jasoncwarner_DBO: next thing you'll want to do rapid release unity every two hours and get rid of version numbers...and write it in gecko and js00:01
DBOGo and Haskell00:02
DBO(Haskell is the scripting language if that wasn't obvious)00:02
jasoncwarner_if you said erlang , you would have hda me...but you chose poorly in your functional language...00:02
jasoncwarner_even clojure would have gotten my attention00:02
DBOand I would like to move to hashes instead of version numbers, Unity "ae6b3e77fd3ff2765aa254f7e7d5cf0a"00:03
jasoncwarner_DBO: neil will never take another vacationn00:03
DBOOh and lastly, I think we should move on top of the BSD kernel00:03
DBOI hear good things00:03
DBOto support this move, I have begun adding direct BSD kernel calls into Unity00:04
robert_ancellthat's it - I'm moving to Arch00:05
jbichaport it to KDE & call it Kunity00:25
DBOthat sounds dirty00:26
DBOis the fact that the lock screen doesn't update when you change your wallpaper known?00:36
robert_ancellTheMuso, hey, can I grab you today to do some a11y testing in unity-greeter?00:55
TheMusorobert_ancell: Certainly can.00:57
robert_ancellTheMuso, when is good for you?00:57
TheMusoAny time from now till about 1, and then from 2 afterwards. Just let me know when you're ready.00:57
robert_ancellTheMuso, let's go :)00:58
robert_ancellTheMuso, can you branch lp:unity-greeter, do the standard autogen.sh, configure, make etc, then run ./src/unity-greeter --test-mode00:58
TheMusorobert_ancell: Sure.00:58
robert_ancellThere is a menu with a few a11y options.  In particular, I want to know if the screen reader reads out the right strings, and what other a11y features are of high importance for a greeter00:59
robert_ancellI have high contrast, onscreen keyboard and screen reader00:59
robert_ancellI think we need dwell click and probably sticky keys.  Not sure if anything else is needed (i.e. no need for magnifier as not many elements to see etc)00:59
TheMusoRight, and magnifier would need 3D acceleration anyway.01:00
TheMusoOk what shoudl I be seeing? With Orca, I can see my hostname, a menu, a push button, and login...01:02
TheMusoSo for example, I can visually see the indicators, but cannot seem to get to them with keyboard/mouse.01:02
robert_ancellTheMuso, when you select a user, does it prompt with the right info (i.e. "Luke Yelavitch, enter password" or whatever is appropriate)01:03
robert_ancellTheMuso, you can't get to them with the mouser?01:03
TheMusoI can't see a user list.01:03
TheMusoNot visually, or with Orca.01:04
robert_ancellcan you send me a screenshot?01:04
robert_ancellyou're running with --test-mode right?01:04
TheMusoAnd when I use the arrow keys, the background changes...01:04
TheMusoone sec.01:04
TheMusoI'll email...01:05
robert_ancellTheMuso, that is very weird...  Can you send me stdout+stderr of the greeter?01:08
TheMusorobert_ancell: Sure, let me restart it.01:08
robert_ancellTheMuso, oh also bzr pull again.  I updated the high contrast them a little01:09
TheMusooh ok01:09
TheMusorobert_ancell: http://paste.ubuntu.com/677599/01:12
robert_ancellTheMuso, oh, you need to do a make install somewhere01:22
TheMusoOh right.01:22
TheMusorobert_ancell: Right, I see what is supposed to happen.01:25
TheMusorobert_ancell: Ok, when using the arrow to change the user, the new user name is not being spoken.01:25
TheMusoOk, its possible to get to the indicator menu with F10, nice. But only menu is spoken...01:26
robert_ancellTheMuso, right, so it's a custom widget, so I'll need to add some ATK stuff.   Any hints here would be nice01:26
robert_ancellTheMuso, they're standard indicators afaik, is this the same behaviour as in the session?01:26
TheMusorobert_ancell: Not quite, F10 usually opens a menu in the session, whether it be the session indicator or something else...01:27
TheMusorobert_ancell: What kind of custom widgets are they? Is the password text entry a standard GTK text field?01:27
robert_ancellmy F10 key doesn't seem to do anything, either in unity or the greeter01:27
robert_ancellTheMuso, the list of usernames is custom, and it embeddes a standard GtkTextEntry or GtkButton inside it01:28
TheMusoOk, because when typing something in the password entry field and pressing backspace, I am not getting feedback that I am deleDdeleting something.01:28
robert_ancellSo, should the button have the text "Password for Luke", or should there be two elements?01:28
robert_ancellyeah, I don't get the backspace, not sure why01:29
robert_ancellBut I get it when typing in xchat01:29
TheMusoWell, I see now that some users can just click log-in, i.e have no password.01:30
TheMusoI am trying to work out in my head what I might want, given the way the greeter works visually.01:30
robert_ancellAnd orca is saying "Login button".  It should probably say "Log in as guest"?01:30
robert_ancellOr should it say "Guest Account" "Login button"01:31
robert_ancellor "Luke" "Password entry"01:31
TheMusoThinking of gdm, the user would select the user with arrows, which would be spoken as the username only. They would then press tab to move to the password entry field. So, maybe something like "Password for user"01:33
TheMusoAnd we'd have to special case the other user, so that the user would know they needed to enter a username first.01:33
TheMusoIn the case of users like guest with a login button, perhaps something like "Username"01:34
TheMusoBecause the login button is being seen as a standard widget, so we need to make sure the user name is spoken first.01:34
jbichaTheMuso: real name would be better than just user name, right?01:35
TheMusojbicha: Yes, of course.01:37
TheMusorobert_ancell: As for the atk side of things, let me have a look in accerciser and see what it sees in the greeter window.01:37
robert_ancellIs it obvious to a blind user to press up/down to switch users?01:37
TheMusoProbably not, but I don't know how we could convey that to the user. Gdm certainly didn't make it clear that there was a user list.01:40
TheMusorobert_ancell: As for the atk side itself, what you could do, is create an atk object that represents the label of the currently selected user, and its name get supdated when the user is changed. This object could then be set as the label for the password or login button object.01:47
robert_ancellTheMuso, ok, cool.  That's what I thought it should be.01:48
robert_ancellTheMuso, The text needs to contain if it's a button or text entry right?01:48
robert_ancellAnd should it be what the element is, or what it does.  i.e. "Luke password entry" or "Enter password for Luke"01:49
TheMusorobert_ancell: I don't think you'd need that for the login button, but for the password entry field, yes, particularly if the user switches between two users that have a password set.01:49
TheMusoProbably enter password for user01:49
robert_ancellTheMuso, what element of the ATK object do I set? name?01:51
TheMusoand you probably want to set the role to LABEL01:52
