AlanBellhi all, anyone from the North in here?20:45
moylancan't think of anyone in the room off hand who is from the north.  could be wrong though.20:47
czajkowskinone irc AlanBell20:51
czajkowskiand the ones who are on the list are rather quiet20:51
czajkowskiwhats up20:51
czajkowskimoylan: join #RWCRants for rugby cup rantings20:52
AlanBellwe have nobody in NI on the UK map, thought there might be someone hiding in here20:52
czajkowskiwell maybe they consider themselves a -ie20:52
czajkowskiit's a touchy subject I suspect20:52
AlanBelland we are arranging a UK pub crawl, so figured we should visit all the corners20:52
moylanczajkowski: don't follow rugby. i know, i know, i should.  makes your passionate twitterings all the more fun when a game is on! :-D20:53
moylangot your red lemonade all packed for the uk?20:54
czajkowskinot checking in luggage20:54
czajkowskihave my 6 packets of bacon20:54
czajkowskiand black and white pudding20:54
czajkowskiwill get taytos at airport20:54
czajkowskiunless they sell red lemonade there20:54
moylanah pudding.  loves me a piece of white pudding on bread with a sausage, egg and a splash of ketchup!20:55
czajkowskionly white for me20:55
AlanBellwhite pudding is teh awesome20:56
czajkowskigot me galtee bacon20:56
czajkowskiand clonakilty pudding20:56
moylanyou just can never ever ever watch how it is made! :-)20:56
czajkowskidont want to know20:56
AlanBelland mcCamridges brown bread20:56
AlanBelland burren smokery salmon20:57
czajkowskihmm yes may bring back some brown bread20:57
moylantravelling to the uk with pork products.  really reminds me of the 70s for some reason.  lots of my family went with half a pig in their luggage.20:57
czajkowskiyeah my dad was saying I cant bring it over20:58
czajkowskitrust me20:58
czajkowskiI'M BRINGING IT OVER20:58
AlanBellsigns up in Shannon saying it is totally cool to take pork anywhere but the US20:58
czajkowskigrand job20:58
AlanBellthey sell raw bacon in departures20:58
moylancan't believe in the 21st century you can't get an irish sausage or piece of pudding in the uk.  there is a definite market for it!20:59
czajkowskirichmond saussages20:59
czajkowskibut so doesn't cound21:00
AlanBellwe have them, I don't rate them21:00
AlanBellgot a dozen in the fridge right now21:00
moylandenny is the starting line.  it has to be at least as good if not better.21:00
AlanBellthe kids like them, but I prefer English sausages21:01
* moylan is shocked!! :-)21:01
AlanBellnice big cumberland :)21:03
moylani have to dig up my mothers recipe for soda bread.  fresh from the oven warm, with a glass of cold milk and real butter just melting.  and i have to stop right there before i drown in drool.21:05
czajkowskiwhen you find it21:05
czajkowskiMAil me21:05
moylanwhen my mother made it.  she had to make an extra one to throw to us to devour.  5-6 people in the kitchen getting the milk chilled.  the real butter ready.  utter heaven!21:06
moylanwonder if it's possible to make in the modern bread makers.  will have to do some research.  of course if it is my diet will be doomed!21:08
AlanBellI think we had a recipe for it in our breadmaker21:14
AlanBellbuttermilk was a bit hard to get hold of though21:15
moylanbut the shape is important to the cooking.  changes the texture and also the percentage of crust.  these things are important to the end result. at least to me anyway.21:16
AlanBellah yeah, it made an mixed the dough, then take it out and shove in the oven21:16
AlanBelldoes pizza dough too, and the shape of that *really* matters21:17
moylanseem to remember my mother making it with and without buttermilk.  there would often be a carton of sour milk when she was making.  right have to email my cousin and sister who may have the recipe.21:17
moylanhey shanem22:34

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