ionitewhy can't KDE detect my SD card?02:13
ionitewhy can't KDE detect my SD card?02:17
ionitewhy can't KDE detect my SD card?02:31
ioniteanyone here? can help me upgrade to 4.7?02:55
U238Willykde 4.7? sure... follow the instructions amarok has listed here for upgrading to 2.4 -> http://amarok.kde.org/wiki/Download:Kubuntu02:58
U238Willythis will make things exciting (read possibly unstable)02:58
U238Willytry the update/upgrade outside of the cli by using the kpackage(manager?) whatever it's called.03:00
U238Willysometimes apt-get will hold back items that the gui updater seems to set in motion.03:01
U238Willygotta go.. but have fun.03:02
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ioniteanyone here? can help me upgrade to 4.7?03:14
chetanneed help03:21
chetananyone live03:28
ussher_anybody know what the command line name of the "KDE Printer Manager" is?03:41
ussher_trying to add a printer.03:41
chetanuh finally som1 alve ithought every1 is bot03:42
chetanme nu to kubuntu03:42
chetanactually linux03:42
ussher_your in the right place then.03:42
chetani send couple of hi no 1 repond03:43
ussher_ah, dunno.  got a question you needed help with?03:43
chetansound issue realtek HD03:44
chetanreinstallation from scratch03:44
ussher_purge it then apt-get install again mabye?03:45
chetanrealtek 889 HD reinstallation from scratch any 103:45
chetanuh commands please its been 3 days im using it :D03:46
ussher_im not sure.  what package is it?03:46
chetansome alsamixer stuff03:46
ussher_sudo apt-get purge whatever-package-it-is03:47
ussher_then sudo apt-get install the-package-you-want03:47
chetanletme trry03:47
chetanReading package lists... Done03:48
chetanBuilding dependency tree03:48
chetanReading state information... Done03:48
chetanE: Unable to locate package alsamixer03:48
ussher_so sudo apt-get install alsamixer03:48
chetansame  thing03:49
ussher_apt is telling you that?03:49
chetanrealtek 889 HD reinstallation from scratch03:50
chetanrealtek 889 HD reinstallation from scratch  any 103:53
ussher_what about sudo apt-get install alsa-base03:53
ussher_or sudo apt-get install alsa-utils03:54
chetanfor alsa base03:54
chetanalsa-base is already the newest version.03:54
chetanfor utils also sudo apt-get install alsa-utils03:55
chetanThe following packages were automatically installed and are no longer required:03:55
chetan  libsoundtouch0 libzbar0 libflite1 libfftw3-3 libcroco3 libgme0 freepats libwildmidi1 libcdaudio1 libmimic003:55
chetan  librsvg2-2 libmusicbrainz4c2a libcelt0-0 librtmp0 libofa0 libmms003:55
chetanrealtek 889 HD reinstallation from scratch any 103:56
ussher_and if you type alsamixer now does it open?03:57
chetanchetan@chetan-MS-7576:~$ sudo apt-get install alsamixer03:58
chetanReading package lists... Done03:58
chetanBuilding dependency tree03:58
chetanReading state information... Done03:58
chetanE: Unable to locate package alsamixer03:58
FloodBotK1chetan: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.03:58
chetanrealtek 889 HD reinstallation from scratch any 103:59
chetanneed help on alsa04:00
chetanany 104:00
chetanneed help on alsa04:05
chetansound issue help any 104:06
chetansound issue help any 104:07
chetansound issue help any 104:08
chetansound issue help any 104:11
chetansound issue help any 104:15
Guest86266what issue?04:47
Guest86266sound for skype?04:47
svakshachetan: its rude to PM people and request CTCP randomly. If you have a technical question ask in the channel05:40
chetansound issue need help06:12
bazhang!sound | chetan have a read06:13
ubottuchetan have a read: If you're having problems with sound see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP306:13
chetanactually i want to reinstall the sound drvers for ALC 88906:15
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naftilos76hi i cannot see the temperature of the CPU. I have the usual plasmoid on my desktop which shows mem, cpu, hd etc one under another. However the temperature does not give me any feedback. Can it be that the controller of the temperature is not supported?08:40
James147naftilos76: is lm-sensors install ?08:42
