cjwatsonat-spi2-core looks good, accepted00:01
cjwatsonthat should deal with the upgrade problems00:01
keesdoko: heh00:03
dokoinfinity, Daviey: the php5 build did succeed, wondering how ... please don't touch anything before squlite is demoted00:17
infinitydoko: Yeah, I won't fix it properly until a bit later.  No worries.00:17
skaetstgraber, highvoltage - edubuntu dvd 20110830 has been published (ubiquity fixes).00:43
skaetstgraber, are you going to need a respin to pick up the at-spi2-core upgrade fix?00:46
stgraberI'm not aware of that one, what's it fixing?00:47
superm1skaet, can we get the respin of mythbuntu to verify the mythbuntu-*, ubiquity, and casper fixes?01:07
skaetsuperm1,  mythbuntu is being built right now (almost done),  one of the builders failed though, but not sure if its serious or not.   Can you have a look at the logs?01:08
skaetTue Aug 30 00:34:28 UTC 201101:08
skaetBUILDING:  mythbuntu live cd01:08
skaetkapok.buildd starting at Tue Aug 30 00:34:28 UTC 201101:08
skaetcardamom.buildd starting at Tue Aug 30 00:34:28 UTC 201101:08
skaetkapok.buildd finished at Tue Aug 30 00:41:25 UTC 2011 (failed)01:08
skaetcardamom.buildd finished at Tue Aug 30 00:56:31 UTC 2011 (success)01:08
superm1skaet, you mean this failure? http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/livefs-build-logs/oneiric/mythbuntu/20110830/livecd-20110830-amd64.out01:09
superm1i think that's the php5 problem on amd64 that's been discussed above01:09
skaetsuperm1,  yeah,  I think you're right.01:10
skaetsuperm1 - Images just got published to cdimage.   There is one there for amd64 (oversided though).   i386 logs look ok.01:14
skaetDo you want me posting the amd64 and i386 one to the iso tracker?01:14
skaetsuperm1, ^^01:14
superm1cool thanks.  only post amd64 if it actually has the new stuff, old livefs isn't worth it01:15
superm1the oversized problem won't be fixed for b1, not really sure why it's happening still01:15
skaetboth images have the new ubiquity01:15
skaetMythbuntu 20110830 images posted01:16
superm1skaet, er checking http://cdimages.ubuntu.com/mythbuntu/daily-live/20110830/oneiric-desktop-amd64.manifest it still has the old ubiquity 2.7.17, probably because that livefs did fail01:18
superm1so you can pull that one off the tracker for now01:18
skaetsuperm1 - will do.01:18
skaetScottK,  kubuntu desktop images posted (20110830),  several oversize.  Some other issues with the powerpc one that need looking into.02:02
skaetgilir,  lubuntu live cd 20110830 posted.03:50
skaetScottK,  kubuntu dvd images posted (20110830)03:51
pittiGood morning04:18
pittihey skaet04:19
pittiah, nice, all new images04:22
skaetheya pitti,  yup,  and a bunch on new ones still to be spun04:22
skaetjust a sec and I'll paste the summary04:23
pittinice, no red bugs on the desktops so far04:23
skaetpitti,  First round of livecd/dvd rebuilds that worked have been posted.  In  progress:  ubuntu server image build followed by rebuilds of ubuntu live cd;  ubuntu live dvd; edubuntu live dvd to pick up at-spi2-core 2.1.5-0ubuntu3.  Following that is a rebuild of mythbuntu to see if it will pick up php, and succeed for amd64.04:30
pittiskaet: hang on, why do we need a rebuild for at-spi2-core2? I thought that was only an upgrade fix?04:32
skaetpitti,  in parallel have also started off the ARM images builds pick up ubiquity and other changes.  OMAP3 images aren't working though it seems (network kernel issue).04:32
skaetpitti,  seemed to be interfering with people using update-manager, and was marked critical,  so went ahead and started the builds off for the pieces that had reference to it. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/at-spi2-core/+bug/83679804:37
ubot4Launchpad bug 836798 in at-spi2-core (Ubuntu Oneiric) (and 1 other project) "natty to oneiric upgrade failed: Could not perform immediate configuration on 'python-pyatspi2' (affects: 2) (heat: 12)" [Critical,Fix released]04:37
pittiskaet: ah, ok; it's not an issue for installation04:38
pitti^ for bug 837048, in case we do another rebuild04:47
ubot4Launchpad bug 837048 in apport (Ubuntu) "ubuntu-bug ubiquity causes a traceback due to an UnboundLocalError (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/83704804:47
pittiI saw it in the iso tracker, if someone wants to review04:47
pittihm, I see bug 689323 all over the place in the tracker, I guess I have a look at this04:53
ubot4Launchpad bug 689323 in jockey (Ubuntu Oneiric) (and 2 other projects) "ERROR:dbus.proxies:Introspect error on :1.68:/DeviceDriver: dbus.exceptions.DBusException: org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.NoReply: Message did not receive a reply (timeout by message bus) (affects: 411) (dups: 84) (heat: 1120)" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/68932304:53
pittialready times out on LP, awesome04:53
* pitti reviews the queue for unseeded packages04:54
pittiI'll accept packages slow enough for the buildds to keep up (and keep a free one)05:13
skaetpitti,  sounds good.   Thanks!  and on that note,  I'm heading to zzz land.05:15
pittiskaet: thanks, sleep well!05:15
pittiugh, I'm afraid bug 689323 warrants a rebuild, as it breaks driver installation for everyone :(05:38
pittiI'm testing/uploading a fix now05:38
ubot4Launchpad bug 689323 in jockey (Ubuntu Oneiric) (and 2 other projects) "ERROR:dbus.proxies:Introspect error on :1.68:/DeviceDriver: dbus.exceptions.DBusException: org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.NoReply: Message did not receive a reply (timeout by message bus) (affects: 411) (dups: 84) (heat: 1124)" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/68932305:38
pittiNCommander: AYT?05:38
NCommanderpitti: AYT?05:38
NCommanderWhats AYT?05:38
pittihey NCommander05:38
pitti"are you there"05:38
pittijust wondered if there's anyone else around who can review/accept the jockey fix05:38
NCommanderwell, that question was answered05:39
pittiheh, yes05:39
pittiNCommander: not uploaded yet05:39
NCommanderLP timed out twice -_-;05:39
pittiyes, to look at that bug you need /+text05:39
NCommander(I can't actually approve into archive)05:39
pittiI just added a bug pattern05:39
pittiso that we won't get even more dupes05:39
NCommanderpitti: What do you want me to review specifically? (i'm reading the text log)05:40
NCommander(I assume there is a patch in here somewhere)05:40
pittiNCommander: I mean my upload05:40
NCommanderI'm not an archive admin :-/05:41
pittiah, ok05:41
pittiI guess I have to self-approve that then05:41
NCommanderpitti: I thought you were an admin05:41
pittiskaet went to bed, and it's still too early for the other Europeans05:41
NCommanderskaet isn't an archive admin either05:41
pittiNCommander: yes, but we usually do four-eyes principle during freezes05:41
pittiNCommander: she is05:41
NCommanderWhen did that change?05:41
pittiNCommander: so, to at least do that some justice: the problem is that I tested jockey with the new pygobject 2.90 only, but that was held back due to ubiquity05:42
pittibut it breaks with the old pygobject05:42
pittithis is the fix05:42
jbichanew pygobject won't happen until after beta?05:42
NCommanderThis sounds like a bloody headache05:42
pittiwhich I have uploaded just now05:42
pittijbicha: right05:42
pittiI can revert that workaround once pygobject 2.90 is in05:43
pittidamn, I should have gotten to this earlier05:44
pittianyway, once it's in, I'll trigger new desktops05:44
pittiotherwise we'll screw all the nvidia users05:45
pittiFTR, self-accepting jockey from the queue; I'll take the bullets05:46
pittiand with that I can just as well accept apport as well, to unbreak ubuntu-bug ubiquity05:47
pittiok, I accepted all unseeded packages with good fixes, to make use of the buildds06:02
pittiNCommander: so omap is still officially broken, right? I'll just add the omap4 images to the tracker06:41
NCommanderpitti: just ethernet, and I'm not 100% clear on that, need to reconfirm with GrueMaster06:41
pittiah, ok06:42
jibelgood morning07:19
pittibonjour jibel07:19
jibelmorgen pitti07:19
pittijibel: FYI, just started to rebuild all images to pick up latest fixes, in particular the jockey crash07:19
pittisorry about that07:19
jibelpitti, no problem, this jockey crash 689323 ?07:22
pittijibel: IMHO worth rebuilding, as it completely breasks jockey everywhere and thus prevents installation of broadcom/nvidia etc.07:23
pittiI also added a bug pattern for it to avoid getting even more dupes07:23
jibelok. I'm verifying the at-spi2-core fix.07:23
