selveshaving trouble getting the midi preferences straight. the inputs and outputs are greyed out01:09
michaelh1Hey, the blueprint icons aren't showing up for me in Firefox 6 on lucid.  Chrome is fine.  For example: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/cortex-strings/+spec/add-to-newlib has no icons next to the state or users.03:33
mwhudsonmichaelh1: are you logged in?03:34
wgrantmicahg: Are you using fglrx?03:34
wgrantmichaelh1: ^^03:34
micahgwgrant: no, nvidia03:34
wgrantmichaelh1: fglrx + firefox >=4 have a bug when rendering large images, like Launchpad's sprites.03:34
michaelh1wgrant: yes, yes I am.  Large images?  These are the tiny icons like ! and the user guy.03:35
michaelh1Are they slices of a bigger image?03:35
wgrantmichaelh1: They are, or you'd be loading dozens of images per page load.03:35
michaelh1wgrant: interesting.  Any work around?03:36
wgrantmichaelh1: Probably not unless you are AMD. https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=64661103:37
ubot5Mozilla bug 646611 in ImageLib "Image corruption with fglrx on yahoo.com" [Normal,Resolved: fixed]03:37
michaelh1Heh.  One day I'll find a distro+kernel+graphics combo that works everywhere...03:37
wgrantmichaelh1: Actually, looks like it's fixed in either fglrx 11.8 or Firefox 7, since I've been using Firefox on oneiric for two days now, and the icons exist.04:08
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czajkowskimrevell: morning09:06
mrevellhey czajkowski09:08
czajkowskimrevell: how are you this fine and sunny morning09:10
mrevellczajkowski, Hey! otp at the moment09:10
mrevellbut very well, other than losing my glasses09:10
czajkowskiOTP ?09:11
mrevellczajkowski, sorry, on the phone09:13
czajkowskinp enjoy09:13
htorquehello everyone! i changed my mail address in launchpad (and removed the old one) but can only log in at ubuntu single sign-on with my old address - should i expect a delay or is there something wrong?09:24
maxbhtorque: Ubuntu SSO has its own completely separate idea of your email addresses. You'll need to make the changes there too09:25
maxbThis is not at all clear, unfortunately, especially when SSO can masquerade as part of the LP UI09:25
htorqueit's not clear because the login mask told me i could use LP credentials... ;-)09:26
wgranthtorque: Well, you can't log into Launchpad with that new address either.09:26
wgrantLaunchpad doesn't manage authentication itself. It delegates that to login.launchpad.net -- which, confusingly, is just a different theme for login.ubuntu.com.09:27
htorquewgrant: oh, true.09:27
wgrantIts account database is separate from Launchpad.09:27
htorqueso what exactly did i achieve by changing the address in my launchpad user page?09:28
czajkowskiwgrant: ye do like to complicate things at times :)09:28
henningehtorque: which address LP uses to contact you09:28
wgranthtorque: You changed where Launchpad will send notifications, and which addresses LP will recognise as being you.09:28
wgranthtorque: eg. when your address shows up in packages, bug emails, etc.09:29
htorquei see09:29
wgrantczajkowski: This is all pretty horrible, yes.09:29
htorquethat's rather confusing tbh09:29
wgrant18 months ago login.launchpad.net used the Launchpad account database. Then it was split out.09:29
wgrantAnd Launchpad was then going to fairly soon become a generic OpenID consumer, and login.launchpad.net would go away.09:29
wgrantBut the second phase of the plan hasn't happened yet.09:29
wgrantSo we remain stuck in the rather confusing and suboptimal situation you see here :)09:30
cheaterwgrant, are you from the LP team?09:30
htorqueanyways, i think i managed to change the address now - thanks for your help :-)09:30
wgrantcheater: I am. There are quite a few of us here now.09:30
czajkowskiwgrant: is that written sowmehere the confusion over the change of address being the SSO ?09:31
cheateri have found quite a few usability problems in LP that stop me from switching over from bitbucket. I've written down a user story. where could i submit it?09:31
cheateri was told launchpad-dev was a good place to ppost it09:31
wgrantcheater: A few of us have read it, but yeah, launchpad-dev is a good place to send it.09:31
wgrantcheater: I have a few comments :)09:32
cheatercool let me do it09:32
wgrantBut I agree with most of your points.09:32
cheaterwant to talk about it? or post comments on the page?09:32
czajkowskiI think lp has some flaws but is a lot better than other tools. but like everything, things can always be improved upon09:32
czajkowskiand with the likes of mrevell working on some usabilty stuff and changes coming, hopefully make it nicer. I do like the fact it's one of the easier teams to log a bug about and people will actually discuss them and take the feedback on board09:33
wgrantI'm not sure if mrevell's seen it yet. Probably not, given timezones.09:34
wgrantmrevell: Did http://cheater.posterous.com/launchpad-not-an-alternative-for-bitbucket find its way over to you?09:34