naftilos76James147: i have just installed it and i cannot see any difference in the plasmoid. I started the temp view but it is blank. When choosing properties of temp, i see no items in the list!08:45
naftilos76is it a konsole tool?08:45
James147naftilos76: did you readd the widget? (or logout and back in?)08:45
naftilos76no , let me log out and back in....08:46
naftilos76James147: hi again, i still see no sensors available for cpu temperature. Is restarting mypc going to help?08:49
James147naftilos76: doupt it08:49
naftilos76me too08:49
James147as root run "sensors-detect"08:50
NSQhey guys, is there a bug in kubuntu 11.4 with the nvidia driver install? i cant install the driver, if i do so (with the restricted driver thing) kubuntu installs it, but it says, it's not under use after i restart08:53
NSQit worked fine with suse, using 1click install08:53
James147NSQ: how did you install it?08:57
NSQJames147: i used "additional drivers" (my kde is in german, but it should say something like that in english) from the application>system menu08:59
James147NSQ: then it should be used after a reboot... try running "sudo nvidia-xconfig"09:00
NSQJames147: i did that too, then nothing works, it hangs up during boot, something like "couldnt load nvidia module"09:01
NSQJames147: so i deleted xorg.conf, and i can boot again now09:01
NSQit's weird.09:01
James147yeah ^^ you tried reinstalling the driver (sudo apt-get install --reinstall nvidia-current)09:02
NSQJames147: going to try that, 1sec09:03
metinhi there09:21
metinanyone here09:21
ussher_when im dragging a window around between 2 monitors and i hit the top edge i get double white lines around both screens and window wants to maximize.  If i hit just the left or the right the double white lines want to set the window size to half width.  What is this called?  and is there any way to adjust the size of the half width white lines?09:35
ussher_as my left monitor is a different width than my right monitor.  It would be nice for left/right to be the full width of either monitor.09:36
NSQJames147: okay, i tryed all that for another time, failed .. now i thought i install the nvidia driver from the website, without this thing09:44
NSQJames147: now it tells me, now "kernel-source" is installed, but there is no kernel-source for my kernel, only a nvidia-kernel-source thing09:44
NSQjames1479: and if i click install on this nvidia-kernel-source thing, it wants to install nvidia-current with it (which is not working) ..09:45
James147NSQ: hmm, what graphics card do you have?09:46
NSQJames147: nvidia geforce 425m09:46
NSQthis is driving me crazy, it worked in suse, it worked in ubuntu 10.04 ... but not in kubuntu 11.409:47
James147NSQ: ^^ yeah, I found the mobile cards to sometimes just not work depending on the various versions of things :(09:48
James147(that is the mobile nvida ones)09:48
James147^^ there any reason you cant use the open drivers?09:48
NSQi have really bad fps with the open drivers :P09:49
NSQJames147: and i have a clan war in like 6 hours, so i guess i need to install another distro if i cant fix it in time :(09:49
NSQi was like "yeah, switch to some debian related distro, because yast is shit", and now i end up with this :/09:51
NSQi guess im buying some cd's now and switching to fedora, but thank you for your help James147 <309:52
James147NSQ: you could try an older version of kubuntu09:52
NSQJames147: is it possible that that bug only occurs in kubuntu? because i know some guys having no trouble installing nvidia drivers in ubuntu (one guy even has a geforce 425m)09:54
James147NSQ: possibly... could just be related to the version of the packages in 11.0409:55
NSQwhy do i had to uninstall my fully working suse anyways :D .. bad idea09:56
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bittinSomone wants a Mac LC?12:24
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lagerimsihi - got a problem using kmail with mailinglist12:45
lagerimsiit sends a message back and it's not in the sent or trash or spam12:46
lagerimsiany ideas12:46
lagerimsiupdated to the newest kde in the ppa-reposizories12:47
lagerimsiplease help - every mail from the mailinglist is sent back (or anywhere else - don't know) and i can't get any mail from the list12:49