jibelubiquity bugs reported during the night are all known. looks good.07:28
pittiubuntu alternate added07:37
pittidesktop/server preinstalled omap/omap4 added07:42
pittikubuntu alternate added07:54
pittiubuntu desktop added07:56
DavieyGah, who accepted openstack-dashboard?08:16
pittiDaviey: was that wrong? it'll land in binNEW anyway08:18
pittijust wanted to give the buildds some fodder08:19
pittiand as it's in universe/unseeded it seemed quite harmless08:19
pittiDaviey: I can reject the binaries if they are known-bad08:20
pittikubuntu desktop posted08:21
pittixubuntu alternate posted08:23
Davieypitti: nah, not really, really bad.08:24
Daviey00:46 < Daviey> Please can python-carrot be promoted (MIR ack'd), glance be accepted, cobbler be accepted and  openstack-dashboard be rejected. Thanks.08:24
Daviey00:47 < Daviey> Oh, and kombu promoted. (MIR also ack'd)08:24
Daviey00:50 < Daviey> not quite sure why python-novaclient was allowed into unapproved it is no change (including version),  from what is in the archive08:24
Daviey00:51 < Daviey> Suprised that wasn't rejected straight away08:24
pittiDaviey: so, openstack-dashboard shouldn't be in the archive at all? or a different version?08:25
Davieypitti: it's not that bad.. I just didn't want *that* one accepted without a fix08:26
pittiDaviey: ok, keeping in binNEW then08:27
pittiDaviey: so, do you want above in beta-1?08:27
Davieypitti: yes please.08:27
pittiDaviey: then I'll do the promotions/acceptance now08:27
Davieypitti: Great!  Thanks08:27
pittiDaviey: hm, I just see that glance is in universe; should that be on the server image, i. e. seeded and in main?08:28
Davieyfunny you say that.08:29
pittior will they be for b2?08:29
pittiI'm a bit confused how a universe package can have a "Task: openstack"08:30
pittior is that not part of the server CD?08:30
Davieypitti: sevrer doesn't have a server-supported, that got broken down a while ago08:31
DavieySo there is a seperate seed just for openstack08:31
Davieyalthough currently it is both server-ship and supported.. will probably fall off server-ship before release.08:33
pittijust saying that universe packages in seeds are just silently ignored for CD builds, unless the CD has universe enabled (which is only the case for ubuntustudio, mythbuntu, and xubuntu AFAIK, not for server)08:34
pittiDaviey: asked in a more direct way, do we actually need a server image rebuild after this?08:34
Davieypitti: Well ideally i would.. which was why i was trying to get it pushed through last night :(08:34
Davieyit's not essential tho.08:35
pittiDaviey: what would change with a rebuild?08:36
pittiDaviey: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-server/daily/20110830/oneiric-server-amd64.list doesn't have either cobbler nor glance (as they are in universe)08:36
Davieypitti: Hmm, well - i wanted to iso to be usable without net connection for b1. Currently openstack will not work without glance, at all.08:39
DavieySo the only thing that changes is that people can use it without direct net connection.. but not that exciting really.08:39
pittixubuntu desktop posted08:44
cjwatsonmorning folks.  anything I can usefully do first?08:44
pittihey cjwatson08:44
jibelmorning cjwatson08:44
pitticjwatson: I hope you got some sleep after that nightshift.. thanks for the ubiquity fixes!08:44
pitticjwatson: nothign too serious right now, I'm rebuilding all images after the jockey fix, and testing current desktop i386 right now08:45
cjwatsonit wasn't too late, and I have this afternoon off as a swap for yesterday08:45
pittiDaviey: seems that's going to require a bunch of more MIR reviews: http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/component-mismatches.txt08:47
pittiglance, ipy, nova, python-anyjson, python-dingus, python-novaclient, python-stompy, socat08:47
pittiubuntustudio posted08:52
Davieypitti: Yeah. :( I did that trick btw: http://people.ubuntu.com/~davewalker/component-mismatches-mir-track.html08:52
DavieyMakes it much easier for me to track that for my needs.08:52
DavieyOut of interest, what fixed the powerpc oversize?09:10
* pitti hides his really scary big hammer09:11
pittiDaviey: I dropped another langpack from there, and it shrank massively together with the other images due to the langpack -base refresh09:12
pittithe updates packages got quite large09:12
Davieypitti: Hmm, well it's well within size now :_)09:15
Davieyoneiric-server-powerpc.iso           30-Aug-2011 04:36    009:15
pittithat looks a little ... overoptimized?09:15
DavieyI wonder why power was larger to start with?09:16
pittiit tends to be on all images, not sure why09:16
pittido we still ship two kernels on those? (32/64 bit)09:16
Davieybuild log isn't that useful09:17
cjwatsonI think09:17
DavieyUsing HFS name: squashfs-modules-3.0.0-9-powe_1 for CD1/pool/main/l/linux/squashfs-modules-3.0.0-9-powerpc64-smp-di_3.0.0-9.14_powerpc.udeb09:18
Davieymake: *** [bin-images] Error 13409:18
DavieyIs it possible to do an inplace arch rebuild, without incrementing?09:21
cjwatsonwe can rebuild a single arch but it will increment09:22
pittimythbuntu posted09:23
DavieyHmm.. exit 134 is often something like out of resource or seg fault.. So i'm wondering if it was just a bad day?09:23
pittiskaet indeed got an error when she was building the server images09:24
pittiI didn't see that yesterday09:24
pitti(in my builds)09:24
pittilubuntu alternate posted (but has uninstallables in report)09:31
DavieyCan a rebuild be done without posting to cdimage just to check if it can be reproduced?09:33
pittimeh, kubuntu preinstalled failed on libo; I thought we removed LibO for armel09:34
pittiDaviey: not really, but we don't need to post it to the tracker09:34
pittiDaviey: starting09:34
DavieyThe problem is that current symlink seems to be cared about more than the tracker :/.. ah well.09:35
pittiDaviey: I can reset the current symlink manually if it fails again09:36
Davieyah groovy09:38
cjwatsonpitti: er, yes, it can actually :)  but too late now09:39
pittihm, lubuntu desktop failed, only powerpc succeeded; the 0829 build worked, investigating09:41
cjwatsonlamont: I don't suppose you could help me debug http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/livefs-build-logs/oneiric/ubuntu-zh_CN/20110825/livecd-20110825-i386.out ?  ubuntu-defaults-builder is supposed to be installed in the chroot by that point, and that delivers /usr/bin/ubuntu-defaults-image09:54
pitti*** glibc detected *** genisoimage: double free or corruption (out): 0x0000000002749800 ***10:11
pitti^ again, when building server images :/10:11
cjwatsongo schily10:12
pittiseems it doesn't particularly like hfs today :(10:12
cjwatsonthis rings a bell actually10:12
pittithat didn't happen on any of the other images10:12
pittimust have hit the "right" combination of bits in the server image10:12
cjwatsonbug 45221210:15
ubot4Launchpad bug 452212 in cdrkit (Ubuntu) "genisoimage: HFS generation crashes on certain tree sizes (affects: 1)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45221210:15
cjwatson(you might wish to avoid reading past comment 1 if you have heart problems)10:15
pittiheh, I guess that's schily's autoresponder for cdrkit bugs10:16
cjwatson(I also suggest not following up to that bug to avoid wakening the beast)10:16
cjwatsonchanging the size a bit should work around the bug10:17
pittihmm, seems skaet's preinstalled pipeline broke somewhere in between kubuntu and kubuntu-mobile10:19
pittilubuntu desktop posted10:20
pittiah, right, both due to LibO being pulled in10:21
* pitti doesn't understand why it's being pulled in10:24
pittiNCommander, ogra_, GrueMaster: FYI, server/ubuntu desktop/core images are on the tracker; kubuntu{,-mobile} failing because it pulls in LibO for yet unknown reasons; should omap4 work now, with the recent bootloader changes?10:26
ogra_i hope so, havent tested yet (will do so in a few)10:30
pittibbl, lunch10:37
jibelDVDs added to the tracker.10:55
jibel(Ubuntu Dvds)10:55
=== doko_ is now known as doko
pittijibel: thanks11:15
pittikubuntu DVD posted11:32
dokopitti: postgresql-debversion has an unavail b-d on debhelper11:35
cjwatsonoh smeg, I missed a piece to make dual-stack IPv4/v6 support work in d-i11:39
cjwatsonthat's extremely annoying11:39
lamontcjwatson: what an informative build log11:39
lamontcjwatson: please provide the exact commandline that is failing11:40
cjwatsonBuildLiveCD command line or the one being run by BuildLiveCD?11:40
cjwatsonif the former, I believe it to be 'BuildLiveCD -u zh_CN -d oneiric ubuntu'11:41
