arrrghhhthat fixed it tho, thanks.00:00
qman__that's something you'd do to work around encrypted homes00:00
qman__or other weird cases where the home directory isn't available00:00
arrrghhhi think i was just being difficult00:00
arrrghhhand trying to do things on my own00:00
arrrghhhand i didn't understand the gravity of what i was doing ;)00:00
arrrghhhi'm slowly starting to grasp this whole pub/priv key auth.00:00
arrrghhhnot sure why it's taking me so long to wrap my head around it, usually this stuff isn't so difficult for me.00:01
arrrghhhbut i do appreciate the help, i am now auth'ing at least from my work PC to my server.  now i just need to add the rest & disable password-based auth.  thanks again!00:01
uvirtbotNew bug: #837085 in nagios-plugins (main) "hardened build option lost in debian/control" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/83708500:11
smoserDaviey, bug 833783 is your boot failure00:19
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 833783 in initramfs-tools "boot failure: can't open /root/dev/console: no such file" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/83378300:19
Davieysmoser: ta00:19
smoserit seems like a legit race in initramfs to me.00:20
davros-_any suggestions?00:35
StevenRdavros-_: fix one problem at a time?00:38
StevenRwell, start by fixing eth1, then fix dhcpd, then the other bits that don't work00:40
davros-_eth1 isn't rally an issue, that ifconfig is after a reboot00:41
davros-_unless eth1 is supposed to hold its settings after reboots00:42
StevenRif you want to run dhcpd and give out IP addresses from that interface, then it's going to need to00:43
davros-_ahhh ok kinda thought that too00:43
StevenRyou can't have a dhcp server on a dynamic IP, it's just not going to work00:44
StevenRor a "no-ip" interface00:44
davros-_how would eth1 be setup to hold an ip00:45
StevenRby editing the interfaces file appropriately00:46
StevenR/etc/network/interfaces or similar00:46
StevenRwhere's that from?00:47
davros-_oops that's from dhcpe interfaces I belive00:48
StevenRwell. Fix your interfaces file for starters :)00:48
* StevenR goes to bed00:50
davros-_you bee around Wednesday during the day StevenR?00:50
CluelessPersonhey all01:42
CluelessPersonfor some reason I can't connect to samba now01:42
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Arrickhey all... How easy is it to install lts 10.04 on an hp proliant ml350?02:06
JadedJacobhi, has anyone ever used the ddrescue program to recover files from a failing hard drive.02:13
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ryoohkii notice that after i set a raw partition to be crw-rw-rw- it reverts to crw-rw---- .04:16
ryoohkii  there  a seperate process or file in /etc controlling this?04:19
ryoohkiactually, i menat brw-rw-...04:20
* RoyK += 0xc0ffee06:50
jamespagejcastro: it did but it may be broken as I've not spent time updating to support service exposure - I'll look today07:36
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trapmaxHow do i fix these: "File descriptor 15 (socket:[6111]) leaked on lvremove invocation. Parent PID 20901: /bin/bash" notifications, when running a script from crontab? If i manually run it, there is no notification08:08
uvirtbotNew bug: #816972 in glance (universe) "Packaging needs to be updated to take glance-scrubber into account" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81697208:36
smoserso how do we look for beta ?08:39
Davieysmoser: 'OK' .. not perfect.. but 'OK'08:41
smoseris there any reason why we would not want to start ISO testing for ec2 images ?08:42
DavieyI don't think there is anything blocking that.. Have you asked utlemming the same?08:42
jamespagelynxman: around?08:46
lynxmanjamespage: indeed :)08:51
jamespagelynxman: and how are you today?08:51
lynxmanjamespage: very good sir, enjoying my extra week in London due to natural disasters ;)08:52
lynxmanjamespage: and you?08:52
jamespagelynxman: good thanks - refreshed after a week off08:52
jamespageso I'm patch piloting today and came across bug 82093608:53
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 820936 in apache2 "Virtual server setup breaks Rewrite Rules" [Low,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82093608:53
lynxmanjamespage: oh goodie08:53
jamespagelynxman: I was a little confused - the bug is marked fixed released - merge proposal still outstanding - is it still needed?08:54
jamespagelooks like it is to me - but wanted to check with you first08:55
lynxmanjamespage: oh yes, my mistake on that one, needs to be merged08:56
jamespagelynxman: OK - leave it with me and I will review08:56
lynxmanjamespage: lovely, can't be in better hands08:57
jamespageflattering but probably untrue :-)08:57
smoserutlemming wont wake for a while, but last night things looked in order.08:57
lynxmanjamespage: It is true in my head ;)08:59
