pleia2bkerensa: were you running colbalt linux on your RAQ?16:55
bkerensawhy yes :) unfortunately16:55
bkerensaI was naive and inexperienced back then :P16:55
pleia2I'd argue that the worst thing about it was the painfully long time it took for security updates16:55
bkerensayeah and the panel :P16:56
pleia2several months in the case of one 0-day bind vulnerability16:56
bkerensaNo idea why Sun bought Cobalt16:56
pleia2the boxes were pretty? :)16:56
pleia2sun made pretty things too16:56
bkerensaYeah they were pretty cool and the lcd displays were pretty neat I guess :D16:57
bkerensaApparently one hosting company still uses them: http://www.webpros.net/webpros_dedicated_hosting_application.htm16:58
bkerensaI dont know what they are on16:59
pleia2admittedly, they were pretty solid hardware-wise, I just figured they'd be completely unmaintainable (at least in 2002 only colbalt linux could run on them well)16:59
bkerensaYeah but they are not robust by any means16:59
pleia2now sun sparcs... those things are my favorite hardware ever17:00
pleia2I was using my ultra10 until I moved last year, it was my firewall running debian17:00
pleia2SGI is cool too, they made pink servers :)17:03
bkerensaPink Servers? I would buy one just to have :)17:03
bkerensaI'm trying to get my fiancee to becoming a Ubuntu power user but I think she feels odd coming to loco stuff she says all the people there are too smart17:04
bkerensaShe is big into finance (a loan officer) but she uses Ubuntu.... No windows in our house :D17:05
pleia2I find the key to getting people to events where they don't feel smart enough is to make the events fun enough that it doesn't matter17:05
bkerensanot even via vmbox17:05
pleia2our release parties are at a local pub, if some people start geeking out too much you can just migrate to a conversation where you feel more comfortable17:06
bkerensathats what I'm trying to do with our jam.... So many people e-mailed me or said on irc they didnt think they could contribute17:06
pleia2and I've never seen a case at a loco event where people where criticised for asking simple questions, geeks eat that stuff up :)17:06
bkerensaYeah I would love to do it at a bar but our loco has a small herd of under 21's17:06
pleia2yeah that's just an example (and it's actually a restaurant, just happens to have a brewpub)17:07
bkerensaPuppetLabs told me we could use their kegs but Idk about the logistics of all that :D17:07
pleia2DarkwingDuck: tell us how you really feel about Bluray :)17:31
pleia2fwiw, it is still illegal in the US to decrypt DVDs in Linux, I don't think I'd blame FOSS for not changing laws17:32
DarkwingDuckSorry, I just started ranting on twitter17:32
pleia2well, it's legal if you don't use libcss2, if you use something wrapped in a proprietary linux play17:32
DarkwingDuckIf someone would by a decoding license and release a *free* player that worked on Linux we would be fine... Even if it *is* closed for DRM reasons.17:33
pleia2it would have to be free as in beer, not speech17:33
pleia2so go buy it and do it :)17:34
DarkwingDuckThis is why Google is so evil eh?17:34
pleia2you're blaming the open source community for not buying licenses and developing closed source software to satisfy laws?17:34
DarkwingDuckI'm blaming the OSS Community for being closed to the idea.17:34
pleia2until the laws change there can never be an open source DVD player in the US which is legal17:34
pleia2same goes for bluray, and license agreements for content mean DRMed stuff is also in this boat17:35
DarkwingDuckYet another classic example of why FOSS will never compete in this country.17:35
pleia2so we need to change the laws, not blame FOSS17:35
philipballewwould the foss community as a whole like that? or would you say its some higher level people saying how it should be?17:35
DarkwingDuckI'm saying that it goes back to the proprietary vs open argument.17:36
DarkwingDuckFor media, as much as it sucks, depends on DRM.17:36
pleia2you can't blame FOSS for that17:37
DarkwingDuckRejecting DRM for being proprietary and closed out of the door is what I'm blaming FOSS for doing.17:37
pleia2who is doing that?17:37
DarkwingDuckIts like in politics.17:37
philipballewfsf does pleia217:37