robert_ancellTheMuso, name=label?01:56
robert_ancelli.e both set to the same?01:57
robert_ancellTheMuso, ok pushed some changes.  Sounds a little better that before01:57
TheMusoNo, the name gets set to the text you want spoken, and the role should be set to ATK_ROLE_LABEL01:57
robert_ancellI get a "frame".  I'm guessing that's the main window? i.e. the greeter?01:57
TheMusoVery likely yes.01:57
TheMusoSweet, that works really nice.01:59
TheMusoThe only issue now is the other option.01:59
TheMusoThat will need to be special cased, because that currently still says password even though its the username.02:00
robert_ancellyes, why does it think it's a password field?02:00
robert_ancellTheMuso, what should the main window be called? "Login Screen"?02:00
TheMusoWithout knowing how the widget is created etc, I am not sure.02:00
TheMusoYeah I guess thats ok.02:00
robert_ancellTheMuso, ok, now it says "Login screen frame".  Does that make sense?02:01
TheMusoOr maybe even just login is better, since frame is known to be a window, whether it be screen sized or not.02:02
TheMusoFor example, the Desktop is known as a desktop frame, even though its the size of the screen.02:02
TheMusorobert_ancell: One more thing. The button that opens the menu to choose the sessions needs to be labeled.02:03
TheMusoSomething like "Sessions"02:03
TheMusoOr "choose session"02:04
robert_ancell"Session options"?02:06
robert_ancellhmm, the text entry really wants to be "password"02:06
TheMusoSession options works.02:07
TheMusoHrm interesting re the password field...02:07
robert_ancellI wonder if it might be a bug in GTK, i.e. once you set it to a password entry it remains that way02:08
TheMusorobert_ancell: I wonder if you were to change the role of the accessible object representing the text field to ATK_ROLE_LABEL. It may not be changed when the text field changes.02:08
TheMusoYeah, or as above, the role is not being changed in the atk object.02:08
robert_ancellnope, that didn't work02:09
robert_ancellI've tried explicitly setting it to TEXT and LABEL but no change02:09
robert_ancellI think I'll just have two separate widgets02:09
TheMusohrm ok02:11
TheMusoThis is weird, now unity-greeter is not showing up in accerciser.02:12
jbicharobert_ancell: I can't build unity-greeter http://paste.ubuntu.com/677625/02:16
robert_ancellTheMuso, I think it may be a bug in orca.  GTK is correctly changing the role02:16
TheMusorobert_ancell: Ah, it may be an at-spi caching issue now that you mention that.02:16
robert_ancellTheMuso, so, I should just ignore it?02:16
TheMusoA new orca is due out any time now, and supposedly has work-arounds to solve such issues.02:17
robert_ancelljbicha, what version of valac?  valac --version02:17
TheMusorobert_ancell: Yes, and I'll see what I can do about getting some folks looking at it upstream should the issue persist with a new upstream version of orca.02:17
jbicharobert_ancell: oops, vala 0.12, let me fix that02:17
robert_ancelljbicha, yeah, it probably required 0.14.  I'll update configure.ac02:18
jbicharobert_ancell: yup, works now with 0.1402:19
robert_ancellTheMuso, do you get a python process using 100% cpu using a11y sometimes?02:20
TheMusorobert_ancell: Yes, and its at-spi related, a fix is in the new upstream of at-spi2-core 2.1.90./02:21
robert_ancellTheMuso, ok, I've pushed changes for all the things you've asked for.  Can you give it a run over now02:21
robert_ancellyay :)02:21
TheMusorobert_ancell: Sure will do.02:21
robert_ancellTheMuso, noticed one thing, how do I notify login failure messages?02:24
TheMusorobert_ancell: How are they presented to the user?02:24
TheMusoI mean visually?02:24
robert_ancellTheMuso, the label above the password entry is changed to red and shows the message02:24
jbicharobert_ancell: what do i need to do to see the userlist in testmode? because it's blank here too02:24
TheMusoOk. Is there any way I can trigger a failure in the test mode?02:24
robert_ancellIn fact, that label could ask for anything, not just a password02:24
robert_ancelljbicha, make install02:25
robert_ancellTheMuso, The passwords are "password" in test mode02:25
robert_ancellso anything else should cause an error02:25
TheMusorobert_ancell: oh I see how to trigger a wrong password.02:25
TheMusoAnd I see what happens visually.02:25
TheMusorobert_ancell: What if you simply change the name of the label's accessible object to the same text that is shown visually?02:26
jbicharobert_ancell: I did make install, then I cd into the install location and ./sbin/unity-greeter --test-mode02:26
robert_ancellTheMuso, will that trigger the screen reader?02:26
robert_ancelljbicha, that should be it, can you send me the stdout+stderr02:27
TheMusorobert_ancell: hrm probably not, I guess the reason why going through the user list triggers it now is due to focus changes.02:27
robert_ancellTo map what happens visually, every time that label changes it should be read out02:28
jbichasudo nano t02:29
TheMusoAnd with the other option in the user list, entering a username and pressing enter doesn't speak password, even though the password prompt is the next one to be entered.02:29
jbichasudo pkill lightdm02:29
TheMusorobert_ancell: And why does onboard get loaded immediately on greeter load?02:30
jbichasorry, had some crashes with gnome-shell, back in Unity now02:30
robert_ancellTheMuso, the other options speaks both for me02:31
TheMusohrm... interesting.02:32
TheMusoI am running a partially upgraded at-spi stack here though, that *may* have something to do with it...02:32
robert_ancellTheMuso, Yeah, I should probably make onboard load on demand02:32
robert_ancellonboard now loaded on demand02:34
robert_ancelljbicha, any luck now?02:34
robert_ancellTheMuso, do you know if anyone has asked the ubuntu-mono icon theme to make a nice a11y icon?  The default one is still blue right?02:35
TheMusorobert_ancell: No I don't.,02:35
robert_ancellI need to find someone to whip one up or it's going to look u-g-l-y02:36
* robert_ancell goes hunting for lunch02:39
jbicharobert_ancell: http://paste.ubuntu.com/677636/02:39
TheMusoYeah not a bad idea, won't be around from 1-2, and lunch needed before then.02:39
jbichafor ambiance, can't you just borrow /usr/share/icons/gnome/scalable/apps/preferences-desktop-accessibility-symbolic.svg02:46
jbichawhich I believe is used for GNOME Shell's a11y menu02:46
robert_ancelljbicha, awesome,  Thanks!03:06
jbicharobert_ancell: how come the password box doesn't use • as the invisible_char ?03:07
robert_ancelljbicha, the design had the asterisk instead03:07
jbichaoh ok, just checking if it was intentional03:07
jbichamaybe I'll go bug the design guys :-)03:07
robert_ancelljbicha, you have no users listed right?  can you send a screenshot?03:08
jbichais the greeter design publicly posted?03:08
jbicharobert_ancell: http://img705.imageshack.us/img705/8582/workspace1040.png03:10
robert_ancelljbicha, no, unfortunately03:11
jbichathanks, maybe I'll just open a bug report to make sure03:12
