hadsajmitch: Nice one!01:56
hadsWorking well?01:56
ajmitchtook a bit of effort, had to upgrade firmware to, but I have native ipv6 at home with snap now01:58
ajmitchenabling the passthrough & getting it working for ipv4 was pretty easy, just had to run pppoeconf01:59
hadsCool, native 6 is good.02:02
ajmitchyeah, I was surprised to see that snap were making it available for all, rather than an opt-in public trial02:03
ajmitchso I guess it may make some sites a little faster, since I previously had a tunnel active through he.net02:04
ajmitchotherwise I doubt it'll change a lot :)02:05
hadsYeah, I have a couple of tunnels, can't remember which one is active at the moment.02:09
hadsNative would be nice but I won't go back to snap02:09
ajmitchother ISPs will get there soon, I hope02:16
hadsYeah, shouldn't be too long before v6 over VDSL is here.02:18
ajmitchwhich ISP are you with?02:19
ajmitchhardest part at the moment seems to be having dsl modems/routers that actually support ipv602:19
hadsBeen with Telecom for the last 18 months as they were the only ones I could find to provide decent International bandwidth.02:21
hadsWas with Snap before that who had issues they weren't prepared to fix.02:21
* ajmitch hasn't noticed many issues with snap02:22
hadsNeither did I for a couple years, then one day my connection went from 1MB/s down to 30kB/s. Snap said they were aware of it and didn't consider it an issue.02:23
ajmitchthat's a pretty big issue02:23
ajmitchI've usually found the snap support to be helpful & quick to respond02:23
hadsIndeed. Held out for a couple months trying to resolve it but had to leave eventually.02:23
ajmitchI wouldn't want to put up with those sort of speeds02:25
hadsQuote from a "Senior Technical Specialist"; "There is a number of factors building up to what you are experiencing, and I regret to inform you that we consider this as normal behavior for our network. We are looking into this, but don't consider it an outage at this point."02:25
ajmitchspeeds can be a bit limited to the UK & sometimes the US, but not usually dropping down that badly02:25
* ajmitch usually gets far better speed at home on snap than at work02:26
locodir-userhi all02:28
locodir-userr there ANYONE HERE?02:28
ajmitchyes, there are people here02:30
locodir-useri'm new to this community02:31
locodir-usercan u help me out02:32
ajmitchwhat did you need help with?02:33
locodir-userwell i want to join the bug squad02:33
locodir-useri have followed all the steps02:33
locodir-userand have applied there02:33
* ajmitch doesn't know if anyone here has worked closely with the bugsquad as such02:35
locodir-userand what are all the projects u are working now02:35
ajmitchwe don't really work on projects as a group, individual people here do some work on ubuntu, but there's no loco-wide projects02:36
ajmitchwhat are you waiting on from the bugsquad?02:38
locodir-useri have applied for the membership02:39
locodir-userso,waiting for their approval02:39
ajmitchyou have a mentor?02:39
locodir-usershould i have a mentor?02:41
* ajmitch is just reading through https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BugSquad/GettingInvolved & it's one of the steps02:42
ajmitchI'm assuming that's what you meant when you said you followed all the steps02:43
* ajmitch hasn't kept up with the changes to the bug squad & other stuff over the last few years02:43
snailif anyone knows a bright-young-person looking to get a start, we're hiring http://www.seek.co.nz/Job/library-technology-assistant-part-time/in/wellington-wellington-central/2052505502:51
* ojwb didn't realise the treaty of waitangi had employment-related provisions02:53
snailojwb: it's binding on the crown, and for these purposes we're part of the crown02:54
ojwbah, seems a little less strange then02:55
ojwb(still quite strange though)02:55
ajmitchright, but what obligations are there that VUW has to meet under the treaty?02:55
snailajmitch: that would be a political matter02:56
ojwbprobably depends which version you read...02:56
snailbut lets just say that no one around here pays for courses in te reo Māori and elated subjects02:56
snailojwb: if you can read other than the English one, we almost certainly have a job opening for you...02:57
ojwbsnail: sadly not, though i don't really need a job03:00
hadsAnyone running oneiric yet?21:32
ajmitchonly in a VM at the moment21:33
hadsI just got a replacement for my failed drive and am considering what to install.21:33
mwhudsonit's nearly beta right, oneiric probably isn't _too_ scary21:39
ajmitchI'll probably update at home, I want to see how unity has changed21:40
hadsYeah, I've normally upgraded at beta level in the past, not for the last couple releases though.21:40
mwhudsoni'm tempted to upgrade soon, on the possibly optimistic assumption that unity & compiz & so on are less ****ed in o21:40
hadsI think I'll give it a crack, good time to try.21:40
mwhudsonthumper: hey, does unity work at all well with multiple monitors in o yet?21:41
thumpermwhudson: no idea as I don't use multiple monitors21:41
ajmitchsurprising, compiz is using < 300MB of RAM on natty for me at the moment21:41
thumpermwhudson: however njpatel does21:41
thumperso it should be at least usable21:41
hadsHmm, need a closer mirror21:43
ajmitchnz.archive.ubuntu.com just had a 404 for me, even after apt-get update21:44
ajmitchso it's not syncing 100% again21:44
hadsI'm grabbing an ISO at the moment anyway.21:46
hadsMay as well test the install21:46
hadsNot sure I want to wait an hour and a half to get it though.21:47
ajmitchthat's quite a slow download21:49
* ajmitch doesn't have a recent ISO to share from a NZ server though21:49
hadsYeah, they all seem to be far away.21:52
mwhudsonthere is that thingy that downloads packages from a local mirror and then uses rsync to make it into an iso right?21:52
ajmitchjigdo? that might work for the alternate iso21:53
ajmitchbut not for the normal desktop cd where it's one large compressed filesystem21:53
mwhudsonah right21:54
ajmitchthumper: I'm impressed that the unity dash blur even works in virtualbox :)22:05
thumperthe live blur has been switched off for now22:05
thumperdue to poor performance on some GPUs22:06
ajmitchwhat is it using then?22:06
* ajmitch just updated to what's currently in the archive22:06
thumperthe blur is still there22:07
thumperbut it is no longer updated at 25-30 frames/s22:07
thumperif you were playing a video under the blur, it was blurred22:08
thumpernow I think it takes a snapshot22:08
ajmitchI can see how that could kill performance22:08
hadsYay, one ISO downloaded.23:27

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