pleia2philipballew: haha, well of course *they* do :)17:37
pleia2they reject everything closed17:38
* DarkwingDuck should bring it up at UDS....17:38
pleia2DarkwingDuck's argument seems to be that there are bluray and DRM-decoding tools out there and FOSS is somehow rejecting them17:38
pleia2I see no evidence of this17:38
jyoHey guys, let's all use Loongson processors!17:38
DarkwingDuckNo, there isn't really bru-ray decoding or netflix decoding for linux.17:39
DarkwingDuckAnd the reason there isn't is BECAUSE of the closed DRM.17:39
pleia2so you're blaming FOSS developers for not breaking laws to reverse engineer this stuff like they did with DVD17:39
pleia2why not blame netflix and bluray supporters instead for not providing closed source tools like flash and the closed source dvd player?17:40
pleia2in linux17:40
DarkwingDuckNo... I'm asking for one of the major sponsors to assist.17:40
pleia2I'd certainly be perfectly happy using closed source stuff if netflix offered it17:40
DarkwingDuckAs would I.17:40
pleia2(I do already on my chromebook)17:40
philipballewid even pay for it17:40
DarkwingDuckAs do I on my Android.17:40
pleia2I see, so it's Google's fault, and they're evil, for not pressuring netflix to release a linux option?17:41
DarkwingDuckOh no, they are.17:41
pleia2I guess I'm just confused as to who these "major sponsors" are17:41
DarkwingDuckNetflix and Blu-ray (Blogs, I need to find them again)17:41
DarkwingDuckAre not because of lack of demand.17:41
pleia2it's because netflix and bluray suck :)17:41
nhainesDarkwingDuck: err, did we miss where the DVD Consortium only licenses on a per-unit basis?17:42
pleia2they are meanheads who won't make linux options17:42
pleia2nhaines: I mentioned that every time we play a DVD in VLC we're breaking the law :)17:42
DarkwingDuckThis is where if we had a major linux sponsor put the same pressure that they do for hardware... We could get somewhere.17:43
nhainespleia2: sure.  :)17:43
nhainesDarkwingDuck: no you couldn't.17:43
DarkwingDuckWhy not?17:43
pleia2DarkwingDuck: then go do it17:43
nhainesBecause they're not interested.17:43
* philipballew broke the law last night17:43
pleia2you're telling other people how to spend their money17:43
DarkwingDuckGoogle got netflix on Chomebook... After we were told netflix wasn't interested.17:43
nhainesDarkwingDuck: that's because Google provided the DRM to do it.17:44
DarkwingDuckMy point in all of this is that until we are willing to put the pressure as a whole then we will not be able to compete in any large scale way.17:44
pleia2DarkwingDuck: "we" is all of us, if you want to put money into closed source development to make this all work, then by all means17:45
nhainesAnd I think that's incredibly flawed.17:45
pleia2people will use it, it'll be great17:45
DarkwingDuckI'm done ranting. :P:P17:45
DarkwingDuckI got it off my chest... It's been one of those mornings LOL17:46
pleia2I just hate seeing FOSS blamed for things which really aren't within their scope17:46
pleia2it's bad enough when linux is blamed because nvidia releases lousy drivers17:46
philipballewit will happen. soon enough probably17:46
DarkwingDucknetflix yes... Blu-ray not so much.17:47
DarkwingDuckMac doens't even have blu-ray support yet.17:47
pleia2well, seeing as how DVD hasn't even happened, yeah I tend to agree with that17:47
philipballeweasier for them as they are able to controll hardware more17:47
philipballewthere is no hardware controll with linux17:48
DarkwingDuckI'm hoping my issues with my phone were related to the ROM I was running...17:49
DarkwingDuckSorry for my rant. pleia2 you are right, I am focusing the blame in the wrong direction.17:50
kdubbluray isnt going anywhere18:05
philipballewas in the platform itself? kdub18:07
philipballewdisc's are kinda outdated18:07
nhaines2 cents for a 50GB disk is a lot cheaper than $30 for a 32GB flash drive.18:27
philipballewtrue. but blue rays are like 20 bucks nhaines18:29
nhainesphilipballew: not to make.18:32
philipballewthat is a lot of profit18:34
nhainesNot really.18:36
philipballewhow so nhaines18:37
philipballewyou would know more then me. im an end user of tech products.18:38
nhainesLicensing, distribution rights, digital transfer, menu and bonus feature production, captioning, packaging design, marketing, etc....18:38