lynxmansmoser: congratulations on getting the +1 from cody, I'm officially impressed08:59
CluelessPersonhey guys08:59
CluelessPersonwhat's the program used to remotely manage sql databases?09:00
smoseri would think most of that is due to the vast bug list output which is a result of Daviey's script that scrapes archive update mailing lists.09:00
smoserCluelessPerson, there are probably lots.  'mysql' is one.09:00
CluelessPersonI have my server running mysql09:01
CluelessPersonand I don't remember the name of the remote editor I had09:01
CluelessPersonYou could monitor, configure, alter and setup permissions and users for the databases09:01
smoserphpMyAdmin perhaps09:07
Davieysmoser: Are you core now? (minus the admin)09:11
smoserwell i have 5 "+1" and no -1. so i think i match quorum09:13
lynxmansmoser: Daviey: oh can I have a copy of the script?09:17
a_okhow do I upgrade from 10.4 to 10.10?09:19
a_okdistupgrade does not seem to be available anymore09:19
maxbIt ought to be09:23
maxbwhat do you mean when you say "not available" ?09:24
Davieylynxman: script?09:27
lynxman<smoser> i would think most of that is due to the vast bug list output which is a result of Daviey's script that scrapes archive update mailing lists. <-- that09:28
smoserlynxman, i'll find it on 2 requests09:28
smosera.) you add crawling of the archive and storing in local database09:29
smoserb.) you add a query mechanism for seeing a person's activity during an arbitrary time frame09:29
Davieylynxman: You really don't want it.09:30
Davieyit's crap.09:30
smoserits useful crap09:30
DavieyI'm actually wondering ultimate debian database exposes this now anyway09:30
smoserand it will be more useful and less crap when he adds my two feature requests09:30
Davieysmoser: I'm scared to touch it. RoAkSoAx touched-it-last, which means he is the new maintainer09:31
smoserlynxman, your silence indicates you agree to my demands09:32
lynxmansmoser: I was having coffee, but I do agree :)09:32
smoserthat is my local diff, so i had nothing useful09:33
smoserDaviey, do we have a UDD for ubuntu?09:33
Davieysmoser: Some Ubuntu data is now posted there.09:34
DavieyThanks to the ever awesome Laney.09:34
Davieysmoser: bah, who needs a shebang09:35
smoserDaviey, yeah, i see that.09:35
smoserhttp://udd.debian.org/schema/udd.html doesn't seem to have changelogs though.09:35
smoseror did i just miss it.09:35
smoserDaviey, if search_uploads could incrementally crawl archives, and stored data in a db, it would not be crap.09:36
lynxmansmoser: Daviey: you both were right, the script is crap, very useful crap though09:37
Davieysmoser: bah, seems you are correct.09:37
smoserlynxman just couldn't pass up a free pass at calling Daviey's work 'crap' (i wouldn't have been able to either)09:37
Davieysmoser: Yeah, make a web frontend for it; and expose an API for people to query.09:37
DavieyCould call it 'Launchpod' and have python bindings called launchpodlib09:38
* smoser reboots, hoping beyond hope, that this time when he logs in compiz wont leak memory like its going out of style.09:39
Ursinhagood morning folks09:39
lynxmanUrsinha: bom dia09:39
Ursinhalynxman: bon dia :)09:40
linociscohow to build mail server for windows clients? I have installed [mail server] option during fresh installation. then dpkg-reconfigure postifix. and then telnet localhost 25 fine. and then ??09:40
lynxmanDaviey: sorry for having a free go at your script, I like it though :)09:40
linociscomail clients will be outlook express or outlook09:40
Davieylynxman: no, it's dirty. It was under a no-free licence to start with.. :)09:42
lynxmanDaviey: I'm afraid to touch it now09:42
lynxmanDaviey: although it's never too late to create the GDaBPL09:42
lynxmanDaviey: (Give Daviey a Beer Public License)09:42
Davieycrack on... the reason for it to be non-free was to allow me to not show it in public :)09:44
DavieyThen RoAkSoAx moaned.. so i let him have it.09:44
DavieyThankfully smoser is the new maintainer, as he patched it last.09:44
lynxmanDaviey: oh boy, so if I patch it I'll be the new maintainer?09:45
smoserlocal diffs do not count.09:47
smoserthat just makes me a leach09:47
lynxmansmoser: you cheat09:48
lynxmansmoser: or shall I say... core-cheat09:48
Davieylynxman: It does count, sorry - it's derived works. However, don't worry, as you will have the shortest tenure yet.09:56
a_okOk there are to many conflickting guides out there09:57
a_okI did a edit of the sources file (from lucid to karmic) and apt-get update; apt-get upgrade failes09:58
jamespagelynxman: not sure switching to _default_:80 actually resolves the bug report TBH - http://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.2/mod/mod_rewrite.html#vhosts09:58
Davieya_ok: That is generally a bad idea.09:58
a_okDaviey: yeah I noticed. luckaly it failed on fetching so I sould be able to revert it09:59
lynxmanjamespage: it actually does, I had this problem myself in the past09:59
