hggdhah, I will finally be able to use Wubi (I think): my wife's laptop was upgraded to Windows 7, and Microsoft refused to accept the licence (too many installs). Of course, Microsoft licence phone # will refuse to pass on to a live agent, and pretty much00:05
hggdhtold me to go buy a new one.00:05
hggdhSo... my wife decided to go Ubuntu!00:05
hggdh:-) took just 6 years...00:05
hggdhwell, TBH, she asked me if I could install MacOSX first00:07
skaetEdubuntu DVD 20110830 posted.00:44
skaetMythbuntu 20110830 posted01:16
skaetKubuntu desktop (20110830) posted02:03
skaetLubuntu live cd (20110830) posted03:52
skaetKubuntu DVD (20110830) posted03:52
jibelgood morning07:19
jibelubuntu alternate posted to the tracker.07:40
jibeldesktop/server preinstalled omap/omap4 posted07:43
joruHi, i'm experiencing problems with iso.qa.ubuntu.com regarding user password reset / user registration. first of all it does not sync with other QA websites and second i receive no emails when trying to reset password / create new user.10:07
jibeljoru, when did you try ? there was a problem with email notifications yesterday10:21
jorujibel: well i tried it i think two days ago10:37
joruand i tried it about 15 mins ago10:37
jibeljoru, okay thanks. I'll look at it.10:38
jorua few mins ago i got one mail for a new user registration10:39
joruit's been delayed about.. 35 mins10:39
jorui guess you'll see in the logs what i've been trying to do10:39
joruif need be we can take it in pm10:40
joruand i guess integrationi with launcphad/openid is not functional10:41
jorujibel: well thanks anyway.10:41
jibelUbuntu DVDs added to the tracker10:55
jibeljoru, indeed integration with LP would be a nice addition. the code of the tracker is opened and patchs are welcome10:56
jorujibel: yes it would be nice, but for me that is beyond my available time.10:59
jorua side not that made me a bit confused, the text regarding shared user accounts found here is thus a bit misleading (http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/user/register)10:59
jorujibel: qa.ubuntu.com for example swallowed my LP account but not iso.qa.ubuntu.com .. so :)11:00
joruwell well :)11:00
jorui'll pass the ball to someone else :)11:00
joruso before i mock any more i'll see if i can run my first test ever :)11:03
joruOk, i've now tested a live session on usb flash (desktop lubuntu-amd64) and after boot i get problem and system asks me to report. Apport tells me the bug already exists and that I should try dto add further information that might be helpful. How can i display/attach a crash log in this case?11:21
joruthis is the one that happens11:25
ubot4Launchpad bug 122637 in notification-daemon (Ubuntu) "notification-daemon crashed with signal 5 in g_logv() (affects: 2) (dups: 13) (heat: 102)" [Medium,Invalid]11:25
joruI found out how.11:38
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DavieySpamapS: hggdh just rebooted or simialr.. hold fire :)15:31
hggdhjibel: new jockey is now available. No crashes, but the list of proprietary options is empty15:54
hggdhand nvidia-current is installed...15:54
charlie-tcastill getting oneconf-service and oneconf-query crashes after installing Xubuntu i386 alternate16:43
charlie-tcaAppears to be triggered by running "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade"16:54
bdmurrayjibel: your logs in bug 837248 aren't related to the system you are reporting the bug about are they/19:17
jibelbdmurray, you're right, they are not. I reported it from another system.19:44
bdmurrayjibel: that's a wee bit confusing19:44
jibelbdmurray, sorry, I should have deleted the attachments19:44
jibelbdmurray, but the screenshot it correct19:45
bdmurrayright got I was just confused by the Hardy Heron references19:45
jibelbdmurray, I'm a bit worried about bug 837503, could look at it ?19:46
jibelbdmurray, bug 829987, looks like a problem with migration assistant, but I've no m-a capable machine to test.20:11
skaetrebuilding of lubuntu and kubuntu images has started...23:21
skaet lubuntu alternate (20110830.1) and lubuntu desktop (20110830.2) posted23:58

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