cjwatsonactually, that busybox upload can wait until after b1 - it's correct, but it won't fix the problem I'm seeing11:47
ogra_pitti, thumbs up, omap4 preinstalled desktop boots fine (not sure about other issues yet, but u-boot seems sorted now)11:49
cjwatsonEFI installation is very probably broken in b1.12:01
cjwatson  * [Config] Set CONFIG_EFI_VARS=m on amd64 and i38612:02
cjwatsonbut no efi-modules udeb12:02
cjwatsonI don't think we have time to fix that12:03
* cjwatson accidentally breaks the amd64 porter box's oneiric chroot slightly, and uploads a fix for that12:36
cjwatsonwould be good to have if it doesn't impede CD building (kexec-tools)12:36
dokocjwatson, slangasek: ok to remove the wvdial binary on armel? wvstreams was already removed12:43
=== njpatel is now known as njpatel|lunch
cjwatsondoko: yes, I thought I already did12:50
cjwatsonlamont: any luck?12:50
stgrabergood morning13:07
lamontcjwatson: gah.  got distracted by something else, and up against a breakfast commitment13:11
pittiedubuntu posted13:13
pittihey stgraber13:13
lamontbuildd@cardamom:~$ sudo chroot build-oneiric-live/chroot-oneiric/ dpkg -l > public_html/dpkg.list13:13
lamontsee if that helps?13:13
lamontsee also ~buildd/BuildLive.out13:13
lamontwhich is bash -x of the command13:13
cjwatsonE: Unable to locate package ubuntu-defaults-builder13:15
cjwatsonargh, we haven't put that in main yet13:15
cjwatsonpitti: ^- I think we'll need to MIR this13:15
cjwatsonwe'll be supporting it anyway ...13:15
cjwatsonlamont: thanks, that answers my question13:16
lamontafk for ~90-120 min13:16
stgraberpitti: what's different from yesterday's rebuild? is that the at-spi change?13:18
cjwatsonpitti: what do you think of a kernel upload to fix broken EFI installation?13:29
cjwatsonogasawara says it's just a config revert ...13:29
cjwatsonbut I don't know how far through testing we are, and how much we'd be throwing away13:29
pittistgraber: at-spi, jockey (was totally broken), and a few smaller fixes13:31
stgraberpitti: ok, cool. Syncing it now.13:31
pitticjwatson: hmm, that'd mean rebuilds across the board13:31
cjwatsonyeah, I'm reluctant unless there's another reason to do it13:32
pittii. e. it would take the remaining day today for upload/build, and rebuilds over night13:32
cjwatsonbut ogasawara offered13:32
pittiI think we should have the new kernel anyway, unless it changes a lot more than this13:32
cjwatsonthe alternative is to release-note that you can only do EFI installs with the desktop CD13:33
cjwatson(which to be fair I haven't tested yet)13:33
pittioh, that just affects alternate?13:33
cjwatsond-i only13:33
cjwatsonmy test was with server13:33
pittithat seems fine to me; jibel, if we would have a new set of alternates tomorrow morning, can we get that through testing quick enough?13:33
pittiDaviey: ^ for server13:34
cjwatsonfor full disclosure I should say that I can't be certain that there aren't other EFI problems behind this13:34
Davieypitti: what is the need for a new image?13:35
* Daviey reads scrollback13:35
pittifrom my POV it'd be good to have the new kernel available anyway13:35
pittiDaviey: installation on EFI, is that something you are particularly interested in?13:35
DavieyI have no interest in EFI at this point. :)13:35
ogasawaracjwatson, pitti: I can revert the just the config change and upload, but will wait to do so until I get the green light from you13:36
DavieyI don't think there is even server class hardware for public consumption that uses EFI, i might be wrong.13:36
jibelpitti, sure, we need 2 hours or so to test alternate.13:37
cjwatsonthere is a *drive* for such server-class hardware (dropping a bunch of legacy stuff => in theory faster boot, though maybe don't hold your breath but that's the idea), but I concede I don't know if it actually exists yet13:39
cjwatsonI thought the kernel team had some test boards that were on the track to being server-class13:39
cjwatsonaha, http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=635897 is the real dual-stack fix for d-i13:40
ubot4Debian bug 635897 in isc-dhcp-client-udeb "isc-dhcp-client-udeb: add IPv6 support to dhclient-script" [Wishlist,Open]13:40
jibelwhen desktop images are respun, could you also rebuild wubi disk images ?13:43
cjwatsonare desktop images being respun?13:44
pittijibel: do we have a reason to?13:44
pittithey are not being rebuilt right now, and right now I don't have a "breaker" bug on my radar13:44
jibel.tar.xz doesn't include latest fixes13:45
jibele.g jockey crashes13:45
pittitar.xz? I tried the current ubuntu desktop i386 on my netbook, jockey didn't crash, and installed the bcmwl driver13:47
jibelPici, wubi downloads a disk image from here http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/wubi/current/ and latest version if from yesterday. It should be in sync with desktop images IMO13:48
jibelpitti, ^13:48
jibelPici, sorry13:49
Picijibel: np :)13:49
pittijibel: oh, in wubi13:51
pittihm, I don't actually know how to rebuild this13:51
pittijibel: rebuilding now14:02
jibelpitti, thanks.14:02
ogasawarapitti, cjwatson: just want to confirm it's ok for me upload the kernel with the EFI config change.14:09
pittiogasawara: please do, thanks14:10
cjwatsonyes, ack from me too14:14
cjwatsonI'll reroll d-i later14:14
cjwatson(probably won't bother waiting for armel since this config change doesn't affect it)14:14
didrockspitti: the unity-2d guys have a fix for bugs #834045 and bug #834001 which seems quite widespread, maybe worth to get that in the beta?14:25
ubot4Launchpad bug 834045 in unity-2d (Ubuntu Oneiric) (and 3 other projects) "unity-2d-panel crashed with SIGSEGV in QConfSchema::findKey() (affects: 70) (dups: 74) (heat: 610)" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/83404514:25
ubot4Launchpad bug 834001 in unity-2d (Ubuntu Oneiric) (and 2 other projects) "unity-2d-panel crashed with SIGSEGV in QConf::notify() (affects: 30) (dups: 29) (heat: 262)" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/83400114:25
pittididrocks: is that something that is bad enough to break installation or live system severely? it doesn't seem to here14:30
pittiI need to run out for ~ 40 mins, bbl14:31
skaetgood morning pitti14:31
didrockspitti: it's some kind of a race, which already get 100 dups14:32
didrockspitti: ok, so, the crash of the panel is systematic on startup, then gnome-session respawn it14:42
Kaleopitti, didrocks: I am checking the exact conditions of the crash14:43
ogasawaracjwatson: could I get you to approve the kernel upload please.14:44
jibelOEM install on DVDs is broken. filing a bug14:48
pittihey skaet14:55
pittididrocks: so independent of this we should have a bug pattern for this14:55
dokoI'm syncing more ocaml packages which are not in oneiric, to get liquidsoap built14:55
skaetheya pitti,   been working my way through the backscroll.    Busy day.   What's on the todos?14:56
pitticjwatson, ogasawara: kernel accepted, thanks!14:56
pittiskaet: just accepted a new kernel, need to rebuild alternates with that for fixing EFI installation14:56
pittiskaet: desktop/DVD unaffected14:56
pittiskaet: I did a full rebuild today to pick up the jockey fix14:56
pittijibel: wubi image shuold be updated now14:57
pittihttp://cdimage.ubuntu.com/wubi/20110830/amd64.manifest has current jockey, anyway14:57
skaetpitti,  do we have a fix/workaround for the server build - I couldn't quite figure it out from the backscroll (interesting bug that ;p )14:58
pittiskaet: ubuntu/server armel omap4 confirmed to work, kubuntu fail to build because it pulls in LibO somehow, which is currently broken on armel14:58
pittiskaet: the workaround would be to change the image size14:58
pittiDaviey: do you care much about server/powerpc?14:59
* skaet starts feeling the world is a little more fragile than she likes....14:59
jibelpitti, thanks, trying now.15:00
Davieypitti: Not for beta1, no15:00
DavieyIt won't even be QA'd15:00
didrocksKaleo: did you find anything?15:04
Kaleodidrocks: not yet15:09
skaetpitti, jibel,  just noticed kubuntu mobile i386 hadn't been posted,   done now.15:09
ogasawarapitti: bah, kernel fails to build on powerpc due to our config enforcer checking CONFIG_EFI_VARS=y but CONFIG_EFI_VARS doesn't exist on powerpc.15:13
ogasawarapitti: so we need to adjust the enforcer to check for CONFIG_EFI_VARS=y | !CONFIG_EFI_VARS, which means another upload15:14
pittiogasawara: is EFI relevant on the old powerpc at all? I didn't think so?15:19
pittiskaet: ah, thanks; it should have been pretty much a no-change upload for them, but sure15:19