a_okDaviey: how do I get rebuild my repository cash?09:59
Davieya_ok: So Lucid is still supported, Karmic is End Of Life.09:59
a_okDaviey: sorry ment maverick09:59
Davieya_ok: I'm confused.. you are/were(?) upgrading from what to what?10:00
jamespagelynxman: I think that might be true for apache < 2.210:00
a_okupgrading from lucid to maverick10:00
a_okand than to 11.410:01
jamespagebut I can't get globally defined rewrite rules to apply unless I add the options to each virtualhost as described above10:01
a_okI got a better upgrade guide now but I need to restore my apt stuff10:01
lynxmanjamespage: option 2 is create a global VH and import, which I've done as well10:01
a_okapt-get udate fails10:01
lynxmanjamespage: nonetheless is good practice to have _default_:80 instead of *:8010:01
Davieya_ok: sudo apt-get update | pastebinit10:01
a_okDaviey: its because I edited the sources.list and did a succefull apt get update with the maverick repositories10:02
jamespagelynxman: I agree that _default_ is good practice as it make virtualhosts behave nicely with each other  - just not sure we are actually addressing the bug10:03
jamespageor that we should be10:03
lynxmanjamespage: I see your point, I still think it should be merged and then a word of caution given towards that practice?10:03
DavieyIn general, increasing the delta with Debian is bad karma.10:08
jamespagelynxman: assuming that Daviey's comment was directed at our conversation then I don't think we should merge this change.10:12
jamespagerewrites are notorious in my experience for creating unexplained server behaviour10:12
lynxmanalright, reject the merge then10:12
jamespageand although I think that it makes sense to switch to _default_ we should try a push this to Debian first IMHO10:13
jamespageit does not provide enough value to risk maintaining an Ubuntu delta10:13
lynxmanjamespage: I do agree10:14
jamespagelynxman: coolio - lemme updates bugs/merge proposals etc... inline with our conversation - would you like to submit a bug to Debian to request the change?10:15
lynxmanjamespage: never did :)10:16
trapmaxanyone have experience with confluence's scroll wiki pdf exporter -plugin?10:19
trapmaxand more specifically its problem with scandinavian alphabet10:21
a_okDaviey: sorry got called away10:25
linociscoI tried dpkg-reconfigure postfix. in one step, i am being asked that root and postmaster mail recipient entry10:25
linociscodo I need to enter or leave that blank ?10:25
a_okIll be back later10:25
linociscohow to copy data from server to flash drive ? rsync -avP server flashdrive ?10:33
ersilinocisco: If you want something even simpler.. just mv or cp data there... it's a regular block device10:57
ersilinocisco: but rsync is a good idea, it's made for robustness and error checking10:57
smoserlinocisco, most likely rsync -avP is going to fail for you11:01
smoserunless you've formated your flash drive with ext3 or some sane filesystem rather than FAT3211:02
linociscosmoser: mine is with FAT3211:02
linociscohi. telnet example.org 25 is not working. it sid could not resolve. name or service not known11:09
Davieysmoser: You fixed sbuild to not need root, right?11:09
linociscoplease let me know fix for my question11:13
ersilinocisco: And if you'd do a "nslookup example.org" what are your output?11:19
linociscoersi:  I got dns server address of my computer.    x.x.x.x#5311:26
linociscoersi: *** server can't find example.org11:26
ersiYeah, not strange at all actually. Since it's a system that doesn't have internet connectivity. You got two options; Either add 'example.org' with the machines local IP or localhost to /etc/hosts or your local DNS server or; Don't use example.org11:28
smb(is over)12:29
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smbzul, Any progress on your xenification? :)12:30
zulnot yet..i been blocked by an ncurses issue when rebuilding xen12:31
hggdhDaviey: good morning12:32
smbzul, I guess I should not update my o-server then as it seems to still work... :-P But I guess all it would gain is some company while stepping from one pitfall into the next...12:33
Davieyhggdh: Hello!12:33
zulsmb: it would be so much better if you could do it in a vm12:34
hggdhDaviey: a very good afternoon for you, and we can chat whenever you want12:34
Davieyhggdh: Okay.. give me 15 mins?12:36
Davieythen lets cook!12:36
smbzul, Well kvm->xen-dom0->xen-pvm sort of works but slooow... multi-stage hvm unfortunately not (without much cheating)12:36
smbzul, And of course its HVM which is broken beyond belief...12:37
zulsmb:  blah12:37
hggdhDaviey: certainlu12:38
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airtonixyay for chrome crashing when recieving clipboard paste data from across synergy screens12:54
airtonixi was about to paste a critical pastbin url , now my enthusasim has died12:55