lagerimsiwent on #kontact -channel to discuss this preoblem sorry guys12:57
BluesKajHey all13:19
OerHekshey BluesKaj13:20
=== vito_ is now known as Guest74051
BluesKajhi OerHeks13:22
Ddpbfhi BluesKaj13:23
BluesKajhi Ddpbf13:23
BluesKajcoffeee, coffee, coffee!13:25
OerHeksi am so sorry, i only have espresso available..13:26
BluesKajtoo strong ..don't need to race, just a good pace is fine  :)13:27
BluesKajfound something odd with my audio output ..if I choose stereo tracks option within vlc while it's playing a movie , it outputs an analog signal thru the line out , otherwise line out has no output at all13:31
BluesKajmy soundcard is set for spdif / coax digital out and analog line out , but there's usually no sound output from the lineout . I've been trying to find a method have both digital and analog out simultaneously , but so far no luck withe exception of the vlc option which isn't available on all media13:35
ionitewhat is the difference between LTS 10.4 and 11.04?13:42
BluesKaj!LTS | ionite13:45
ubottuionite: LTS means Long Term Support. LTS versions of Ubuntu will be supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server. The current LTS version of Ubuntu is !Lucid (Lucid Lynx 10.04)13:45
ioniteBluesKaj: which is more stable and less buggy?13:46
BluesKajionite, do some research on ubuntu.com about LTS ...I'm sure you'll find what want to know13:47
ioniteBluesKaj: words can only mean one thing but in reality i need actual experience13:48
BluesKajwords can mean many things , depends on who and what they say :)13:49
BluesKaj!polls | ionite13:49
ubottuionite: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.13:49
ioniteBluesKaj: ubuntu wont compare it's product :)13:51
lagerimsihi - back again - in #kontact they said - no support for this version :( - well try it again here13:58
lagerimsimy storry: upgraded to kde4.7 on kubuntu 11.04 - but can't say if the thing i want to decribe here is a bug/feature or something else - nor can i say wheter there's the same problm with  the original kde in kubuntu 11.04 - that's because i haven't had a mailinglist subscribed to before14:01
lagerimsidecribed to a mailinglist and got always the same problem: there's a script in every mail comming dfrom that list - kmail tells me it cannot run this script - but running or stopping it deletes the mail from the server and from the local storage14:03
lagerimsiis it the mailing list i should not subscribe to? maybe it's also a feature of kmail i could just disable - but don't know how - answering to the mailinglist because of  an subscription header?14:05
lagerimsiwell guys  - would be great to hear from you - problem makes me sad14:08
OerHekslagerimsi, can you post this script, without confidentional info like pass or mail adres, on paste.ubuntu.com ?14:13
BluesKajlagerimsi, sorry, but I gave up on kmail ages ago, due to all the problems I had trying to get to work with my ISP's mail server , so I switched to webmail (gmail)  and have had few problems since.14:14
lagerimsiwell - as i said - the mails are gone :(  - so i cant post this script - used kmail for ages and always had no problem14:15
OerHekskmail cannot run the script, because it was a mail?14:16
OerHekssounds like a delete-script regarding your subsciption ..14:18
lagerimsiwell yes - but it doesnt make any difference whether i let it run or nor - the mail is gone14:19
lagerimsias i subribed to that14:20
lagerimsii recieved a message to confirm that subscription - is it a feature then that kmail sends out a message itself?14:20
lagerimsiguess it shouldnt do anything the user has not enabled or at least - the user can disable somewhere14:21
lagerimsiit's a mailinglist using mailman14:22
OerHekslagerimsi, hard to say if the script is malicious, or just misunderstood.14:23
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lagerimsiOerHeks > had the webinterface open - there was shortly one message i hadn't recieved before - now it's gone  - without using kmail - so this problem is provider-related i guess  - maybe they are filtering this list14:27
lagerimsifreedom of speech here - *sigh*14:31
