sharedcomphello everyone00:49
sharedcompi'm having an issue with my wireless adapter00:50
sharedcompi just installed Ubuntu for the first time ever, does anyone think they can help me?00:50
sharedcompcan anyone see me?00:55
sisco311hi, sharedcomp. what's the problem? BTW,  the Big Brother is watching you ;)01:03
sharedcompi'm having trouble with my wireless01:17
sharedcompit won't connect, or even find my wireless network. i'm currently going through the forums trying to find an answer01:17
sharedcompit seems to be an issue with the driver. i have one installed, but it does not seem to be working properly with my adapter01:17
sharedcomphaha do you really think big brother is watching the ubuntu beginners chat?01:19
sisco311shadeslayer,  do you know the make and model of the device?01:25
sisco311oh, and what version of Ubuntu are you using?01:25
bkerensatenach: Hi06:40
tenachAllo bkerensa06:45
bkerensatenach: I saw you used to be on PNW :D06:45
tenachbkerensa: on PNW?06:48
tenachI'm still living in the PNW. ;)06:48
bkerensaWA thought right?06:48
tenachbkerensa: Yeah, WA state. :)06:48
bkerensaNorth, South or Central?06:48
tenachEh, more like central-ish west? Bout half an hour below Seattle.06:49
bkerensaoh ok :) if you were closer to PDX I was gonna say come to global jam we have probably the biggest jam on the west coast planned :D06:50
tenachbkerensa: PDX as in Portland?06:50
bkerensatenach: Yeah06:50
tenachAh, yeah... that's a five hour drive.06:51
tenachAnd I haven't got a vehicle.06:51
bkerensame either :D06:51
tenachbkerensa: I'd love to chat with you later; heading to bed. I should have gone two hours ago...06:52
tenachThat's what I get for playing games, I suppose, haha.06:52
philipballewif i wantn't having a jam here id come to portland!06:52
bkerensaphilipballew: San Diego to PDX... Wow thats a trip even I wouldnt dare do :P06:52
philipballewpeople drive from there to here for school straight06:53
philipballewI drove 10 hours here from sac this week06:53
philipballewwhatt you doin for your jam bkerensa ?06:54
bkerensaphilipballew we will be doing doc, bugs, testing and upgrades and additionally will have a social aspect we have food & beverage catered and then PuppetLabs is lending us their swanky corporate offices and then a few other companies donate a bit of stuff for giveaways :D06:55
bkerensaTook about two weeks to setup06:56
bkerensa=o lots of calls, e-mails etc06:56
philipballewNice! how many total man hours you think?06:56
bkerensaTotal I would say 3-4 solid06:57
bkerensaand this Friday I still have to finalize the logistics and select food stuffs to be eaten06:57
bkerensaI think we have about 25+ people coming as of now hopefully 30 by end of week :D06:58
bkerensaThe reason I put so much effort is because I'm hoping this kickstarts our loco back to life... It has been sputtering for some time :P06:59
philipballewoh nice. yeah. ours is at a local cafe. I think that the place is gonna be good. were gonna have hopefully like 4-5 people. sometimes you have rendom people show up07:00
philipballewi had a ubuntu hour once where 15 people came07:00
philipballewthe next month nobody07:00
philipballewall depends on what people are up to07:00
philipballewthe loco has been fading bkerensa ?07:01
mikdI can't  get the Workspace Switcher to work in the lancher07:02
bkerensaWell yeah... See I never was involved in the loco until like the last release party and only like 5 people showed up and only three of us were actual team members... But since OSCON I took lead role and now IRC is active, we have meetings and are getting organized better07:03
bkerensaapparently awhile back PNW Loco caused some sort of fallout when it got disbanded07:03
bkerensaI dont know the whole story I just know WA, OR, ID used to be one loco or something =o07:03
philipballewyou moved there or something?07:03
philipballewmikd, id see if the keybord controls work ctrl alt and your arrow keys07:04
bkerensaWell yeah about four years ago but I have been using ubuntu for over three years I just kinda helped out in #ubuntu and on forums and also I volunteered at FreeGeek which distributes Ubuntu computers for free07:04
bkerensaI really didnt know much about loco's until 5-6 months ago07:04
bkerensabut even then I guess the loco has been asleep due to some rifts and the old leadership parting ways and such07:05
