phillwsilverarrow: I'm here for a few minutes.00:45
silverarrownice to see you phillw00:45
silverarrowdo you know about Tor, I see it's in package manager00:45
silverarrowI'm at a loss which to mark of for00:46
phillwsilverarrow: I'd follow this guidance :) https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Tor00:47
silverarrowoh great00:49
phillwahh. they say to head over to https://www.torproject.org/docs/tor-doc-unix.html.en to get the most up to date version.00:50
phillwbut, have a good read through, it is up to date.00:50
silverarrowI do fuzz a bit when it's outside package manager00:50
silverarrowa bit worrying if so00:51
silverarrow;- )00:51
phillwsilverarrow: one day you will learn about VM's :P00:51
silverarrowphillw do you know anything about gnome player00:52
silverarrowI have manager to add gecko and moonlight (I think) and it streams online tv00:52
phillwapart from the fact I don't use it... not a lot. I use VLC :)00:52
silverarrowI ruined my vlc00:53
silverarrownothing plays00:53
silverarrowwell it plays, but no picture only audio00:53
phillwre-instal it. select 'complete removal'00:53
silverarrowI got to adventurous updated to the latest, and added nightlies00:53
phillwsilverarrow: when you get adventorous... get a VM installed... much safer :P00:54
silverarrowI don't dare to mess with gnome or mplayer know, as it works, all except play some donwloaded youtube00:54
* silverarrow googles VM00:55
phillwVirtual Machine. You install a system, you break it, then learn :D00:55
phillwmeanwhile, your actual computer is un touched... Very useful, and when jmarsdenq finally tells me why my addons do not work, it will be even better :)00:57
silverarrowbut really cool00:59
phillwI run the inital installs on it. There is an older version on synaptics, but I was told to use the latest one.01:00
phillwsilverarrow: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/server-storage/virtualbox/downloads/index.html01:02
phillwYikes... 02:00!!! Better head for bed!01:03
silverarrowgood night01:07
silverarrowsleep well01:07
silverarrowsee you another day phillw01:07
JadedJacobHi, How well will Lubuntu run on an athlon classic 1.2ghz with 768MB ram and built in 8mb video (shudder)02:46
silverarrowlight and easy02:47
silverarrowi have lubuntu on a packard bell 1GB RAM, 700MHz cpu, 320 hard drive, no idea about video card02:48
silverarrowruns like any regular windows 7 computer02:48
silverarrowonly issue is adobe flash player, needs a bit more cpu02:49
silverarrowlike yours02:49
silverarrowJadedJacob: still here?02:51
JadedJacobyeah sorry, was away for a bit03:13
JadedJacobwell this just for a basic internet + divx videos setup ;)03:14
silverarrowshould go smooth03:17
silverarrowyou have burned the cd?03:18
silverarrowbooted live?03:18
enrico_ciao, im from italy i downloaded/installed wine in lubuntu 11.04 but i dont know how to start it07:51
bioterror!wine | enrico_07:51
ubot5enrico_: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu07:51
IAmNotThatGuygood work bioterror =]. bbl07:51
enrico_join #winehq07:52
bioterrorenrico_, read the whole FAQ before you ask questions in #winehq07:52
bioterrornot FAQ, but the documentation from that site07:52
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bittinSomone wants a Mac LC?12:24
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kvarleyWhen I open LXTerminal it creates a black area on the screen. If I move the window over the black area it gets rid of the black area. Is this a graphics driver glitch?13:08
bioterrorI have same kind of problems on openbox with urxvt13:18
bioterrorsometimes browser stuff gets into terminal when changing desktop13:19
bioterrorit's annoying13:19
thebastlwhen i have 4 virtual desktops16:32
thebastland i want to switch to deskt on left side while being on the first of the four16:32
thebastlnothing happens16:33
thebastlin ubuntu it just goes to 416:33
thebastlis it possible to have same behavior in lubuntu?16:33
bioterrorso when you're in workspace #1 and you press ctrl+alt+arrow left, you should get into workspace #4?16:37
thebastlother question17:28
thebastlis there any easy way to get ubuntu one working?17:29
silverarrowdoes anyone download video streams?19:17
silverarrowI am trying to get this one on my hard disk19:17
bioterrorI can watch them from the internet19:22
bioterrordownloading a vimeo video now19:29
silverarrowclever bioterror19:34
bioterrorwith google19:34
bioterrorworks like a charm19:36

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