mohsenhi there14:41
* Graf_Westerholt ist verwirrt.14:42
mohseni'm new in here14:43
* Graf_Westerholt is confused.14:43
genii-aroundHi mohsen. If you have some question about your Kubuntu, this is the place to ask it.14:43
mohsentnx :)14:44
szalGraf_Westerholt: yes, you are :P14:44
Graf_Westerholtszal :D14:44
mohsenwhat is the linux programing? can you explain me? it's about understanding OS or anything els?14:50
szaldefine 'linux programming'14:52
mohseni can't define it exactly but i'm just hear about !14:53
genii-aroundmohsen: Programming is usually done in a language of some kind. There are simple programs you can make which are called shell scripts that use what is built-in to linux at the command line. then there are other kinds of programming like with Python or Ruby which can run right away. Then there are programs you write which need to be compiled into something usable, for that the languages are usually C or C++14:55
genii-aroundmohsen: You should probably look into shell scripting first.14:55
mohsentnx.so the shell scripting is a tool for write and compiling the programs in any lang?14:58
g0thI don't hear any sound when I play a movie with -ao pulse14:58
genii-aroundmohsen: Not really.14:58
ubottuAdvanced Bash-Scripting Guide, obtainable with ${package-manager} install abs-guide, is a quick and comprehensive guide to bash (command line) scripting in *nix systems. It is also viewable via web at http://tldp.org/LDP/abs/html/14:58
g0thIn pavucontrol I set everything to duplex digital audio14:58
genii-aroundmohsen: If you want to write more portable programs, probably to look at Python14:59
g0thIn the playback tab I can see the bar going up and down for the digital audio thing14:59
g0thbut no audio14:59
mohsengenii-around : tnx alot15:00
genii-aroundmohsen: You're welcome15:00
g0thwhere can I specify where pulse should send its output?15:07
=== fitoria_ is now known as fitoria
BluesKajg0th, in pavocontrol, there should be an option to send digital, usualy coax or toslink or even hdmi , analog is usally just line out15:14
BluesKajg0th, I don't have much experience with pulseaudio since I don't need it for my setup15:15
g0thBluesKaj: hi, I remember you, I selected toslink (I think this is this iec thing)15:15
g0thI had to switch back to pulse audio because pure alsa was unuseable15:15
g0thbut then all my settings were gone15:16
g0thnow I hear nothing15:16
g0thanyway,  why do I see the bars under "playback" moving but I still hear no audio?15:16
BluesKajtoslink is optical out . g0th...alsamixer srill needs to be setup ...pulseaudio needs alsa to serve the audio siganl15:17
g0thalsamixer is all ok15:18
g0thmplayer -ao alsa works15:18
g0thmplayer -ao alsa:device=hw=0.315:18
g0thI need something similar for pulse15:19
BluesKajmplayer and pulseaudio don't do well together from my experience15:19
tsimpsong0th: mplayer -ao pulse15:21
g0thI just tried vlc with pulseaudio15:21
g0thI still hear nothing15:21
BluesKajvlc audio needs to be setup , in tools/preferences/audio . then set options there that suit the card , dev=0 or whatever your anaolg or digital out is15:23
g0ththere is nothing like that for pulseaudio15:25
g0thI just found out (again) that pulseaudio and/or kde is buggy15:25
g0thI selected analog stereo, then I hear audio, then I selected digital stereo again and the sound is still there15:26
g0thbut if I reboot and login again it will not work15:26
g0thhmm vlc works now too15:28
g0thbut I think this is because it is the backend of pulseaudio15:29
g0thso somehow the change back to digital was not applied correctly and now pulse and vlc think it is still analog, even though the menu shows digital15:29
g0thin fact now I can select almost anything it always works15:29
g0theven things that clearly didnt work before15:29
g0the.g. I just deactivated audio and I still hear it ^'^15:30
BluesKajhow and where did you "deactivate audio" ?15:32
g0thin phonon, I selected profile "off" under audio hardware setup15:35
g0thin vlc there was no change at all15:35
g0thI still heard the audio perfectly fine15:35
g0thit seems that the audio hardware setup doesnt choose the current card but it sets preferences for the cards15:36
