mhall119jcastro: aww02:01
paultagSweet. I finally finished that USB RGB throbber arduino thing. Responds to a single 3 bit byte to control what colors are on over ttyUSB003:01
paultagalias alert='echo "1" > /dev/ttyUSB0'03:01
paultag :)03:01
head_victimGood afternoon all03:36
nigelbhello head_victim03:42
head_victimIt's good being in front of almost everyone :)03:45
head_victimHow goes.03:45
nigelbPretty good, I just woke up.03:45
nigelbTomorrow and day after being holidays give me great motivation :D03:45
head_victimNice, It's been 22 hours since I woke up :/03:45
head_victimYeah, trying to find a way to type an assertive email without upsetting people so it's taking longer than anticipated03:46
* head_victim thinks some people might be trying to take advantage of popey 's absence on the -users ml03:47
nigelbDidn't popey shut it down?03:47
nigelbOh wait, that was sounder.03:48
head_victimHah nah they're trying to convert the -users into a sounder :/03:48
head_victimAh well, I'll probably get shouted down but I'm about to hit send to point out the obvious03:49
nigelbjono's last tweet explains that his wife reads his tweets :P04:47
nigelb(j/k) :)04:49
jonohowdy dpm06:06
dpmheya jono :)06:06
nigelbMorning dpm06:23
dpmmorning nigelb06:23
nigelbdpm: Is the schedule for app developer day sort of stable now?06:23
nigelbWe'd like to get it added to the calender and do a blog post about it on the classroom blog06:24
dpmnigelb, yeah, definitely. It would be great to find 2 sessions to close the open slots in the schedule, but it is stable as of yesterday:06:25
dpmI wanted to blog about it yesterday, but got busy with developer.ubuntu.com, so if you guys can do a blog post on the classroom blog, that'd be awesome!06:26
nigelbI'll get it done today evening, when I get home :)06:26
* dpm hugs nigelb06:27
* nigelb hugs dpm :)06:27
dholbachgood morning07:00
jonohey dholbach07:28
jonojust FYI - I moved our call earlier by 30m07:28
jonoI also sent you a link to a Google Doc where I tracked the work we discussed07:28
dholbachhi jono07:28
dholbachyep, saw it - thanks!07:28
dholbachdid you have another look at the doc I sent?07:29
jonoI figured it would be easier as you need to take off07:29
jonodholbach, I did07:29
jonoit looks good07:29
jonowe have plenty to discuss :-)07:29
dholbachyeah :)07:30
nigelbheya dholbach!07:30
dholbachhiya nigelb07:30
nigelbhead_victim: meeting today?07:33
nigelbOr is it next tuesday?07:34
head_victimThey have it as the 2nd and 4th so that actually means 2 weeks time07:37
head_victimI assume you mean RMB?07:37
head_victimAnd what's worse, being the shiftworker I am (disclosed before accepting position) means I actually miss the first one I could attend unless I can organise my lunch hour around it, which will depend on workload.07:40
nigelbhead_victim: Yeah, I meant RMB.07:49
head_victimnigelb: speaking of RMB, is there anywhere I can go to read up on the general admin rules (quorum, what to do if...... and all that sort of thing?)08:35
nigelbhead_victim: hmm, not sure if such a place exist beyond some mailing lists. someone on the board should know better. czajkowski?08:36
* nigelb is not on any board.08:36
czajkowskihead_victim: which board are you on08:38
head_victimczajkowski: asia oceania08:42
head_victim*membership board08:42
czajkowskihead_victim: best to ask them how they operate tbh, and how they chair rotations and how votes are done tbh08:42
head_victimczajkowski: no worries, wasn't sure if there was a set standard but appears not.08:43
czajkowskihead_victim: sorry cant be more help, I've yet to see an a/o meeting take place in a long time. hopefully that's about to change :)08:45
head_victimczajkowski: yeah the wiki is far from up to date. Just making sure there wasn't some SOPs somewhere I hadn't stumbled on yet08:48
czajkowskiwhat wiki page?08:54
czajkowskiyeah as I said, there's not been a meting in a long while and not updating the page in a while., they do their page differently than the others as well08:57
