brouschsnap-l: how many people are you expecting saturday?00:28
snap-lhttp://blog.kobobooks.com/new-4-5-2-kobo-application-update-is-now-available-for-your-ios-devices/ <- I will not be the guy that bitches that they introduce bullshit features in iOS while not fixing my firmware... I will not...02:22
Blazeixwow, and I thought kindle's snippet sharing was bad.02:25
BlazeixI don't want my facebook friends to know I'm team edward.02:26
snap-lI think I figured out what is using up /tmp03:41
snap-land it might have U1's fingerprints all over it03:41
snap-lI think my problem is because U1 was having connectivity issues03:43
snap-lbut I'm down to 41M on a 2gb filesystem03:44
snap-lwhich would explain why tmpfs filled up earlier.03:44
snap-lMan, U1 is quirky03:44
snap-lNote: this is all to upload 1 albums worth of mp3 files.03:46
snap-lwhich, according to u1's current transfers switch, should have already finished03:47
snap-l`This is insane03:52
snap-lThere's 16 copies of the same file with different filenames03:52
snap-lAnd removing the tmp files got me from 95% to 39%03:57
rick_h_snap-l: quit breaking U1, let it work the way they intended11:23
rick_h_I request a number of downvotes please11:55
rick_h_wasting my time in the morning with this crap11:55
Wolfger(the reddit entry, not you wasting time)12:06
brouschi think i may have vim movement command under control12:25
rick_h_can anyone think of a command line command with a . in the name?12:26
brouschi think splits must come next. i find i use gedit when i need to deal with more than 1 file at the same time12:26
rick_h_brousch: awesome12:27
rick_h_splits are the best can't live without them12:27
brouschyeah, i have to rewatch your vimcast on them12:27
rick_h_it comes highly recommended :)12:27
snap-lrick_h_: Heh. :)12:28
brouschi have had surprisingly few people make fun of the postit notes taped to the side of my laptop monitor12:28
rick_h_take it slow, one/two new a week12:29
brouschit works incredibly well. even when i'm not actually using vim i glance over and read through the list12:29
rick_h_more than that you forget things and never really learn12:29
rick_h_just learn to look up things12:29
brouschwell the post0its are my lookup. they're just instantly accessible12:29
rick_h_yea, I mean who thinks that looks cool at all?12:32
rick_h_and the code, ugh!12:33
snap-lI couldn't even look at the code. Sorry.12:33
rick_h_pep8! please!12:33
rick_h_and all the print crap, imports in methods12:33
snap-lI'm going to be copying over our loco team application for our reapproval application12:34
snap-lrick_h_: Aw, c'mon... imports in methods are so you don't have that long load time. ;)12:34
snap-lIt's like putting tabs in there so the compiler doesn't have to work so hard reading spaces.12:34
rick_h_I forsee many pull requests to snap-l's todo project12:34
snap-lPull requests as in skeet shooting. :)12:35
snap-lPULL! (PEP8)12:35
snap-lPULL! (WTF?!?)12:35
rick_h_hey, that was one of my first pull requests to fabric12:35
rick_h_pep8'd that mofo12:35
snap-lPULL! (WERE YOU ON DRUGS?)12:35
brouschthat is your new handle12:36
=== rick_h_ is now known as pep8mofo
* pep8mofo says: you damn well better only do one import per line12:36
* pep8mofo says: I pity the fool that don't put a space after his ,12:36
snap-lI'm totally single spacing my code. :)12:37
* pep8mofo says: if you make any line 120char long you will be dragged out back and shot12:37
pep8mofoMan, I think I need to write an irc bot. First time I've felt that urge12:38
brouschmy monitor is 1280 pixels wide. i should be able to use it all!12:38
* pep8mofo goes to get the gun12:38
Wolfgerpep8mofo: ok, I'll make sure my lines are longer than 12012:38
* Wolfger writes a bunch of 119 and 121 character lines, to avoid being shot. ;-)12:39
pep8mofodon't anger the pep8mofo :P12:39
snap-lwow, just realized I had pep8 installed in /usr/local/bin.12:40
snap-land a lot of crap in /usr/local/lib that got copied over from many many machines12:40
snap-lso it wouldn't work.12:40
pep8mofosudo pip install pep812:41
brouschpep8 is for sheep and confomists. i'm a rebel!12:41