g0thif I went to internal audio and selected 5.1 surround I suddenly hear nothing again15:37
g0theven if I switch to "audio adapter" (in phonon)15:37
g0thuntil I select analog stereo again15:37
g0thso it seems there is no way to select the hardware, I can just change preferences for different kinds of hardware, but where do I actually choose where the audio goes?15:38
BluesKajyeah, that's why I don't use pulse ...choose the hardware in phonon , without pulse audio you have more hw options in phonon , with pulseaudio the hw options are in pulseaudio paprefs and pavucontrol afaik15:39
g0thI hate pulse15:40
BluesKajif pulse has the dev=? option then make sure it's the same in vlc, as I mentioned before15:46
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JuJuBeeI am able to sync my ipod with my laptop using rhythmbox, but not with my desktop.  Any ideas?  Laptop running 10.10 and desktop running 11.0416:55
Peace-more answer on #ubuntu for thythmobox16:55
Peace-i guess16:55
=== aracele is now known as pandabear
JuJuBeeJust in case anybody was wondering, you need the libgpod-cil and libgpod-cil-dev installed to sync ipod with Rhythmbox.17:13
riffwhat is a good virtual dvd drive package17:40
ubottuTo mount an ISO disc image, type « sudo mount -o loop <ISO-filename> <mountpoint> » - There is a list of useful cd image conversion tools at http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion - Always verify the ISO using !MD5 before !burning.18:04
riffokay typical mount point is?18:09
szalthere is none, make one up18:13
genii-aroundriff: Traditionally /mnt  but you can also make one somewhere in /media like /media/myiso18:14
genii-aroundApologies on lag, working18:14
kriseHello guys18:15
krisehere is the thing18:15
kriseI really like to use rekonq, but why the hell it freazes in every 10 min18:16
kriseim tired of hiting F5 6 times in every hour18:17
g0thBluesKaj: pulse does not have the dev= option, pulse uses very strange names like "internal audio", "audio adapter", "hdmi digital" (even though there is no hdmi out ?!?), etc18:17
riffokay so i give the command "sudo mount -o loop \home\riff\Downloads\BT%-GNOME-64.iso /media/myiso" but it returns with "no such directory"18:17
riffwhat am i missing18:17
kriseCan anybody tell me how to fix that problem18:18
krisemy computer is almost new18:19
BluesKajg0th, your best bet is to go to the pulseaudio website for explanations of their terms18:20
g0thriff: "\home\" ...18:20
g0thriff: use "/"18:20
g0thBluesKaj: I actually already tried that without much success18:21
g0thI'll try again18:21
genii-aroundriff: Did you already: sudo mkdir /media/myiso18:21
riffwill do that18:21
g0thIMHO the names are just stupid, no ordinary user has any chance to understand them18:21
genii-aroundriff: Also you have mixed kinds of slashes there18:21
g0thlinux uses "/" not "\"18:22
szalriff: also, we do NOT support BackTrack here18:22
riffmy Applogizes still a good lesson in mounting cd images18:22
BluesKajg0th, my setup so far seems to work well, gstreamer as the phonon backend , the vlc phonon plugin works for didgital signals but not analog , gstreamer does18:23
g0thgstreamer is bloated18:23
g0thanyway that is not the issue18:23
g0ththe plugin doesnt change any of the behaviour I experienced18:24
BluesKajg0th, you don't know that til you try it ... not the issue heh , paint  yourself into a corner then without trying differnt options ...have fun18:25
g0thI already tried all three plugins18:25
g0thI already spent over 10 hours on this18:25
g0thlast time I solved it by just removing pulse, but now I am forced to use it18:26
* BluesKaj shrugs ...spent weeks and weeks on my issues ...no need for pulse here18:26
BluesKajanyway , back to tree trimming ...have too much on my plate today ...later18:27
riffokay new return is "can't find /media/myiso in /etc/fstab or /etc/mtab"18:28
szalriff: what exactly did you type?18:29
riff"sudo mount -o loop/home/riff/Downloads/BT5-GNOME-64.iso /media/myiso"18:30
riffnm i found my mistake18:30
riffthanks alot18:30
riffin "/dev" there are tty# what are those?18:32
