HazRPGwoah, that's freaky: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uKiMqRSHIHs00:11
HazRPGI've never managed to do the cross-eyed stereoscopic image thing before... but I managed to do it on that video - and its quite freaky00:11
HazRPGits hard to keep the focus of the centre image though00:11
HazRPGI parted?01:36
daftykinsHazRPG: you quit, changing host03:22
daftykinsjust in case you wondered 2hrs later03:22
HazRPGheh, thanks :)03:22
daftykinsmy pleasure ^_^03:29
Azelphurwhy does the Ubuntu store insist on charging me in USD/Euro?04:13
Azelphur...and in the meantime charge me UK VAT rates?04:14
Azelphurwhat is this I don't even.04:14
MartijnVdSHm, no Oneiric updates for 2 days?05:07
dwatkins  06:18
dwatkinsand good morning06:19
daftykinso hai06:20
daftykinsi'm still in the US so i'm -5hrs :>06:20
daftykinsnearly got hit by Irene :O06:20
DJonesMorning all07:27
MooDoomorning all07:47
MartijnVdSdaftykins: hit or hit on? :P07:58
AlanBellmorning all08:00
bigcalmKeep forgetting I'm leaving this session running08:00
bigcalmMorning peeps :)08:00
TheOpenSourcererand a very good morning to everyone (To be read out loud in the voice of Rabbi Lionel Blue)08:01
MooDooanyone need a teaboy?08:04
MooDoorates are cheap :D08:04
TheOpenSourcererEwww. Tea? Nah...08:04
TheOpenSourcererCoffe Yes :-D08:04
dwatkinsI alternate between tea and coffee.08:06
AlanBellI alternate between coffee and coffee08:06
TheOpenSourcererI alternate between coffee and beer :-)08:06
MooDooask a simple question ;)08:07
AlanBellanyone live over on the right hand side of the country?08:08
bigcalmMooDoo: read as 'rats are cheap'08:09
MooDoobigcalm: lol08:10
TheOpenSourcererselinxium (or whatever his handle is) lives in Southend.08:11
AlanBellDaviey: is in the bottom left, must be a pub near him somewhere08:14
TheOpenSourcererThere are a few on the mailing list in the west country.08:15
bigcalmI guess I should join that mailing list thingy08:15
bigcalmThank you :)08:17
TheOpenSourcererThis just seems so wrong... https://github.com/mixu/nwm08:23
bigcalmJavaScript is the new black08:24
AlanBellnigelb is a big node.js fan08:25
nigelbYeah, but I haven't written much in it yet.08:25
AlanBellhow did my headset get this tangled??08:25
nigelbI just like writing code in javascript. I do suck at it though.08:25
oimontrain driver announced that train wouldn't be stopping at next 3 stops.. 25% of passengers get off and seek alternative transport. oimon loiters suspiciously. train waits for 2 minutes and then announces that it will be stopping  there \o/08:25
BigRedSwaiting is, generally, the right thing to do08:26
oimonalthough sometimes waiting 15 mins and then deciding to follow the crowd leads to much lateness08:27
oimonbut i agree. waiting is usually as quick as buses08:27
DavieyAlanBell: I am always in the bottom left.08:28
gordi have the magic ability to be always standing at juuust the right spot to have the train doors stop right infront of me, i think i'm a wizard08:28
DavieyBUT bottem left of what?08:28
oimongord: me too. i usually add to that trick by holding out my finger and the door button arrives in front of it :D08:29
Hippychickgord, do you also walk through brick walls to get to special platforms?08:29
czajkowskigord is special, that is all.08:30
oimonwoke up at 4.30 today :(08:34
AlanBellDaviey: propose a pub name and postcode http://ubuntu-uk.org/happy-hour/08:36
DavieyAlanBell: One which i haven't been banned from?08:36
DavieyOne i dodn't mind associating with beardy people in?08:37
MezDaviey: pubs you haven't been banned from? That's a short list I'm sure.08:38
JamesTaitGood morning, world. :-)08:38
Mez(and, morning, btw)08:38
Davieyhey Mez08:40
AlanBellDaviey: are you now not a beardy person?08:40
DavieyAlanBell: fellow beards :)08:40
MezOh... god... it's going to be one of those days.  I've had to use memegenerator in response to emails twice already today.09:02
MartijnVdSMez: Y U NO READ?09:05
gordare the emails regarding your excessive use of meme's as a communication tool?09:07
ali1234haters gonna hate09:08
diplo-AlanBell / TheOpenSourcerer, I'm a west country person.. still not decided where to have a happy hour09:09
Davieydiplo-: Where abouts?09:10
diplo-Sorry, Near Bath09:16
diplo-Placed called Trowbridge09:16
bigcalmdiplo: was salt mined there or possibly a port for it?09:17
bigcalmA Severn (the river) Trow was a salt barge09:17
diplo-Not afaik, mainly weaving and stuff here in the past09:19
diplo-Bridge by the tree according to google :)09:20
diplo-Can't say what tree :D09:21
czajkowskialoha folks09:29
MooDoohi czajkowski09:30
czajkowskiMooDoo: howdy09:30
MooDooczajkowski: relaxed?09:30
MooDooczajkowski: glad to hear it :)09:32
oimonseen this? http://www.benpurdy.com/2011/08/minecraft-in-real-life/09:51
bigcalmMy lack of flash prevents me from seeing this awesome weirdness09:55
oimonyou're missing out09:58
oimonwhere's your flash anyway? is this a wilful flash-fast?10:06
bigcalmIndeed. It needlessly bogs down my system10:07
bigcalmI have to keep it on my dev server for testing some client work, but I really don't miss it10:07
