gary_posterbac benji danilos gmb, call in 312:27
benjigary_poster: what is the right disposition for this keyring card?12:44
gary_posterbenji, um...needs info is good.  that's what you said.12:46
benjiand just leave it where it is?12:46
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gary_posterbenji, oh on the kanban board...how about "move the bug number from the magic bug field to the title, and move it to Archive/Rubbish"?12:51
benjisounds good12:51
gary_posterhey benji, can you tell me whether you see messages from me in #launchpad-dev, to jelmer?12:56
benjigary_poster: at 08:50 there's one where you mention his name12:57
gary_posterbenji, cool, thanks12:57
danilosgary_poster, sqltrace is very nice, we need some of this in the OOPSes as well :)13:00
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* gary_poster appears to be having connection probs13:02
gary_posterbac benji danilos gmb, especially gmb because of your interest, anyone fancy updating ec2 test to have a new launchpad-dependencies deb?  It's pretty easy, even with docs IIRC, and I'm happy to help.  If not, I'll do it.13:25
gmbgary_poster: If it needs doing today, then I'll have to pass13:26
bacgary_poster: i'd like to do it13:26
gary_posterbac, ok great.  looking for instructions13:26
benjiif no one else is interested, I'll... I guess that was a hot property :)13:26
gary_posterbac, https://dev.launchpad.net/EC2Test/Image13:27
danilosgary_poster, btw, would you be able to give me any hint for the following: https://pastebin.canonical.com/51923/?13:46
gary_posterdanilos, looking13:46
danilosgary_poster, (other than uninstall system setuptools and ClientCookie :))13:47
gary_posterdanilos, yes.  short answer, I think that you'll find your ClientCookie egg_info is obviously broken when you look at it.  You might also find that it was supposed to have been ininstalled, but maybe not.  Remove the egg_info manually, and then reinstall ClientCookie if desired.13:49
gary_posterlong answer, there's a bug somewhere I filed...looking13:49
gary_posterbug 834698 danilos13:50
_mup_Bug #834698: setuptools.egg-info can end up as a directory when it is meant to be a symlink <python-setuptools (Ubuntu):New> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/834698 >13:50
gary_posterThis is the ClientCookie version of the same problem13:50
gary_posterdanilos, thank you for answering user story dude btw13:50
danilosgary_poster, oh, I have both setuptools (in the middle of the traceback, needs scrolling to the right) and ClientCookie messed up, weird13:51
gary_postersadly not that weird.13:53
gary_posterOr at least not that unusual13:53
danilosgary_poster, but why did it happen all of a sudden?13:55
bacgary_poster: in VALID_AMI_OWNERS is the name just any identifier?  i expected it would be launchpad id but it clearly isn't.13:56
gary_posterdanilos, I suspect that the problem has been there for a long time.  Chameleon exposes it.  Chameleon compiles templates to Python bytecode, so it wants to verify that its code it caches is up-to-date with your packages, so it wants to get the versions of all your installed packages to make a hash.  Kinda grody, but not unreasonable AFAICT.13:57
gary_posterbac, your ec2 account #, I believe13:57
danilosgary_poster, ah, fair point then, thanks for explaining it all for me13:57
bacgary_poster: yes, the key is the AWS account number.  the value just seems to be a random name/nickname13:58
gary_posterbac, oh!  lemme look13:59
bacperhaps only used in logging?13:59
danilosthe best part is, clientcookie is not packaged in ubuntu since lucid it seems14:00
gary_posterbac, it looks there is a new "images" command that uses the mapping.  I think it used to be a tuple before.  It's just for reporting to humans, AFAICT14:01
gary_posterbac, lib/devscripts/ec2test/builtins.py is where I see it14:02
gary_posterbac, so I'd use "bac"14:02
bacgary_poster: i planned to use 'bac', which clearly works for me as i'm mononicked, but thought i would document it.14:06
gary_posterbac, +114:06
gary_posterbac, do you feel comfortable with the answers I gave you, or would you like me dig more into something?14:07
bacgary_poster: no that's fine.  i was just double checking14:07
gary_postercool bac.  thanks for pursuing that.14:08
bacgary_poster: when running bin/ec2 update-image what do you use for the base image?  is it the ami identifier of the last one created?14:24
gary_posterbac, mm, good question.  I think we use the base Lucid image provided by Canonical.  Looking around...14:25
gary_posterbac, yeah, that's what it says on the wiki page I gave you--it even gives you the number to use and where to verify it14:26
* gmb -> collecting car from the garage. Will be back in ~30mins, £250 shorter. Ugh.14:50
bacgary_poster: based on http://uec-images.ubuntu.com/releases/10.04/ it looks like the image listed in the wiki page is old by several releases (2010-10-20 vs 2011-07-19).  unfortunately i can't find an official page like http://aws.amazon.com/amis/4348 that describes it.  i'm forging ahead with the newer ami as the base.15:04
gary_posterok bac15:05
benjigary_poster: I'm checking out.  I'll see y'all tomorrow.16:01
gary_posterbye benji16:01
bacgary_poster: so the new image is made and installed16:19
bacit is now just automatically picked up via the new rev number?16:19
gary_postergreat bac!  So now you need to land the branch with your blessing, and then people can use it16:20
gary_posterbac, then maybe shoot an email to the list ccing stub letting folks know16:20
bacgary_poster: no testing?  just wait for a big boom16:20
gary_posterbac, heh, no, testing probably a good idea :-)16:20
bacgary_poster: so, just do a run of ec2 test on devel?  should i have done that before landing the branch that updates VALID_AMI_OWNERS?16:21
bacah, i see how it finds images16:24
gary_posterbac, do a run: yes.  If it starts and tests are running it's probably fine16:24
bacif you're already listed in VALID_AMI_OWNERS there is no way to test the image before subjecting it to the team16:25
gary_posterbac, there is16:26
gary_posterdo not make the image public16:26
bacoh, right16:26
bacperhaps i'll update the wiki to mention that...16:26
gary_posterdanilos, I think I need to ask you a question.  If you are about to leave, gimme 5 if you can. One sec, getting details. :-)16:53
gary_posterdanilos, heh, yeah16:54
gary_posterSo, I just had to qa-bad my revision16:54
gary_posterthat used your new getMergeProposals16:54
gary_posterthe problem was that it worked great if I passed for_branches=[something]16:55
gary_posterbut if for_branches=[]...16:55
gary_posteryou can guess what happened :-P16:55
gary_posterSo, obviously, I can change my call to not call getMergeProposals if I have no branches16:55
gary_posterbut it struck me that it might be nice if getMergeProposals treated None differently than an empty iterable16:56
gary_posterSo that an empty iterable would return an empty value17:08
* bac -> food17:09
gary_postergary_poster <- food17:16
gary_posterdanilos, if you come back and look at this, I did change getMergeProposals as I described above: https://code.launchpad.net/~gary/launchpad/bug724025/+merge/7343219:52
bachey gary_poster, my ec2 test of the new image is failing.  :(20:32
bacit is a twisted timeout test20:32
baci should be able to use the AWS web interface to change the image back to private and then try again20:33
gary_posteron call bac, make sure that it is not spurious and/or does not fail on current image20:35
bacgary_poster: retesting just that test on new image20:36
bacoriginal run is not finished yet so i don't know the full set of failures20:36
bacthe test seems to be spurious on ec2.  leaving new image in place.21:21
gary_postergood, bac21:21

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