henningeczajkowski: thank you for the praise ;)09:34
cheaterlet me make a post at dev then09:34
cheater(the list seems fairly quiet)09:34
wgrantcheater: That's a good way to let lots of people see it.09:34
czajkowskihenninge: hello there :) yer welcome. but it is to be fair. I've logged some issues, most have had some decent feedback on them and people do take the time to comment on them09:35
wgrantcheater: Lots of discussion happens on IRC, plus like half the team was on leave yesterday.09:35
czajkowskibenefits everyone really09:35
czajkowskicheater: your page is interesting, but some of the stuff on the about a person page I guess is specific for Ubuntu people, which a lot of people on LP are09:39
czajkowskiso signing the CoC and member since, and contact details are important to see09:39
wgrantcheater: Also, all that absence of information is only shown on *your* page. Not anyone else's.09:41
wgrantThe person page wasn't designed as a dashboard, so it doesn't usefully behave as one.09:41
czajkowskiand as a person on the membership board I do want to see when a person joined and signed the CoC tbh09:41
cheaterOK. bear in mind that does not help me further because it is not important to me as a typical developer breadeater.09:42
cheateris it *really* that important to see this on the person's profile straight away though09:44
cheaterwhy is it ever important when someone joined?09:44
czajkowskicheater: hmm I guess it has to be generic enough to cover all aspects and a lot of Ubuntu people login in there plus many others best case fits, which I guess in this case doesn't mean it ticks all the boxes for you though09:48
cheateri think this is some sort of schizophrenic situation where the same area tries to do something geared for the general audience yet tries to facilitate a very specific usecase very stongly09:49
wgrantMmm. It's a combination of that and being designed in 2005.09:50
RAOFI know jml wanted a developer dashboard where launchpad.net/~ is now, but there's always something more pressing to work on.09:52
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nigelbheh, fond memories of this dicussion yesterday with wgrant :)09:55
czajkowskiyou are never ever going to please thousands of users, best one can hope for a a smooth user experience and easy to use, yes there may be areas that you won't use but thousands of others do use. Perhaps logging a bug if those fields are not used they are not displayed?09:56
cheateri think it's not the case of pleasing everyone at once09:56
cheateryou can please different people in different ways09:57
cheateryou can have two different kinds of user info page09:57
nigelbThere's a lot of suckage of launchpad UI compared to other similar sites out there.09:57
cheaterif what you have works for the ubuntu team that's great and i'm not saying throw it away09:57
cheaterbut make an alternative for people with my usecase09:57
nigelbgithub/bitbucket have a similar UI, and moving from that to Launchpad is a bit confusing.09:58
nigelbLaunchpad is awesome for a sort of project where you expect it to be slightly more formal.09:58
cheaterwebsites like github, bitbucket, ohloh, and a thousand others are proof that such a usecase not only exists but is very prominent09:58
cheaternigelb, i think ease of use has nothing to do with formality at all09:58
nigelbcheater: The thing is, LP is easy to use once you figure it out. There's not much help initially how to do stuff like create a project.09:59
nigelbI wish that bit were different.09:59
cheaternothing that you have to figure out is easy to use09:59
nigelbI disagree.09:59
cheaterthe rubik's cube is easy to use09:59
cheateryou have no figuring out09:59
nigelbThe UI workflow is different. You have to figure it out.  When you use another UX and try to look for the same, its not easy to figure out. That's where you get hit the first time you use LP.10:01
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nigelbI use github and Launchpad.10:02
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cheateri didn't have to figure out gmail when i first used it and it's a very complex program10:02
nigelbI know how different they are.10:02
cheaterand it was so much different from previous web clients i have used10:02
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cheaterer mail clients10:04
nigelbPersonally, I do agree that the UX could use a lot of rework. BUt, there exists some good things once you get used to it.10:07
nigelb(that's what I was trying to say, but failed at conveying)10:07
cheateri'm not saying there are no good things!10:08
cheateri'm just saying there are quite a few bad things.10:08
nigelbI agree. :)10:08
nigelbSome bits make us all cry, yeah.10:08
cheateri think maybe it would be a good idea to separate the UX for the ubuntu team and see it as a different use case from the way that a day to day developer would use LP?10:09
nigelbWith the little that I know about LP, I know that's going to be hard :)10:10