TheMusojbicha: Did you remember to make install somewhere? That was the mistake I made.03:19
jbicharobert_ancell: mpt reported bug 834878 , he speaks for design, right?03:19
ubot2`Launchpad bug 834878 in unity-greeter "Unity greeter password field uses old-fashioned asterisks" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/83487803:19
jbichaTheMuso: yes, I make installed and then ran from the install location03:20
robert_ancelljbicha, that's the problem with a non-public design, he probably hasn't seen it!03:20
robert_ancell(I don't care what they are personally)03:21
jbichait's not a big deal to me but the little things add up eventually03:21
jbicharobert_ancell: I think the designs should be publicized when the code is released, or if not at least when it becomes default03:22
robert_ancelljbicha, I think that's the plan, but I'm not sure what the process is03:22
robert_ancellI'll send an email to them, because it is starting to become a problem03:23
jbicharobert_ancell: thank you, it's easier to tell whether something is missing or by design & thus whether to talk to the developer or the designers03:24
robert_ancellyeah, and the current greeter is not 100% of the design due to time considerations03:25
jbicharobert_ancell: when I run --test-mode, the indicators aren't in greeter mode but normal mode03:31
robert_ancelljbicha, yeah, I don't know why that happens.  You'll have to ask mterry as he did the indicator work03:32
robert_ancellthanks mterry!03:32
robert_ancelljbicha, I just pushed a change that stops the missing list bug you've got - it seems to happen when it can't find logo.png03:32
jbicharobert_ancell: thanks, 2 more questions, F10 isn't working, not sure if that's Unity's fault03:38
jbichaand keyboard navigation of the indicators doesn't wrap around03:38
robert_ancelljbicha, thanks.  please file bugs03:38
jbichawill do03:38
pittiGood morning04:14
pittijbicha: only the uploader should do the dch -r/debcommit -r parts, otherwise you already claim an upload where none has happened; the sponsor might want to add a few extra things or corrections, or the main branch might have gotten other changes in between, or the package might not yet be ready for uploading04:17
pittijbicha: if your branch already tags a release, the sponsor needs to manually set it back to UNRELEASED, untag it, etc.04:18
jbichapitti: ok thanks and good morning04:25
jbichaI got away with a bunch of uploads without doing that & not all sponsors expect to see UNRELEASED but I've switched over now04:26
TheMusoMorning pitti.04:50
pittihey TheMuso04:50
pittiTheMuso: thanks for the quick at-spi fix04:51
TheMusopitti: np04:51
pittiTheMuso: have you been on holidays last week?04:51
TheMusopitti: yes I was, I said that yesterday. :)04:51
pittiTheMuso: ah, welcome back then! hope you had a good time?04:52
pittiTheMuso: sorry, must have missed it; release stress..04:52
TheMusocertainly did04:52
didrocksgood morning05:39
pittibonjour didrocks05:44
didrocksguten morgen pitti! How are you?05:44
pittididrocks: not bad, thanks!05:45
pittididrocks: sorry for the oneconf bug; I should have looked at it first05:45
pittibefore I assigned to you05:45
didrockspitti: I was just kidding, no worry :-)05:45
pittiI guess it needed a full path05:45
pittididrocks: no, you were right, it was my fault05:45
pittididrocks: but I guess it's moot now, it can use GI now05:45
didrockspitti: anyway, it's pure pygi now for that part :)05:45
pitti(and rather "needs to use")05:46
didrockspitti: oh btw, I fixed some other crashes (most of them are due to dbus not answering), and as you have more dbus foo than I have:05:46
didrocksfor bug #834394, how do you deal with that normally?05:46
ubot2`Launchpad bug 834394 in oneconf "oneconf-service crashed with DBusException in call_blocking(): org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.NoReply: Did not receive a reply. Possible causes include: the remote application did not send a reply, the message bus security policy blocked the reply, the reply timeout expired, or the network connection was broken." [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/83439405:46
didrocksmaking a retry if we receive no answer, like adding it to a timeout and try it again05:47
didrocks(it's not vital, but necessarry for launching the syncing process, so the daemon can work without getting the sso, and try to get it again later for syncing)05:47
pittididrocks: hm, the usual reason for that is not a real timeout, but because the backend crashes05:47
pittididrocks: i. e.05:47
pitti- frontend makes d-bus call05:47
pitti- backend gets it, processes, crashes05:47
pitti- frontend doesn't get response back and complains with above error05:48
pittii. e. the traces from the frontend are usually rather useless05:48
pittiyou need the actual backend crash05:48
didrocksok, so in this case, ubuntusso is crashing05:48
didrocksbut I still have to handle that gracefully I guess05:49
didrocks(as the ubuntu sso backend is a dbus activated service… I can't just do a retry)05:49
pittididrocks: we currently have a bug in desktopcouch/couchdb that throws "not authenticated" exceptions, may it be that?05:50
didrockspitti: I don't use anymore desktopcouch/couchdb, it's all ubuntu sso and direct/manual syncing to webcatalog05:50
pittiah, ok05:52
didrockspitti: also, just a last question, any idea what can happen there? https://launchpadlibrarian.net/77297035/Traceback.txt05:53
didrocksI don't sync the dbus service died here :)05:53
pittihm, I've never seen that one05:54
pittiit might be another way of saying "the backend has crashed"?05:54
didrockshum, which backend in this case?05:54
pitticall_blocking() sounds like it's doing a d-bus call?05:55
didrocksto get  dbus.SessionBus().list_names()05:55
pittioh, wow05:56
pittiNFC, I'm afraid :/05:56
didrockspitti: ok, no worry, right now, I'm just exiting the daemon in this case, I'll see later if I need to do a wait/retry thing05:57
didrockspitti: thanks for looking at it! :-)05:58
pittiI just found that real timeouts are rather rare05:58
pittididrocks: can you reproduce that crash, or did you just see it on a bug report?05:58
didrocksI just saw it on bug #826687 but with 3 duplicates05:59
ubot2`Launchpad bug 826687 in oneconf "oneconf-service crashed with DBusException in call_blocking(): org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.Disconnected: Connection was disconnected before a reply was received" [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82668705:59
pittididrocks: which pygobject do you have running, 2.90 from the PPA, or 2.28 from oneiric?06:00
pittididrocks: I just fixed a grave bug in jockey which only happens with 2.2806:00
didrockspitti: 2.28 from oneiric06:01
pittiok, so that's not it then06:02
chrisccoulsongood morning everyoner06:42
pittihey chrisccoulson, good morning06:42
chrisccoulsonhi pitti, how are you?06:42
pittiquite fine, thanks!06:42
didrockshey chrisccoulson!06:46