ogasawarapitti: I don't believe so, but arm is also going to fail for the same reason15:20
pittiogasawara: could we just ignore the ppc FTBFS until after beta-1?15:20
pittiogasawara: I suppose arm will build too long for beta-1 anyway15:20
Davieynew powerpc, surely it is?15:20
DavieyHaving the old kernel bin for beta1 for non-mainstream arches doesn't sound too scary IMO.15:21
pittithe diff is just the EFI config change, so it wouldn't make much difference either way15:21
ogasawarapitti: yep, so I'm fine if you want to just ignore the FTBFS's for now, but just wanted you to be aware.15:23
pittiogasawara: thanks15:24
skaetpitti,  so once the kernel publishes:  ubuntu alternate, kubuntu alternate, xubuntu alternate, lubuntu alternate?15:28
pittiskaet: yes; Daviey said he doesn't care much about powerpc15:29
pitti(for server)15:29
pittiskaet: fortunately the DVDs now don't have an alternate part any more :)15:29
skaetpitti: +1 :)15:30
pittithe DVD is actually quite nice now, 1.5 GB is not too much to download (for me, anyway), and nicely equipped15:30
skaethmm,  wendar's not on the channel,  but she will appreciate hearing that ;)15:30
skaetpitti,  so ubuntu server gets added to the alternates list?15:31
skaets/alternates/alternates rebuild/15:31
pittiskaet: it is like an alternate, but we don't want a rebuild for EFI15:31
pittiwe'd need some more changes to it anyway to work around the image build crash anyway15:32
pittierm, ignore me, these are unrelated issues15:32
slangasekcjwatson: heh, does schily have an autoresponder on cdrkit bugs?  Seems like something we should block if so...15:34
slangasekskaet: where should I be pushing release notes?15:34
skaetslangasek, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OneiricOcelot/TechnicalOverview15:35
skaetis ready for input and updates. :)15:36
slangasekgreat, thanks :)15:36
* slangasek prepares to document how he broke ia32-libs15:36
pitti"this is not the package you are looking for"15:37
slangasekskaet: multiarch is both a "new feature" and a "known issue", but I'd prefer to put the information all in one place in the release notes - what do you recommend?15:39
skaetslangasek,  put it in "new feature" for now.   I'll take a pass tomorrow at the content, and see if references back need to be made from known issues.15:40
pittiskaet: we'll add some new desktop features soon (music lens, and new lenses)15:41
skaetpitti,  thanks.  :)15:41
pitticjwatson: ^ b1 important? alternate/desktop/both?15:43
pittioh, nevermind, saw teh changelog now15:46
pittifixes autologin15:46
pittididrocks: do you have the unity-2d upload ready?15:47
pittididrocks: would be nice to have in the archive in case we respin for autologin15:47
pittiskaet, jibel: I'm almost tempted to rebuild for that autologin fix, as we can't fix it with an upgrade15:48
didrockspitti: no, didn't get it tested here as Kaleo is still looking for the way to reproduce it. The fix is just supposed to fix it as far as I understand15:48
skaetpitti, bug number?15:48
pittiskaet: bug 83716515:48
ubot4Launchpad bug 837165 in user-setup (Ubuntu Oneiric) (and 3 other projects) ""Log in automatically" option in Ubiquity not honored by LightDM (affects: 4) (dups: 1) (heat: 28)" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/83716515:48
pittiskaet: that's the user-setup which just hit the queu15:48
* skaet nods15:49
jibelpitti, no problem.15:49
pittijibel: how do you usually handle that, do we just run the automatic tests over new images and only manually test the changes, like autologin? or does it require a full manual testing again?15:50
jibelpitti, both. I that case I'll verify the fix manually.15:51
pittiskaet, jibel: so, I'd accept the package now, so that it's in the archive; if we don't rebuild, it'll be harmless15:52
pittibut we rebuild the alternates anyway, so they'll pick up the fix at least15:52
pittibut I think if we can afford it we should rebuild the others, too15:52
jibelpitti, it's 8 minutes or so to install and test a desktop image.15:53
superm1you have to rebuild ubiquity to pick it up too though if you want it in desktop images15:53
jibelI mean run 1 test case15:53
pittisuperm1: ah, right15:54
pittisuperm1: do we need it built and published, or can ubiquity be rebuilt from a local source?15:54
skaetpitti,  we can use today to rebuild the images with these fixes,  that gives testers tomorrow to finish off testing, should be ok.15:54
pittiuser-setup accepted15:54
pittiskaet: *nod*15:54
pittiev: ^ (ubiquity rebuild question)15:54
superm1pitti, there are tricks to do it locally I think, but the helper scripts rely on the archive having it published15:54
pittisuperm1: source only, or binaries, too?15:55
pittisuperm1: source will be published in about an hour, binaries will probably take two15:55
pittiunless it builds in 5 minutes15:55
pittioh, nevermind -- it's in accepted already15:55
pittiyay fast buildds15:55
skaetpitti,  if you could summarize the sequence for doing the builds,  I'll kick them off after the publishing happens, so I can monitor a little closer when you're EOD.15:58
charlie-tcaAny chance of getting the new Xubuntu logo accepted so if desktop gets re-spun, it is there?15:58
pitticharlie-tca: sounds fine; can you upload it?16:00
charlie-tcaI can have it uploaded, yes16:00
skaetcharlie-tca,   ok by me too.  :)16:02
charlie-tcaThank you both16:02
pittiskaet: if we are going to rebuild, I could smuggle in bug 837266 (acpid is in the queue)16:04
ubot4Launchpad bug 837266 in acpid (Ubuntu Oneiric) (and 1 other project) "[oneiric] pressing power button immediately shuts down (affects: 4) (dups: 1) (heat: 14)" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/83726616:04
pittiit just changes a shell script in an obvious way, but it's not a biggie, of course16:05
pittiand it'll be perfectly fixed by a dist-upgrade16:05
pittiit's just a potential trap for losing your documents when you actually intended to suspend, etc.16:05
jibelskaet, bug 837503 on DVDs16:06
ubot4Launchpad bug 837503 in ubiquity (Ubuntu Oneiric) (and 1 other project) "'Prepare for shipping' not available on DVDs (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/83750316:06
jibelin other words no OEM install on DVDs16:06
skaetjibel,  ack.16:07
skaetcjwatson,  ^^ is there a quick fix?16:07
cjwatsonplease ask ev16:11
* cjwatson is off this afternoon16:11
evoh hi16:11
evI have no idea if there's a quick fix. I'm just getting to the oem-config bugs now16:12
pittihey ev, how are you? thanks for the user-setup fix16:12
evsure thing16:12
pittiev: do you have an ubiquity rebuild with that in the pipe?16:12
evpitti: yes16:12
evworking on that now16:12
ogra_skaet, GrueMaster reports that the netboot images still fail due to the u-boot issues, there is a fixed d-i in bzr, the change only touches arm code, ok to upload ?16:16
cjwatsonogra_: please wait until the kernel is published on amd64/i386, so we don't have to upload twice16:17
ogra_ah, yeah16:18
pittidarn, the amd64 buildds are being linux'ed (kernel team PPA)16:20
pittias they all take some 6 hours, I'm afraid we might need to have one killed in order to get ubiquity and d-i in in an appropriate time16:21
evnew ubiquity incoming16:22
micahgpitti: I've got a slew of Mozilla builds as well, but I can hold off a few hours16:22
chrisccoulsonbad news ;)16:22
pittiev: I asked infinity/lamont to kill a linux build to free an amd64 builder16:23
micahgpitti: we have an urgent security fix for Firefox/Thunderbird for oneiric beta, I originally suggested that we build in the PPA, but I think it might be best to build in archive so i386/amd64 can respin and not be blocked on armel, what do you think?16:24
pittithat's a six hour build each, right?16:24
* micahg checks, shouldn't be that long16:25
pittiit should finish around the same time as the kernel16:25
micahgpitti: about 4.5 hours each16:25
micahgfor i386/amd64, 17 for armel16:25
pittiif you have it ready for upload now, and I can reach infinity or lamont soon to get amd64 builders, it wouldn't extend the time for rebuild16:26
pittimicahg: please get it uploaded, so that it's in the queeu16:26
pittimicahg: does it change anything else? i. e. what's the regression risk?16:26
infinitypitti: I don't have direct access to buildds anymore, it's all lamont (or IS in general)16:26
pittiinfinity: ah, thanks16:27
pittimicahg: actually, as we can't build them side by side, it'll be 9 h16:27