bigcalmAny youtube video I can't watch in HTML5 quite often works on my phone. And if it doesn't, I'm not really missing out that much10:09
brobostigongood morning everyone.10:13
Myrttiso... since there doesn't seem to be linux-386 kernel in the newer versions of Ubuntu, is there a comparable one in Debian? Was just looking at the options I have for the Viglen...10:14
Myrttibrobostigon: ohai10:14
brobostigonmorning Myrtti10:15
* AlanBell wonders if there is a nice pub in peterborough10:21
Myrttibrewery tap10:21
Myrttismack in middle of town10:21
AlanBelladded :)10:23
AlanBellanyone over in Bristol?10:23
MooDoohi all10:54
MooDoodamn vps ran out of memory :(10:54
MooDooThat's what you get for playing with vps's at home :D10:55
MooDooyay for VMWARE :)10:57
* AlanBell grumbles about people not knowing what "correct postage" means11:13
DJonesAlanBell: Doesn't it mean that the person receiving the letter/package will pay the extra to correct the postage charge11:14
oimonreminds me i should send a few of those to virgin media11:14
AlanBellwhich is me, sending someone a free CD11:14
AlanBellso it is going to be sent back with incorrect postage too11:15
oimonhow much does it cost to send a cd?11:15
AlanBell2nd larg11:16
Hippychickour old post office delivered it anyway11:16
AlanBell1st is 12p short11:16
AlanBellso I have had to pay £1.12 to receive a CD case11:16
oimonwow, i thought a regular stamp would cover it11:17
DJonesWe had a letter from our accountants enclosing a bill which had the wrong postage on so we ended up paying the extra11:17
ali1234this is why you should have just asked people to send you a pound sellotaped between two pieces of card11:17
oimonali1234: or a paypal link.11:17
ali1234or bitcoins11:17
oimonbitcoins = virtual currency.  result = virtual cd (i.e. a url)11:18
AlanBellali1234: yeah, I kind of liked the "no money changes hands" aspect of it, but this time it failed11:20
AlanBellI will update the web page11:20
ali1234alternatively just don't accept any that didn't have the right postage11:21
oimontbh if i wanted a CD, the faff of SSAE etc would put me off, but a link to pay £1ish would be easy11:22
ali1234i will send you as many linux cds as you want if you send me bitcoins11:22
ali1234i don't accept paypal though11:22
ali1234and they are not originals11:22
ali1234i will just download and burn them11:22
oimontbh i'm surprised that there are people in the UK who don't have broadband, or a friend with it11:24
AlanBellali1234: you don't know what it is until you pay for it11:25
ali1234don't know what what is?11:26
AlanBellthe post office just leave a note saying you have an item that you need to pay postage for11:26
AlanBellcould be anything11:26
ali1234don't collect any of them11:26
ali1234then the post office has to return it to the sender11:26
oimonwhat if its' something you purchased and want?11:26
oimonlike my latest woot tshirt11:27
ali1234then you make a claim against the seller "object never delivered"11:27
ali1234and buy it from someone else11:27
oimononce my grandad sent me a birthday card with a 1p stamp. his eyesight wasn't great and he thought it was a 1st class. it had ££ in it11:27
oimonbut no return address11:27
Hippychicki never saw that before, wheres the furthest you have had to send to?11:34
AlanBellwell the one with insufficient postage was blackpool11:35
AlanBellonly sent out a few as we started it mid-release11:35
Hippychickfair enough11:35
AlanBellI expect we will make a bigger deal of it and accept pre-orders in the run up to Oneiric11:36
Hippychicki guess it stops the wastage as well from people ordering for the sake of ordering just because they are free11:39
AlanBellI don't know how much that was, I would be interested to know how many CDs shipit sent to the UK11:54
Hippychicki know a few years ago i went to order some, and by default it had selected to deliver 511:56
daubersmobTyre place is very busy today12:00
DJonesIs that the real popey, or has a cow nicked his laptop from the field12:15
popeyI am in semi civilisation12:15
popeyjust had to do some online banking :D12:16
DJonesAre you on holiday12:18
MartijnVdSDJones: probably Wales or someplace12:20
Davieypopey: You sir, are full of false truths.12:20
Davieycivilisation is not possible where you are.12:20
popeyDaviey: you seen where I am ?12:20
Davieypopey: nah, where are you?12:21
popeyone mo12:21
popeythe green bit there12:21
MyrttiTony Sale has passed away12:23
oimoni went near there on my hols this year12:29
oimonincidentally i just been watching freakyclown's excellent talk from oggcamp this year12:30
Davieypopey: ah, not too far then12:31
popeyright, best go play with kids12:39
MooDoolater popey12:40
daubers\o/ new tyres13:32
dogmatic69 /o\13:32
Hippychicki need a new tyre :/13:33
Hippychickdaubers, can i have yours? :P13:34
daubersHippychick: Probably the wrong tyres13:37
Hippychickshame :(13:45
Hippychickmaybe you can just take my car for the new tyre then bring it back to me: :D13:45
daubersHippychick: after my wallet being made £150 lighter from the two I got.... I'd rather not :p13:46