airtonixhttp://dpaste.com/605165/ << ok so I'm on a terminal using ssh to a ubuntu 10.10 server and i start typing : cd sr <then tab>12:56
airtonixsuddenly, errors12:56
jamespagejcastro: etherpad-lite formula now fixed - needed a few changes to support 1.0 which was release a few weeks ago + some open-port fu.13:00
Davieyzul: Can you try to generate an RSA key pair on your pandaboard?13:04
DavieySee if that works on it's own?13:04
Davieyzul: It might be a good bug to throw over to racb :)13:05
Davieysay hello racb. :)13:05
zulhey racb13:06
zulyou start today?13:06
racbI do!13:06
Davieyzul: Ah super, a bug against openssl with strace would probably help then :)13:07
Davieyzul: you don't have a ~/.rnd do you?13:07
Davieyand $HOME is valid?13:08
zuloh wait i do have a .rnd13:08
Davieyzul: try rm'ing that13:09
zulstill segfault13:12
Davieyzul: and you have a valid $HOME ?13:13
Davieyzul: Oh wait13:13
Davieythat second pastebin worked?13:13
zulit looks like it13:13
DavieyFix Released \o/13:14
zulstill segfaults though13:16
zullemme try something13:16
zulDaviey: nope still busted13:26
* Daviey blames smoser.13:26
uvirtbotNew bug: #837385 in dhcp3 (main) "hostname from dhcp STILL not set, despite multiple ubuntu fixes and bug reports" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/83738513:27
smoserRoAkSoAx, awake?13:34
smoserkirkland, ?13:34
smosermaybe lynxman knows.13:35
smoserif i use https://launchpad.net/~orchestra/+archive/ppa/+packages13:35
smoserwhere am i supposed to get distro-info13:35
smoser(on natty)13:35
lynxmansmoser: good question, having a look13:36
smoser ubuntu-orchestra-provisioning-server : Depends: distro-info but it is not installable13:37
lynxmansmoser: hah, is that only avail in Oneiric?13:37
lynxmansmoser: so looks like this is a bug13:37
lynxmanRoAkSoAx is carrying most of the Orchestra work now though13:37
lynxmanwhile he's not fighting hurricanes13:38
smoserppa:udt-developers/daily seems to be ok13:38
smoserbummer. i tlooks like that ppa is busted.13:44
smoserubuntu orchestra is depending on some cobbler stuff too13:44
smoserandreserl, you used https://launchpad.net/~orchestra/+archive/ppa/+packages lately?13:44
RoAkSoAxsmoser: yeah what's up13:45
RoAkSoAxsmoser: maverick/lucid should ftbfs in the ppa13:45
smosernatty builds, but cobbler is expecting ubuntu-cobbler-import13:46
smoserand orchetra wants distro-info13:46
smoserwhich is not available in archive13:46
RoAkSoAxsmoser: ok, will look into that, thanks for pointing me out13:51
smoserRoAkSoAx, and now, trying to import an oneiric, cobberl is moaning at me that os-version is not one of dapper -> natty13:54
RoAkSoAxsmoser: yeah I'm gonna upload cobbler's oneiric to that PPA for natty13:54
smoserRoAkSoAx, there is broken (inverted) logic in cobber-ubuntu-import on creation of ISO_DIR13:56
zulDaviey: ok its fixed now13:58
zulDaviey: python-greenlet was causing it to segfault on arm13:59
Davieyzul: how/why?  Have a patch?14:00
DavieyWas it the monkey patching?14:00
zulDaviey: its arm specific...ill upload it after the beta14:00
zulim up to 3 patches so far14:00
RoAkSoAxsmoser: k14:01
smoserRoAkSoAx, even after i add 'oneiric' to 2 places so that it is a heard of release, it complains to me14:11
RoAkSoAxsmoser: where are you adding it14:12
RoAkSoAxsmoser: did you start cobbler?14:12
RoAkSoAxerr re-start14:12
smoseryes after adding oneiric14:12
RoAkSoAxsmoser: http://paste.ubuntu.com/678007/14:13
smoseryeah, thats what i did14:15
smoserbut after restart it failed like i pated14:15
smoserso that worked on the enxt run. i dont know why.  now, if all i did was install orchestra-provisioning-server, should i be able to tftp boot if my dhcp server has this server as 'next-server'?14:16
smoseri answered 'no' to the dhcp/dns question14:16
smoserDaviey, did you have a bug link for the possible loss of amis on canonistack?14:16
RoAkSoAxsmoser: if you answered no, you still need someone that gives dhcp, and that dhcp server should tell that the PXE is cobbler14:16
RoAkSoAxsmoser: so, yes14:17
RoAkSoAxsmoser: it should still be able to pxe14:17
smoserRoAkSoAx, do you know how i tell dd-wrt to do next-server equivalent?14:18
smoserah. never mind.14:19
Davieysmoser, i do not remember deleteing the one mentioned here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/nova/+bug/83170414:19
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 831704 in nova "No validation of arch type on image upload" [Wishlist,Confirmed]14:19
zulsmoser: ping when you do cloud-publish-tarball is the architecture hardcoded?14:24
RoAkSoAxsmoser: yeah it is easy14:24
smoserzul, no.14:24
zulsmoser: ok good14:24
smoseryou can pass it, or it guesses based on name14:25
smoserbut it might say GTH if you tell it to do arm14:25
RoAkSoAxsmoser: add to dns masq dhcp-boot=pxelinux.0,,<ip-iof-pxe>14:25
smoseryeah, thats what i did.14:25
robbiewDaviey: any sign of Robie?14:25