infinityWhy do we have people uploading a mess of kernels to non-virtual PPAs during a releae freeze anyway? :(16:28
micahgpitti: right :(, I reviewed the most of the changes yesterday, there's one patch that's rather large, but I think our risk is higher if we cherry pick16:29
ogra_micahg, dont care for armel, FF doesnt start at all here and i doubt we can fix that before B116:30
micahgwe're just waiting on the upstream tags, Firefox will be ready for Thunderbird, chrisccoulson should be uploading w/in an hour hopefully16:31
micahgogra_: sorry to hear that, we should probably look at that after beta 1, but it's good news that we don't have to wait on it16:31
ogra_yeah, i havent researched yet at all what goes on, but it fires off the crash dialog directly on startup16:32
micahgogra_: ah, yes, I did experience that, I'll try to look into it later (I filed a crash report actually, I just have to pull the id)16:33
ScottKjdstrand: Not sure if you got your question from yesterday answered or not (I've still now power due to the hurricane, so I'm not the best person to be asking), but I think otrs2 and phpmyadmin are fine.16:37
pittiok, got the linux builds killed; building ubiquity now, and keeping another amd64 builder on manual for firefox16:38
chrisccoulsonogra_, mozilla bug 675618 is the arm startup crash16:38
ubot4Mozilla bug 675618 in XPCOM "Crash during startup on ARM when linked with recent GNU ld" [Normal,Resolved: fixed] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=67561816:38
ogra_awesome !16:39
jdstrandScottK: ah, I did not. Thank you for responding and sorry to hear about the power. that is always a pain16:39
evugh, failed tests16:43
pittiev: in the tz widget -- that's due to setting a default one now?16:45
evI'm not quite sure what's causing it16:45
evdigging into it now16:45
ScottKskaet: I still have no power, so please don't block stuff on me.16:46
pittiev: the buildds might have a different $TZ perhaps, so the test behaves different than on your local box?16:49
pittior they have no network, and thus not getting geolocation?16:49
ScottKpitti: Are respins planned once ubiquity is updated?16:52
pittiScottK: yes16:52
ScottKGreat.  I'll adjust Kubuntu seeds for size then.16:53
pittiAFAICS, we are waiting on ubiquity, firefox, and thunderbird for desktops16:53
pittiand on linux for alternates16:53
evpitti: it doesn't hit the geolocation path16:53
pittiScottK: thanks; although I thought we agreed on a 703 MB size limit, so they wouldn't really be oversized?16:53
evI'm able to produce the error locally16:53
evdigging now16:53
ScottKpitti: So we did.16:53
ScottKI was just responding to a comment that they were.16:54
* ScottK looking now16:54
stgraberpitti, skaet: I'm looking into an Edubuntu bug (ltsp not being translated), if I find a fix for it and we still have time, I may ask you to try and squeeze it before the respin. It's not critical but still annoying.16:56
pittistgraber: you have about 6 hours, sure16:57
ScottKpitti: It looks like Kubuntu powerpc livefs generation failed because the last libreoffice upload FTBFS on powerpc.  I thought I'd removed all traces of LO from our powerpc images, so I may need to make some changes there to get it to build.16:58
pittiScottK: so did I (armel preinstalled is the same)17:01
ogra_can someone let flash-kernel through, it is needed to fix netboot installs17:01
pittiScottK: but I don't see how LibO gets pulled into the armel kubuntu images17:01
pittiScottK, skaet, cjwatson, jibel: FYI, I added the curretn rebuild dependencies to http://pad.ubuntu-uk.org/ubuntu-release17:01
pittiplease update as appropriate17:01
pittiskaet: ^ I find these pads quite convenient for keeping a running status, easier than mail/IRC (which is hard to edit)17:02
skaetpitti,  good idea!  This seems a better way to keep track.   :)17:04
pitti"you're not a channel operator"17:04
pitti/topic 11.10-beta1 Freeze is in effect | http://pad.ubuntu-uk.org/ubuntu-release for rebuild coordination | Oneiric Ocelot Release Coordination. Please don't upload things during freezes where you shouldn't, or be prepared to apologise to the release team with beer  | we accept payment in cash, check or ocelot food | melior malum quod cognoscis17:04
pitticould some one who is please run that? i. e. add the pad to the topic?17:04
=== cjwatson changed the topic of #ubuntu-release to: 11.10-beta1 Freeze is in effect | http://pad.ubuntu-uk.org/ubuntu-release | Oneiric Ocelot Release Coordination. Please don't upload things during freezes where you shouldn't, or be prepared to apologise to the release team with beer | we accept payment in cash, check or ocelot food | melior malum quod cognoscis
cjwatsonpitti: FWIW you're on the access list so you can just ask chanserv17:05
cjwatson/quote chanserv op #ubuntu-release pitti17:05
cjwatson(or /msg if your client doesn't do /quote right)17:06
* infinity wonders why the channel is +t17:06
pittioh, that works, thanks17:06
cjwatsoninfinity: we get the odd troll around release time - might've been that17:06
infinityFair enough.17:06
infinityogra_: Accepted.17:07
* pitti desperately tries to -o now, but my feeble attempts with /mode etc. don't work17:10
cjwatsonpitti: /mode #ubuntu-release -o pitti17:11
cjwatsonthe syntax is weird17:11
pitti/quote chanserv deop #ubuntu-release pitti17:11
pittiah, ^ worked17:11
pittiquick dinner, brg17:12
cjwatsonirssi has '/deop pitti'; I don't recall whether that's client-specific, it probably is17:12
pitticjwatson: ah, that works in weechat, too17:12
* pitti <- IRC n00b17:13
cjwatsonI learned this stuff in 1998 or so and most of it has leaked out my ears since17:13
infinityIt's all muscle memory for me at this point.17:14
infinityBut I'd be lost if I ever switched from something that wasn't ircII-like.17:14
evpitti: ah, it was a genuine bug.  Hooray for unit tests.17:19
cjwatsona genuine code bug rather than a test bug! :)17:21
pittiskaet: I added the pipelines which I used yesterday/today to the pad; if you have some improvements, please edit them17:21
pittiev: tests FTW17:21
skaetpitti,  thanks!17:22
pittiskaet: not sure what you mean with "page links for cross-checking published"17:26
skaetpitti, launchpad and archive refs.17:29
pittiskaet: I usually do apt-get update and apt-cache show, unless I use wait-for-package17:34
=== tgardner is now known as tgardner-afk
skaetpitti,  more efficient than the monitoring of the archive pool pages, at any rate ;)   thanks17:35
* infinity raises a brow at "check-config: FAIL: value CONFIG_EFI_VARS y"17:36
infinityI'm assuming we don't currently care that the kernel is FTBFS on !x86?17:37
cjwatson16:20 <pitti> ogasawara: could we just ignore the ppc FTBFS until after beta-1?17:38
cjwatson16:20 <pitti> ogasawara: I suppose arm will build too long for beta-1 anyway17:38
cjwatson16:20 <Daviey> new powerpc, surely it is?17:38
cjwatson16:21 <Daviey> Having the old kernel bin for beta1 for non-mainstream arches doesn't sound too scary IMO.17:38
cjwatson16:21 <pitti> the diff is just the EFI config change, so it wouldn't make much difference either way17:39
cjwatson16:23 <ogasawara> pitti: yep, so I'm fine if you want to just ignore the FTBFS's for now, but just wanted you to be aware.17:39
evfixed ubiquity uploaded17:39
infinitycjwatson: Check.  Seems fair to me.17:39
ScottKWould it be possible to try rebuilding the livefs for Kubuntu powerpc only?17:45
ScottKI think I fixed the seeds so it won't pull in anything LO related.17:45
skaetpitti, ubuntu studio is missing from alternates rebuild triggered by linux kernel.  overight?17:48
* infinity hands skaet an "s".17:48
skaeterr,  oversight?17:48
* skaet accepts "s" from infinity. :)17:48
skaetScottK,  should be possible.   Can you summarize which kubuntu images you're looking for rebuilds to pick up fixes for?17:50
skaet(and which architecture ;) )17:50
ScottKskaet: The only Kubuntu specific issue if the powerpc livefs build failure.  The rest is the same as the others (ubiquity, kernel, etc)17:50
ScottKThat's why I'd like to make sure I got the powerpc livefs failure sorted now, while the rest is being sorted out.17:51
skaetahh... gotcha.17:51
* skaet goes over to type the appropriate runes into the builder. 17:52
dokoinfinity, I hate liquidsoap ...17:52
infinitydoko: As do I.17:53
infinitydoko: It was a sync to fix a broken sync, in my defense. :P17:54
infinitydoko: But yeah.  We now get a whole new ocaml multimedia stack in universe!17:54
dokoinfinity, ok, I think I'll continue syncing this stuff ...17:54
infinitydoko: cry, taglib, duppy, portaudio?17:55