nigelbof course, someone can correct me :)10:10
cheaterwhy would it be?10:10
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nigelbA lot of things will get complicated10:11
cheatercan you give me an example?10:11
nigelbWell, for one, what happens when someone uses both sides of it.10:12
nigelbUbuntu developer as well as some other projects10:13
cheaternothing stopping him from using both10:13
cheaterit's just a different view10:14
cheaterbut really! it's not only about things like that single user page10:14
cheaterit's about two different pathways through the website10:14
cheateruser stories, not just single web panels10:14
cheaterbut yes, if you're talking about the user are there could very well be a second user panel which shows the data in a similar way to github, bitbucket, ohloh, even facebook10:15
cheaterbut there are lots of other problems that can be solved without stomping on the ubuntu use case10:17
cheatersich as the activity log being fairly useless10:17
cheateror such as there being no facility to branch stuff via the web interface10:18
wgrantcheater: that's one thing I'm not sure about. Why would you want to branch stuff via the web interface?10:18
cheateror having to initialize the bzr repository from my pc with an emmpty push whereas lp could do that for me10:18
wgrantIn the LP model, I just work out which project I want, run 'bzr branch lp:someproject', cd someproject, hack hack commit hack commit, 'bzr push lp:~wgrant/someproject/my-branch'10:19
wgrantBecause bzr doesn't need server-side branching.10:19
wgrantgit does, because it doesn't have a workable implementation of branch stacking.10:19
cheaterof course it doesn't *need* it10:19
cheaterbut it would be a good idea to have it10:20
nigelbwhat purpose does it serve.10:20
cheaterthe problem is that your workflow is something that needs figuring out10:20
cheaterthere's just too much figuring out to do with lp10:20
wgrantWell, we didn't have people trying to branch through the web UI much before GitHub convinced everyone that it was necessary.10:21
cheaterit's like a car but there's no steering wheel and the pedals are replaced with a ddr mat10:21
cheaterwgrant: i think you are missing the idea of branching via the web ui10:21
cheaterit's not only a necessity because of the technicalities behind the git format10:21
cheaterit's also a good idea because of several reasons10:22
cheater1. launchpad uses some magical repository url strings that i can use in order to make things go into a new project. this is great for advanced users, useless for new users10:22
cheater2. letting lp know where i branched something from can let it display an information about me that i have branched from that project10:23
cheaterwhich creates a network of people10:23
cheaterwhich is nice and allows you to do a lot.10:23
wgrantAh, more GitHub-centrism :P10:23
wgrantProjects in LP aren't restricted to a particular person.10:24
cheateri have never used github.10:24
cheaterwell maybe once 3 years ago to browse some code10:24
wgrantWell, bitbucket basically follows the GitHub model.10:24
wgrantWhere only authorised people can have code in a project.10:24
wgrantWhereas in Launchpad, a project transcends people. Anyone can push up their own branches inside the project.10:25
cheaterok well then if projects do not belong to a particular person then replace "person" with "project" up there and you have something that applies to launchpad10:25
wgrant20:23:29 < cheater> 2. letting lp know where i branched something from can let it display an information about me that i have branched from that project10:25
wgrantIt's clear you're branching from that project, because you're pushing into it.10:25
wgrantWhich means we're just down to docs, basically, which are pretty terrible, yes.10:25
cheaterdown to docs?10:25
cheaterwhat does that mean?10:26
wgrantYour first point was that documentation/guidance is lacking.10:26
cheaterno, my point was that figuring out needs to be done where it is not needed.10:26
wgrantBranching through the web UI is one way of providing guidance.10:27
wgrantThere are others.10:27
cheaterif you think people should have to use any documentation to make basic use a web service then that web service is bound to fail10:27
cheateryes inceed10:27
wgrantcheater: Documentation shouldn't be a separate thing.10:27
wgrantIt has to be integrated.10:27
cheateri see what you mean there10:28
wgrantIt's still documentation, even if not in the sense that people usually think of it.10:28
cheateryes, but "help files" don't work10:28
cheaterthat is what i meant10:28
wgrantLP sadly has lots of those.10:28
cheateryou're right, inline guides and tips are better than nothing10:28
wgrantAnd it is reasonably hopeless, because nobody ever looks at them.10:28
wgrantBecause they shouldn't have to.10:28
cheaterbut they are not as good as a user interface that funnels me towards what i want to do10:28
cheateri think we are  in good agreement there10:29