Hippychickfair enough, im £600 down from the ferrets :(13:47
daubers£600 on _ferrets_?????13:56
daubersWhere they made of gold?13:56
daubersSolid gold ferrets?13:56
daubersYou could buy a hive full of bee's, a beekeepers smock, hive tool, smocker and still have change for that!13:57
Hippychickx-rays and medicine13:57
Hippychick1 broke its leg twice and has major calcium defcieny so is being treated for that13:58
ikonia-remoteHippychick: are the ferrets pets or business13:58
Hippychickand the other being jelous of all the attention decided to try and break his leg so more x-rays and pain meds for both of them13:59
Hippychickthey are just pets, ikonia-remote13:59
oimonferrets are a replaceable commodity surely?14:00
oimonthey all look the same14:00
Hippychick:O no ferret is replaceable!14:00
* dwatkins returns to this window to see a statement he thoroughly agrees with14:02
dwatkinsindeed, Hippychick14:02
oimoncould you pick yours from an ID parade?14:03
Hippychicki could14:04
Hippychickthey each have different looks and personallities14:04
oimondo they all smell so bad or is it just the boys14:05
Hippychickmainly the boys, though this improves after they are neuterd, i dont notice any smell anymore14:06
andrew_Don't suppose anyone is familiar with slapd?14:06
DJonesIs it april fools day already? This sounds to good to be believable http://www.tomshardware.com/news/ITRI-Display-Taiwan-USB-3.0-2TB-Thin-Card,13320.html14:08
ikonia-remoteandrew_: what's up with slapd ?14:09
andrew_I have some kind of permissions problem on my db but can't figure out whats wrong - if i comment out two lines in /etc/default/slapd and let it run as root it is fine, but if i start normally as openldap it wont start14:10
andrew_I can probably leave it running as root as this is just for a home network14:11
HippychickDJones, that looks awesome, i want!!!!14:11
andrew_But I'd like to have it working properly14:11
DJonesHippychick: Me too, a 2 TB usb stick, something like that would be brilliant for schools/colleges etc, give every student one & they come to class, plug into a diskless chassis and boot up, take it from room to room with the weight of a laptop etc14:12
andrew_DJones, Couldn't that be done with far less storage than 2TB?14:16
TheOpenSourcererHmm - No oracle-java-jdk package in the future then? Better make sure everything works on OpenJDK instead: http://www.h-online.com/open/news/item/Oracle-retires-licence-for-distributing-its-Java-with-Linux-1332835.html14:17
DJonesandrew_: It could quite easily, but I'm just surprised at the size of teh stick14:17
bigcalmThere isn't a 'send window to session n' is there? I can move windows between virtual desktops but not x sessions14:23
bigcalmDue to my setup I have 3 seperate X sessions running on 3 monitors14:24
ikonia-remotebigcalm: you can't do that14:24
ikonia-remoteif you used xinerama it may have been possible to write something that could send to X displays,14:25
ikonia-remotebut as pretty much no-one uses it these days I guess no-one bothered to write it14:25
bigcalmI did have xinerama across the 3 monitors, but that gives one a very slow desktop14:26
ormiretbigcalm: I think you could do that with xpra14:26
bigcalmormiret: interesting14:27
ikonia-remoteormiret: how can that work ?14:27
ormiretIt sits between teh app and X server that actually does the displaying and gives the option to connect to a different X server14:28
ikonia-remoteormiret: you can't send it to different X servers14:29
ikonia-remoteit's like an X11 version of screen, you can't push applications to different X servers with it14:29
ikonia-remotelast time I tried it it was quite buggy, which is understandable as it's early development14:30
ormiretyou can reattach to different computers so a different X server on the same machine should work14:31
ikonia-remotethat's not sending to a different X server though14:33
ikonia-remotethat's starting an applicaiton, detatching it, then re-attatching it on a different X server14:34
ormiretOther than a bit of shell scripting to mess with $DISPLAY between the detach and the reattach isn't that teh same thing?14:35
ikonia-remotefor me no, but as you say depends on your needs and expectations14:36
directhexbored, ikonia-remote? you seem super ircish since you went to brazil14:37
* MooDoo would be bored if he wasn't so damn busy14:46
DJones"ircish" I read that as "irish" :)14:47
MooDooDJones: no that's czajkowski[ish] :)14:50
MooDooczajkowski: have you seen davmor2 today?   i don't seem to recall him poking you recently...14:53
czajkowskihe;'s leaving me on my hols14:53
MooDooczajkowski: huh?   he's come to see you for a visit?14:54
czajkowskino on irc14:54
ikonia-remotedirecthex: super board14:57
ikonia-remoteplus as I'm away I thought I'd try to involve myself in the UK channel a little more rather than popping in/out14:57
Hippychickwhen my boss decided to lock all the router access down he never thought about internet enabled phones...15:05
Hippychicksorry, not router, internet15:06