nhainesPlus they sell the discs to the actual retailers for far less than the retail price.18:39
philipballewthe last tech item i actually bought was a wd harddrive. 2tb cost me 60 bucks. external drive. probably some profit there18:40
philipballewthe problem with buying cd's is in every pack there's a;ways bad cd's18:42
nhainesIt may have been a USB 2.0 drive.  The 3.0 ones tend to be closer to $139 for a 2TB drive.  (I am an employee of Western Digital and any opinions about pricing or products reflects my personal opinion and not that of Western Digital.)18:44
nhainesI rarely have bad CDs in the spindles I buy although I do occasionally coaster one.18:44
philipballewyeah. it was a 2.0 black friday clearance sale. I usually just buy the cheep 100 pack at frys. there not that good18:46
nhainesphilipballew: I picked up a couple 50 packs of Phillips CDs from Microcenter.  I even picked up a pack of Lightscribe discs.  $7.99 for the CD-Rs and I think $9 or $10 for the LightScribe ones.18:51
nhainesSo far so good.  High quality.18:51
jyoOh yeah, how many more CDs do we need for Solano Stroll?18:56
philipballewwhat is microcenter? nhaines i have herd of it before18:57
nhainesphilipballew: Microcenter is a computer electronics store.  It's like Fry's except smaller, not filthy, and the employees don't hate you.  http://www.microcenter.com/19:08
philipballewfry's tried to kick me out last week because i tried to carry a backpack with my laptop, wallet and keys inside into the store.19:10
philipballewI dislike frys lately19:10
sn9there is one one microcenter in CA afaik19:30
sn9the rest in TX19:30
pleia2there are two in CA (same as TX)19:32
pleia2they're all over the country though19:32
* pleia2 would go to the one in PA, no Frys back east19:32
sn9in any case, none near philipballew19:33
philipballewhow long has the one by you been there sn919:38
sn9it's not near me19:38
sn9it's in santa clara19:38
sn9i was spending a lot of time in the silicon valley at one point19:39
philipballewhaha, the frys sn919:41
philipballewpleia2 if i actually decided to buy a car I might drive to one19:42
philipballewyou gave me a bag of ubuntu cd's with microcenter on it i beleive19:43
sn9the fry's on nortgate has been there an i-don't-care length of time, since it was here before i lived where i live atm19:43
philipballewahh, I see. that flag shines high whenever i drive by. the one is roseville is nicer I think19:44
sn9the one in concord people seem to like19:44
pleia2philipballew: that's entirely likely :) I bought my last monitor at microcenter in santa clara19:44
sn9i got a bunch of things at microcenter over the years19:45
sn9i can't really prefer them over fry's19:45
philipballewyeah, i bought a monitor last week to find it doesnt work with my vga port. need a new graphics card. i guess new monitors are analog ports dont work well19:48
philipballewfrys sells a lot of refurbished stuff. sometimes as new19:48
pleia2you can get a converter for a couple bucks19:48
philipballewwell the new monitor has a vga port on it, but when i stick into my desktop the screens all blurry, my crt showed fine with vga. im not sure if a converter would help...19:50
pleia2oh, yuck :(19:50
sn9fry's clearly labels the non-new stuff. microcenter doesn't19:52
philipballewi ssh'd and installed the propitery drivers to. still nothing good. i now need to find a way to get a pci-e graphics card.19:53
philipballewwith a d-vga port19:53
sn9i might have a spare one that i got free after rebate at fry's19:54
philipballewthat would be sweet if you did19:54
sn9evga geforce 620019:54
sn9i was going to use it in something, but i don't remember what atm19:55
sn9however, i don't really believe it will solve your issue19:55
philipballewhow so wont it?19:56
sn9if the monitor accepts vga and your current card outputs it, WYSIWYG19:56
sn9digital won't really change that19:57
philipballewwould a different card output something different though?19:57
sn9not really19:59
sn9try it with a different machine before making such an assumption19:59
philipballewthen why does it work before i moved the desktop down to sd?20:00
philipballewwell i tried the monitor with a different machine. it works20:00
