BlueT_freeflying: 好問題! XD00:07
BlueT_freeflying: 這麼早起呀?已經上班了?00:07
freeflyingBlueT_: 我每天6:00起床00:11
BlueT_freeflying: for what? @@00:17
freeflyingBlueT_: to prepare breakfast for my family00:19
BlueT_freeflying: WoW00:43
BlueT_freeflying: such a 新好男人!!00:43
HugoKuohello 04:41
HugoKuoIRC 軟體有什麼推薦的04:42
BlueT_most of us are using irssi + screen :P05:13
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kengyui use xchat09:16
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