philipballewi joined the loco last october when i came to a ubuntu hour. i stated getting in on irc stuff and then i help on here, and that stuff works.07:05
mikdcrtl alt and the arrow keys work07:06
philipballewits been less then a year and im likin it. you were at oscon. I wanted to go. must have been nice07:06
bkerensaphilipballew: It was very fun a lot of work but still a excellent experience and meeting Jono and MarkDude was fun too07:07
philipballewmikd, what happenswhen you press the button on the launcher?07:07
philipballewbkerensa, you gonna come to scale?07:07
bkerensaphilipballew: I wish I can't afford the travel and lodging costs :P plus my fiancee wouldnt like me being gone for that long :/ anyways I gotta hop to bed ttyl!07:08
philipballewalright! ttyl07:08
* philipballew will be sleeping in the lax airport for scale07:08
philipballewmikd, when did this happen07:09
mikdafter I messed with compiz07:09
philipballewah, i see. what did you do with ccsm07:10
mikdI try'd to get the cube thing07:11
philipballewah. i have that installed.07:12
philipballewi can help with this07:12
philipballewwhat guide did you use07:12
mikdit didn't work for me07:13
philipballewwell what did you use?07:13
mikdI went to setting and checked everything that compiz07:14
philipballewalright. im gonna have you able to get your cube goin07:14
mikdbut what about the Workswicher icon in the lancher07:15
philipballewwere gonna get that working.07:15
philipballewand the cube to07:15
philipballewbut im gonna bring you back to your default settings07:16
philipballewthen ill help you enable the cube07:16
philipballewopen a terminal07:16
mikdgot one07:16
philipballewtry this and tell me what happens07:17
philipballewunity -reset07:17
philipballewi used that once, or something like that07:18
philipballewmaybe unity --reset07:18
philipballewyeah try unity --reset07:21
mikdjust a sec07:22
philipballewmikd, ^07:22
mikdI used "sudo unity --reset and six lines of stuff i don't uderstand07:24
philipballewand i assume the workspace button doesnt work?07:26
mikdI used "sudo unity  --reset "   and got six line of stuff thing i don't understand07:26
philipballewno need for sude07:26
mikd*sudo  unity  --reset07:28
philipballewno. just unity --reset07:29
philipballewwill do07:29
philipballewmikd, hows it goin?07:35
x080how can i install vmware on ubuntu08:44
ubot2`VMWare is not available in the Ubuntu repositories. Consider using !QEmu or !VirtualBox as alternatives. Instructions for installing VMWare manually are at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VMware08:44
x080is there any apt-get command to install virtualBox08:45
bioterror!virtualbox | x08008:46
ubot2`x080: virtualbox is a x86 !virtualizer. A !free edition is available from the package 'virtualbox-ose'. A non-free edition is available at http://virtualbox.org for most Ubuntu releases (help in #vbox) - Setup details at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox08:46
x080thanks ubot2 & bioterror08:46
mtnzhi evry1..09:39
mtnzpls if anybody can help, i am with ubuntu 11.04, the only problem i get is that when it goes in hibernation , when i start again it bugs and freezes, the screen would go off even when i have set it never to go of..any solution?09:41
bioterroropen power preferences and disable hibernation09:42
mtnzi did that is the problem09:43
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kristjanHi, could anyone help me?11:19
KentrelHi, there's something suddenly wrong with my sound. Everything comes out with a "buzz"... Is there a way to fix this without logging out or rebooting?11:20
bioterrorrestart puleseaudio11:21
bioterrorwas it in terminal: pulseaudio -k11:22
bioterrordoes not require sudo or root permissions11:22
Kentrelyeah, I did something similar and it worked11:23
clarkthehardy910can someone help me get my webcam and mic to work in gmail again? I don't know what's wrong but the proper settings aren't being recognized and I don't know where to start.17:27
clarkthehardy910I think there might be something wrong with my Java and flash in firefox I have 3.0 and my Chrome is version 9.0.597.9817:28
clarkthehardy910im using dell mini that runs hardy heron17:28
clarkthehardy910I can record sound in sound recorder, and cheese also works, but its a little slower than it used to be (about two months ago it was much faster)17:29
clarkthehardy910skype also works fine17:29