czajkowskiHippychick: used to use anyterm in a place where it was all locked down15:12
czajkowskiso I could stil irc15:12
DJonesWho was it that was waiting for the £69 HP Pre? http://www.reghardware.com/2011/08/30/hp_puts_69_pound_pre_3_on_uk_website/15:12
DJonesI thought it was either AlanBell or TheOpenSourcerer15:13
AzelphurDJones: oO, is there any effort to get android on it?15:13
oimoni want another touchpad15:13
DJonesAzelphur: No idea about that15:14
* DJones shouldn't have mentioned it, if that the reaction15:15
Azelphurpressing find a local retailer, nothing is happening15:15
ikonia-remoteahhh who cares15:15
Azelphurclearly it doesn't want to sell me one D:15:15
directhexcould you port android to it? sure. should you? Why on earth would you WANT to?15:16
ikonia-remotewhy is everyone obssed with porting android to these things15:16
Azelphurbecause I like android? because it's open source and has a huge selection of apps and is the #1 mobile operating system?15:16
directhexAzelphur, open source ish.15:16
ikonia-remoteandroid is turning into another Linux where things don't work as there are 200 varients all slightly different15:16
oimoni don't really regard android as linux15:17
oimonit just runs on linux15:17
directhexoimon, good. it isn't, really15:17
Azelphursure it is15:17
Azelphuryou can hack away at android just like any other distro15:17
ikonia-remoteI didn't say it was Linux, I said it's turning into another Linux due to how it's being forked/varients15:17
oimondo we see android apps running on our linux desktops?15:17
directhexAzelphur, awesome. there are some tweaks i want to make to the honeycomb ui...15:17
Azelphuroimon: yep15:18
oimonAzelphur: how?15:19
* Azelphur points at the android sdk15:19
directhexandroid isn't gnu/linux. it has a forked linux kernel, and a nonstandard userland. it's possible to run some android apps on a real linux kernel (or other non-android kernel) via software like Alien Dalvik15:19
* dwatkins wonders if mounting a filesystem from a 200 GB file on a USB-attached disk was a bad idea, when it fails to complete within 30 seconds15:19
directhexbut it doesn't achieve much.15:19
oimonwhat happened to this? http://arstechnica.com/open-source/news/2009/05/canonical-developers-aim-to-make-android-apps-run-on-ubuntu.ars15:20
ikonia-remoteoimon: I hope it died15:20
directhexas for android on pre3... yeah. could be done. if someone writes the requisite drivers for the touchscreen15:20
ikonia-remotejust from the url alone15:20
directhexand finds a way to fake the hardware buttons via the gesture area15:20
czajkowskiikonia-remote: aye you;'ve never been as vocal in here till you went away15:20
directhexsomeone's got cyanogenmod to boot on a touchpad. the colours are wrong, and there's no user input, but it boots15:21
directhexsame technique would work for a pre3.15:21
ikonia-remoteczajkowski: thought I'd try to get more invovled in my local comunity15:21
AzelphurIn other news, why does Ubuntu software center want me to pay in USD/Euro and charge me UK VAT?15:21
czajkowskiikonia-remote: ok :)15:21
czajkowskiAzelphur: log a bug15:21
czajkowskibit odd tbh15:21
Azelphurwoulda thought there's some explanation to it :p15:22
dwatkinshaha wow, it took several minutes to tell me off for forgetting the -o loop :)15:22
czajkowskiyou're based in UK15:22
czajkowskibilling address in UK15:22
directhexJoShieldsHPPre3 / # uname -a15:22
directhexLinux JoShieldsHPPre3 #1 PREEMPT 153.5.1 armv7l GNU/Linux15:22
directhexreal lunix15:22
Azelphurdirecthex: does it run X11?15:23
directhexAzelphur, the native WM isn't x11. but there's an X11 app in preware.15:23
directhexJoShieldsHPPre3 / # /lib/libc.so.615:24
directhexGNU C Library (Sourcery G++ 4.3-234) stable release version 2.8, by Roland McGrath et al.15:24
Azelphurthe thing is that when you go to phone hardware and stuff like this not everything works anyway even if you get as close as you are15:24
AzelphurEven with the N900 that had "proper" linux and X1115:24
directhexJoShieldsHPPre3 / # gst-inspect-0.10 | tail -115:24
directhexTotal count: 53 plugins, 199 features15:24
AzelphurThe majority of stuff still needed heavy tweaking or just didn't work at all15:25
directhexJoShieldsHPPre3 / # pulseaudio --version15:25
directhexpulseaudio 0.9.2215:25
Azelphuralso havn't HP abandoned WebOS now?15:25
directhexthey've axed the hardware. the software is supposedly still being developed, but without shipping hardware, people are nervous.15:26
Hippychickjust looking at smartphones, the htc sensation has about as much processing power as our media server...15:27
ikonia-remotedirecthex: I still think those tablets would make mega network VT1000 or terminal emmulators15:27
ikonia-remotedirecthex: forget everything else just using them as a terminal emmulator would be a great tools15:27
directhexikonia-remote, if they had rs232 ports, sure ;)15:28
DJonesAzelphur: There was a report that there was going to be an OTA update for WebOS fairly soon15:29
DJonesOr for the touchpad anyway15:29
Azelphuryea I'm not seeing how WebOS has anything over Android/Maemo tbh15:30