head_victimNo worries, I'll use the launchpad group to send them an email08:58
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dpmdholbach, when you've got a minute, could you tweet from ubuntudev about UADW? -> http://davidplanella.wordpress.com/2011/08/30/announcing-ubuntu-app-developer-week-oneiric/15:16
dholbachwill do15:16
* dpm hugs dholbach15:16
* dholbach hugs dpm back15:16
* dpm runs to catch a plane15:18
jonodholbach, hey15:35
jonosorry a few mins late, was grabbing breakfast15:35
dholbachhey jono15:36
jonoall set on skype?15:36
dholbachno worries15:36
dholbachlet's go15:36
nigelbBah, new version of contributor agreement wants people to print, sign, scan? That's a bit too much.15:38
nigelbReally glad I already signed the agreement.15:39
paultagnigelb: for canonicial attrubution?15:40
nigelbpaultag: There is no more attribution.15:41
nigelbIts just the agreement.15:42
nigelbI own the copyright for my code, but Canonical has full permission to do whatever with it.15:42
paultagnigelb: but what are you signing over then?15:42
paultagOh jeez15:42
nigelbor something.15:42
paultagyeah, I'm staying way far away from that15:42
paultagman, it's looking more and more like debian time for  me15:43
nigelbNo one is forcing you to sign the agreement, unless you want to write code for something that Canonical started.15:44
paultagnigelb: stuff's getting bogus, and I can't help but feel like this is not the same project it was a few years ago15:44
paultagnigelb: yeah, that's the point :)15:44
nigelbDebian's not that far away. We'd still love you for maintaining fluxbox :)15:44
dakernigelb, the ensemble team told me that too15:45
paultagnigelb: I'm realskies upstream there, I'm now @fluxbox.org15:45
paultagand I'm going to GSoC:MS for them15:45
nigelbdaker: did you sign it?15:46
dakernigelb, i am not a crazy ツ15:46
paultaghehehe ^5 daker15:46
paultagif I wanted to give code away under whatever license, I'd choose BSD by hand15:47
nigelbmeh, I'd rather improve my frustration with Launchpad than just crib.15:47
paultagif I say something's GPL or AGPL then I'd expect you'd respect that15:47
paultagand if you force people to say Oh but we can do what we want - even turn it into a for-pay nonfree model and you get nothing, thanks for stoping by15:47
paultagin the end it's not respectful15:47
paultagwhich is a damn shame15:47
paultagand, to be clear, fluxbox is BSD, so I don't have some problem with it15:48
paultagit'ps just I expect my terms to be respected.15:48
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jcastrohey dholbach16:07
dholbachhey jcastro16:07
jcastrohey so it appears to me that shutting down sounder just made people think they can act like idiots on -users16:07
dholbachtalk to ogra about it - he's been complaining about it for a longer while already16:08
jcastroyes, he's been complaining for like 3 years16:08
dholbachI guess we need to put out a call for more moderators16:08
jcastrobut it's been getting worse since sounder shut down16:08
dholbachfor a while it's been better again16:08
jcastrolet's not tell popey, he'll just go turn it off16:09
* jcastro grins.16:09
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nigelbjcastro: That was one of the arguments for keeping sounder on16:10
nigelbThat way those sort of discussion could be pushed there.16:10
jcastrook so basically people think it's ok to act like idiots because they don't have an officially designated place to act like idiots.16:11
jcastroI was thinking more along the lines of "don't act like an idiot"16:12
pleia2dholbach: +1 to more moderators (I'm a list admin, but I don't read it, never have, I was added because I didn't unvolunteer ;)), but I don't think anyone wants the job16:12
pleia2jcastro: yeah, I don't think we should be hosting such junk16:12
pleia2there is a whole internet out there for it16:12