pittihmm, no seb128 this week to remind me about the reminder06:46
* pitti reminds-reminds himself06:46
chrisccoulsonhi didrocks, how are you?06:46
didrocksoh right, I reminded seb128 when you were not there, but didn't remind about reminding you :)06:46
didrockschrisccoulson: excellent thanks! saw the nice improvment from oneiric in two weeks. Overall impression is that it looks snappier here06:47
chrisccoulsondidrocks, yeah, it's looking pretty good06:47
pittihey Sweetshark08:04
Sweetsharkpitti: Heya.08:18
pittihey rodrigo_, how are you?08:20
rodrigo_hi pitti, I'm fine, and you?08:20
pittipretty well, thanks!08:20
Sweetsharkpitti: I got the build on ppc to finished (failed) -- it took agaes because the job was killed at least twice (or davis was rebooted). But since I not have a completed build I have  decent change to fix the stuff (using partial/incremental builds).08:20
pittiSweetshark: oh dear; sounds painful!08:22
pittiSweetshark: so is it the same libgcc workaround as for armel? doko mentioned something about this yesterday08:22
=== MacSlow is now known as MacSlow|afk
Sweetsharkpitti: yes, it pretty much is. I prevented it to break by not trying to unprelink it, which prevented the early buildbreaker in external or sal. but then it broke in instsetoo_native because it still wanted to pack it.08:32
Sweetsharkpitti: I am now again copying it to the solver (both linker script and the dynlib), so it will be packed again. The packing is still wrong as it does not allow cross-distro closed source development of c++ extensions. trying that on armel is doomed anyway (as of now).08:34
didrockshum, the OneConf change is really really not trivial…08:35
pittididrocks: do you need some help with the GI porting?08:36
didrockspitti: it's not really GI related, but the new design landed and it mixes the installed and OneConf view, which introduces a lot of changes (as there is no more main treeview)08:37
ricotzrodrigo_, ping08:52
ricotzrodrigo_, please have a look at the folks merge proposal08:54
xclaessewhy is there no gir1.2-folks package ?08:57
xclaessericotz, ^08:57
xclaesseat least for folks 0.6 in oneiric08:57
ricotzxclaesse, no body cared about until now08:57
rodrigo_ricotz, ok08:57
xclaessericotz, for me it is because gnome-shell does not build08:58
ricotzrodrigo_, thanks, this depends on an eds update to08:58
ricotzrodrigo_, https://code.launchpad.net/~ricotz/evolution-data-server/ubuntu/+merge/7324308:58
rodrigo_ricotz, hmm, folks or e-d-s?08:58
ricotzxclaesse, i know ;)08:59
ricotzrodrigo_, both08:59
rodrigo_ah ok :)08:59
ricotzthe folks gir building depends on present gir of eds08:59
xclaessericotz, ah that's what you are discussing as well :)08:59
ricotzrodrigo_, if you are doing them please grab them on the desktop-pad09:00
rodrigo_ricotz, didn't work earlier, let me try loading the etherpad now...09:01
rodrigo_ah, it works now!09:01
ricotzrodrigo_, i also had vala prepared ;)09:01
rodrigo_ricotz, I submitted vala 0.13.3 last night09:02
rodrigo_ricotz, do you need anything newer than that?09:02
xclaessericotz, btw if you build latest gnome-shell, make sure to have latest gjs too (1_29_17)09:02
ricotzrodrigo_, i saw that, but it has been in the pad for a while ;)09:02
xclaesseotherwise it will crash09:02
rodrigo_ricotz, right, sorry, it didn't work for me yesterday, I was getting all the time a 'proxy error' ????09:03
ricotzxclaesse, alright09:03
ricotzrodrigo_, no problem09:03
* Sweetshark forgot -nc on "dpkg-buildpackage09:09
pittiaka --reduce-universe-heating09:14
* Sweetshark now creates some more entrophy for the universe...09:27
rodrigo_if a package is waiting for approval in the queue, I can still submit another version, right?09:37
pittirodrigo_: yes09:41
rodrigo_pitti, ok09:42
pittinjpatel: is it already known that the dash is too big for a netbook screen? (1024x600)09:42
pittiit's cut off at the right and at the bottom09:42
pittithere's plenty of unused space at the left, and also at the top/bottom09:42
njpatelpitti, nope, is there a bug for that?09:43
njpatelshould be an easy enough fix09:43
pittinjpatel: I'll report it then09:44
njpatelpitti, thanks and please assign to me09:44
pittinjpatel: ah, bug 82537009:46
ubot2`Launchpad bug 825370 in unity "new dash does not fit a normal netbook screen" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82537009:46
pittihm, why doesn't LP find any "Neil", "Neil Patel" or "njpatel" when I try to assign..09:47
pittiah, now09:48
pittiseems it doesn't work for the upstream task, just for the ubuntu task09:48
pittimeh, pressing the power button still immediately shuts down now09:50
pittiI tought we already fixed that a while ago?09:50
njpatelpitti, no idea, the new person search stuff hasn't really worked for me09:51
pittinjpatel: I assigned the ubuntu task to you, anyway09:51
pittirodrigo_: I'm still quite confused why GNOME moved the keyboard settings out of "keyboard" into "region and language"..09:54
njpatelpitti, bug #?09:54
njpatelah, ignore me09:54
Sweetsharkhuh? aptitude tells me the ftpmaster@ubuntu.com key on de.archive.ubuntu.com is invalid?09:54
=== balthus is now known as xaba
rodrigo_pitti, design decision :)09:59
rodrigo_pitti, in 3.1.90 there is a link in the keyboard panel to the region one10:00
rodrigo_so at least now there is a connection between the 210:00
pittirodrigo_: but as we don't use the region one, I guess we need yet another solution?10:02
pittirodrigo_: design decision> yeah, why would someone ever look for the keyboard layout in the keyboard settings..10:02
pittiDBO: hm, pressing ctrl+alt on a brand new install of the beta-1 images pops up the alt+tab window switcher10:04
rodrigo_pitti, I guess we can patch the keyboard panel to be linked with the language-selector, rather than the region panel10:04
pittiactually, I think it's the alt+` one10:04
pittirodrigo_: but language-selector doesn't offer a keyboard layout10:04
pittirodrigo_: I think there has been a bug about not being able to change the layout10:05
=== Chipaca` is now known as Chipaca
Chipacacan a package in main recommend a package in universe?10:12
Chipaca(i'm assuming yes, but thought i'd check)10:12
rodrigo_Chipaca, I think it can, yes10:13
=== MacSlow|afk is now known as MacSlow
jbichaChipaca: I didn't think that was allowed10:48
Chipacajbicha: ok, I'll follow up.10:48
jbichaChipaca: http://people.canonical.com/~cjwatson/ubuntu-policy/policy.html/ch-archive.html#s-main10:50
Chipacajbicha: darn10:51
jbichaso either demote to suggests or put in for a main inclusion request10:51
Chipacaprobably do a MIR, if it's not too late10:55
Chipacaneed to talk with wibblymat first, though10:57
rodrigo_pitti, can you upload what there is in lp:~ubuntu-desktop/vala/ubuntu, I seem to not have permissions and it's not in main, so not sure what to do to get permissions, adding it to a seed?11:03
pittirodrigo_: sure11:16
pittirodrigo_: it's already uploaded though: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/oneiric/+queue?queue_state=111:17