oimonseems to work nicely?15:30
ikonia-remotedirecthex: network acces would be great, a physical port would be even more amazing15:31
AzelphurIf you want apps with a little compromise it seems like Android, and if you want real Linux, Maemo is more mature, has more things ported to it, and uses X11 so you can have more things.15:31
oimonisn't maemo pronounced meego nowadays?15:32
MartijnVdSdirecthex: is that banshee?!15:32
directhexoimon, except the n9 is running maemo 6, which has meego compatibility ;)15:32
directhexMartijnVdS, yes.15:32
MartijnVdSdirecthex: because it looks different than mine15:32
Azelphuroimon: good point :P15:32
oimonor mee"gone"15:33
oimonwho bought the kagon tablet a little while back? that cost about the same as a TP as i recall15:34
directhexhere's the problem with android: it sucks. it really does. it's going to take over the world as the #1 smartphone OS not by being good, but by being everywhere. its devices are user-hostile, the OS is user-hostile. are there some good apps? yes, there are apps i really miss from android on webos. but it's a big app store on top of a crap os15:34
oimonHP accidentally made the TP more desirable than the ipad atm15:34
directhexoimon, seems like the tp had a pricing problem more than anything, eh?15:35
ikonia-remotewell, no, it just made it very cheep by killing it15:35
oimontons of guys have become insanley jealous of me suddenly15:35
oimonbecause i have something they can't get15:35
directhexyour tablet brings all the boys to the yard15:35
directhexand you're like "it's better than yours"15:36
oimonsome people didn't think they existed15:36
directhexi nearly bought one full price the week before they axed the price15:36
directhexno kidding15:36
ikonia-remoteluck is on your side15:37
oimonthe force is with you15:37
oimonalthough you might have got a refund15:37
ikonia-remotehas anyone jumped into the 6 core intil CPU's yet ?15:38
directhexnot i15:39
gingi can barely afford 2 cores15:39
directhexi'm on quadcore i7, wife is on quadcore i5 sandy bridge15:39
* MartijnVdS is waiting for Ivy Bridge15:39
ging6 cores? there was a time when they thought the world would only need 6 computers15:39
ikonia-remoteI'm torying with an upgrade for my machine in the loft.15:40
ikonia-remotetoying even15:40
directhextories? eek!15:40
ikonia-remotedirecthex: I think you know better than that.15:40
directhexwifey has a big red pc now. it's got a 6970 in it15:41
ikonia-remotered ?15:42
ikonia-remotecolour is important to women15:42
ikonia-remotenice small case15:43
ikonia-remotedid yo ubuy it red15:43
oimoni like the rennie tablets on top of the pizza advert15:43
oimonkind of go hand-in-hand15:43
directhexoimon, not a coincidence :|15:43
directhexikonia-remote, yeah, they make that one in red, alu & black15:43
DJonesdirecthex: Without wanting to add to the stereotype, .... but my wife has a red laptop because she liked the colour15:44
ikonia-remotequite tidy, would fit well under my desk15:44
oimonwhen i eat a subway i swig gaviscon as a pre-emptive strike15:44
directhexikonia, and it came with the cd bezel in red. that was a big problem with other coloured cases15:44
ikonia-remotethat's a bit annoying15:44
Hippychickif it helps i have a dell studio with one of those funky patterns on the lid15:46
oimonmy wife said she didn't mind what colour our laptop was. so i bought a gunmetal/battleship grey one that i knew was good and i knew how to fix. now she tells me that wasn't exactly true.15:46
Hippychicki only wanted the laptop for the funky pattern....15:47
oimoni wonder if i can buy a big sticker for the case instead15:48
Hippychickoimon, depends on the sticker15:49
Hippychickmaybe you could spray paint it15:49
oimonnot this one i suppose http://www.notefashion.com/product.aspx?pid=2010052309044683715:50
Hippychickor airbrush might be  a better term....15:50
ikonia-remoteoimon: there are some companies that do really good viynal covers for laptops, made to spec15:50
ikonia-remoteeg: apple ones with the apple logo cut out, dell ones with the dell logo cut out, ones that cover the whole case, keyboard surround, monitor surroud, or ones that just cover the lid15:51
Hippychickmaybe not, though i like the abstract person one15:51
directhexikonia,  http://yfrog.com/z/gzjrmcpzj15:53
dogmatic69only two sticks of ram?15:53
dogmatic69no ssd15:53
directhexdogmatic69, only two 4G sticks, yes.15:54
directhexdogmatic69, and look to the right of the CPU15:54
dogmatic69new mobos take more than 815:54
ikonia-remotedirecthex: I remember you ordering that15:54
dogmatic69ah :)15:54
directhexdogmatic69, what's the point in putting 16G of RAM into it at this point? better to save the money15:55
dogmatic69ram is about the cheapest part of a new pc15:55
ikonia-remotedirecthex: yeah, cache your whole file system ! waste ram you don't need15:56
suprengrwas thinking od adding memory myself today - saved the waste and bought a *low* end graphics card instead - weee!15:56
directhexdogmatic69, yeah, but we already blew the budget. it's a £140 case, for starters.15:58
dogmatic69what was the budget?15:59