jcastro"I can be an asshole to you on this list because they don't have sounder, which was where I was self contained before, but since you took it away it entitles me to pollute the rest of the project with my bile. Rabble, rabble."16:13
jcastrothis one is awesome16:13
nigelbjcastro: +1 for "don't act like an idiot"16:15
nigelblets tell popey16:15
nigelbhe'll get it shut down in a week.16:15
jcastro"Unfortunately, my experiences of the last years with ubuntu maintainers teach that being confrontational has the highest probability of getting a bug/problem fixed, while beeing friendly usually results in beeing ignored"16:15
jcastrothat is awesome16:15
dholbachalright my friends - I call it a day16:23
dholbachsee you all tomorrow16:23
nigelbg'nite dholbach16:23
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jonomhall119, cjohnston are we still moving along smoothly on the l.u.c stuff?16:44
mhall119jono: yup, the data recovery script is done, waiting review, and we have IS ready to run it as soon as it's ready for them16:53
jonomhall119, what is waiting to be reviewed?16:53
mhall119the blog feed changes are also ready, I believe, and once we do the data recover we'll be ready to move that out16:53
mhall119jono: just the code for the recovery script, to make sure I didn't miss any glaring logic errors16:53
jonoahhh gotcha16:54
jonomhall119, think we can get that reviewed today?16:54
mhall119the last thing I want to do is cause *more* damage to the databas16:54
mhall119I think so, cjohnston has some presentation to do at work today, which is probably where he is now16:54
jonothanks mhall11916:54
jonorock and roll :-)16:55
jcastrohey so what's going on with loco directory17:02
jcastrothis sounds awesome17:02
czajkowskihttp://loco.ubuntu.com/teams/ubuntu-ie/events  3 jams :D17:08
pleia2nice :)17:08
czajkowskiyeah am well chuffed17:09
pleia2I'm just pleased we pulled off one, holiday weekend here in the stats has everyone MIA (including me)17:09
mhall119jcastro: we're blowing it up17:55
jcastroWait until you see my etherpad lite blog post18:04
jcastroI will be awesome today18:04
akgranermhall119, how long does it take a member in LP to show up as a team member in the LD18:08
akgranerI just had the contact for one of our events join the NC LoCo Team in LP but I can't find his name in the LD to list him as POC18:09
mhall119akgraner: about an hour usually18:15
mhall119that's to have their profile updated, their user account is created at login18:15
mhall119we're working on improving that18:15
akgranerhey jono it's nice being quoted with you (and Linus) in the same article - Linus Torvalds and Others on Community Burnout - http://www.datamation.com/open-source/linus-torvalds-and-others-on-community-burnout-1.html18:21
jonoahhh he published it...reading18:22
jcastrohey mhall11918:24
jcastrojono: ^18:24
jcastroNow everyone can have etherpad lite for their event18:24
jcastrototal set up time ~10 minutes18:24
jcastrocost, a few dollars18:24
jonojcastro, sweet!18:25
mhall119AlanBell: ^^ etherpad light for UDS-P?18:25
jcastromhall119: top that with loco directory today. :)18:25
mhall119jcastro: heh, I might ;)18:25
jcastrothrow something up there everyone18:27
jcastrokick the tires18:27
jcastroI can't tell you how many events this would have been awesome at18:29
jcastrojono: let's time machine18:30
jcastropretend it's LRL USA.18:30
jcastro"omg I need infrastructure for my event"18:31
jcastro"oh now worries bro, here's a bundle of formulas, we call it the Open Conference Pack"18:31
jcastroblam, you get etherpad, a wiki, a blog, summit, etc.18:31
nigelbjcastro: is that etherpad lite?18:32
jcastroin all it's node.js glory18:32
nigelbHow's the server load?18:33
nigelbDaviey: ^^ Switch too etherpad lite!18:33
jcastroit's an m1.large18:33
nigelbwell, large shouldn't raise a peep18:33
nigelbjcastro: RAM?18:33
jcastrojames "guesses" you could do an event like UDS on an m1.large, but he's not willing to put his name down for that.18:33
jcastronigelb: look at the 2nd instance18:34