rodrigo_pitti, yes, but it was rejected, wasn0't it?11:17
rodrigo_oh, maybe ken uploaded it11:18
* ogra_ hugs whoever switched to a sane screensaver lock dialog11:23
=== MacSlow is now known as lunch-break
=== lunch-break is now known as MacSlow|lunch
* rodrigo_ lunch12:02
pittiyay, got my new mobile phone12:15
chrisccoulsonpitti - QUICK, install angry birds on it!12:15
pittichrisccoulson: yeah, that didn't run on my G112:16
=== tkamppeter_ is now known as tkamppeter
chrisccoulsonpitti - oh, perhaps they should have delivered your new phone after the beta release ;)12:17
GunnarHjrodrigo_: Hello, I just updated my g-c-c MP, so it's ready for you to merge and upload. https://code.launchpad.net/~gunnarhj/gnome-control-center/langfix/+merge/7279212:20
=== njpatel is now known as njpatel|lunch
Sweetsharkgreat, davis just rebooted _again_. Any reason for that machine to reboot twice a day? Microsoft patch day?13:04
* Sweetshark would like to see _one uninterupted compile at least ....13:06
BigWhaleoh great... gwibber is refusing to compile...13:09
=== m_conley_away is now known as m_conley
=== MacSlow|lunch is now known as MacSlow
rodrigo_GunnarHj, g-c-c 3.1.90 is ready in the ubuntu-desktop branch13:50
GunnarHjrodrigo_: I know, and I have updated the MP, so you can just merge and upload.13:54
rodrigo_GunnarHj, ok13:54
ogra_chrisccoulson, hey, why is my firefox not starting on arm ?14:00
rodrigo_GunnarHj, there's a memory leak, isn't it, in line 123 and beyond of the merge proposal14:01
rodrigo_GunnarHj, the commented g_free (name)14:01
chrisccoulsonogra_, i've no idea, i don't have access to any arm hardware ;)14:07
chrisccoulsoni either need hardware or a crystal ball14:07
ogra_we really nbeed to change that14:07
GunnarHjrodrigo_: Yes. The reason for it is that without it I wasn't able to make it work when testing. (Don't ask me why.) Possibly code changes afterwords make it possible to reinsert g_free (name) at that spot.14:08
ogra_chrisccoulson, the question was more a rethorical one anyway :)14:08
GunnarHjrodrigo_: Maybe you or me should test it again. Are you possibly about to do so?14:12
rodrigo_GunnarHj, testing it right now14:12
rodrigo_GunnarHj, but if you could update the mp to have the g_free call back, that would be cool14:13
GunnarHjrodrigo_: Did you successfully test with the g_free call back?14:14
rodrigo_GunnarHj, no14:14
rodrigo_GunnarHj, just as it was on the mp14:14
GunnarHjrodrigo_: I think that some of us should do that before adding it back. Do you want me to do it?14:15
rodrigo_GunnarHj, yes, please, and I'll test and debug14:15
GunnarHjrodrigo_: Ok. Will have to disconnect for a while then, because I have Oneiric on a separate partition... See you.14:16
rodrigo_GunnarHj, ok14:17
chrisccoulsong'ah, the dash and alt-tab switcher keep appearing behind all my windows :(14:18
chrisccoulsongrr, this is impossible14:19
=== ejat- is now known as ejat
rodrigo_bug #83452314:50
ubot2`Launchpad bug 834523 in gnome-control-center "Can't change the keyboard layout from a default install" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/83452314:50
GunnarHjrodrigo_: It proved to work now, so I changed the MP as you suggested. Probably my problem previously was due to some instability in v. 3.1.5, but that's history now.14:54
rodrigo_GunnarHj, ok14:54
Sweetsharkpitti: no meeting reminder today?14:56
pittiSweetshark: sure, I sent it this morning, didn't it arrive?14:57
rodrigo_GunnarHj, ok, merging now14:57
GunnarHjrodrigo_: Great, thanks!14:57
ricotzrodrigo_, hi, do you know if someone had a look at caribou yet?14:58
rodrigo_ricotz, not that In know15:00
Sweetsharkpitti: hmm, there is one in my inbox. It must have sneaked by while I was still sleepy *cough* *cough*15:00
ricotzrodrigo_, i just hacked a package together to have something useable15:01
ricotzit is a dependency of gnome-shell now15:01
GunnarHjpitti: Hi Martin, I have added a comment to https://code.launchpad.net/~gunnarhj/ubuntu/oneiric/accountsservice/unset-lcmess/+merge/73219  Hopefully it will convince you. ;-)15:01
rodrigo_ricotz, oh, a hard dependency?15:04
ricotzrodrigo_, yes15:04
ricotzrodrigo_, it seems they squeezed in what they can before the freeze15:05
Sweetsharkhmmm, does anyone else see an invalid ftpmaster key on the de.archive... mirrors?15:25
pittihm, I'm not using de.archive..15:25
pittijasoncwarner, Sweetshark, bryceh, chrisccoulson, didrocks, tremolux, Riddell, kenvandine, cyphermox, mterry, rodrigo_, seb128, tkamppeter, pedro_: meeting reminder in 5 mins15:26
rodrigo_pitti, ok! :)15:26
* rickspencer3 loves to see pitti crack that whip15:26
* rickspencer3 misses being in desktop team meetings 15:26
pittirickspencer3: heh, you are here and can follow :)15:27
* Sweetshark reporting in.15:27
* Sweetshark hands rickspencer3 a whip too.15:27
rickspencer3what you need is another manager15:28
rickspencer3just, fyi, I perfer my status reports rendered in 3d, but don't spend a lot of time on them15:28
rickspencer3^Dilber reference15:28
pittikenvandine: do you have a partner update for the wiki? or will do IRC?15:29
* pedro_ waves15:29
pittiso, DING DING DING15:30
didrockshey pedro_ :)15:30
pittijasoncwarner, Sweetshark, bryceh, chrisccoulson, didrocks, tremolux, Riddell, kenvandine, cyphermox, mterry, rodrigo_, seb128, tkamppeter, pedro_: meeting o'clock15:30
* kenvandine waves15:31
pittieveryone feeling ready for beta?15:31
kenvandinepitti, nothing to report15:31
kenvandinehopefully a couple bug fixes this week15:31
pittikenvandine: ok, cool; are there any news wrt. the u1-installer?15:32
pittikenvandine: should the u1 packages be on the DVD, or do we also just want the installer there?15:33
kenvandinejust the installer15:33
kenvandinei updated the seeds already15:33
kenvandineoh... DVD not CD15:34
kenvandinei assume the same... they motivation seems to be consistency with other platforms15:34
pittithat's an argument I don't quite understand, but *shrug*15:34
kenvandineyeah... oh well :/15:34
pittiubuntu can certainly ship with stuff that windows doesn't15:34
pittiok, anyway15:34
kenvandinei expressed that concern...15:35
pittikenvandine: perhaps this should be mentioned in the beta-1 release notes? or do you think it's obvious and self-explanatory enough?15:35
kenvandinei think it is self-explanatory15:36
kenvandineit looks like users see the same icon15:36
kenvandinebut clicking it lets them install15:36
kenvandinei should test that from a live image15:36
pitti*nod*, that would be great15:36
kenvandinewill do15:36
pittithe current images should be quite stable, too15:36
pittididrocks: thanks for the Unity wiki update15:36
didrocksyou're welcome :)15:36
pittithe release notes already talk about the new switcher, bug fixes, etc.; anything since a3 which is new and should be mentinoed?15:37
didrocksnothing else to add, just tracking the unity-2d issue with QConf crash15:37
kenvandinehey BigWhale, in a meeting now15:37