wgrantRight, I count that as a user interface with documentation built in. Just not in the "oh, why don't I throw a 10-page wall of text at you, that will help" sense.10:29
czajkowskicheater: interesting post. not being smart now, but have you logged the bugs with those issues ,so they can either be marked wishlists or invlaid or someone may work on them if they were needed but not urgent. Discussion on irc is fine but rarely any decision will come from it, bar maybe some insight into it10:30
cheaterno, i have considered that though10:30
wgrantczajkowski: I think the issues mostly require discussion more than bugs.10:30
wgrantThey're overarching design issues.10:30
cheateri decided to post on the dev list first to figure out what the situation is10:30
czajkowskiwgrant: yes but they could still be logged, that way feedback can be logged and read.10:31
czajkowskiI'm odd I like it in a bug so I can reference it, I'm not likely to refence or search an irc log for a discussion, even though it's been interesting to read10:31
cheateri need to understand the issues more before i can make a useful report to any sort of tracker10:31
cheateri will take these irc discussions and put the relevant parts in each bit though10:32
htorquehi again! bug 833137 - can anyone in here maybe delete the last comment? i don't want my poor bug report to turn into a pointless flame war...10:50
ubot5Launchpad bug 833137 in unity (Ubuntu) "Switcher: square pane too large to fit round border" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/83313710:50
henningehtorque: looking at it10:53
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henningehtorque: it's not spam or insulting. It's somebody's opinion. Though it may be wrong, there is no reason to censor it.10:56
henningeTrolls are best ignored ... ;)10:56
htorquehenninge: ok, thanks. though i keep an eye on it - such comments tend to attract flame wars. ;)10:56
henningefair enough10:57
wgrantI'm surprised it's gone 14 hours without inspiring a flamefest.10:57
wgrantIt is encouraging.10:57
nigelbOr depressing. No one cares anymore.10:58
henningeadeuring: Hi! ;-)11:23
henningeadeuring: I am off to lunch ...11:23
adeuringhenninge: I'm afraid that I don't have much time today to work as a help contact :(11:23
henningeadeuring: np, I'll just leave my name in here, then.11:24
=== henninge is now known as henninge-lunch
adeuringhenninge-lunch: cool, thanks11:24
tkamppeterCan someone fix bug 689323, I get always a timeout error when trying to access it in LP.11:49
ubot5Launchpad bug 689323 in jockey (Ubuntu Oneiric) "ERROR:dbus.proxies:Introspect error on :1.68:/DeviceDriver: dbus.exceptions.DBusException: org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.NoReply: Message did not receive a reply (timeout by message bus)" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/68932311:49
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henningetkamppeter: Hi! Are you saying the bug page is timing out for your?12:17
henningetkamppeter: it's not timing out for me, so if you have an OOPS-ID, that would be very helpful12:18
tkamppeterhenninge: Error ID: OOPS-2068AW5212:24
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henningetkamppeter: I don't see a bug open for this. Can you please file a bug with as much information as possible, including the OOPS id?12:34
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lagAre there any Launchpad/packaging gurus around that could help me out?12:48
lagI'm trying to upload a binary package to a PPA12:48
lagthe *.tar.gz has the files in, but the *.deb does not12:49
lagAny ideas?12:49
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wgrantlag: You can't upload .debs to Launchpad.12:53
wgrantlag: You must upload a source package and let Launchpad build it.12:54
lagwgrant: That's exactly what I did12:54
lagwgrant: And the resultant *.deb does not contain my files12:54
wgrantlag: Have you tried building it locally?12:54
wgrantIt sounds like your debian/rules is incorrect.12:54
lagwgrant: I'll check12:55
lagwgrant: Should fdr binary work?12:57
wgrantlag: fdr binary?12:58
lagwgrant: How would one normally build a binary package manually?12:58
wgrantlag: Have you read the Ubuntu Packaging Guide?12:59
lagwgrant: I haven't, but this should just work13:00
lagwgrant: fdr binary == `fakeroot debian/rules binary`13:01
lagwgrant: Because it's worked before13:01
wgrantOne would normally use dpkg-buildpackage -b13:01
wgrantWhich is roughly a wrapper around that.13:01
lagdpkg-buildpackage -b == debuild -b No?13:01
wgrantdebuild is a wrapper around dpkg-buildpackage is a wrapper around fakeroot debian/rules binary13:02
lagGot you13:02
wgrantSo yes, debuild -b will work too.13:02
lagRight, when I use -b I get "No packages to build"13:02
lagBut I didn't get this before13:02
wgrantIs your debian/control empty?13:02
lagAll I've done is clone an existing package and fork it13:02
* lag checks13:03