snap-lyes, my master.12:41
snap-lcraig@lister:~$ sudo apt-get install pep812:41
pep8mofoyou expect ubuntu to have decent packages for that crap? :P12:42
snap-lNo, but my virtualenv does. :)12:42
snap-lat least it's a sane default12:42
pep8mofoproblem is the --no-site-packages12:43
brouschwouldn't it be python-pep8?12:43
pep8mofoyou need it as part of your base virtualenv stuff12:43
snap-land not something compiled for 2.6 on a 2.7 machine12:43
pep8mofoyou're not on 2.6 or 2.7?12:43
brouschpython2.5 for life!12:43
brouschif it's good enough for guido ...12:43
snap-l/usr/local/ had a pep8 for 2.612:43
snap-lI'm not on 2.6, I'm on 2.712:44
snap-lI removed the libraries under /usr/local/12:44
snap-linstalled pep8 for the rest of the system12:44
snap-land installed pep8 in my virtualenv12:44
pep8mofodo it with pip and a site-packages per python version and don't care about /usr/local12:44
snap-lpep8mofo: I DID THAT12:44
snap-lI removed the libraries under /usr/local/12:45
snap-lrelax, cujo12:45
brouschhe's not cujo, he's mofo12:46
=== pep8mofo is now known as pep257mofo
snap-lE: Unable to locate package pep25712:48
* pep257mofo says: if you start a docstring and then newline without any text...pain!12:49
snap-ldocstrings? Who uses those?12:49
snap-lmy code is my comment. ;)12:49
brouschyeah, screw comments12:50
brouschrtfc if you want to know what it does12:50
pep257mofoI'll remember you said that12:50
snap-lI believe the next language we'll be programming in will be called buckshot12:51
snap-las in what we'll be pulling out of our ass the next time we see pep257mofo12:52
pep257mofoanyone played with aws acls?13:33
brouschno, you are the guinea pig for all technologies13:37
brouschadmit it. you hate using things that everyone has used and approved of13:38
brouschjava, dotnet, django, Apple, Gnome, Ubuntu13:39
pep257mofook, I can't help it13:47
pep257mofowasn't gib recording the meeting where we did the loco takes over Mug?13:48
pep257mofowhere there was a big presentatin on lernid?13:48
brouschthat video was horrendous13:49
brouschi even tried to download it and edit it and gave up13:49
pep257mofobut now he's emailing the guy that gave that prensetation "what is lernid"13:49
pep257mofosorry, caused a laugh13:50
snap-lpep257mofo: pls change your nick. ;)14:25
snap-lr[tab] isn't working. ;)14:25
ptenhoopen_whitemice:  Did you get John Harig's email about your OLF hotel registration?15:01
ptenhoopen_He wants to know if you want to keep the hotel reservation he made for you or cancel it.15:02
ptenhoopen_Dang, he's not online now.15:02
brouschptenhoopen_: wrong channel15:12
ptenhoopen_brousch:  Thanks!15:13
=== pep257mofo is now known as rick_h
rick_hfine :P15:22
jrwreni made mistake of reading more about raspberrypi board.  zomg I can't wait! i want one so badly.15:36
_stink_holy balls15:37
_stink_i hadn't heard of this yeet15:37
jjessethat sounds really cool15:39
jrwreni had heard of it.15:39
jjessei might want to buy one15:39
jrwrenbut the B board is new to me.  ethernet and 256MB plz, k, ty.15:39
jrwrenzomg, it sounds so awesome.15:39
rick_hsweet, talked to the boss about setting up a github organization for OSS'ing some of the code/packages here15:40
rick_hsince I"m the only one to have written any of hte packages, it'd be great to help me prepare for future job :)15:40
rick_halso talked about getting devs large format kindles :)15:41
rick_hthat one has a longer shot I believe, but boss seemed interested in the illegal sharing idea15:41
rick_hbuy one pdf share to all 5 devs/kindles15:41
snap-lAnd you can use it for RPG game night15:44
snap-lnot that I'd know of any company with a store of RPG books15:44
rick_hwell we got chatting on how he was printing of tons of material he read on vacatoin15:44
rick_hand I asked why not print to pdf and take with you on your kindle15:44
rick_hso that brought up the pdf shortfalls of the small kindle15:44
rick_hwhich brought up the idea I've had for getting a big one15:44
rick_hand then company issued ones :)15:45
snap-lrick_h: Nice.15:45
snap-lI played a little more with the nook color last night15:45