didrockspitti: the new lens functionnality, I'll edit it as I did for alpha315:37
BigWhalekenvandine, ok... let me know when you're free.15:37
pittididrocks: oh, right; appreciated, thanks15:38
didrocksyw ;)15:38
pittididrocks: indeed we should mention the music lens15:38
didrocksand the new filters15:38
pittididrocks: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OneiricOcelot/TechnicalOverview#Ubuntu_Desktop15:38
didrockspitti: thanks for the link, opening the tab :)15:39
pittiso in general, we are quite hesitant to build new images now15:39
pittias we need to get them ready by tomorrow15:39
pittifor mirroring, etc.15:39
pittiand it's also quite a high cost to re-test everything15:39
pittiso if there is something which entirely breaks the live system or installation and is impractical to fix with a dist-upgrade, please speak up now15:40
pittiand we'll coordinate in #u-release15:40
pittialternates will get a rebuild in about 5 hours15:40
didrocksseems that the unity-2d one is safe with the respawn, it should just get a pattern as you told15:41
pittididrocks: right, want me to do that, or are you on it?15:41
pittididrocks: I can do it if you toss me the bug #15:41
didrockspitti: not sure how this is doable, I can learn, but you will be more effective than I (bug #834045 and bug #834001)15:42
pittididrocks, tremolux: how's the oneconf integration coming along, any unexpected hurdles there which put it in jeopardy for b2?15:42
ubot2`Launchpad bug 834045 in unity-2d "unity-2d-panel crashed with SIGSEGV in QConfSchema::findKey()" [Critical,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/83404515:42
ubot2`Launchpad bug 834001 in unity-2d "unity-2d-panel crashed with SIGSEGV in QConf::notify()" [Critical,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/83400115:42
pittididrocks: thanks, will do after meeting15:42
didrocksthanks :)15:43
pittitremolux: did you see a bug reporting impact since we switched to GTK3 by defualt? how is that holding up?15:43
tremoluxpitti: definitely we are getting a bunch of new reports, but it's quite manageable I think15:44
pittitremolux: ah, good; I was a bit afraid of getting flooded by crashers, etc.15:45
tremoluxwe should be able to get things into good shape quickly, the team is working really hard on cleaning up the remaining issues15:45
tremoluxyep, it seems not so bad15:45
tremoluxI think the "technology preview" really helped there as well15:45
tremoluxas we got a bunch of reports early thanks to that15:45
pittididrocks, tremolux: did you see my q about oneconf?15:48
pittithat seems to be a bit desperate?15:48
didrocksI didn't see your question, just now?15:48
tremoluxyes, I have not checked with didrocks on it, I hope it is not too bad?15:49
pittipitti | didrocks, tremolux: how's the oneconf integration coming along, any unexpected hurdles there which put it in jeopardy for b2?15:49
didrockstremolux: it is bad :/15:49
tremoluxug, sorry didrocks  :(15:49
didrockstremolux: in addition, the design now mix the installed and the oneconf view15:49
didrocksI'm making intrusive change and don't really like that at the last minute :/15:50
tremoluxdidrocks: yeah15:50
pedro_pitti, didrocks both unity-2d bugs have a pattern now ;-)15:50
didrocksadding treeviews and hpaned for respecting the design15:50
didrockspedro_: thanks :-)15:50
pittipedro_: ah, thanks15:50
pedro_you're welcome!15:50
didrocksand I'm not really confident about the quality, there are part that would have been useful to check with mvo, but he's on vacation15:50
didrocksso, an unoptimized version is possible for end of week, I hope15:51
didrocksit will probably clutter a little bit the "installed" pane though15:51
didrocks(and we will loose the "install all/remove all" buttons)15:52
tremoluxdidrocks: ok, please be sure to tell me what I can do to help, I'm happy to test etc.15:52
didrocksthe server is also blocking on isd to be in production15:53
didrocksso, I'm starting to freak out about the feature to be honest, but don't really want to postpone it once again :/15:53
didrocks(for once, everything was ready and working)15:53
tremoluxyep, I know15:54
didrockstremolux: yeah, will tell you, thanks :)15:54
pittiok, AOB for today?15:56
pittijust a general plea, please check http://status.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-oneiric/u/LPUSERNAME.html for your remaining WIs15:56
pittiwe have a lot of specs which just have one or two left and need these "last mile" wrapup15:56
kenvandinepitti, one of my 2 left is being reviewed now15:57
didrockswill recheck, but last time I check, I have none "unblocked" remaining for beta115:58
pittiok, seems we are done16:00
pittithanks everyone!16:00
pittimterry: would be awesome if you could hand bug 837498 to someone soon; I just learned that it's a blocker for automatically building the Chinese images in the DC16:01
ubot2`Launchpad bug 837498 in ubuntu-defaults-builder "[MIR] ubuntu-defaults-builder" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/83749816:01
didrocksthanks :)16:01
mterrypitti ok16:02
mterrypitti pings work best for urgent mirs16:02
pittimterry: I did -- I just created the bug 2 mins ago :)16:02
pittiI feel a little sad for urging, though16:02
mterryno its good. better than quietly suffering :)16:05
didrocksmterry_: FYI, I don't plan to have the time to review the MIR this week (and is the contact by default planned btw?) with the oneconf change17:21
mterry_didrocks, ok, will take it myself17:21
mterry_didrocks, but good question about whether we want it by default17:22
didrocksmterry_: it's some kind of a feature, so first ffe I would say?17:22
mterry_didrocks, yar17:23
mterry_pitti, do you know the story with gnome-contacts?  Is that something we want on the CD?17:39
=== mterry_ is now known as mterry
kirklandunity question ... i have two firefox windows open, and a bunch of other windows;  when I hold down alt-tab, I only see a total of one firefox icon, instead of multiple;  that makes it hard for me to swap between the two differen firefox windows17:56
kirklandsuggestions?  am I doing something wrong?17:56
rickspencer3kirkland, I think there is a different key command for swapping between windows of the same app18:00
rickspencer3I htink you use the ~18:00
kirklandrickspencer3: in combination with what?18:01
rickspencer3Alt I would assume18:01
rickspencer3I forget, sorry18:01
kirklandrickspencer3: hmm, that's not doing it for me....18:01
rickspencer3sorry, on my Natty netbook atm :/18:01
rickspencer3#ayatana cuold tell you for sures18:01
kirklandrickspencer3: is there a unity cheat sheat?18:01
kirklandrickspencer3: k, thanks18:01
mterrykirkland, you can use up/down arrows I think when alt-tabbing?18:05
didrockskirkland: it's alt + ` on qwerty keyboard18:06
didrocksand right/left arrows keys works as well18:06
mterrykirkland, jcastro recently posted something about that18:06
didrocksthere is also a ccsm option to show the instances after a short pause delay18:06