directhexsomething around the £1000 mark. bitcoin mining added a few hundred to that though15:59
directhexwindows, £67.50.15:59
directhexram, £63.6016:00
dogmatic69ew, winblows :/16:00
directhexblu-ray drive, £72.5816:00
directhexlooks like a burner16:00
directhexcase, £142.1416:01
gordalways feel bad about buying cases, its like... yeah its a nice case, but i could put the computer in a cardboard box and it would work much the same16:01
=== ikonia-remote is now known as ikonia_
ikonia_dogmatic69: ew, people who call Windows, "winblows"16:02
gordhave this one at the mo, its very nice http://www.corsair.com/cases/obsidian-series/obsidian-series-800d.html16:02
directhexCPU, £149.9916:03
directhexmobo, £101.9916:03
directhexdata disk, £57.5916:04
directhexpsu, £59.9916:04
directhexssd, £167.9916:04
directhexgpu, £251.6316:04
directhex£1138. didn't need another 8 gig of RAM.16:05
directhexsata3 throughout - sata3 data disk and sata3 ssd16:06
directhexoh, i forgot, her monitor blew out a couple of weeks later, so that was more expense16:06
dogmatic69monitors are a big spend16:07
dogmatic69especially when you want 2 or 3 of them16:07
suprengrdirecthex, 2nd hand monitors from an electronics shop are usually less than £5016:08
gordnice monitors are a big spend ;)16:08
suprengranyone know if I can get 'sensors' to detect the temp. of an nVidia Geforce :(   anyone succeeded?16:11
bigcalmsuprengr: yep, works for my pci-e gt 8600, doesn't work for my pci 8400 gs16:12
bigcalmSo appears to be card dependant16:12
bigcalmOr I have to update sensors16:12
suprengrbigcalm, that's what i feared... ta16:13
directhexsuprengr: replacing a £250 24" PVA display with a £50 second hand CRT, to pair with a £1200 pc? outstanding idea16:13
suprengrdirecthex, who said replace it with a crt?  noooo!16:13
suprengr...and why so aggressive?16:14
directhexit comes naturally16:14
directhexnow back to dk216:15
suprengrmy monitor is a case in point 9yeah - me cheap skate!) £30 for a 17" lcd16:15
suprengrsub 9 for (16:16
* suprengr has noticed 'topic' might be a tad beyond sell-by date16:20
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chamboevening all16:56
MartijnVdS\o chambo16:56
chamboCan anyone suggest an alternative to ampache?17:01
bigcalmchalcedony: if that was a typo of Apache, then try lighttpd. If it wasn't then I don't know17:07
bigcalmchambo: if that was a typo of Apache, then try lighttpd. If it wasn't then I don't know17:07
hamitronmpd has plenty of frontends17:08
hamitronnot used such stuff myself17:08
bigcalmOh, ok, try gnump3d17:08
chamboI use mpd locally but i wanted to stream music over tinternet17:10
chamboNot sure MPD can do that easily17:10
hamitronlike icecast?17:13
MyrttiAlanBell: }17:20
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AlanBellthanks Myrtti17:23
AlanBellMyrtti passed the test17:24
MartijnVdSthe OCD test? :)17:24
MartijnVdSsorry.. CDO17:24
MyrttiI wish I'll pass my second test this week too17:25
MyrttiI take this as good omens17:25
=== ikonia_ is now known as ikonia-remote
MartijnVdSMyrtti: what test is that?17:25
MyrttiMartijnVdS: *cough* Google job interview17:26
bigcalmMyrtti: break a leg :)17:26
MartijnVdSMyrtti: ah, g'luck17:26
* bigcalm just realises that could sound a bit odd if one doesn't already know the expression17:27
MartijnVdSbigcalm: only a little ;)17:27
Myrttibigcalm: thankies ♥17:29
MyrttiMartijnVdS: thanks, I'll need it17:29
bigcalmMyrtti: take a lucky penguin with you ;)17:29
* suprengr was away playing with 'sensors' & is more than a little impressed with AlanBell 's promptness :)17:30
MartijnVdSwow: http://slacy.com/blog/2011/01/wifi-credentials-in-a-qr-code/17:30
ikonia-remoteMartijnVdS: that's an excellent tool, but a massive security risk for secured networks17:32
gordi just put a little post-it note on the router that contains the uuid/key17:32
AlanBellthat is cool17:35
MartijnVdSikonia-remote: afaics it only works for WEP/WPA with a pre-shared key17:36
MartijnVdSikonia-remote: not Enterprise-WPA17:36
MartijnVdSI might print one for in my home (for visitors)17:36
ikonia-remoteMartijnVdS: still a security risk that you give someone your password by being able to see an image17:38
ikonia-remoteit's basically the same as having a post-it as gord does, it's saving the hassle of having to type it, although it's probably only good for phone or tablet devices17:39
ikonia-remotepretty touch to get a picture like that on your laptop without messing around/hassle17:41
ikonia-remotegreat idea to give people data like this though17:41
chamboAn NFC sticker would be even better17:41
AlanBellikonia-remote: if someone is standing in my house and looking at my wifi access point then I would let them on my wifi anyway17:48
ikonia-remoteAlanBell: yeah, I can't see that as an issue for home use, it's a great trick,17:49
ikonia-remoteunless you use a laptop in which case it's a headache and easier to type17:49
* bigcalm notes this for the next time he's round AlanBell's place to steal bbq food17:50