infinitydoko: (well, the ocamlish names of above)17:55
skaetScottK,   ARCHES='powerpc' buildlive kubuntu daily-live && ARCHES='powerpc' for-project kubuntu cron.daily-live;   has been kicked off.17:58
chrisccoulsonhi pitti, you around?17:59
micahgpitti: skaet: are you waiting on the firefox fix for respins?17:59
=== joshuahoover1 is now known as joshuahoover
micahgchrisccoulson: according to the etherpad, they are waiting18:00
skaetmicahg, yup we're waiting.  what's the eta?18:01
stgraberpitti, skaet: I'm pushing a new ltsp and edubuntu-live now to fix LTSP not being translated for Edubuntu. This LTSP won't change anything for alternate so no rebuild needed there18:01
micahgskaet: I think chrisccoulson just has to upload and then someone to accept18:02
chrisccoulsonskaet, oh, i didn't realise. if we're short on build capacity, then i think it might be best to do the respin without the firefox update, as i'd prefer to get the lucid/maverick/natty updates built first18:02
micahgchrisccoulson: I'd rather delay the stable releases 4 hours than miss beta18:03
skaetchriscoulson, we've been holding builders for this.18:03
chrisccoulsonok, i can do it that way around, but i didn't realize you were holding builders for that18:03
skaetyup. :)  thanks.18:04
chrisccoulsonmicahg, are you ready to get your stuff uploaded straight afterwards?18:04
micahgchrisccoulson: yeah, I should have everything ready within an hour18:05
evI've just uploaded ubiquity 2.7.23, which fixes an issue creating a dialog in oem-config-remove-gtk. It's not a fatal error as far as I can tell, but the fix is very small.18:06
ev(oem-config-remove-gtk handles removing all of ubiquity and oem-config when oem-config is run by the end user)18:07
pittichrisccoulson: yes, we are waiting for firefox and tbird18:09
pittichrisccoulson: I reserved buildds18:09
bdmurrayIs update-manager still waiting to be approved?18:09
chrisccoulsonpitti, thanks. just about to upload firefox now18:11
micahgpitti: do I still need to hold off after firefox/thunderbird are uploaded from uploading my stable release fixes?18:11
chrisccoulsoni'm trying to get an ETA on thunderbird though18:11
pittibdmurray: yes, it didn't seem to be release critical?18:11
pittimicahg: no, should be ok; once ffox/tbird for oneiric are building, we don't have other big stuff to build18:12
bdmurraypitti: not exactly release critical however we'll have more people upgrading this week so it would be helpful18:12
evactually, nix that upload18:12
pittiev: .23?18:12
evwe've just discovered that oem-config-remove-gtk is using gtk2 and 318:12
pitti.22 as well then?18:13
ev.22 is okay18:13
pittiev: ok, so reject .23, accept .2218:13
pittiev: but I sense that we'll get another upload?18:13
pittiev: just want to avoid building two in a row18:14
evI don't have time to investigate the problem now as I have a gig to get to18:14
evbut if everything goes up in flames, do text me18:14
evand I'll have a look when I get home tonight18:14
pittihave a good night!18:16
pittimeh, and now crested picked a "building private source" instead of ubiquity18:17
chrisccoulsonright, firefox is uploading18:17
infinitypitti: You didn't score ubiquity up?18:18
pittiinfinity: I did, but 4000 wasn't enough18:18
infinityNo, it's not. :)18:18
pitti40000 seems to be, though18:18
infinityI tend to just lean on the 9 key.18:18
pittibuilding now18:18
micahgyeah, I think default private builds are 10k18:18
pittidoes 2^∞ -1 work?18:19
stgraberwould be great if someone could review these ltsp and edubuntu-live uploads as I'd like to see them in the next rebuild (as we rebuild the world anyway), thanks!18:20
pittior is that infinitely improbable?18:20
pittistgraber: yep, at it; was waiting a bit for the diffs18:20
micahgpitti: I think that just lands it in infinity's inbox :P18:20
stgraber(I'm grabbing ubuntu alternate now to make sure LTSP not being translated doesn't affect alternate. If it does affect alternate, it's going to be a different fix that I'll need to work on ...)18:20
stgraberpitti: thanks18:26
* pitti reserves an i386 buildd as well18:29
pittiI assume doko is accepting those ^?18:29
slangasekpitti: what's the current story with rebuilds?  anything you'd like to hand off to me?18:29
infinitypitti: Me.18:29
pittislangasek: we created http://pad.ubuntu-uk.org/ubuntu-release two hours ago to keep track of the dependencies18:30
pittislangasek: in short, we need to rebuild all desktops, alternates, and DVDs, but not server and preinstalled at this point18:30
dokopitti, I had the ocaml-* stuff accepted, to get liquidsoap built18:30
pittiskaet: do you want to keep the half-done "Image rebuild trigger perspective" section?18:31
slangasekpitti: ok - and where's the needle currently on the "more bugfixes" vs. "no more changes so we can get these built" dial? :)18:31
pittiskaet: I think we shuold just maintain one direction, otherwise it gets out of sync too easily18:31
slangaseke.g., how much longer are firefox and thunderbird expected to take18:32
chrisccoulsonfirefox is uploading right this second :)18:32
pittislangasek: right now on these, from my perspective; i. e get ubiquity built/published, then start kubuntu/lubuntu (which don't use ffox/tbird), and start ubuntu/edubuntu/xubuntu on ffox/tbird18:32
pittislangasek: ffox is being uploaded, tbird was promised "soon"18:32
slangasekchrisccoulson: how long's the build on ffox these days?  < 1h, right?18:32
skaetpitti,  I find it useful to be able to cross check,  but I can keep it private if you find it confusing.18:33
pittino, 4.5 h on i38618:33
* skaet is multiplexing18:33
pittiskaet: ok18:33
slangasekpitti: oh right, because xulrunner is no longer separate?18:33
pittislangasek: yes18:33
* slangasek nods18:33
chrisccoulsonxulrunner is completely dead ;)18:33
pittiwell, libxul18:34
pittislangasek: I reserved two amd64 and one i386 buildd (i. e. on manual)18:34
pittias there are some large kernels and other stuff who crave for a 6 hour tour on the amd64 buildds18:34
pittibut we need those for tbird/ffox18:34
chrisccoulsoni'm still waiting for a list of changeset ID's to build thunderbird from18:34
pittichrisccoulson: ETA?18:34
pittichrisccoulson: it sounds like we should skip that then18:35
chrisccoulsonpitti - hopefully minutes. i've just asked one of the release drivers18:35
pittichrisccoulson: you'll need at least two hours to craete the source, build, and test and upload it, no?18:35
chrisccoulsonyeah, i'm wondering whether it's worth delaying it for thunderbird18:35
pittiand tbird is a lot less affected by SSL certs than ffox18:35
pittiIMHO we can live with a normal upgrade for tbird18:35
pittiyay, ubiquity succeeded on i38618:36
chrisccoulsonpitti - yeah, that might be the best plan.18:36
chrisccoulsoncould we add https://support.mozillamessaging.com/en-US/kb/deleting-diginotar-ca-cert to the release notes?18:36
micahgI'd buy that, people are much less likely to run TB off live media than FF18:36
pittimicahg: but even if they are, SSL certificates don't matter that much?18:37
slangasekpitti: and you're hanging around to get those used for the right builds?18:37
pittislangasek: yes, that, and also sorting through other stuff in between18:37
micahgpitti: they do for connecting over IMAPS :)18:37
slangasekpitti: ok :)18:37
pittimicahg, chrisccoulson: right, I'm just concerned that 6 hours build + publish plus another two for local preparation/build/test delays the images too much18:39
pittiwe need 4 hours or so to rebuild everything, and then need to test all the images, etc.18:40
pittiubiquity built18:41
micahgpitti: that's fine, should we upload thunderbird anyways when ready in case there are late respins or would you rather it be staged in the security PPA?18:41
lamontwhy are 1-each of the buildds on manual?18:41
lamontis that to manually queue builds?18:41
slangaseklamont: reserved for firefox18:41
slangaseksee pitti18:41
chrisccoulsonpitti - right. i don't think we should wait for thunderbird, and we could probably rel-note the instructions for removing the compromised root18:42
pittilamont: yes, there are packages in the ubuntu kernel PPA which would block them for 6 hours18:42
pittichrisccoulson: ack18:45
pittiI updated the pad for the dependencies18:46
chrisccoulsonhmmm, i need a go-faster button for my internet connection this evening18:46
chrisccoulsonperhaps if i blow on the cable, the bits will travel along it a bit faster18:46
pittichrisccoulson: you are uploading the orig.tar.gz from home?18:47