smoseri think that i'm missing a kickstart or something that is causing that pasteibin that i showed, RoAkSoAx14:25
smoserzul, it looks to me like it will just pass whatever you give it on trhough (after changing amd64 -> x86_64)14:26
Davieyrobbiew: Yes.. robbiew meat racb14:27
robbiewah ha14:27
RoAkSoAxsmoser: are you sure it didn't import the ISO? it might have imported it but still showing the error14:27
racbActually I'm trying to be rbasak14:27
=== racb is now known as rbasak
Davieybah, racb was better :)14:28
rbasakOnly my launchpad account is stuck on racb14:28
rbasakAnd shell accounts are rbasak now14:28
smoseri think it did import but is showing the error, you're right14:28
smoserRoAkSoAx, but in kickstarts in the web ui, i dont see a 'nqi'14:28
smosershould i? or , how do i?14:28
smoseras that is really why i'm doing this14:28
RoAkSoAxsmoser: there should be either a ubuntu-server.seed or a ensemble.preseed14:28
RoAkSoAxsmoser: both are Non Questions Asks preseed14:29
rbasakMy attempt at clarity in this matter might have just failed completely :-/14:29
=== ejat- is now known as ejat
RoAkSoAxsmoser: cobbler on orchestra's PPA should be published soon, it already finish building14:30
robbiewrbasak: changing LP ID /should/ be easy, unless you have PPAs14:30
rbasakrobbiew: I have PPAs14:31
rbasak(some of which are public)14:31
* rbasak thought everyone would have PPAs!14:32
kernelpanickerCan anyone suggest something for spam to use on 10.05 lucid server with postfix/dovecot/mailman?14:32
robbiewrbasak: ah...then we can still change it14:33
robbiewjust takes some LP magic ;)14:33
robbiewonce you get @canonical.com address and access to the internal irc/wiki, we can get that done14:34
* robbiew recently changed his from robbie.w to robbiew ;)14:34
rbasakrobbiew: I'm sorted with those, but won't that break published PPA URLs?14:37
robbiewrbasak: nope...they do some sort of cut-and-paste magic14:37
robbiewI have a public PPA14:37
rbasakwhat with an HTTP 301 or somethign?14:37
robbiewthough I wonder if they do a redirect14:38
robbiewI think you can keep the old id for that purpose14:38
robbiewI dunno...we can just ask and see what happens14:38
robbiewit's just software ;)14:38
smoserRoAkSoAx, so sorry to be annoyhing14:46
smoserbut how will this avoid the install loop ?14:46
smoseri dont see a "turn off install late command"14:46
RoAkSoAxsmoser: no worries ;)14:46
RoAkSoAxsmoser: uhmmm what preseed are you using?14:46
RoAkSoAxsmoser: there's a snippet for that14:47
smoseri was just looking at /etc/cobbler/ubuntu-server.preseed14:48
smosershouldn't that be the default behavior ? or are we expecting to primarily ship this to system builders that want to test burn-in14:48
RoAkSoAxsmoser: if that's so, we would have to ship that snippet in cobbler14:49
RoAkSoAxsmoser: but yes, I think it probably should. gonna add it14:49
zulhallyn: ping when you are around14:57
=== himcesjf1 is now known as himcesjf
uvirtbotNew bug: #837443 in samba (main) "package samba-common 2:3.4.7~dfsg-1ubuntu3.7 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/83744315:01
hallynzul: i'm around15:01
zulhallyn: cool....are you still testing the libvirt FFE15:02
hallynzul: I'm still working on a setup where I can do so yes :)15:04
hallynI tried on an ec2 instance, but with the current libvirt half of the tests failed15:04
zulhallyn: heh ok thats all i need to know.15:04
hallynwhy do you ask?15:05
hallynif you want to try running the qa-regression-tests on your end, and beat me to it, that'd be great15:05
zulhallyn: ill have a debdiff i need included for arm15:08
* hallyn should finally be able to get his pandaboards working, just needs to pick up some cables at frys15:09
FKmanhello all, i have problem with installing ubuntu 11.04 Server on Xen. Can anybody help me with ?15:09
zulhallyn: ill grab it from your ppa and send you a debdiff is that ok?15:09
zulhallyn: 0.9.4 ftbfs for me just as a heads up15:10
hallynzul: sounds great, thanks15:12
hallynwas the ftbfs in configure with some libxml error that didn't make sense?15:12
hallyn(I got that building git HEAD last week by hand)15:12
zulhallyn: testsuite failure15:12
CluelessPersonhow do you setup an easy and temporary port forward?15:34
CluelessPersonas in  sudo ufw portforward 9001
UrsinhaCluelessPerson: it depends.. if your computes is accessed directly, you can use the old but gold iptables command line15:35
Ursinhaor that15:35
* Ursinha goes google ufw15:35
jdstrandactually, ufw doesn't do port forwards via the cli yet15:35
jdstrandyou can do them with the ufw-framework15:35
CluelessPersonI'm at my brother's house15:36
jdstrandsee 'man ufw-framework' which has examples for port forwarding and where to do it15:36
CluelessPersonSSHing to my server, behind a router.15:36
CluelessPersonI need to access the router firewall and change it15:36
UrsinhaCluelessPerson: you might be able to do that via web interface15:36