* AlanBell notes that last time people came round for a BBQ a big sheet with the wifi key written on it was passed around17:50
bigcalmAlanBell: I picked up 2 slackers (read Aq and Adam Sweet) so didn't know there was such a bit of paper17:51
bigcalm+arrived late17:51
* jml is excited17:51
AlanBellyou know for next year then!17:51
jmltonight is podcast night17:51
bigcalmHooray for bbq food17:51
bigcalmNever have the time to listen live17:52
MartijnVdSbigcalm: Hooray for http://www.amazon.co.uk/Silence-Love-Headless-Heros/dp/B001H1Q99M :)17:57
bigcalmMartijnVdS: ?17:57
MartijnVdSbigcalm: One of the best albums in my collection17:57
MartijnVdSbigcalm: also one of the most unknown :)17:58
bigcalmOk :)17:58
bigcalmI shall have a listen in Spotify later18:00
suprengrI will not send lard through the mail18:03
MartijnVdSsuprengr: that sounds like something Bart Simpson would write on the blackboard :)18:04
suprengrdouble ;)18:04
=== ikonia-remote is now known as ikonia_
MartijnVdSsuprengr: it's an oldie too -- 1994 :)18:04
suprengr[they're all getting a bit old now - but still fun]18:05
MartijnVdSsuprengr: they're still making new ones18:05
suprengrMartijnVdS, and Family Guy - how does that man do it?18:06
suprengr...& AmDad18:07
MartijnVdSsuprengr: Family Guy is not the same guy18:07
MartijnVdSsuprengr: Futurama is18:07
suprengrBender is a close friend18:07
MartijnVdSthe newest season is a bit hit&miss though18:08
bigcalmMartijnVdS: enjoying the guitar work in To You18:18
MartijnVdSbigcalm: all of the songs are covers -- To You is originally by "I am Kloot"18:21
bigcalmI see18:21
MartijnVdSbigcalm: I have the album, the single (North Wind Blew South) and the "remixes" 12" on vinyl18:23
MartijnVdSbigcalm: http://www.discogs.com/artist/Headless+Heroes (all the covers look similar but different)18:24
czajkowskianyone here who following the RWC ?20:18
suprengrassuming you mean the wugby rolrld cup ;)20:22
czajkowski9 days to world cup kick off just created #RWCRants on Freenode :D for all the FOSS rugby fans to join in20:22
suprengrwell done to czajkowski20:23
ikonia-remote_RWC ?20:23
Pendulumikonia-remote_: Rugby World Cup20:24
suprengrwugby rolrld cup!20:24
czajkowskiif ya have to explain it you probably don't follow it :)20:24
suprengr...that's what the WRC is when you have WRC parties20:24
bigcalmWorld Rally Championship20:25
suprengr[viewing, cheering, * bottles]20:25
bigcalmBrum brum20:25
suprengr...& other fellow followers20:26
ikonia-remoteI can't tell if my connection is alive it's that quite in here20:38
lubotu3another contentless ping... sigh...20:39
AlanBellanyone from newcastle upon tyne or thereabouts?20:44
brobostigonanyone from north oxfordshire?20:45
dwatkinsbrobostigon: no, south20:46
mrevellAlanBell, Grew up there, if that's any help20:46
AlanBellohh, pub in Oxford please20:46
AlanBellmrevell: hmm, not so much, trying to fill out http://ubuntu-uk.org/happy-hour/20:46
dwatkinsI like the Folly Bridge Inn in Oxford.20:46
brobostigonAlanBell: i would ask directhex for that one, her worked there.20:47
dutchiedoes get rather busy though20:47
AlanBelldutchie is a student there20:47
* AlanBell is staying in keble college next week20:47
dutchiethat's my college!20:47
* brobostigon is available for a daytime beer.20:48
AlanBellwill be at the Transfer Summit20:48
dutchiekeble is clearly the best oxford college :)20:49
AlanBellso what was a good oxford pub? Folly Bridge?20:49
AlanBellfairly near the station as parking is a nightmare20:49
dutchiethe turf is supposedly the best20:49
dutchieyou can walk everywhere in central oxford really20:49
dutchiethere is a wetherspoons reasonably near the station20:50
brobostigoneeek, i seem to have AlanBell's mobile number.20:50
dutchiepersonally, i usually go to the college bar, the wetherspoons, the turf, or the royal oak20:51
AlanBellbrobostigon: probably the wrong one though20:51
brobostigonAlanBell: yes.20:51
* AlanBell adds the turf to the list20:51
dutchieor the gloucester arms20:51
dutchiebut that will probably be too metal-ly for some20:51
AlanBelldo we not have someone in "the other place"20:51
brobostigonif one of you, wants to give me a shout, i would be pleased to attend, within reasonble hours.20:51
brobostigonhow long does it take to get form dover to banbury, at this time of day?20:53
TheOpenSourcererbrobostigon: How quick are you going?20:53
brobostigonTheOpenSourcerer: my dad is coming back from holiday.20:54
TheOpenSourcererFrom Farnham, I can get to my Brother-in-laws (Horton) in about 2hrs,20:54
TheOpenSourcererDover to me is about 2hrs too.20:54
TheOpenSourcerertake "me out of it and you could probably do it in 3 1/2 hrs20:55
brobostigonso 3.5-4 hours?20:55
brobostigonok, thank you.20:55
TheOpenSourcererAs long as the M25 isn't broken.20:55
* TheOpenSourcerer will be at Keble College next week too :-)20:55
brobostigonlol. google latitude to the rescue.20:55
brobostigonalan invasion. :)20:56
dutchiewell room 2004 was my room last year, and 4105 (iirc) is next year20:56
dutchie2004 was very hot :)20:56
dutchiestupid hatot water pipes20:57
brobostigonTheOpenSourcerer: the same time as AlanBell ?20:57
