lfaraonecjwatson: I'm actually having trouble uploading the fix to Debian, dpkg-source has been dieing on their end but not on mine. I'll reupload and see what happens...00:14
cjwatsonlfaraone: if you still have trouble, mail me the logs and a pointer to the source package and I'll see what I can do00:15
lfaraonecjwatson: sure, thanks!00:16
dholbachgood morning07:00
philipballewmorning dholbach07:01
dholbachhi philipballew07:03
nigelbMorning iulian08:12
hrwuploading packages to universe requires approval now?08:44
cjwatsonhrw: we can only freeze the whole archive or none08:45
cjwatsonso yes, any upload to Ubuntu requires approval at the moment, although universe uploads are typically waved through if they look correct and don't get in the way of CD builds08:46
hrwok, whom with I should talk then? 6 packages of cross compilers in my queue08:47
cjwatsonjust upload them08:48
cjwatsonyou don't need to ask for approval in advance, and in fact generally we'd prefer you didn't08:48
cjwatsonthey'll sit in the queue where we have tools for reviewing them08:49
hrwok. uploaded 2 of them - with next ones I prefer to wait for first ones to build.08:50
hrwmaybe should add versioned build dependencies08:50
RhondaI wonder what the regulations are for universe in Ubuntu, especially with respect to build-depends09:42
RhondaHmm, and nvidia-settings is also in universe …09:43
RhondaShouldn't it be in multiverse, when it's in contrib in Debian?09:43
RAOFRhonda: I think that's one of the differences in policy between Debian and Ubuntu; IIRC nvidia-settings is GPL and doesn't require non-free build-dependencies, so it's in Universe.09:49
cjwatson*in general* Debian contrib/non-free map to Ubuntu multiverse, and main+universe should be closed under depends+build-depends09:50
cjwatsonhowever sometimes we take a different decision about what's free09:50
cjwatsonoften a mismatch is just a mistake though09:51
RhondaI'm currently digging into the conky issue, to be honest.10:03
RhondaWhich was wrongly moved to main in Debian with flawed reasoning, and I wanted to check if that might affect Ubuntu too.10:04
RhondaBut it seems to have always been in universe in ubuntu, so …10:04
RhondaI'm uncertain anyway why nvidia-settings is stuck in contrib in Debian. Because it requires the nvidia X driver to be useful?10:05
directhexRhonda, indeed10:05
RhondaI really would like to see such information stored in the copyright file in a clear voice.10:05
RhondaI stumbled upon it because I noticed it as debian backports ftp master and had to reject it, in case you wonder. :)10:06
cjwatsonRhonda: an instruction to that effect was added to Policy 12.5 a few years back10:10
cjwatson     Packages in the _contrib_ or _non-free_ archive areas should state in10:10
cjwatson     the copyright file that the package is not part of the Debian10:10
cjwatson     distribution and briefly explain why.10:10
RhondaUnfortunately "should" parts are seldomly followed …10:11
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cjwatsonindeed, but gives you additional justification for a bug report :-)10:20
hrwbug 835743 - can someone take a look?12:25
ubottuLaunchpad bug 835743 in simple-ccsm (Ubuntu Oneiric) "simple-ccsm version 0.8.2-0ubuntu1 failed to build in oneiric" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/83574312:25
hrwdebdiff attached12:26
jtaylorhrw: is the debian-changes-0.8.2-0ubuntu2 intentional?12:27
hrwwill recreate12:28
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hrwforgot to drop one file before debuild -S12:30
jtaylorchanging from pycentral to dh_python2 requires a ffe12:32
hrwit is still pycentral not dh_python212:33
jtayloryou removed dh_pycentral12:33
hrwit is called anyway - probably by cdbs/python-distutils.mk12:33
jtaylorups yes there is a PYTHON_SYSTEM above12:35
hrwI am looking at 'arm-porting-jam' buglist and this was first entry which looked easy enough for <30 minutes work.12:36
jtaylorif you want something hard try finding the gcc bug causing pari to ftbs :)12:37
hrwI already have ~40 bugtabs opened to check12:39
hrwruby, mono, java, othercrap12:39
jtaylorhrw: langpack.mk was removed in favor of dh_translations, but I don't see it called for this one12:39
hrwI checked with dh_translations and without - package was same12:40
jtayloryes also just cheked the result is the same12:41
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hrwbug 833880 is in multiverse - simple build-dependency fix13:04