=== tgardner-afk is now known as tgardner
chrisccoulsonpitti - yeah, that probably wasn't the best decision ;)18:47
pittichrisccoulson: for large packages I used to wget the orig to chinstrap, scp the debian.tar/changes/dsc to chinstrap, and dput from there18:47
chrisccoulsonbut it's nearly done now18:47
pittidput from chinstrap looks amazing, even for LibO :)18:47
chrisccoulsonyeah, i should do that really18:47
micahgpitti: chromium was nice from there :)18:47
pittimicahg: makes you wish for such an upstream from home, doesn't it?18:48
micahgpitti: I'm ok for most use cases (2MB up), but it's pretty cool18:48
chrisccoulsoni just saw the advisories on lwn, and saw opensuse already has a firefox update18:52
chrisccoulsonthen i realized it's only for 6.0!18:52
chrisccoulsonnot as fast as us ;)18:52
pittiwell, admittedly updates for stable releases are more urgent in those cases?18:53
chrisccoulsonpitti - natty got the same update nearly 2 weeks ago18:55
chrisccoulsonyay, it's uploaded now \o/18:55
pitti... and accepted19:02
* skaet --> heading out to lunch, back later.19:03
pittiyellow, there's some nice fodder for you, have at it19:03
micahgpitti: am I clear to upload now as well for stable releases?19:04
pittifirefox building on i386/amd64, builders back on auto19:04
pittimicahg: yes19:04
micahgpitti: thanks :)19:04
chrisccoulsonthanks :)19:04
superm1ubiquity 2.7.24 should take care of the oem-config-remove-gtk mistake and also fix the panel not showing up19:08
pittisuperm1: ah, that's what ev discovered?19:08
superm1well i fixed his gtk2/gtk3 combo mistake19:08
superm1fortunately you can test the python script outside of the ubiquity environment, so it wasn't too difficult to fix19:09
pittisuperm1: cheers19:09
stgraberyeah! LTSP from alternate is properly translated :)19:18
charlie-tcapitti: I don't have anyone that can upload the new logo for us. Can someone here with upload rights for it do it?19:20
micahgnot an upload thing, this needs to be merged in the cdimage team branch apparently...19:21
charlie-tcaslangasek: any chance you could do this?19:21
charlie-tcaor maybe cjwatson could help?19:21
infinitycharlie-tca: I can.19:21
slangasekcjwatson should be far away from the computer if he knows what's good for him19:21
infinitycharlie-tca: I'm piloting today, after all.19:21
micahginfinity: no, you can't :)19:21
* slangasek lets infinity do it19:21
charlie-tcainfinity: thank you19:22
infinitymicahg: I can't?19:22
micahgslangasek: it needs a cdimage team member which is you :)19:22
infinitymicahg: (or me)19:22
slangasekor infinity, AFAIK19:22
charlie-tcamicahg: how many beers is this going to cost me?19:22
micahginfinity: it's not an upload from what I can tell19:22
infinitymicahg: I know. :P19:22
infinitymicahg: I'm an all-purpose pilot.19:22
micahginfinity: it's the one team you're not a member of AFAICT :P19:23
infinitymicahg: My active shell on antimony begs to differ.19:23
slangasekmicahg: one thing is the team in launchpad, another is sudo access on the server that matters :)19:23
infinitycharlie-tca: Yes, I'll get to that for you.19:23
charlie-tcaThank youvery much19:24
micahgslangasek: ok, I thought the branch was managed in LP bzr, my mistake then19:24
slangasekunfortunately not19:24
infinityThough, I probably should be in the LP team, I suppose. :P19:24
charlie-tcaI got okays from pitti and skaet to do it. I just need some help with it now.19:24
infinityI'll get Colin to fix that later.19:24
micahginfinity: sorry for doubting your infinite abilities :)19:25
infinitymicahg: Heh.19:25
infinitymicahg: S'ok, people still assume I have access to lots of things I don't anymore, so it balances out. ;)19:25
infinityOh how I love binary files in revision control...19:26
charlie-tcaI am going for a walk then. I need some fresh air19:27
pittierk, now the i386 builders are linuxed and firefoxed, ubiquity will take 25 mins until it starts19:29
chrisccoulsonmicahg, i've done the firefox-stable and firefox-next PPA's as well now19:30
stgraberpitti: are edubuntu-live and ltsp already published? I noticed they aren't mentioned in the pad19:31
pittistgraber: being published right now19:32
pittistgraber: i. e. way before ubiquity19:32
infinitycharlie-tca: Merged on antimony.19:35
* infinity lunches.19:38
pittislangasek: can you take over until skaet returns?19:41
pittiskaet, slangasek: I just updated the pad again TTBOMK, including charlie-tca's logo fix19:42
pittii386 ubiquity is scored up19:42
pittiand one amd64  buildd (crested) is on manual19:43
pittiin case we need further builds after ubiquity19:43
slangasekpitti: sure, can take over - aren't we just waiting for builds still, though?19:43
pittislangasek: yes, we are19:43
pittislangasek: btw, the pad has my current version of the rebuild pipelines; feel free to update/merge with your's19:43
pittithen, good night everyone!19:48
slangasek'night :)19:48
ScottKOK.  Back home to where there's no power.  Good luck.19:51
micahgis there a reason why there's still an amd64 builder on hold?20:28
GrueMasterWhat is the firefox issue?  I can't even get it to run on armel with today's image.20:34
GrueMaster(But I am willing to release note it).20:34
micahgGrueMaster: fraudulent certificates, we'll try to get firefox working on armel for final release20:35
micahgIt's fixed in Firefox 820:35
GrueMasterAh, ok.20:35
GrueMastermicahg: Is there an lp bug I can reference for the iso tracker?20:47
micahgGrueMaster: for which, the arm issue, not that I know of, the mozilla one is in scrollback, feel free to file a bug and link them20:48
charlie-tcaThank you , infinity20:54
=== tgardner is now known as tgardner-afk
* skaet --> back 21:09
astraljavacjwatson: Sorry to bother you again, but I'm having trouble with my local germinate. Could you possibly upload ubuntustudio's seeds, while Luke isn't to be found on our channel?22:07
skaetastraljava,  should I hold off on any rebuilds until the new seeds land?22:10
astraljavaskaet: I don't know, really. The last build seemed to be at around 0830 UTC, while Colin had postponed the building of images by 12 hours earlier. I don't think it matters much if they get built with old seeds, though.22:12
cjwatsonyou know, there are a bunch of core devs in more appropriate timezones :-P22:12
* cjwatson runs the update script22:12
astraljavacjwatson: Okay, cool. What is the appropriate channel for asking such, then?22:13
micahgastraljava: infinity is still piloting in #ubuntu-devel22:14
* astraljava has just started on worrying about these things since July, really :)22:14
cjwatson#ubuntu-devel is better, yes.  But I'm doing this one now.22:14
cjwatsonJust advice not to lean on one person.22:14
astraljavamicahg: Thanks! I'll keep that in mind. :) Thank you, Colin, Micah, and skaet (sorry I forget your first name!) :)22:14
skaetastraljava,  its Kate ;)22:15
astraljavaCheers, Kate! :)22:15
cjwatson(BTW, for those not familiar with it, the thing you want to ask for is for somebody to update the ubuntustudio-meta package)22:16
cjwatsonmost developers should be able to pick it up from that since there's an 'update' script in the source package22:17
micahgthat doesn't even need a core-dev :)22:17
cjwatsonno, indeed22:17
astraljavacjwatson: Oh cool! Thanks so much!22:18
skaetgilir, lubuntu has firefox in it,  do you want the respins to contain the security fix?22:18
gilirskaet, no, we don't have firefox :)22:18
skaetgilir, interesting,  grep on the manifest is showing it. ;)22:19
gilirarf, not again :(22:20
* gilir will check22:20
skaetgilir,  definitely on powerpc,  firefox-locale-* on the others.22:20
skaetgrep firefox *.manifest22:20
micahgskaet: firefox-locale-* comes in from the langpacks, not an issue22:20
micahggilir: ^^22:20
skaetmicahg,  okie. :)22:21
gilirah yes maybe on powerpc, because chromium is not build on it22:21
gilirskaet, but powerpc are not part of the tested images for the release, no need to worry for them :)22:23
skaetgilir,  coolio.  :)   Your new images should get kicked off with the next set of runs then.22:24
gilircool thanks :)22:24
cjwatsonubuntustudio-meta in the queue22:25
cjwatson[ 61%] make[3]: *** No rule to make target `/usr/lib64/libpq.so', needed by `bin/libKWWidgets.so.1.0.1009.0'.  Stop.22:25
* cjwatson sings the I-hate-cmake song22:25
skaetslangasek, can you review the pad, and check the time estimates for starting things off is reasonable.22:25
skaetcjwatson,  ack,  will hold off for that one then until it shows up.22:25
slangasekskaet: times are UTC?22:25
