely not get to it before tomorrow evening20:18
bulldog98yofel: could do the merge20:18
Quintasanbulldog98: ask rbelem, he should know that20:19
Quintasanapachelogger: ehh...20:19
* bulldog98 has to give other people work, cause he can’t do stuff by his own, since he is not an kubuntu-member20:19
Quintasanbulldog98: I'll do the merge and upload in 30 minutes20:19
bulldog98Quintasan: rbelem is in an meeting20:19
Quintasanor 4520:19
* bulldog98 hugs Quintasan20:19
* apachelogger wonders what to do with bug 26292420:21
ubottuLaunchpad bug 262924 in kubuntu-default-settings (Ubuntu) "shared folder" [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26292420:21
bulldog98apachelogger: I think he want’s a shared place to put data for different users20:33
apacheloggerwhat to do with it20:34
apacheloggerperhaps we should discuss at UDS and implement for P 20:34
apacheloggerone way or another20:34
apacheloggerthough I really wonder how one would implement this in a sane way20:34
* apachelogger points out that /tmp would actually be the place to do that sorta thing20:34
bulldog98apachelogger: but it would get deleted after reboot20:35
apacheloggerI consider that a good thing20:35
apacheloggersuch a shared folder should not be abused as permanent storage20:36
apacheloggerfar too dangerous20:36
* debfx wouldn't want to deal with the "Ubuntu ate my data" bug reports20:41
debfxhttps://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/umask-to-0002 goes into this direction20:42
apacheloggerveromix is a rotten piece of crap20:45
apacheloggerplasma is the rotten piece of crap perhaps20:50
apacheloggersince it is going down when plasmoids are rubbish20:51
apacheloggerand there are plenty of rubbish plasmoids20:51
apacheloggerand then you have 3rd party plasmoids20:51
apacheloggerwhich are of course evne more rubbish20:51
apacheloggerand then the entire desktop goes down and then aaron whines about how plasma has 2k bug reports that are not triaged20:51
apacheloggerblaming the bad triage rather than the unreliable product20:51
* apachelogger shakes had20:51
DarkwingDuckScottK, apachelogger, Riddell, I changed the header for the wiki to remove #kubuntu-netbook bit...20:55
apacheloggerawww :(20:55
apacheloggerthis is also a terribly rubbish plasmoid20:59
apachelogger2 rather silly bugs I have seen so far20:59
apacheloggercrashing ones that is20:59
DarkwingDuckAlso removed knowledge base link21:01
apacheloggermarkey: what is a good laptop to buy these days?21:17
DarkwingDuckLenovo :P21:17
DarkwingDuckryanakca, Do you have the files (Like the header and such) online somewhere so I can start building the Kubuntu.org theme with it?21:33
DarkwingDuckryanakca, RE the wiki theme.21:33
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RiddellDarkwingDuck: ask newz2000 about wikis21:40
DarkwingDuckRiddell, Thanks21:45
Quintasanbulldog98: kde-runtime uploaded, thanks22:19
QuintasanI'll do s-l-c and mobile tomorrow22:19
markeyapachelogger: http://www.laptopmag.com/review/laptops/lenovo-thinkpad-x220.aspx22:22
markeyThinkPad X220 with SSD + IPS display22:23
apacheloggercomes with windows22:23
markeysounds expensive, but USD 2k isn't a lot for this quality22:23
markeyjust rm -rf that22:23
apacheloggerI aint no paying no windows22:23
markeythen good luck22:24
markeyreally, that's the best laptop that you could get22:24
markeysettling for Dell or so would be foolish22:24
DarkwingDuckI'll keep buying ThinkPads22:31
DarkwingDuckjjesse, Let me know if this looks good to you. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kubuntu/Documentation22:31
DarkwingDuckjjesse, I got a lot of the info from the DocTeam and changed it to reflect Kubuntu.22:31
DasKreecHDarkwingDuck: What's the deal with Thinkpads. I heard they are dropping Linux support22:33
DarkwingDuckDasKreecH, dropping Linux support? URL?22:33
DarkwingDuckDasKreecH, Best HDW I've ever worked with in the form of a laptop.22:33
DasKreecHI know22:33
DasKreecHJsut things like the fingerprint scanner and so far as I understand Lenovo does a good amount of the driver work there22:34
DarkwingDuckAlthough, the one I currently have is a bahemith. Not looking forward to lugging it around UDS LOL22:34
DarkwingDuckthe fingerprint scanner... ahhh...22:34
DarkwingDuckThe HDW support is good. the linux implementation of it sux. 22:35
DasKreecHJust recall hearing about 2 months ago that they are not saying they will be having support for all their hardware under Linux22:35
DarkwingDuckand actually, my fingerprint scanner isn't support in the W700...22:35
DasKreecHThey are solid laptops though as long as you dno't mind ugly22:35
DarkwingDuckDon't know if it's because it's an older model or what...22:35
DarkwingDuckWell, I have a larger model.22:36
ryanakcaDarkwingDuck: Only what sheytan sent me (the blue header, the menu bg and the menu spacer)22:37
JontheEchidnaapachelogger: at the least, the plasma crashes don't bring down the whole desktop generally22:39
JontheEchidna*python crashes22:39
JontheEchidnathat's why they're pushing scripted plasmoids so hard :P22:39
ryanakcaDarkwingDuck: I'll forward it to you, let me pull my netbook out.22:39
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: sure they do if the result in an unhandled exception or segfault22:41
apacheloggeronly javascripts avoids crashery22:42
JontheEchidnanormal pykde programs don't crash entirely when they hit an unhandled python exception22:42
JontheEchidnasegfaults in the bindings do crash, tho22:43
JontheEchidnaman, the trolls are out in full force here :( http://blog.martin-graesslin.com/blog/2011/08/rendering-at-60-frames/22:47
JontheEchidnaI, personally, am excited :D22:47
JontheEchidnaI already get 40-50 fps during mimimize animations and such, but any improvement is good22:48
JontheEchidnaeven with the cube I still get 30 fps22:49
JontheEchidnaand this on a crappy integrated intel card22:49
DarkwingDuckryanakca, Thanks mate22:51
DarkwingDuckapachelogger, ScottK, JontheEchidna, are any of your "locked" with these graphics for the wiki theme?  http://people.canonical.com/~jriddell/wiki/baseg.jpg23:11
DarkwingDuckOr, can we go crazy?23:12
DarkwingDuckwell, crazy/new idea as long as it looks good.23:12

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