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westlockAnyone know where LinuxMCE stores it's mythfrontend log?17:05
rhpot1991westlock: not really the right place to ask that17:10
rhpot1991check /var/log/mythtv though17:11
dekarlor try: locate mythfrontend.log17:11
tgm4883westlock, i'm hoping you asked in #linuxmce17:21
tgm4883since we don't have anything to do with that17:21
westlockDid too.  Still no luck watching tv on my setup.17:26
Shadow__Xwestlock: afaik linuxmce uses an extremely out of date version of mythtv and because of this you will not benefit from the bug fixes or new features17:28
ernstpHow's mythtv 0.25 these days?20:31
ernstpstill rough edges?20:34
ernstpit's tricky to try a new release, with the schema changes etc...20:35
tgm4883ernstp, it's not too tricky20:35
tgm4883either A) own a set of test hardware, or B) Backup your DB20:35
ernstptgm4883, right, a db backup isn't a big deal20:36
ernstpshould find time to try 0.25 soon20:36
tgm4883for the record, I don't run it20:37
ernstpdoes anyone? :-)20:37
* tgm4883 shrugs20:39
tgm4883I don't keep track of who runs what20:39
* tgm4883 is not big brother20:39
rhpot1991not I20:42
rhpot1991I may install it on a test box so I can scan for CCI flags with my prime though20:42
rhpot1991personally I prefer to stay at stable until just before release20:42
rhpot1991ernstp: you could prob find some people in #mythtv-users20:43
likwid--_you got a prime??21:00
likwid--_its in my wishlist once it they freeflowing orders out21:01
likwid--_hows your setup with it so far?21:12
likwid--_and, more importantly i suppose, how's your cable companies cooperation been with activating a cable card?21:12
mrandlikwid--_: there are discussions on mythtv-users mailing list... a few comcast customers have been pleasently surprised.22:03
mrandthere are a few manual steps that you have to take, especially with 0.24.1 that are also discussed there.22:05
qwebirc76614I'm having trouble with mythbuntu 11.04 and HDMI audio. Is this something the mythbuntu community should help with, or should I ask for help on Ubuntu forums (does mythbuntu use the same kernel, alsa, pulse as Ubuntu?)22:47

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