Ursinhathe router one15:36
Ursinharedirecting router ports, not your computer15:37
UrsinhaCluelessPerson: have you tried that?15:38
CluelessPersonUrsinha  problem is the web interface isn't enabled for remote15:44
CluelessPersononly lan15:44
CluelessPersonUrsinha  sorry for long replay15:44
CluelessPersonI have to sleep15:46
kernelpanickerwhere does spamassassin log in ubuntu lucid?15:50
patdk-wkno where15:50
patdk-wkunless your using spamd, then mail.log15:51
kernelpanickerok... that's why I couldn't find it... how does one monitor what it's doing?15:51
kernelpanickerok thks15:51
patdk-wkmonitor? it's a client program when you run it, it tells you what it did15:51
uvirtbotNew bug: #837482 in libaio (main) "package libaio-dev (not installed) failed to install/upgrade: tentative de remplacement de « /usr/include/libaio.h », qui appartient aussi au paquet libaio:i386 0.3.104-1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/83748215:51
DavieyServer Team meeting starting in #ubuntu-meeting now16:01
airtonixsweet! haven't restarted and /dev/null is yet again unwritable by anyone but root16:06
airtonixawesome :>16:06
b0nghittrwould it be possible for the server team to contact Adobe and help them officially support Ubuntu server for their Adobe Flash Media Server? atm they only support RHEL and centos, and needs tweaking to work properly on ubuntu. it would be very helpful.16:08
RoyKairtonix: pastebin `ls -l /dev/null`16:12
airtonixRoyK: http://dpaste.com/605266/16:13
RoyKairtonix: that's wierd16:14
RoyKairtonix: it should be 66616:14
RoyKairtonix: which ubuntu release is this?16:14
airtonixRoyK: 10.1016:14
RoyKairtonix: check /etc/udev.d16:14
airtonixRoyK: i found that on a previous occasion this returned the /dev/null to a usable state for users : http://dpaste.com/605269/16:15
airtonixchecking udev now16:15
RoyKairtonix: no need to recreate the device - a chmod should do well16:15
airtonixRoyK: http://dpaste.com/605271/16:16
RoyKgrep for null in there16:16
airtonixRoyK: http://dpaste.com/605272/16:16
airtonixRoyK: http://dpaste.com/605274/16:17
RoyKcould it be this one? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/udev/+bug/6303116:18
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 63031 in udev "/dev/null: Permission denied" [Undecided,Fix released]16:18
airtonixRoyK: yes it seems to describe my situation as i read the comments16:23
RoyKthe quick-and-dirty fix is to add chmod 0666 /dev/null to /etc/rc.local16:24
RoyKthe _good_ fix is to find out whatever changed the /dev/null perms :P16:25
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lynxmanDaviey: SpamapS: RoAkSoAx: smoser: Have you guys seen this? Trying to install Oneiric server daily (2011-08-26) into an HP DL360 http://lynxman.net/oneiric-ko.png17:01
smoserno. but it obviously went read-only.17:02
smosertheres probably more info further up17:02
smoserif you're in a sane virtual machine, you can shift pageup17:02
lynxmansmoser: it's a bare metal thorugh iLO17:02
SpamapSsounds like he's on a DL360 :)17:02
smoserany way to get more console?17:02
SpamapSboot to recovery shell.. investigate17:03
smoserthat bit only tells us what i told you.17:03
lynxmanSpamapS: k,will go that way :)17:04
lynxmansmoser: trying to get more console, although this environment is pretty limited17:04
SpamapSthe older iLO's actually had a better interface than newer ones17:05
SpamapSthey would scrape the VGA text mode perfectly into an SSH session17:05
SpamapSnewer ones just use serial17:05
lynxmanSpamapS: yeah, bit of a pain :/17:07
Ursinhafrak, forgot the mumble thing17:08
RoyKthe newer iLOs have crapware and requires an additional license to do the job properly17:10
lynxmanfrak, the message goes away too fast :(17:12
Davieylynxman: on a call :/17:12
hallynjdstrand: when I run qa-regression-test against regular libvirt on ec2, I get 8 failures.  expected?17:29
crassanyone know if a simple c program to test for 64-bit registers (which I assume means I can run 64-bit progams)?17:38
jdstrandhallyn: last upload I did there were no failures. I don't do it in ec2 though...17:44
jdstrandhallyn: actually, that shoudl be the last version I tested in oneiric. I don't recall which that was17:45
jdstrandhallyn: can you paste? I will try a run now17:45
SpamapScrass: I doubt uname would lie to you.. 'man 2 uname'17:49
crassok, so I believe then that I'm running in 32-bit mode, can I just install a 64-bit kernel to be able to run in 64-bit mode (my processor supports it)17:55
hallynjdstrand: http://paste.ubuntu.com/678188/18:04
jdstrandhallyn: I think you don't have everything installed18:05
jdstrandhallyn: try: sudo ./test-libvirt.py setup-all18:05
* jdstrand is running it now18:06
jdstrand(the whole thing, not just setup-all :)18:06
hallynjdstrand: d'oh, didn't know about that one :)  thanks, trying18:09