didrockskirkland: note that if your two last windows were from the same app, alt + tab quickly tapped should just do the right thing18:06
didrocksrickspencer3: FYI ^18:06
kirklandmterry: hmm, alt-` looks like it, but I can't press it more than once18:07
kirklanddidrocks: right, that's true, but I have more than 2 windows :-)18:07
kirklandalt-tab, then alt-`18:07
didrocksnote that there is a bug because dx assumed (like mutter one year ago) that ` was above tab for all keyboard layout18:08
kirklandi want to just hit alt-tab or alt-` or alt-anything over and over again until i get to the program i want18:09
didrocksand it's not the same in sane^W^W^W^Wazerty one :)18:09
pittimterry: I don't think we want it at this point; did you try it? it doesn't really do much18:10
pittiyou can see the contacts that you can also see in empathy18:10
mterrypitti, yay...18:10
didrocksok, time to go off! Have a good night everyone :)18:20
=== Sarvatt2 is now known as Sarvatt
pittimterry: meh, I forgot a dependency in bug     83749818:26
ubot2`Launchpad bug 837498 in ubuntu-defaults-builder "[MIR] ubuntu-defaults-builder" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/83749818:26
pittibut syslinux-themes-ubuntu is trivial18:26
pittimterry: thanks for the fast review of u-d-b!18:26
mterrypitti, k, looking18:27
pittimterry: cheers18:43
=== kenvandine_ is now known as kenvandine
pittigood night everyone19:48
tremolux'night pitti19:49
=== zyga is now known as zyga-food
slangasekhas anyone seen a problem of late with a duplicate battery indicator showing up on the panel?20:05
chrisccoulsonslangasek, i've not seen that before20:09
* slangasek nods20:09
slangasekit's just appeared for me, with unity-2d, after the latest reboot20:09
chrisccoulsonare they both identical? (ie, do they both show the same menu?)20:09
slangasekno, the spare leftmost one is insensitive20:10
jbichaslangasek: I've not seen it, but several on the forums have20:11
slangasekanyone know where I should file a bug about it?20:13
slangasekI can't even work out which indicator I could kill to make it disappear20:13
jbichawell, it's part of indicator-power but I don't really understand how indicators run and what to kill20:15
chrisccoulsonyou could try restarting unity-panel-service. that will restart the power indicator20:15
chrisccoulsoni guess that's the same in unity-2d too20:15
kenvandineslangasek, i think that is because gnome-power-manager is running too... i seem to recall a bug about that20:32
broderslangasek: there was a g-p-m sru that just went through about that for natty20:33
broderoh, sorry - two indicators, never mind20:33
bigonkenvandine: around? could you please enable gir in libfolks?20:34
bigonthis is required for the last gnome shell20:34
kenvandinebigon, i can take a look20:34
kenvandinebigon, oh.. already done20:35
bigonkenvandine: http://paste.ubuntu.com/678293/20:35
bigonah :)20:35
kenvandinemust be in the unapproved queue20:35
kenvandinebigon, yup, in 0.6.1-0ubuntu220:36
kenvandineshould see that after beta1 is released20:36
tkamppeterAnyone knows why the MIR for icc-profiles-free (bug 822587) is stuck on "Fix Committed"? icc-profiles-free is recommended by colord and colord is in Main.20:37
ubot2`Launchpad bug 822587 in icc-profiles-free "[MIR] icc-profiles-free" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82258720:37
kenvandinetkamppeter, sorry... nope20:37
bigonkenvandine: well the changes are not complete20:38
stgrabertkamppeter: Filename: pool/main/i/icc-profiles-free/icc-profiles-free_2.0+dfsg-0ubuntu1_all.deb20:38
bigon(I mean 0.6.1-0ubuntu2 is already in oneiric)20:38
kenvandine0.6.0-0ubuntu2 is in oneiric20:39
kenvandine0.6.1-0ubuntu2 is in unapproved waiting for the freeze20:39
bigonoh apt-get source gives me 0.6.120:40
stgrabertkamppeter: wget http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/20110830/oneiric-desktop-i386.manifest -O - -q | grep icc-profiles20:41
tkamppeterstgraber, so someone approved it but missed to close the bug?20:41
stgrabertkamppeter: icc-profiles-free2.0+dfsg-0ubuntu120:41
bigonnm, I guess I should go to sleep20:41
kenvandineis the latest20:41
stgrabertkamppeter: I guess so. It's in main and on the current desktop CD builds20:41
stgrabertkamppeter: so I guess you can just mark that bug fix released20:41
tkamppeterThen LP has a problem: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/icc-profiles-free shows it as in Universe.20:43
tkamppeterstgraber, and why there is no underscore between "icc-profiles-free" and "2.0+dfsg-0ubuntu1"?20:44
stgrabertkamppeter: oh, that was just my copy/paste from wget being broken (probably because there's a tab between the package and version number)20:45
stgrabertkamppeter: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/icc-profiles-free/2.0+dfsg-0ubuntu1/+build/2680150 is correctly marked as being in main, so it's just the source that's still stuck in universe20:46
micahgtkamppeter: rmadison is your friend :)20:47
stgraberwhich is a bit odd as there's no reason for that to be (it doesn't produce any other binary packages)20:47
micahgstgraber: source also in main, I think someone forgot to close a bug :)20:47
stgrabermicahg: it's not, at least not according to LP20:47
stgrabermicahg: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/icc-profiles-free still says Component: universe20:48
micahgstgraber: probably from when it was uploaded20:48
=== zyga-food is now known as zyga
micahgstgraber: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/icc-profiles-free/2.0+dfsg-0ubuntu1 shows it correctly published in main20:49
stgraberok, just LP UI not being consistent then, fine :)20:49
micahgstgraber: could be a bug, but would be one in LP then20:50
stgrabermicahg: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/icc-profiles-free/2.0+dfsg-0ubuntu1 is pretty interesting actually as the left side of the page says it's in universe and the right side says it's in main :)20:51
micahgstgraber: makes sense, it was uploaded to universe and is now published in main20:52
stgraberhmm, indeed20:52
tkamppeterstgraber, micahg, thanks. I have closed the bug manually now.20:59
=== m_conley is now known as m_conley_away
slangasekkenvandine, broder: I have no g-p-m running here21:17
=== aquarius_ is now known as aquarius
bryce__meeting time?23:09
jasoncwarner_bryce__: TheMuso robert_ancell RAOF23:09
jasoncwarner_yes, meeting time!23:09
jasoncwarner_bryce__: (with the double underscore) and RAOF , want to update us on X?23:10
bryce__got xdiagnose 1.1 uploaded last week; going to do a 1.2 with some failsafe-x fixes23:11
bryce__slight uptick in X bugs, but nothing widespread and severe23:12
bryce__we're seeing quite a few of the False GPU Lockup bugs23:12
bryce__those will not be an issue once apport is turned off, however it would be nice to figure out why they're happening at all.23:13
bryce__ 23:13
bryce__couple things we need to do looking forward the next few weeks23:13