Daskreechkrise: on all sites?18:35
DaskreechWhat rekonq are you using?18:35
kriseyes daskreech18:36
Daskreechriff: those are terminals18:36
Daskreechkrise: I've found that the webkit version makes a good bit of difference with rekonq18:37
DaskreechWhich KDE are you using?18:37
krisekubuntu 11.0418:37
* Daskreech nods. That's the version of Kubuntu :) Did you update KDE to 4.7.0 ?18:38
kriseou sht yes, my bad18:38
krisei dont know, i think 4,618:38
riffterminals are more or less other screens that are in comand line mode unless you iniaite x server correct?18:38
szalkrise: don't guess, look -> Help -> About KDE <- in any KDE application18:39
shadeslayerriff: kinda18:39
genii-aroundkrise: You can also just issue: rekonq -version18:40
shadeslayerriff: the virtual terminals are still there on tty's 1-718:40
ubottuTo get to the TTY terminals 1-6, use the keystroke ctrl + alt + F1-F6 respectively (Alt+F7 will get you back to your graphical login).  To change the resolution for your TTY, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ChangeTTYResolution.18:40
shadeslayerriff: ^18:40
kriseVersion 0.7.018:40
krisebrand new stuff18:41
riffso if 1-7 are the virtual terminals then what are the other ttys listed?18:43
genii-aroundriff: Some might be Konsole or Terminal you are running from in the desktop, others might be ssh logins, others are devices like serial ports18:49
riffhow do you fidn more places to search and get packages from in package manager?18:51
James147genii-around: arnt konsole terminals in /dev/pts/18:58
James147^^ as are ssh sessions apperently :S19:00
James147riff: generally you should stick to whats in the default repos (just adding extra repos to look for packages can leads to all sorts of headaces)... if there is something you know you need and isnt in them then look for a repo that contains it ^^ but you shouldnt really have unsuported repos enabled that you arnt using19:03
riffokay so trying to get stuff from sourceforge like a cd emulator but when i download it comes in source code i get i need to complie it but what other steps are there to plug it in as a package?19:06
=== vega is now known as Guest16455
James147riff: allot of stuff on sourceforge is in the repos, have you searched them first?19:09
James147riff: if you fail to find it there normally a google search for <program> + ubuntu tends to find a package or at ealst an easy way to install it19:10
riffwell used the synaptic package manager made sure the sorceforge and google repo was checked but it didn't seem to come up with the stuff i wanted, is there a step i could be missing or a different way to do it?19:11
mime1111hey ppl! in fvwm-crystal, wallpaper won't change... any idea?19:21
stefanoI just installed kubuntu but every time I change resolution to restart the initial resolution is, how can I fix this?19:24
mime1111hey ppl! in fvwm-crystal, wallpaper won't change, clicking the build in menu... any idea?19:24
=== Wojtulas_ is now known as Wojtulas
mime1111stefano maybe in your nvidia or ati graphic manager19:25
stefanoi'm use Kde menager19:26
stefanomy graphic card is nvida19:26
mime1111in konsole nvidia19:26
mime1111well, wait19:26
mime1111do u have nvi or ati?19:27
mime1111if u use nvidia try nvidia-sttings in konsole19:28
mime1111hey ppl! in fvwm-crystal, wallpaper won't change, clicking the build in menu... any idea?19:28
stefanonot install nvidia-settings19:28
James147whats fvwm-crystal?19:28
BluesKajmime1111, change wallpaper by right clicking on the desktop , desktop settings , open a file with images or get new wallpapers19:29
mime1111maybe it is a good option, u will use most of ur graphic card19:29
mime1111a window manager19:29
James147stefano: you can install the closed drivers by launching "Addition Drivers" from the menu (or alt+f2)19:30
mime1111right click in crystal just opens term19:30
James147mime1111: this isent really the channel for other window managers ^^19:30
mime1111yes, in kde there is an option that selects your card, search it stefano19:30
mime1111cya then19:30
mime1111cya guuuy! freedom is here!19:31
* BluesKaj thought fvwm was a wallpaper19:35