crasshallyn: is there a reason not to run your libvirt packages for Oneiric on Natty?18:09
hallyncrass: there may be, actually,18:10
hallyncrass: not bc of my changes, but bc of the change to use libnl318:10
crassok, glad I checked. What package is now using libnl3 (not familiar with that lib)18:10
jdstrandhallyn: it's new (as of several-quite a few weeks). I got tired of all the setup18:10
crasshallyn: also, would it be possible to get the ubuntu-virt libvirt package to build successfully?18:11
hallyncrass: libvirt itself...18:12
hallyni didn't know it was failing18:12
crass(I think it just needs libxen-dev on the build machine)18:12
crasshallyn: do you know what version of libvirt that changed in? 0.9.4?18:12
hallynit's a change specific to the current oneiric version of libvirt's packaging.  (if you mean libnl3)18:13
hallynit's not in upstream git yet18:13
hallynlibxen-dev is in build-depends, so it should be there for the ppa build...18:14
crasshallyn: I don't know, that's what it says here: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-virt/+archive/ppa/+build/2651532 :(18:15
hallyncrass: ok.  i hit 'retry build' as that may have been a transient error, but it's kind of an old version relative to oneiric so it might be worht trying again with ubuntu1118:17
hallynoh, no18:17
hallyncrass: libxen-dev doesn't exist before oneiric :)18:17
hallynso the packaging has to be updated for the ppa18:17
crasshallyn: I don't understand, if libxen-dev didn't exist before oneiric, then why would those packages complain about needing them? since they are before Oneiric18:18
crassis it an easy fix?18:19
hallyni can't get to it today, but should be simple18:19
* crass is not familiar with the ppa build process18:19
hallyncrass: the package says "i need libxen-dev'.18:19
crassoh, so those packages are updated to build for oneiric?18:19
crasshallyn: I also wanted to get your opinion on the state of your spice packages, is it worth trying to use them at this point? ie are the better than the normal libvirt stuff from natty?18:21
hallyncrass: hopefully the debian spice packages will get merged soon.  I"d just wait.18:22
hallyn'better' depends on what you mean18:22
crassbetter performance and user experience18:22
hallynspice just provides better remote graphics, if you have high bandwidth to support it18:22
hallynif users want video, then yes.18:22
crassok, so its mainly for doing video and 3d-graphics, but otherwise you won't notice much difference?18:23
koolhead17hi all18:23
koolhead17RoAkSoAx: hey there18:23
crassawesome, looks like I don't need to mess with it then, thanks18:23
crasshowever, I would very much appreciate a repo with the latest (or as close to the current releases as I can) libvirt and qemu for natty18:24
koolhead17RoAkSoAx: " d-i preseed/late_command string "  is  awesome, i did all the ip address and other done with it, instead doing anything with dhcp server natively18:25
crasshallyn: would it be any easier and/or could you provide natty builds for your virt repo? (It has qemu 0.15 and libvirt 0.9.3)18:26
hallynno, it wouldn't18:28
crasshaha, ok, I should look into setting up my own ppa18:28
hallynhere lemme just try s/libxen-dev/libxen3-dev/ and pushing to ubuntu-virt18:28
crasshopefully its that simple18:29
hallyndid qemu-kvm in that repo build?18:29
hallynwell it's probably behind anyway, so i'll push that too18:29
hallynonly for natty right now, if you need lucid pls ping me on that18:30
crassnaw, just natty for me18:30
adam_gDaviey: i finished up that cobbler-enroll work @ lp:~gandelman-a/+junk/cobbler-enroll . it does everything the original did, and should be easily extended to meet orchestras needs.18:30
adam_ghggdh: ^18:30
jdstrandhallyn: ok, I had one failure do to a virtinst change18:33
jdstrandhallyn: path was changed. I'll fix and commit18:33
hallynjdstrand: is that this one:18:34
hallynFAIL: test_virt_install_location (__main__.LibvirtTestVirtinst)18:34
hallynnext to try the candidate :)18:35
hallynjdstrand: say, while i have your ear, can you think of any reason why sshd, during a connect attempt, would fail setgid(0) = -EPERM ?18:35
jdstrandnot otoh. is it confined in some way? (MAC, etc) it needs CAP_SETGID18:37
hallynno, capsh --print shows root has that...18:37
hallynok, thx18:38
Davieyadam_g: great stuff!  I'll grok that shortly.18:38
jdstrandthese things use to be able to fail under resource pressure iirc18:38
jdstrandhallyn: ^18:38
hallyni was wondering that18:38
jdstrandyou'd know better than I, but I thought that got fixed lately18:38
jdstrandI don't know off-hand if that is in oneiric. I wonder if the fix isn't as robust as it should be18:39
hallyndoesn't ring a bell.  and no OOM messages in syslog.  But, bumped memory limit by a fact of 10, maybe it'll help18:40
hallyncrass: both pushed.  will take awhile to build i assume18:42
philipballewhow would i stream video files on my desktop to my laptop.18:43