RAOFI've noticed we've been getting a number of Natty bugs where people have installed multi-arched nvidia drivers and then mesa updates blow up for them.23:13
bryce__we have a bug open about needing to make nvidia multi-arch aware, but I bumped it to P23:14
bryce__I assume it'd not be a simple (low risk) fix?23:15
RAOFThe proprietary drivers are already multi-arch aware; we've done that transition.23:15
RAOFWhat we *haven't* done is split the nvidia drivers into amd64 and i386 pieces, but we probably don't want to do that anyway.23:16
bryce__RAOF, hmm, then perhaps the nvidia tasks just need closed?23:16
RAOFbryce__: Quite possibly.  Which is the bug you're thinking of?23:16
bryce__let me find it23:16
bryce__RAOF, anyway, maybe take a look and update it with required tasks we need to do, or close it out if there's none?23:18
RAOFYeah, I'll do that.23:18
bryce__couple other things23:18
bryce__at UDS we talked about sticking 1.11 in a ppa prior to p-series opening23:18
bryce__xserver 1.11 was officially released a few days ago, and looks like it's in debian experimental, so just needs merge work23:18
bryce__"just" :-)23:18
RAOFI think that Sarvatt has done some looking at that?23:19
bryce__yeah Sarvatt said he'd be looking at it for xorg-edgers23:19
RAOFYeah.  The big "just" is our multitouch XI 2.1 patches.23:19
bryce__yeah, I was thinking we can omit those for now, get it into the ppa so we can start testing, and give chase & co time to update those patches23:20
RAOFWhich reminds me: in *awesome* news, it looks pretty likely that the multitouch protocol will land in XI 2.2 in Xserver 1.12!  Soon I'll be able to stop worrying about shipping an X protocol that's not upstream in an LTS :)23:20
* bryce__ holds off counting chickens 23:21
bryce__a second thing we'd talked about at UDS was updating the display drivers via x-updates into jockey post-release23:21
RAOFSpoil sport :)23:21
jasoncwarner_RAOF: really? when would we know that for sure? good if it happens! :)23:21
bryce__so just curious on the status of that... probably a pitti question though23:22
jasoncwarner_ok...anything else RAOF or bryce__ ?23:24
jasoncwarner_if not, we can get to TheMuso and a11y?23:24
bryce__RAOF, oh also curious if you ever got a chance to look at that projector detection (0x0 size) detection lib?23:25
RAOFbryce__: Not really.23:25
RAOFbryce__: I should dedicate some non-preemptible time to kicking that off.23:26
TheMusoNot a lot has happened since last week's meeting, partly because I was on holiday last week, and aprtly because we are in beta freeze.23:26
TheMusoGoing to do a proper test of my ubiquity a11y work today with an official image. I actually wanted to on Monday, but the daily image didn't boot into ubiquity for some reason. Hopefully with the few ubiquity uploads since then, things have changed.23:26
bryce__RAOF, yeah, working on X there's so many bugs it can be hard to scratch out time for development work23:27
TheMusoBeen fixing a few packaging bugs that made their way into the at-spi stack, so now at least, upgrading from natty works in terms of a11y packages, although it appears a compix package is still holding up a successful upgrade...23:27
TheMusoSent a crasher upstream that users were getting with at-spi, and t has been fixed in the latest upstrea release of the at-spi stack, which will go in right after beta 1.23:28
TheMusoNot much movement on the unity-2d bugs front, the few bugs that I filed recently, whilst having been confirmed and triaged, haven't seen fixes uploaded yet... Hopefully a new unity-2d release in the coming week will address them...23:29
broderRAOF: FYI, you do look into a projector detection thing, make sure you're looking at a valid EDID. I've seen cases where a poorly seated connection -> EDID of all 0's, and if you jump straight to the physical size offset, you could get confused. Might be worth having a tri-state return value or something23:29
TheMusoI also spent some time with robert_ancell yesterday working out some accessibility details for lightdm.23:29
jasoncwarner_TheMuso: oh, cool...anything we can expect for oneiric?23:30
RAOFbroder: Right.  My thinking was that it'd actually return a tuple (OUTPUT_TYPE, CONFIDENCE)23:30
broderRAOF: +1 from me23:30
TheMusojasoncwarner_: Well it will be possible to have a screen reader running in lightdm for a start, and the user list and entering username/password is now accessible. There are still a few minor bugs that need sorting out, but are likely at-spi stack or orca related, so need to try again once I have updated orca to the latest upstream release.23:31
jasoncwarner_TheMuso: anything else?23:31
TheMusorobert_ancell: Oh one thing I noticed yesterday but forgot to mention, was the fact that you aren not making use of the accessible description given for indicator entries.23:32
robert_ancellTheMuso, what should the description contain?23:32
TheMusojasoncwarner_: A few more pulse bugfixes will be going in fater beta, coming from upstream.23:32
TheMusorobert_ancell: The description is set by the indicators themselves to give a textual description of what they are for. So for example, the sound indicator gives a volume in percentage, the messages indicator lets a user know if there are new messages waiting, etc.23:33
robert_ancellTheMuso, oh sorry, for the indicators - do I need to connect those or should it happen automatically?23:33
TheMusorobert_ancell: YOu need to connect those. You want to assign the string IndicatorEntry->accessible_desc to the atk object representing the the GTK widget for the indicator object.23:34
TheMusorobert_ancell: I remember finding the code for it yesterday. I'll cook up a patch if thats of any help.23:35
robert_ancellTheMuso, please do23:35
TheMusorobert_ancell: ok will do that today.23:35
jasoncwarner_TheMuso and robert_ancell should we roll into lightdm/unity_greeter?23:36
jasoncwarner_robert_ancell: what would you like to update?23:36
robert_ancellSo TheMuso stole my announcement :)  We have a11y support in unity-greeter.  It will need a ffe, but I don't expect it to be uncontrovercial23:37
robert_ancellOther than that just working through the remaining bugs to get lightdm+unity-greeter in as good shape as possible for oneiric23:37
robert_ancellI don't expect it to be controvercial23:38
jasoncwarner_ok...veyr cool...23:38
jasoncwarner_robert_ancell: everything settled on unity-greeter design?23:39
jasoncwarner_(ie. nothing being pushed too hard to be included at this late date? )23:39
robert_ancelljasoncwarner_, (just checking email).  Not that I know of.  There might be some minor things like strings, but they will have to follow freeze exception processes23:40
jasoncwarner_robert_ancell: alright.23:41
jasoncwarner_anything else for anyone ?23:41
jasoncwarner_ok...[END MEETING]23:42
jasoncwarner_thanks everyone23:42
RAOFJust that unity is now getting awesome.23:42

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