doctormoInteresting article, thanks for posting akgraner18:34
jcastrothat's what it's on right now18:34
nigelbI know what large is :)18:34
* nigelb manages ec2 servers at work18:34
jcastrooh, didn't know that18:34
jcastrook so even if it scaled I would bet that IS would want the instance running locally at the UDS location anyway18:34
jcastroat that point you just fire up orchestra and deploy to the local thing instead18:35
jcastro^^^ note that that part doesn't work yet18:35
doctormojcastro: I wonder if the project could need the svg template/generation software I developed for UDS-N18:35
nigelbbut local would be bad for remote.18:35
jcastroI bet running the whole thing in EC2 would work fine18:36
akgranerdoctormo, thanks - I was as honest I as could be when I talked to Bruce...18:36
nigelbIt totally should.18:36
jcastroit's not like we're streaming 1080p video18:36
nigelbjcastro: WE could do some smart load balancing if we wanted to.18:36
jcastroyeah he is working on that next18:36
nigelbLike, two instances talking to same db18:36
jcastroyou just add the mysql one18:36
jcastromake the relation18:36
nigelband then a load balancer between.18:36
jcastroand then add a load balancer18:37
nigelbheh, we're thinking the same thing :)18:37
jcastroif the request comes from internal IPs, hit the local server, everything else, EC2.18:37
jcastronigelb: great minds think alike!18:37
nigelbhaha +1!18:37
jcastrotheoretically that is all easy with ensemble18:37
nigelbI'm totally for it.18:37
jcastro"haproxy can't do it - it needs to understand node.js socketio + be able to interrogate messages to determine pad locations and that all needs to be backed by a scalable key value store like cassandra or mongo"18:38
jcastrois what he told me18:38
jcastroat that point I decided "ok then, m1.large instead of a small, got it."18:38
Davieyjcastro: I think jamespage might have written an ensemble formula for etherpad lite already18:39
jcastroDaviey: that's what we're talking about18:39
jcastrohe fixed it just now18:39
jcastroit's was almost working18:39
jcastrobut now it's working18:40
doctormoakgraner: How's life these days?18:40
akgranergetting back into my own groove18:41
akgranerbalance is a good thing18:41
akgranerdoctormo, do you have any team members in or near Lowell18:41
doctormoakgraner: We call them force stable phases.18:42
akgranerthe priest at my old parish in Lowell wants some more information on Ubuntu and could use some face to face instructions18:42
doctormoakgraner: Yes, Mike Rushton (leftyfb) was a member for a long time and Elizabeth DeMarco (|iz) still is.18:42
akgranerI am sending hin the official Ubuntu Book, but wanted to give him a POC as well18:43
doctormoOK so he has options, there is a train into Boston from Lowell and getting in person training is possible here. Also I'm sure Mike could be convinced to help give some face time up there.18:43
akgranerok I'll let you know when he has the book and you all can take it from there18:43
doctormoakgraner: Send an email to ubuntu-us-ma@lists.ubuntu.com when ready.18:44
akgranerhe rarely gets away from the church...his schedule is nuts18:44
akgranerwill do thanks!18:44
doctormoI have developed a rather nifty xbmc module for video library checking, but the xbmc community is really hard. Preference Ubuntu community +118:45
AlanBellwhat is the benefit of etherpad lite over what we have working?19:01
DavieyAlanBell: scaliability19:03
* AlanBell hates that word19:03
AlanBellso are you meaning that in the sense that you can run it seamlessly across multiple servers, or that it uses fewer resources per user?19:05
AlanBelland is any of this worth the effort of getting IS to deploy it?19:06
AlanBellor can the ensemble/cloud peeps adopt a JFDI methodology with it?19:07
jcastrodoctormo: what checking does it do?19:09
jcastroAlanBell: according to james page this is much lighter on the resources, by a ton19:09
jcastroAlanBell: but if what we have no works then shrug, why change it19:10