philipballewto make my own youtube basically18:43
crasshallyn: thanks a mil, hopefully that will fix the build18:45
* genii-around slides Tm_T a congratulatory beverage18:52
jdstrandhallyn: fyi, this is what I was thinking of: http://git.kernel.org/?p=linux/kernel/git/torvalds/linux.git;a=commit;h=72fa59970f8698023045ab0713d66f3f4f96945c18:54
* Tm_T thanks, bows, and feel very honored and humble18:54
hallynjdstrand: well tbh i'm not sure what ssh is doing makes sense (pointing to a possible configuration problem)19:02
jdstrandhallyn: weird. nothing is jumping out at me. mand setgid says: The calling process is not privileged (does not have the CAP_SETGID capability), and gid does not match the real  group  ID  or  saved  setgroup-ID of the calling process19:10
jdstrandhallyn: fyi, I committed the qrt fix19:10
kirklandtoday's Oneiric server has in the task selection, "Ubuntu desktop USB" ... wtf is that?19:16
jdstranda mistake? :P19:16
hallynjdstrand: hm, i get a lot of 'error: unknown OS type hvm' errors with the new libvirt (23 failures total)19:21
jdstrandhallyn: can you paste?19:24
RoAkSoAxkoolhead17: lol cool ;)19:28
* RoAkSoAx will be back in an hour19:28
koolhead17RoAkSoAx: 3 days ass kicking effort, finally success :D19:29
hallynjdstrand: http://paste.ubuntu.com/678252/19:30
jdstrandhallyn: that doesn't seem so good. all it is doing is defining a VM and failing19:33
jdstrandhallyn: and that is simply a slightly modified libvirt/qatest/qatest.xml19:36
Davieyhallyn: How familar are you with virtio-serial ?19:41
m_tadeuhi...my email is being considered as spam (in hotmail only). the first thing poping to my eye, reading the headers is the Message-ID, which is using xxxx@www.domain.com, instead of xxxx@domain.com. How can I change this?19:45
patdk-wkwhat isn't the issue :)19:46
patdk-wkor unlikely to be the issue19:46
m_tadeumy SPF record seems to be set properly as  "v=spf1 a mx include:mydomain.com ~all"19:51
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hallynDaviey: not at all familiar20:02
Davieyhallyn: Hmm. I need to be able to get a qemu console into a size limited ring buffer on the host.. got any ideas? :)20:03
hallynDaviey: none without research20:04
Davieyhallyn: bug 832507 is pretty serious.. I have commited /a/ fix, but uses a non-standard kernel module.20:06
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 832507 in nova "console.log grows indefinitely" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/83250720:06
crasshallyn: looks like the ubuntu-virt packages require the libnl3-dev as well. Would that be a lot of trouble to add those to natty?20:07
crasserr, I mean the libvirt package from ubuntu-virt20:08
hallynshould just pull that patch converting to use libnl3.20:09
hallyn(for the ppa that is)20:09
hallyncrass: i'll get that pushed ina bout 5 mins20:10
crassthanks hallyn20:20
hallynnp - pushed20:21
kernelpanickerI changed the DNS for my domain but am having problems because the old IP is persisting somewhere in my BIND setup on ubuntu 10.04 here... any suggestions on how to purge all that?20:25
crasskernelpanicker: are you sure that the dns changes have propagated to your server's DNS?20:28
kernelpanickerwell... not sure... I changed the DNS over 4 days ago, but browsing to the site on the LAN takes me to the old server... but nslookup etc are showing it as the new server...20:29
kernelpanickerso I'm assuming it's in my setup here somewhere.20:29
crassnslookup from the lan shows the new server ip?20:31
crassusing which dns server?20:32
crassthe bind server if its properly configured should update its cache20:33
crassie, it shouldn't be authoratative for that domain, just a forwarder20:34
hallynso libvirt-lxc appears to DTRT and symlink /dev/pts/ptmx to /dev/ptmx.  Then, it merrily mounts a new /dev over top of that which gets a simple /dev/ptmx device (which is broken)21:04
zulhallyn: libvirt-lxc mounting has gotten an overhaul in 0.9.421:05
hallynzul: yeah.  though does it do it the right way :)21:08
zulsuch as life :)21:08
hallynzul: i can't get the 0.9.3-5 candidate to even recognize a 'hvm' type xml21:08
hallynzul: so i guess lxcguest for oneiric will have to patch around that.  You ok with that?21:09
zulhallyn: yeah21:09
hallynit's ugly, but...21:09
zulwhatever works21:09
hallynand yeah, seriously.  have you tried the qa-regression-tests on the candidate?21:09
zulnah ive had my plate full21:10
zul...my cup runeth over21:10
hallynzul: good times21:19
bkerensauh oh22:45
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TechnicusHello . . . is there a way to setup the server so that there is a mouse?  I have a server running in a virtual machine and would like to select select and copy text, then paste it to the host operating system.23:58
MacRohardmaybe install gpm ?23:59

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