andrejzhello dpm!06:27
andrejzi have a question about ddtp06:28
dpmhi andrejz06:28
andrejzhere https://code.launchpad.net/~mvo/ddtp-ubuntu/ddtp-oneiric i can see translations are exported to mvo's branch daily06:28
andrejzwhat i would like to know is when those translations arrive in the software center06:28
andrejzwe translated a lot of ddtp for oneiric and i can't see it in 11.10 yet, so i am wondering whether it's been exported or not06:30
dpmandrejz, I think the best person to ask is mvo. I know he uploads them to the archive from time to time. They are a bit like a package upload, but a special one. So the minute they are uploaded to the archive and you do a refresh of your sources, they then appear on the SC. What I don't know is how often mvo does the uploads06:30
andrejzok, which irc channel do you suggest ot check for mvo?06:31
dpmI'd suggest pinging mvo on #ubuntu-devel (he might not be around until ~9:00), and I'm sure he'll be happy to do an upload06:31
andrejzok, thanks06:32
andrejzdanilos, i tried using nighmonkey.ubuntu.hu page today and i experienced no problems with timeouts at all. Has something changed during this time?06:33
dpmandrejz, for nightmonkey I think you should rather talk with kelemengabor06:34
andrejzdpm, nightmonkey worked as it should06:34
dpmah, I see, the question is LP-related06:35
andrejzjust when performing searches launchpad has been timing out06:35
andrejzand that behaviour became pretty bad a couple of weeks ago (timeout on almost every query)06:35
andrejzbut today it seems great. no timeouts at all !06:35
andrejzso i was wondering if something has changed within launchpad06:37
danilosandrejz, can you please add that comment to the bug report you mentioned earlier? it was likely related to our DB cleanup which made indexes kind of not match well with the actual data, so now that that's been fixed, it works much better07:25
andrejzdanilos i will also try it out at home where i have slower internet connection and if i notice no timeouts there to i will add a comment and suggest to close the bug07:35
danilosandrejz, sure, though timeouts only happen when server is slow to generate a page (we limit our requests to 9s each)07:36
andrejzoh, ok07:37
andrejzdpm, i was wondering who was localized image contact again07:41
andrejzwe started to do some testing and were wondering what changes are allowed to retain offical ubuntu status07:42
dpmandrejz, it's on the FAQ07:43
dpmbtw, the question of official Ubuntu status is still under discussion (also on the FAQ)07:43
dpmthe contact is skaet07:44
andrejzi read the FAQ but i was wondering if there are any changes regarding official Ubuntu status to know what can be done07:46
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