jcastroI think the nice thing here is for things like Barcamps and stuff19:10
jcastrothat want something fast and easy without messing around with having to be a sysadmin19:10
jcastroNeed a pad for your local jam? Done.19:10
AlanBellyeah, I can see it is better, just not a reason to change19:11
* jcastro nods19:11
AlanBellif it could do SSO with launchpad then *yes*19:11
jcastrowell, this is very embedable19:11
jcastroI think you just put it in an existing page19:11
jcastrooh right19:11
AlanBelljust like the other one, it sits in an iframe19:11
jcastroI remember now19:11
AlanBellso if it could pick up names automagically from the user logged into summit that would be sweet19:12
AlanBellor do some level of SSO/authentication19:12
AlanBellright now I am looking at it and thinking that all the theme work (which was only a few hours, but still) would need to be redone, just to get back to square one19:13
doctormojcastro: I was talking about a templater which takes data (sql/ical etc) and pushes out pdfs for printing. good for conference badges, room signs and other things. uses svg.19:13
doctormoOr do I have wrong end of stick?19:13
doctormoOh you mean the librarian.19:14
jcastroyeah, as part of a conference pack19:14
jcastrothat's awesome19:14
AlanBellhowever it is *very* easy to point summit at a different etherpad server at a moments notice19:14
jcastroAlanBell: as far as I'm concerned the current pad is your blood and tears, whatever you think is best is what I'll support.19:14
jcastroI wasn't the one pitchforking normal etherpad, I believe that was nigel19:15
jcastroI have much better things to complain about19:15
jcastrolike the wiki. :p19:15
AlanBellheh, not that much blood went into it :)19:15
doctormoxbmc librarian: checks video lengths, missing files, missing db entries (files with no entry), missing episodes from tvshows.19:15
jcastrook so is it like a db clean like from the menu?19:16
AlanBellwhen nigelb gets SSO into etherpad lite I will get my pitchfork out too19:16
jcastroAlanBell: I agree, moving everything to nigel's plate neatly wraps up our responsibilities.19:16
doctormojcastro: No, the clean actually attempts to remove db entries with no file, this just reports (no fix) on what is wrong.19:16
doctormodo you run xbmc jcastro?19:17
jcastroit's been my side project for going on 6 months now, it's me new Ask Ubuntu.19:18
jcastroit's taking up like all my free time19:18
doctormojcastro: Packagaing, setup or collecting videos? curious.19:26
jcastrojust using it19:30
jcastroit's like KDE, 50 options buried inside 50 other options19:30
jcastroin a for loop19:30
doctormojcastro: Most of the options are burried in code. do you use video addons?19:30
jcastroa few, not many, they're too confusing to use, the UI needs work there19:31
doctormojcastro: Indeed it does, although kde is slightly better in that they're coming round to some UI testing.19:35
doctormoI'm hoping I can change Daily Show and Colbert Report addons to download instead of stream... one day, future project.19:36
doctormoLet me know if you need any help and what you're trying to do, I got mine up and running in 3 days or so.19:36
jcastromine works awesome19:38
jcastroit's the needless tweaking I always do, heh19:38
doctormoI'll pass along the librarian addon via email for you to try out.19:38
* jcastro nods19:39
* AlanBell can't stream the daily show :(19:39
paultagdoctormo: have you posted it to the ML yet?19:39
paultagP.S. - for all the PPA fans out there, I'm in the middle of a fancy implementation for Fluxbox >:) - http://pault.ag/fluxbox/debian/19:40
jcastroAlanBell: oh hey I forgot to ask you19:40
jcastroyour lens, is it for 11.10?19:40
jcastrook whew19:40
mhall119jono: ping19:41
jcastroI was dreading having to tell you that it's all different in 11.1019:41
jonohey mhall11919:41
AlanBelljcastro: I get the feeling that the documentation is a bit 11.04ish19:41