James147BluesKaj: i am guessing its a window manager since he said 'in' and it ends in wm :)19:37
James147(and he said it was)19:37
BluesKajwith semi transparent effects19:37
BluesKajyeah , he did much later , while i was searching for something else19:39
James147BluesKaj: thats why i asked me :)19:39
davi need little help19:44
James147!help | dav19:44
ubottudav: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)19:44
davi can't play flash video on browser (flash plugin is installed)19:45
mauser1891@dav   I remove plugin then install Chrome Browser19:46
davi use firefox19:47
James147dav: try reinstalling flash: "sudo apt-get install --reinstall flashplugin-installer"19:47
Unit193Did you also restart FF?19:48
James147(and tehn restart firefox)  :)19:48
davJames147, it works.! Thanks!19:50
BarkingFishhello jee_ :) Anything we can help you with?20:18
jee_Yes, i've two questions20:19
BarkingFishok, fire away and we'll try and sort them for you.20:19
jee_firstly, I've got a 32 Go USB key and was surprised to hear that my father bought it very cheap in congo20:20
jee_but when installing kubuntu, the computer detected the key as a 34,4 Go key and say it couldn't install kubuntu20:21
jee_I don(t remember the message text20:21
BarkingFishyou have the ISO burned onto the key?20:22
James147(or are you trying to install kubuntu on the key)?20:22
jee_secondly I tried tu use it using kubuntu, the key is detectet as a 28,2 Go key and when trying to mount it says it's impossible20:23
jee_it's a rexton USB key20:23
James147jee_: ^^ that size sounds more likly :)20:23
jee_no, kingston, sorry20:23
BarkingFishjee_, the figures quoted when you buy usb storage are never exactly right.20:23
jee_yes I know it20:24
BarkingFishMy 500GB external USB hard disk detect as 486.9GB20:24
James147BarkingFish: they are always right :) just in the wrong scale20:24
jee_yes it's because of the 1024 or 100020:24
jee_kibi or kilo20:24
James147BarkingFish: the difference is binary vs decimal scale  (is 1024 vs 1000 when going up a size)20:25
BarkingFishdo you know what the file system of the USB stick is?  It's likely NTFS if it's that big, I don't think FAT can cope above 4GB20:25
jee_I thing it was ntfs20:25
BarkingFishlet me check something :)20:25
BarkingFishJames147, do you know if kubuntu needs any particular file system tools installing to handle NTFS partitions?20:26
James147BarkingFish: for reading I dont think so20:26
jee_using kparted it's a 32 Go USB key20:27
James147though ""ntfs-config" wouldnt hurt :)20:27
BarkingFishactually looking at kpackagekit, there's a couple which might be worth a try James14720:28
jee_it say (in french but i'll try to traduce) that he can't find a table of partition20:28
James147jee_: is it one like this: http://www.pixmania.co.uk/uk/uk/2613064/art/kingston/go-datatraveler-400-32gb.html?srcid=867&key=Z0l8d0FrOraJdY90DzsDVHpKFS5YQoa5HekUMFFgYU54cBUjbOTaLYh2ADEGVSkbQnZfXQ==#pix-review20:28
BarkingFishjee_, - can you try installing a couple of files for me, they may be what you need.20:28
jee_not exactly20:29
jee_like this but seems so20:29
BarkingFishcan you try to install libntfs-3g79 , libntfs10 , ntfs-3g and ntfsprogs please?20:29
jee_yes, what files20:29
BarkingFishdon't worry if it says you already have them, but if you don't, they may be of help.20:30
James147BarkingFish: ntfs-config should pull them all20:30
BarkingFishgood point, they're all deps aren't they? :)20:30
James147jee_: install "ntfs-config" rather then what BarkingFish said :)20:30
BarkingFishjee_, scratch that.  Can you try sudo apt-get install ntfs-config ?20:30
jee_are already installed20:31
James147jee_: then it dosnt matter :) as long as you ahve tnfs-config20:31
jee_ot ntfs-config20:31
jee_nothing has changed20:33
jee_I can read the 100 Go partition which has windows on my computer20:33
jee_so I can read ntfs no?20:34
James147jee_: http://the-gadgeteer.com/2010/05/28/kingston-datatraveler-locker-usb-flash-drive-review/   ^^20:34
James147jee_: if it is one of them you might be out of luck20:34
* James147 grumbles about encrypting flash drives through ahrdware20:34
BarkingFishJames147, would erasing and recreating the entire NTFS partition remove the encryption without screwing the key?20:35