sn9you moved?20:00
philipballewyeah. back to sd20:00
philipballewanother year of college20:00
sn9oh. i thought you were still local20:00
philipballewwas untill 2 days ago20:01
kdubdoesnt the trolley make it to fry's?20:01
sn9where is the other microcenter in this state?20:01
philipballewall the way out there off the 15 next to costco. its a ways20:01
philipballewsn9, orange county i think20:02
sn9what video card do you have in the machine right now?20:03
kdubphilipballew: i have a nvidia 7600, but i suspect is broken20:04
kdubi'm in the market for a try-it to-see pci card as well20:05
philipballewits a nvidia intra grated gforce 6100 sn920:05
philipballewkdub, i have a couple broken cards as well, its lame when they brake20:07
kdublike, my mobo doesnt POST /only/ when my graphics card is in, so i'm hoping its just a bad gfx card20:08
kdubwhat about newegg, philipballew ?20:08
philipballewyeah. my  mobo only boots into bios maybe 80 percent of the time on a computer. and i sometimes have to give it time after i shut it down to turn it back on20:09
philipballewi might do newegg kdub or ebay. the desktop is 5 years old20:09
kdubmine is too, i need a new one X-|20:09
philipballewi might just over a time span slowely build one20:10
philipballewor just save up20:10
philipballewyou can buy some pretty good priced ones. but if im getting a desktop i feel like i might want it to be pretty powerful20:11
kdubthats how i feel too... esp if it has to be my primary work desktop one of these days20:12
* philipballew still has pata cables in his20:13
nhainesphilipballew: if your monitor doesn't work, replace it.20:14
philipballewnhaines, i bought the monitor last week. it works fine. the desktop doesnt show well on it20:15
nhainesphilipballew: sounds like it doesn't work.20:15
philipballewit shows fine on my laptop when i stick that in20:15
nhainesAlternatively, very high resolutions and refresh rates will never look good over analog.  In that case, a cheap video adapter with DVI fixes the problem.  (For purposes of this discusion, cheap means $15-$35.)20:16
philipballewyeah. thats what im thinking. i might try ebay. im just not in the mood to put much money into the desktop. i might buy a new one in the next couple years20:17
philipballewthats why i bought the monitor in some respect20:18
nhainesIf it's PCIe, you can take your video adapter with you.20:18
philipballewthats true. i didnt think about that20:18
philipballewi emailed the loco list and a man in irvine says he has one used he can sell for like 1520:19
philipballewbut i might just go new20:19
nhainesWhat model?20:20
philipballewthats the one he offered nhaines20:22
philipballewi have no idea what i would do if i bought new20:22
nhaines$15 doesn't sound bad.20:22
philipballewtrue. i told him he should come to the global jame here and we can look at it there20:23
bkerensaGet it free :)20:24
bkerensaIf your a blogger usually companies will give you stuff free in exchange for a review20:24
nhainesThis is also illegal.  :P20:24
philipballewhaha nhaines20:25
bkerensaWhich is?20:25
philipballewnice book review btw bkerensa20:25
nhainesAccepting gifts in exchange for reviews can be illegal when you don't give the reviewed product back.20:25
bkerensanhaines: Yeah thats why you ask up front20:26
sn9"can be" ?20:26
bkerensamore than 50% of what I get sent to me they tell me I can keep20:26
philipballewnhaines, :)20:26
kdubnhaines: illegal on what basis, seems like that should be ok20:26
nhainessn9: I think there are certain kinds of disclosure that clears you but I'd definitely look into it first.20:26
bkerensaI always request a return shipping label up front and most of the time if its under $600 they let me keep it20:27
philipballewnhaines, he's doing the company a service20:27
nhainesI was going to write a U1 review in the next couple weeks but they gave me a storage pack for doing some bug work and now I'm not sure.  :P20:27
bkerensanhaines: Yeah the standard for journalism is to request a return label up front but generally if its a "review unit" or "loaner unit" you have to have an agreement on file with the PR firm of the company anyways and they disclose that to you ahead of time20:27
