Gredeui'm having trouble with ubuntuforums.org it won't retrieve a valid user account password and allow me to reset it.03:33
Gredeui don't know where else to ask for support03:34
IdleOnetry #ubuntuforums03:34
ubottuIn #ubuntu-irc, speakman said: !no pastebinit-#ubuntu-se is <reply> pastebinit är kommando-motsvarigheten av !pastebin. Utskrifter från kommandon och annan text kan skickas genom  pastebinit, som sedan returnerar den URL där utskriften finns att läsa. För att använda pastebinit, installera paketet « pastebinit » från  pakethanteraren. Användandet är enkelt; kommando | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com10:31
IdleOneubottu: being asked to work hard this morning10:32
ubottuIdleOne: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)10:32
IdleOneI know10:32
bazhangtroll detected10:35
jpdsTake precautious.11:26
Myrttiwhat for?11:31
Myrttior was that a late reaction to bazhang ?11:31
* Pici thwaps whomever let that message through to the ML12:16
Piciimpiza: ikonia isn't here right now, is there something that one of us can help you with?15:13
impizaonce i have banned by ikonia ! i think its more than one month ago ! those times she is online @ linux mint irc now she is not online there ! i try to access ubuntu channel it says i was banned15:15
impizawhat i have to do15:17
Piciimpiza: I'm not on my own computer right now so I can't look at logs, but let poke another operator to take a look.15:17
impizaPici,  how to do that15:22
Piciimpiza: just be patient.15:22
impizai think no ops here15:22
IdleOneimpiza: it looks like the reason you got banned is because you were asking for mint support in #ubuntu and when told the proper channel to ask in you continued to ask in #ubuntu, then you ban evaded.15:22
impizaright now15:22
impizayes ! they called it flood15:23
IdleOneimpiza: I am willing to remove the ban provided you agree to only ask support concerning Ubuntu.15:23
impizai want to know about ! compiz works with ubuntu 11.04 or not15:24
IdleOneimpiza: the flooding was due to pasting and you used the pastebin after that15:24
IdleOneubottu: ping15:24
ubottuThe guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines15:24
ubottuanother contentless ping... sigh...15:25
IdleOneimpiza: please read the channel guidelines ubottu just posted15:25
IdleOnelet me know when you are finished and if you have any questions15:25
impizanow i am on a gprs connection it will take a while to load that page15:26
impizai will come back after some time15:26
impizaIdleOne,  thanks for your support15:27
IdleOneimpiza: very welcome15:27
IdleOneimpiza: Please part this channel and return when you have read the link.15:30
impizaIdleOne,  If you want to set away do it silently with "/away Reason"  how to do this15:32
IdleOneimpiza: this is not a support channel but just type /away I am away15:33
impizanow i am using xchat aqua on Mac os x15:34
impizaand its away msg is i'm busy15:34
impizaIdleOne,  i ahave reade that link15:34
IdleOneyou understand and agree to follow the guidelines?15:35
impizawhat next ?15:36
IdleOnedo you understand and agree to follow the guidelines?15:36
impizayes i agree15:36
impizaat that time i was new to irc !15:37
impizanow i know how to use it15:37
IdleOneplease try to join #ubuntu15:37
impizathank you very much15:38
IdleOnewelcome, have a good day.15:38
impizadoes ubuntu irc provide vhost?15:38
IdleOneyou can ask in #freenode15:38
IdleOneimpiza: we are done here, please part this channel now.15:39
impizaIdleOne,  does ubuntu irc provide vhost?15:40
IdleOneno they do not.15:41
IdleOne!cloak > impiza15:41
ubottuimpiza, please see my private message15:41
Piciimpiza: You're currently on irc.freenode.net you can ask in #freenode for a vhost.15:41
impizak pici15:41
tsimpsonimpiza: please leave this channel if you have nothing else to discuss here15:48
oCeancannot join the team channel, because of new cloak?16:04
PiciI don't have enough rights to invite you.16:08
tsimpsonoCean: actually, it was because you changed your account name16:08
tsimpsontry again16:08
Picihacker9 is asking me about some 'dillinger 1.0 blackhat tool' :/17:49
Pici'u might know about ddos attack .do u like to join me ddos a web server'17:55
oCeanlinks__ not supposed to be in #u?   <lynx____> could someone please unban me18:02
tomawBacta should and is unquestionably sure that he's unwelcome in #ubuntu-*, right?20:53
tomawshould be*20:54
IdleOnetomaw: afaik yes20:54
tomawit's useless with a "afaik" prefix20:54
tomawwho has communicated that to him and with what authority?20:55
IdleOnethe ircc20:55
tomawyou're 100% on that?20:56
IdleOneonly the ircc can issue a namespace ban20:57
tomawIt's such a shame he's a numpty too much of the time as he can be entertaining when he's not trolling.20:58
IdleOneI haven't personally had any dealings with him, all I know is that he has been an irritation for some ops for a long time now.20:59
tomawHe says he had to go to work and that it's getting late for me so I should go to bed21:01
IdleOnesweet dreams :P21:01
Garyaww, bless, thats nice of him21:01
tomawhttp://tomaw.net/~tom/bacta.log for reference21:02
tomawThe last line wasn't delivered as he quit. I was going to ask him to ID to NickServ so he couldn't as easily deny the conversation later.21:03
Tm_TIdleOne: irritation?21:04
tsimpsontomaw: bacta is fully aware they they are not welcome in ubuntu channels21:04
IdleOneTm_T: I was trying to be polite21:05
Tm_TIdleOne: fair enough, that provided me some amusement nonetheless (:21:05
IdleOnetomaw: tsimpson just confirmed it again21:05
elkyyeah he would have quit because his bus would have got to his work. if you spot him in the coming 8 or so hours, let me know21:22
ubottuIn ubottu, bnjmn said: !why IdleOne is so annoying > bnjmn22:07
IdleOnethanks for providing info to add to my ban.22:08
* elky points to panda in #u22:14
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