skaetslangasek,  yup.   currentl: 222622:26
slangasekskaet: kubuntu/lubuntu desktop/DVD are listed as waiting for ubiquity only - should we push those now?22:26
slangasekwell, I guess "now" vs. "4 minutes from now" makes little difference ;)22:27
skaetslangasek,  figured to trigger them once they showed up in the archive.22:27
* skaet waiting for publisher run.22:28
skaetbut basically yes.22:28
skaetScottK said to not hold up on him with powerpc, due to his power issues,  and it would be nice to clear them, and get fresh there before firefox hits.22:28
slangasekskaet: ubiquity 2.7.24 is already in the archive22:29
* skaet nods, appears so. :)22:30
* Daviey checks in22:31
skaetDaviey, are you expecting any rebuilds?22:40
* skaet wonders if the server build issue has been sorted.22:40
cjwatsoncan somebody review/accept that ubuntustudio-meta, please?  it should be trivial to reviw22:40
cjwatsonserver/powerpc you mean?  it's unsortable.22:40
cjwatson(again, can we please not have "the <foo> issue" - it's really confusing!)22:41
infinitycjwatson: Oh, hah, you already uploaded.  Yeah, I can review/accept.22:41
cjwatsonthe server/powerpc build failure is a genisoimage crash that affects images of certain sizes22:41
cjwatsona direct fix for that is unlikely22:41
skaetcjwatson,  sorry, yes that is the one I meant.  Didn't know if it was limited to powerpc or wider.  Thank you.22:42
infinitycjwatson: Randomly add some nulls to the end of a file? ;)22:42
* skaet notes: Lubuntu Live CD building, queued: Kubuntu Live CD ; Kubuntu DVD22:44
Davieyskaet: So regarding powerpc for server.. We have no interest in that image at all.  It will recieve no QA, and TBH - would be better being dropped IMO.22:55
skaetDaviey, consider the powerpc image dropped then.    What about the rest of them,  do they need a respin, or are you good with the current images?22:56
DavieyWe seem to be pretty good. :)22:56
skaetDaviey,  coolio.22:57
* skaet draws nice little ticky mark in that column ;)22:57
Davieyskaet: Agreed to drop for b1 or for rest of cycle?22:57
skaetDaviey,  yours and Robbie's call for rest of cycle.  For b1 definitely consider it dropped.22:58
Davieyskaet: will release note it, and see if anyone screams. :)22:58
Davieyi'll bet nobody cares :(22:58
Davieyor rather :)22:59
skaetDaviey,  feel free to go in and edit release notes now for server while its fresh in mind.  ;)22:59
Davieytaht is one for tomorrow, i think :)22:59
cjwatsonskaet: can I have a slot to run a test-build for the new-style Chinese edition at some point?  OEM is collectively having kittens in my inbox and I'd like them to stop23:00
Daviey23:59 < Daviey> taht is one for tomorrow, i think :)23:00
DavieyDay changed to 31 Aug 201123:00
skaetlol,   can't blame me for trying ;)23:00
skaetcjwatson, now is good.23:00
skaetcjwatson do you want me to kick it off?  or are you going to to?23:01
infinityDaviey: If I find the round tuits to make the powerpc alternates actually work on my PowerStation, I may have interest in QAing PPC/server.  But not in the next day or two, no. ;)23:06
cjwatsonskaet: did you see anything I said from "I know it may not necessarily fit exactly right now" onwards?23:06
Davieyinfinity: Do you think people actually care about running powerpc with server flavour?23:09
skaetcjwatson, nope - didn't see that comment either.23:09
Davieyinfinity: Or would mini.iso be enough to bootstrap people?23:09
infinityDaviey: Given that most powerpc hardware you can still buy is either embedded or server-class, and nothing in between, yeah.23:10
cjwatson<cjwatson> I know it may not necessarily fit exactly right now, but if somebody could run 'UBUNTU_DEFAULTS_LOCALE=zh_CN buildlive ubuntu daily-live' on antimony at some point and let me worry about any failures, that would be great23:10
cjwatson<cjwatson> er, incidentally, what happened to that debian-installer upload?  nobody's done it23:10
cjwatson<cjwatson> and it's needed for any alternate/server rebuilds23:10
cjwatson<cjwatson> bah, those rebuild markers in the pad are wrong23:10
infinityDaviey: But, okay, that's fair.  I'm just as happy with netinst, personally.  As are most datacentre types.23:10
cjwatson<cjwatson> fixed them23:10
Davieyinfinity: Really?  You can still buy power*PC* server hardware?23:10
Davieynot POWER, but powerpc?23:10
infinityDaviey: All the same architecture.23:10
cjwatsonand as you can see I've also uploaded debian-installer now; review appreciated23:10
skaetcjwatson,  d-i dependency wasn't on the etherpad.   drat.23:11
infinityDaviey: (The two in my house happen to be POWER, but whatever)23:11
cjwatsonskaet: yep.  it is now.23:11
skaetheh,  hadn't kicked those ones off, since still missing i386 linux.23:11
Davieyinfinity: So power can be the same as powerpc.. but it's not optimised, etc.23:11
cjwatsonDaviey: don't buy everything you're told by the manufacturer :-)23:11
Davieycjwatson: am i wrong?23:12
Davieyis power == powerpc for this?23:12
cjwatsonDaviey: our i386 and amd64 flavours aren't hyper-optimised to run only on the very most modern Intel chips either23:12
infinityDaviey: I prefer a 32-bit PPC distro to something "power-optimised", to be fair.23:12
cjwatsonand sure, you'd get a few more percent out of them that way, no doubt, but there's value in compatibility too23:12
infinityDaviey: (With a 64-bit kernel, obviously)23:12
infinitycjwatson: Well, you gain a few percent and lose a few, in all 32->64 cases that aren't amd64.23:13
cjwatsonit's only with extremely recent hardware that people I trust to know what they're talking about have started saying that it's worthwhile running a 64-bit userspace on POWER systems23:13
infinitycjwatson: The only reason amd64 is so shiny is because of all those yummy new registers.23:13
skaetcjwatson is zh_CN desktop safe to run in parallel with  lubuntu/kubuntu desktop builds?23:13
cjwatsonskaet: only one livefs build can run at a time; the others will block23:14
infinity(But, in the POWER case, you do get some nice new optimisations that can canel out the bloated memory usage)23:14
infinityDaviey: Ultimately, the point is "yes, we run on POWER". :)23:14
cjwatsoninfinity: oh, sure, but a lot of the "not optimised" is also "not -march=power7"23:14
slangasekskaet: multiarch documentation added to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OneiricOcelot/TechnicalOverview23:14
skaetcjwatson,  as soon as lubuntu/kubuntu desktop is finished,  will queue it up.23:14
skaetslangasek.   Thanks!  :)23:14
cjwatsonskaet: thanks23:14
cjwatsoninfinity: and I think that's at least somewhat analogous to -mtune=generic vs. -mtune=core2, say, which was closer to the point I was trying to make - we don't necessarily need absolute shiniest optimisations for a port to be worthwhile23:16
cjwatsonalthough I know that a putative 64-bit userspace port would likely be more heavily optimised23:16
skaetlinux i386 has landed!   woot!   kicking those alternates off now.  :)23:16
infinitycjwatson: Yeah.  And I'm happy with ppc32 remaining generic enough to run on an old G3, if we can have a super-shiny POWER7-targetted ppc64.23:18
infinitycjwatson: But that also means I'll end up wanting the genering ppc32 build on my (not exactly obsolete) POWER5 systems. :)23:19
infinityI think my fingers are tired.23:21
skaetDaviey,  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OneiricOcelot/ReleaseImageContacts,  turns out powerpc wasn't in the list for server,  no need to release note it.23:24
cjwatsonwe should seriously not be having multi-hour discussions about a non-Canonical-supported architecture, anyway23:28
cjwatsonif it doesn't work, move on23:28
cjwatsonpeople can catch up if they want to work on fixing it23:28
cjwatsoninfinity: don't suppose you could review debian-installer?23:37
infinitycjwatson: Can and will.23:38
infinityAnd ack on the discussion.23:38
infinityI intend to fix it on my PowerStation in my spare time "some day". :P23:38
infinitycjwatson: Looks good to me.  You're ready to let it build?  I haven't been watching kernel builds.23:41
cjwatsoninfinity: yeah, the kernel's in place23:43
infinitycjwatson: Accepted, then.23:43
infinityI'm technically "off" for the day, but I'll be around all evening if people need reviews/etc.  Just nick higlight me.23:46
infinity(And I'll still be mucking with things too... So, whatever.  Just expect slightly longer response times)23:46
skaetgilir, lubuntu alternate (20110830.1) and lubuntu desktop (20110830.2) posted23:58

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