bkerensanhaines: Are you on control team?20:28
nhainesbkerensa: just a happy user since beta.  I'm in the first 750 or so who signed up when it was announced.20:29
bkerensanhaines: Cool :)20:29
bkerensaThe only thing I dislike about reviewing items is I get flooded with stuff and its usually pricey so I worry about getting robbed :D20:30
philipballewwhat kinda stuff?20:30
bkerensaSince some stuff has to be returned if my place got broke into due to high fedex/ups traffic then I would have to pay =/20:30
nhainesThe new version of Ubuntu One Files which should hit the Android Market in the next day or two is cool because it has lovely progress bars in the notification area.  :D20:30
bkerensaphilipballew: Tablets, Laptops, Keyboards, Headphones, Earphones, Screen Cleaners etc you name it really20:31
philipballewyou could get a hidden weppons permit bkerensa20:31
nhainesphilipballew: no good if he's not at his place when it's broken into.20:31
bkerensaI have a alarm system and the property have cameras20:31
bkerensanhaines: exactly20:31
nhainesakgraner: \o_20:31
philipballewreview a security guard bkerensa20:32
* bkerensa is gonna get a heavy duty storage soon and bolt it to my floor in my closet and then set some magnet alarms on it and padlock it20:32
kdubwait wait wait, reviewers have to return the things that come in the mail? i thought they kept it20:32
bkerensaphilipballew: LOL20:32
bkerensakdub: It depends... For not so expensive stuff they usually let you keep it but for expensive high end (not a chance)20:32
kdubah, i guess that makes sense...20:33
bkerensaIts all a very complicated process then also sometimes companies send you embargoed stuff which is basically products you cannot talk about or show to anyone until a certain date20:34
akgranernhaines, o/20:34
bkerensaakgraner: Our global jam info didnt make the weekly newsletter? :(20:35
akgranerbkerensa, hmmm sorry about that we try to nab all the links we can find but we never find them all20:36
bkerensaakgraner: heh I e-mailed you last week with the link remember? :)20:37
akgraneroh crap - yep - we can fix this now20:37
bkerensaits ok :) I forget stuff a lot too... Life gets busy20:37
akgranerI'll add it where I can now - I am sooo sorry and I had it on my todo list too20:38
akgranerDang it20:38
akgranerUbuntu Oregon sorry -- seeing you in the CA Channel I didn't put 2 and 2 together...one second I can add it to the wiki now and update the forums post20:40
DarkwingDuckHey akgraner20:47
akgranerbkerensa, added to the issue 230 and I'll fix the forum post in just a sec20:48
akgranerso sorry about that20:48
akgranerDarkwingDuck, hey!20:48
DarkwingDuckakgraner, Hows the knee?20:48
akgranerI can walk now :-)20:48
akgranerand I have PT 3 times a week to strengthen it20:49
akgranerso that's fun like that no pain no  gain thing20:49
DarkwingDuckI remember those days with mine. :/20:50
akgranerDarkwingDuck, how's life with you these days20:50
DarkwingDuckLooking for a job.20:51
DarkwingDuckWorking on the Beginners Team structure. Planning Global Jam San Diego20:51
DarkwingDuckGetting ready for the Kubuntu Doc push.20:51
akgranerall right up your alley!20:51
DarkwingDuckYeah, the job thing is killing me. :/20:51
akgranerfreelance is totally feast or famine for me - :-) but most days I like it20:52
DarkwingDuckYeah, I'm doing what I can, but it's not been stable enough for the  family.20:54
akgranerso where are you at now - didn't ou move?20:57
DarkwingDuckI'm in San Diego. We are helping my mother with bills.21:02
DarkwingDuckSo, we are crashing here.21:02
sn9i thought that's where you were living since retirement21:02
DarkwingDuckSan Diego yes... Location in San Diego has changed a few times.21:03
DarkwingDuckBut, I'm more then willing to relocated for work. :)21:03
nhainesOh wow, I just thought I picked up my water cup but when I drank it, it was Dr. Pepper.21:18
akgranernhaines, that's a shock21:22
nhainesakgraner: it tasted like rusty pennies for a second.  :)21:33
akgranerI'm afraid to ask how you know what rusty pennies taste like :-)21:37
nhainesakgraner: my imagination is horribly active.  :)21:50
nhainesakgraner: see also: http://xkcd.com/883/21:50

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