TheOpenSourcererdutchie: How did you get  into your message?20:57
TheOpenSourcererbrobostigon: Indeed. We will probably be sharing a car.20:58
brobostigonok, beer meeetup?20:58
TheOpenSourcererI understand we should use the Park and ride20:58
brobostigongeeek out?20:58
dutchieTheOpenSourcerer: not sure, think something is broken with my slow connection and ssh or something20:58
suprengr_ok - own up - who nicked my internet connxn?20:58
TheOpenSourcererbrobostigon: ^--^20:58
TheOpenSourcererPython for Visual Studio from MS: http://www.zdnet.com/blog/microsoft/microsoft-rolls-out-open-source-python-extension-for-visual-studio/10478?tag=mantle_skin;content20:59
brobostigonwednesday-thursday. ok. in my diary.21:00
czajkowskiTheOpenSourcerer: #RWCRants has been created21:00
czajkowskiwhere is danfish21:00
TheOpenSourcererczajkowski: Should I care?21:00
czajkowskiTheOpenSourcerer: oi cranky pants, no yer'll lose anyways21:01
TheOpenSourcererI have no idea what #RWCRants means21:01
TheOpenSourcererPenny just dropped21:01
czajkowskiless of the cheeky tone21:01
TheOpenSourcererMind been on other things.21:01
* brobostigon needs to think about a shave then, and sorting his moustache out.21:02
PendulumTheOpenSourcerer: I did not just drop :(21:04
ubuntuuk-planet[Tony] Old Skool - http://tonywhitmore.co.uk/blog/2011/08/30/old-skool/21:07
* AlanBell wonders if Daviey and the bottom left crue have picked a pub yet21:07
brobostigonAlanBell: i wasnt going to suggesy two good real ale houses her in banbury myself, aswell.21:08
AlanBellone will do :)21:09
brobostigonye olde reindeer inn, parsons street, banbury.21:10
brobostigonox16 *21:10
brobostigonlet me find.21:10
AlanBellyup, I will add that after the next as it is a bit close to oxford21:11
brobostigonox16 5na21:11
AlanBellwell actually I am going to jumble them all up somehow21:11
brobostigonadapt a random number gen.21:11
AlanBellno, I will do it manually21:12
brobostigonsame pub as i planned the release party for, a few years ago, where i met directhex.21:13
AlanBellwant to get a balance of locations with it returning fairly often to within an hour of london21:13
brobostigoni am always amazed, how the version of networkmanager in debian unstable, can deal so easily with more than ione network connection. ie i am trying to fix the adsl, so connected to it via wifi. and tethered to my mobile at the same time.21:16
suprengr_so it was brobostigon who nicked my internet connxn then?21:17
* suprengr_ forgives21:17
brobostigonyay :)21:18
suprengr_if you'll all forgive me.. it's hard work having time off work ;) ..so I'm off to zzz21:20
diploevening all21:34
* TheOpenSourcerer decides it is time for bed. Laterz all.21:36
brobostigonnos da TheOpenSourcerer o/21:37
Azelphurhaha, team avo just tried to grief my minecraft server21:39
Azelphurme and 2 other admins responded, they all got banned, I rolled back the damage21:39
Azelphurnow I'm getting lots of people asking where the griefing is21:40
Azelphurand I'm like "nowhere, they all got banned and the damage was undone before you arrived"21:40
directhexminecraft 1.8 looks enticing. i might start playing again21:40
diploStill never tried it myself21:40
funkyHatI've seen my brother playing it, can't say it made me want to get it myself particularly21:41
diplooh, first person i have heard not say overly positive comments about it21:45
AlanBellok, so the plan is coming together for the Ubuntu UK Happy Hour project22:01
AlanBellwhere and when should we do the first pub?22:01
AlanBellwant to start on one where we can reliably draw a crowd, so that is probably London22:06
AlanBellMorpeth Arms near Canonical might be interesting place to start22:06
AlanBellgord suggested that one I think22:06
gordnope not me22:07
AlanBellok, well still a decent enough place to start22:08
diploAs long as there is notice I'm willing to train down to london to get out22:12
diploNice to meet people from here22:12
AlanBellok, so lets try and do London, Farnhborough, Nottingham, Oxford as the first four22:13
brobostigonsounds good22:14
diploooh Nottingham I could work with a visit to headoffice22:14
AlanBellooh, rugby world cup stuff all over the diary22:20
AlanBellczajkowski: pub!22:21
bigcalmSleepy time22:22
AlanBelloh Rugby is all on in the mornings22:22
czajkowskiAlanBell: I know!22:23
AlanBellnot very well planned!22:23
AlanBellanyhow, when would you like the first happy hour to be?22:24
czajkowskiblame once again timezones!22:24
AlanBellas our official London correspondent22:24
czajkowski10/7 ?22:25
AlanBellwhich is next Saturday22:25
czajkowski23 would be more notice so22:26
czajkowskiyup 24th22:27
=== aquarius_ is now known as aquarius
AlanBellbother, can't do 24th22:30
czajkowskino matches on then really22:30
AlanBellaustralia vs Ireland has to be good for a laugh22:32
* AlanBell is basically set to announce http://ubuntu-uk.org/happy-hour/ a bit more loudly tomorrow23:24
ballThat reminds me, I need to shop for an Ubuntu polo shirt to wear on "casual Fridays"23:54

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