wgrantIt needs at least two stanzas.13:03
wgrantOne for the source pacakge, and one for each binary package.13:03
lagwgrant: http://paste.ubuntu.com/677960/13:04
wgrantOh, it's this sort of package.13:05
wgrantAre you sure it's real?13:05
wgrantAnd been built before?13:05
lagwgrant: What's the voodoo that tells the scripts to "place these binaries into the deb"13:05
lagThe binaries are pre-built13:05
lagAll LP has to do is slam them into a *.deb13:05
wgrantlag: debian/rules needs to put them there, generally use helper scripts like debhelper.13:06
* lag is wondering how this worked before?13:06
wgrantDo you know that it has worked before?13:06
wgrantJust because the OEM has built it, doesn't mean they built it properly or that it worked :)13:06
lagI've used it may times13:07
wgrantYou renamed the package.13:08
wgrantBut you didn't rename startupfiles.install13:08
lagwgrant: http://snapshots.linaro.org/11.05-daily/linaro-hwpacks/lt-snowball/20110812/0/images/hwpack/13:08
lagTake wpack_linaro-lt-snowball_20110812-0_armel_supported.tar.gz and open it13:09
* lag checks13:09
wgrantI can see in startupfiles-v3 that there is still a startupfiles.install.13:09
wgrantBut debian/control doesn't define a startupfiles binary, so debhelper won't do anything with it.13:09
lagwgrant: So startupfiles.install -> startupfiles-v2.install13:11
wgrantlag: Or v3 in the one I'm looking at, but yes.13:11
lagwgrant: Awesome - bear with13:11
wgrantlag: This is using fully automatic debhelper, so it's fairly opaque unless you read the docs.13:12
wgrantFor specifics on *.install, man dh_install13:12
lagI'll look in a bit, I just want to get it working for now13:12
lagwgrant: Woot!13:15
lagwgrant: Re-deputting now13:19
tkamppeterhenninge, bug 83739113:28
ubot5Launchpad bug 837391 in Launchpad itself "Timeout error on bug 689323" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/83739113:28
henningetkamppeter: thanks13:29
deryckhenninge, I can take IRC now.15:30
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henningederyck: thanks ;)15:31
pmatulismneptok: o/15:45
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mneptokpmatulis: ahoy!15:56
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mneptokkomputes: pmatulis is stalking me. stalk him for me.16:02
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nigelbAww, no more Launchpad T-shirts?16:22
komputesmneptok: hehe, I can do that for you...16:31
pmatulismneptok: you're looking very innocent there16:43
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LekensteynHi all, I've just uploaded some packages to a PPA. All of them are ready, but one is still in "publishing" state. Can I safely upload another package which depends on the packages, or will it use an older, published version?17:00
maxbLekensteyn: Build-dependencies can only be satisfied by published versions17:05
Lekensteynmaxb: thank you, I'll wait then17:08
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deryckabentley, pitching to you now.18:11
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abentleyderyck: roger18:12
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adam_ghi.. ive got a stale LP account that i no longer use, do not know the passwd for and do not have access to the email associated with it.. anyone know how i'd go about deleting that? :P19:35
kikoadam_g, you have to open a question to get thar account merged with your active one19:43
adam_gkiko: ah ha, thanx19:49
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SweetsharkHi there, launchpad fails to set an existing branch as project branch with a timeout. Any hints?22:50
Sweetshark(https://launchpad.net/df-libreoffice/ and https://code.launchpad.net/~vcs-imports/libreoffice/core)22:52
Sweetsharkoh, lots of joins, so I impolitely repost:22:56
SweetsharkHi there, launchpad fails to set an existing branch as project branch with a timeout. Any hints?22:56
Sweetshark(https://launchpad.net/df-libreoffice/ and https://code.launchpad.net/~vcs-imports/libreoffice/core)22:56
mwhudsonSweetshark: looks like https://code.launchpad.net/~vcs-imports/libreoffice/core is making the scanner angry22:58
mwhudsonso it's probably a db locking issue22:58
Sweetsharkmwhudson: I wonder why?22:59
mwhudsoni'm guessing the branch is rather large22:59
Sweetshark*cough* *cough* 700MB git repo import.22:59
* Sweetshark tries to look innocent.22:59
mwhudsonlarge in terms of revision count will be the issue here22:59
Sweetsharkmwhudson: pretty much the whole history of OOo/LO since 2000. Is that enough23:00
mwhudsonSweetshark: i don't know, i'm just guessing23:00
Sweetshark~292993 revisions/commits23:02
mwhudsonhuh, that's a lot, but not a mindboggling amount23:03
Sweetshark(and that has only the merge commits of the feature-branches from the CVS/SVN days -- those are huge then of course)23:04
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mwhudsonSweetshark: can you try to link again?23:09
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