clarkthehardy910but my mic and webcam are not being detected by gmail anymore...do I need to reinstall the pluggin or something?17:30
bioterrordoes both of them work with cheese?17:31
clarkthehardy910yes, they both work in Cheese17:32
clarkthehardy910just a little slower17:32
clarkthehardy910than they used to be17:33
clarkthehardy910and sometimes cheese fails to load17:33
clarkthehardy910it just suddenly disappears from the bottom panel while loading17:33
clarkthehardy910but usually by the second time it works again17:37
bioterrorI cant help with that18:01
bioterrorI've never owned a webcam18:01
clarkthehardy910ok, thanks for the answer though I do appreciate it18:02
clarkthehardy910how about fixing Java in firefox?18:02
clarkthehardy910is it easy?18:02
bioterroryou want to change opensource java to oracles closed?18:03
clarkthehardy910its not loading properly most of the time18:03
clarkthehardy910what does that involve and what are the risks?18:03
clarkthehardy910I've been using the download from sun systems18:03
clarkthehardy910i believe18:03
bioterrordont download from oracle/sun microsystem18:04
clarkthehardy910ok, whats the right thing to do?18:04
clarkthehardy910do I have to reinstall firefox or do some crazy trouble shooting that takes more than 20 minutes?18:04
clarkthehardy910because thats all ive got right now18:04
bioterrorenable partner repository, if you have not done it18:05
bioterrorsudo add-apt-repository "deb http://archive.canonical.com/ $(lsb_release -sc) partner"18:05
bioterrorupdate package database18:05
bioterrorsudo apt-get update18:05
bioterrorand then install18:05
bioterrorsudo apt-get install sun-java6-{jre,bin,plugin,fonts}18:05
bioterrorand remove the floss stuff:18:05
bioterrorsudo apt-get purge openjdk-6-{jre,jre-lib,jre-headless} icedtea{-6-jre-cacao,6-plugin}18:05
clarkthehardy910how do I check if ive got that repo added?18:05
bioterrorclarkthehardy910, from synaptic for example18:05
bioterrorwrong window :D18:09
pedro3005i know you love me so18:10
bioterrorI do18:10
clarkthehardy910bioterror: im getting a command not found for add-apt-repository:18:15
clarkthehardy910I think i've heard that this dell mini 9 had a version of ubuntu installed to it, that it can only get updates from certain sources18:17
clarkthehardy910but Im going to try to add it via software sources18:17
clarkthehardy910in the system section18:18
philipballewclarkthehardy910, just boot up with a live cd and copy all those sources to a text file then put them in the sources.list18:22
clarkthehardy910dont have a live usb available right now, I guess I'll do it when I have more time, thanks philip18:23
philipballewwell i can send you my sources file18:23
philipballewno problem18:24
clarkthehardy910hmmm, thanks for your help, but it would still need a live cd or usb, and this is way too late for me already, I will give it a try in the morning (its 2:26 am here)18:26
clarkthehardy910philipballew: bioterror: thanks so much!18:26
philipballewno problem :)18:27
bioterrorhope you share the same version18:27
philipballewbioterror, i was gonna check that :)18:28
bioterrorlsb_release -rcd18:28
clarkthehardy910why do you suppose the gui run rooted will not let me add the a new source?18:32
clarkthehardy910I can click the +add but after I paste in the APT line, the add button remains grayed out18:33
clarkthehardy910bioterror: do you know what Im referring to?18:34
clarkthehardy910I ran this command gksu --desktop /usr/share/applications/software-properties.desktop /usr/bin/software-properties-gtk which loaded it, but it still would not let me add the source18:35
clarkthehardy910it used to let me add them18:35
philipballewsudo apt-add-repository or however you spell it18:36
clarkthehardy910yeah, terminal doesnt recognize that command18:37
clarkthehardy910this is a dell funkified version18:38
philipballewjust re-install?18:38
philipballewyou have a good conection?18:39
clarkthehardy910hahaha, yeah, i.ve been putting it off for far too long18:40
clarkthehardy910Im not a computer wiz, just a geek that pretends to know what he's doing most of the time18:40
philipballewclarkthehardy910, its pretty easy. trust me18:41
philipballewyour laptop should install just fine as all the hardware is gonna work just fine18:41
philipballewso i want to set up a vpn server. how hard is that?18:49

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