James147BarkingFish: pffft... i have no idea but it could just distroy the disk20:36
BarkingFishyeah, that's the problem.20:36
James147or do nothing at all20:36
jee_it's this one http://www.customusbdisk.com/kingston-datatraveler-101-usb-flash-drive-p-595.html20:36
James147I dont have any experiance with encrypted flash drives so i cannot say... (and I bet every implmentation is different and will act differently)20:36
BarkingFishIt's a choice between not being able to use the disk by borking it beyond logical recognition, or winding up with a disc on which nothing has altered and never will.20:37
jee_so my usb is encrypted?20:37
BarkingFishmost possibly, jee_20:37
James147jee_: ^^ if its the one you linked then maby not20:38
jee_yes, it's this one but 32 Go20:38
James147(though if it is then I have no clue why its not working)20:38
James147jee_: does it work in windows? and if so dose it need a password (or extra drivers)?20:39
jee_Yes it work on windows20:39
jee_yes, finally, it should be a problem of drivers20:39
James147jee_: is that a yes it needs a password?20:40
jee_It don't need any password20:40
jee_so It isn't encrypted no?20:40
James147jee_: douptful if it dosnt ask for a password before you can acces the files20:41
jee_so the problem is surely a problem of drivers, it don't matter a lot20:41
jee_but I've got another bigger problem20:42
jee_my coputer has a nvidia GEFORCE GT540M20:42
James147jee_: not sure about that... ^^ (have never seen any drivers for flash drives in linux that arnt already built into the kernel)20:42
jee_and when installing additionnal driver nothing's workng20:43
jee_no 3D20:43
James147jee_: define nothing is working20:43
jee_and when not installed 3D is working well but can not make games like trine work20:44
jee_trine from the humble frozenbyte bumble20:44
jee_when installing the driver from the official website of nvidia: no x interface and the error is: no screens found20:45
DaemonFCTrine should actually work without the proprietary drivers20:45
jee_not for me20:45
DaemonFCfor some reason it claims to need GLSL 1.30 shaders20:45
DaemonFColder revisions didn't20:45
jee_and I've got 4Go RAM and an intel i3 processor20:46
DaemonFCif you can find an older revision of it somewhere it will work20:46
DaemonFCbut they claim to need features it doesn't actually use20:46
DaemonFCand crash the game now if you don't have them20:46
jee_wait, so you older revision of trine should work but not recent?20:47
DaemonFCthat's what I've found20:47
DaemonFCthey've revised it a few times on the humble download page20:48
jee_the problem is that I can only get it from the frozenbyte website20:48
DaemonFCthis needs shader model 3 error is bogus20:48
jee_ok, but elsewhere do you know what is wrong with nvidia drivers20:49
jee_or is it my screen resolution (1366X768 or something like that)20:49
DaemonFCI don't use Nvidia hardware on anything :)20:51
jee_really Oo?20:53
jee_you use freeware drivers or not graphic card20:53
jee_ok, don't matter20:55
jee_I've just another problem20:55
jee_I want to install games from playdeb20:55
jee_oh, I just forgot tu to sudo apt-get update20:57
dav2nd question: how to visualize correct names and no labels in xsensors? (ex CPU fan speed and not fan1...)21:08
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ActionParsniphi guys, is there a KDE app for notes which connects to tomboy notes?21:29
ActionParsnipi installed tomboy notes but it seems hung up on me having firefox installed and it doesn't seem to respect the default browser which is set in KDE. Can anyone recommend a client21:30
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giuliahello. How can I make KDE automatically connect on the Internet ? I have a wifi connexion, and it sucks that they ask me the password each time. Any idea ?23:18
giuliaI know, I just have changed desktop environment23:18
DasKreecHgiulia: Tell it to remember the password?23:33
giuliahello. Any mean on how can I automatically connect on wifi when on Kubuntu ? I have 11.04 version. Thanks in advance23:45

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