ubottuLaunchpad bug 833880 in mush (Ubuntu Oneiric) "mush version 7.2.5unoff2-25.1ubuntu1 failed to build in oneiric" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/83388013:04
jtaylorhrw: is patch 02 necessary? also the desktop file created should be removed in clean13:04
hrwjtaylor: it was done that way before so I preferred to not change it13:05
hrwbut patch 02 was part of debian diff13:05
jtayloryes but it gets overwritten by the build latter13:06
lfaraonecjwatson: I forwarded you the error and a link to the dsc.13:06
jtaylorit appears it was added by accident13:07
jtaylordue to the incomplete clean target13:07
cjwatsonlfaraone: ok, thanks13:08
hrwjtaylor: like installed_files in my first debdiff probably13:08
hrwjtaylor: v3 attached13:20
jtaylorplease base the debdiff on the package in the archive, else it seems fine13:31
jtayloralso its not installable due to compiz breaks on it13:34
jtaylorbut that should be an upstream issue13:35
hrwarhg. changelog this time13:37
jtaylorand rules13:38
hrwtoo many things at once13:39
hrwjtaylor: v3 is against archive version13:50
jtaylorhrw: does not apply cleanly, e.g. rules has no langpack line and changelog also rejects13:53
hrwv4 version applies13:59
nigelbLaney / tumbleweed - around?15:27
tumbleweednigelb: hi (I think Laney is on holiday)15:27
nigelbtumbleweed: Ah!15:27
nigelbI was looking for suggestions on what to do about challenges.15:27
nigelbIt looks like it needs further planning for next cycle.15:28
nigelbBut if you want to start that discussion now over email, I can do that15:28
tumbleweedyeah, it does, we skimmed over it a lot at UDS15:28
nigelbI won't be at UDS, so someone will have to take it up :)15:28
joruwhat happens when a bug reported by apport is being marked as private?17:50
joruand why?17:50
jorudid i click somewhere i shouldnt have clicked?17:50
Rhondasecurity related, potential sensitive information?17:51
joruok, well i'm the noob so i've got no idea =)17:51
jorujust know that i didnt click somewhere i shouldnt have then17:51
jtaylorall crash reports by apport are marked private by default17:54
jtaylorthey could contain private information in tracebacks and coredumps17:54
jtaylorafter successful retracing the coredump will get removed and you can check the attachments17:55
jtaylorwhen there is nothing private in there, set it to public17:55
astraljavaHey guys, got a silly little question. One of our team members (ubuntustudio-dev) just pushed a commit to a branch (ubuntustudio-menu). Am I to expect a new version in the repositories sometime soon, or does the freeze effect that now?18:05
astraljavaeffect could possibly be affect, sorry, English is not my native language. :)18:05
jorujtaylor: ah that figures. then i understand18:08
jorujtaylor: so if i've found a bug when running a live-cd what could be private?19:56
jorujtaylor: maybe a password supplied to the install-process?19:57
jorujtaylor: otherwise i cannot see what is private for me in a live session19:57
jtaylorprobably nothing, but making bugs private is default behavior19:57
jorujtaylor: although i hope not passwords are logged in cleartext19:57
jtaylorif its your bug you can make it public yourself19:57
jorujtaylor: okidoki, well i'll switch it from private to public19:57
joruthanks for pointing that out19:58
handschuhwhat if a package that is already in the repos changed its way of versioning the packages (i.e. past: date, present: version number)20:46
handschuhthis causes problems since the package manager things the older package with the date is newer than the one with the version number20:47
DktrKranzhandschuh: you have to add an epoch (e.g. 1:version)20:48
handschuhI see, thank you!20:48
DktrKranzyou're welcome20:48
handschuhanother qq: the revu page has a 'nuke' link on archived packages. If I click on that, I am redirected at the main page but the package is still there. Is the real nuke delayed?20:52
DktrKranzI think that's limited to sponsors20:53
DktrKranz(or rewievers)20:53
handschuhsponsors are the people that upload the packages, right?20:54
handschuhso in my case, I am trying to nuke packages that I uploaded some time ago20:54
DktrKranzI can do it for you, if you want20:55
DktrKranzwhich packages?20:55
handschuhand "libauvitoapiaxis-java"20:55
handschuhthanks a lot!21:00
handschuhhmm I am still able to access the packages21:01
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