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neurochromeHello ubuntu artwork ppl15:06
neurochromeEvery release cycle I see a request for submissions for community wallpapers... and every release I see the continued reliance on flickr15:07
neurochromeI have submitted to the brainstorm site a request to move away from such a service15:07
neurochromeand reddit! ;)15:07
neurochromeIt has since been closed on brainstorm by Cheesehead - who suggest I address this issue directly to the artwork team15:08
neurochromeplease, please, please, consider the fact that some TRUE die-hard FLOSS fans don't want a yahoo account. I want to take part in the wallpaper contest every time, but refuse to open a yahoo account purely to submit some pictures for inclusion.15:09
neurochromeThere are many canonical sites that could be used instead. We can use our universal launchpad logins, we can use gallery software provided in the Ubuntu repos... etc15:10
neurochromewhy are we relying on a 3rd party (who has a huge pact with Microsoft of all people)15:11
neurochromeI sure hope someone sees this in the logs and actually takes this onboard15:11
* neurochrome ?15:19
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thorwilooh, want: http://techcrunch.com/2011/08/30/wacom-inkling/18:17
thorwilhey troy_s, you latest blog post made me imagine giger-style na'vi18:18
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