mhall119jono: data recovery has been done, I'm going to send an email to loco-contacts letting them know and to have them check for duplicates19:41
jcastroAlanBell: updating that is on his todo list19:42
jcastrohe's been slammed19:42
jcastroI too have been looking forward to them19:42
AlanBellquite excited by the python lens possibilities19:42
jonomhall119, awesome, and then what is the next step for landing the blogging feature?19:42
mhall119jono: I'm not 100% sure, I'll have to check with cjohnston19:43
jonomhall119, is the blogging functionality considered ready by you guys for deployment?19:44
mhall119jono: I haven't been involved with the latest work, so I can't say19:44
jonomhall119, ok, so it sounds like we should check in with cjohnston and then see if he can basically get it to IS today ready for deployment19:46
jonowould be great if IS can then deploy tomorrow19:46
czajkowskiadded the looc council to the blog feed if that's ok19:51
jcastroI feel like everything is a nail now.19:56
jcastroIf you do, I got you covered!19:56
czajkowskijcastro: what ever you're on can I get a double dose please19:56
mhall119czajkowski: did you put it on the wiki?19:56
AlanBellis there going to be a gui front end to ensemble?19:56
czajkowskimhall119: aye19:57
czajkowskimhall119: lotta blogs on there already19:57
jcastroAlanBell: I guess eventually a web ui would be possible19:57
jcastro"Deploy Etherpad"19:57
* czajkowski hugs jcastro 19:58
czajkowskihe makes me smile19:58
AlanBellbecause at the moment all the stuff is "type these commands in a terminal window and . . ." by which point 80% of the target audience has given up and bought google apps19:58
jcastrowell, the target audience right now is sysadmins19:59
jcastroAlanBell: or you just do it and resell it to normal people for money.20:00
jcastrobut I demand a 1% fee for the idea20:00
paultagI'm calling popey20:01
AlanBellso you have made cloud deployments as easy as "sudo apt-get install wordpress"20:01
AlanBellbut not as easy as hmm, need to do some blogging, software centre, blog, search wordpress sounds cool, install, done.20:02
AlanBellneeds to be appstore easy20:02
jcastroI see what you mean20:03
jcastrobut at this point in the lifecycle I would settle for "ensemble search wordpress"20:03
* czajkowski cracks the whip on paultag and huats hows my etherpad filling our folks :) back online friday and it's gonna be going on the LD next week :D20:03
jcastroright now you have to know where the formula is, snag it from version control, etc.20:03
paultagczajkowski: :)20:03
AlanBellI totally understand these things take time and you have to do the back end first20:03
paultagczajkowski: actually, let's sync later I'm EOD20:04
czajkowskipaultag: am online my dear so we can flesh it out20:04
jcastrohey jono21:52
jcastrothe day is here21:52
jcastrohappy birthday dude21:52
czajkowskisqeeeeee http://ticketing.southbankcentre.co.uk/find/music/gigs-contemporary/tickets/video-game-heroes-6071021:53
czajkowskisooo looking forward to date night on friday :D21:53
jonojcastro, wow22:04
jcastroif I lived in SF I would have done a listening party22:06
doctormopleia2 or others: Do you guys know much about networking? should a traceroute take 3x1.5 seconds to get out from a lan to google?23:33
AlanBelloh, no it should not, but it could do23:34
AlanBellmtr google.com should show it nicely23:35
doctormoAlanBell: Trying to debug network issues, home internet, WRT54G running LuCi/OpenWRT23:35
doctormoOkay, mtr is really fast. but the traceroute tab in the network tools is really slow.23:36
AlanBellmight be DNS lookups that are slow23:37
AlanBellanyhow, it is far too late here23:37
AlanBellnight all o/23:37
AlanBelldoctormo: set as your DNS server (that is google's fast DNS server)23:38
doctormohttp://paste.ubuntu.com/678394/ vs http://imagebin.org/17033523:38
doctormoAlanBell: Night \o23:39
doctormoOK It's not DNS, the dns servers having been twiddled between google's 8 and the pppoe defaults.23:49

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