rick_hwife is less angry if work buys it vs me :)15:45
snap-lJodee's going to take a class where the payoff is a $150 B&N gift card15:45
snap-lI think everyone in that class is going to be there just for the gift card.15:45
snap-lI told her she should ask questions during class:15:46
rick_hwow, what class is this?15:46
snap-l"will the gift card work on all purchases"?15:46
snap-lSome educator bullshit class that nobody in their right mind would take if there wasn't a $150 B&N carrot at the end.15:46
brouschcan she attend multiple times?15:46
snap-lbrousch: It's a 6 period class that requires attendance to get the card at the end.15:46
snap-l"will this work for electronics purchases?"15:47
snap-l"Will it be one card, or several smaller cards?"15:47
snap-l"Can I get the Cat In the Hat card?"15:47
snap-lstupid questions all centering around the gift card.15:48
snap-lI think one of the sessions is on learning Excel.15:48
snap-lYeah, it's quite a bullet15:48
rick_hhah, there you go HP, try to get me to buy other crap by emailing me to let me know no touchpads in stock16:16
=== jjesse_ is now known as jjesse
ptenhoopen_rick_h:  Was that the email list from HP that was to let people know when more touchpads were available?16:23
rick_hptenhoopen_: "we're still out and it'll be several weeks before we get stock. In the meantime, here's a coupon for some toners/printers/etc"16:25
snap-lrick_h: I believe HP has earned a coveted place on fuckedcompany16:28
snap-lI can't believe that this MFC has just about every single network function, save for NTP17:05
rick_hhah, awesome17:07
rick_hvery nice vim tip!17:08
rick_htweaked the colors for my own setup, but very nice!17:08
snap-lOh, that's handy.17:09
rick_hhi StatusLine guifg=#fcf4ba guibg=#33333317:09
rick_hhi StatusLineNC guifg=#808080 guibg=#33333317:09
rick_hmy version17:09
snap-lMine already appears to do that.17:10
rick_hthe original color I didn't like, went more yellow17:10
rick_hand original had a white background on me17:10
rick_hwent with the darker bg17:10
snap-lI think my theme is interfering17:11
snap-lactually, it's because I was using the terminal17:12
snap-lhttp://zgeek.com/content.php/8656-HP-Selling-Fucked-Company-to-Buy-a-New-One-to-Fuck-Up <- heh17:14
rick_hbrousch: http://www.reddit.com/r/Python/comments/jz746/ask_what_do_you_use_micro_frameworks_for/17:17
rick_hjust for you17:17
snap-lThere's a shocker17:19
rick_hhah, there you go17:19
snap-lI swear, we won't have a zombie invasion, we'll have a halloween store zombie invasion17:22
rick_hhah, we're entering the crazy name phase of android: http://www.androidcentral.com/samsung-outs-sprints-galaxy-s-ii-epic-4g-touch-ahead-tonights-event17:39
rick_h"galaxy S II Epic 4g"...whatever happened to just driod, nexus one, captivate17:40
Blazeixyeah, "galaxy S II" is samsung's branding, "Epic 4G touch" is sprint's branding17:43
rick_hthey're all touch! lol17:43
BlazeixGS2 is available on a bunch of different carriers17:43
rick_hI want to see epic 4g type17:44
rick_hyea, I know17:44
rick_hjust funny when I saw that how crazy17:44
rick_hS II 4G, gah!17:44
Blazeixyeah, samsung just unveiled a really confusing naming scheme. Something about S vs R vs W vs M.17:46
Blazeixall in the galaxy family17:46
rick_hmaturity == "running out of names! we must stick within our brand!"17:49
snap-lI'm waiting for the "Do NT Touch".18:02
snap-lI'm impressed... Musicbrainz has an entry for Carcass' Peel Sessions disc18:18
snap-lThought for sure that wouldn't be there.18:18
snap-lIt's awesome too because it glows in the dark18:20
jcastrothe number of times we could have used this ^^^^^^18:46
rick_hcool jcastro was checking out the new lite version when it was released last week18:46
rick_hnode.js ftw18:46
jcastroup and running, 4 commands18:46
jcastroit scales so much better than old javapad18:46
jcastrohit this!18:47
jcastroI will have this baremetalable soon18:47
jcastroso you don't have to get nickled to death on AWS.18:48
jcastrothough, for an event18:48
jcastroyou could do like, fire this up18:48
jcastroattach an EBS18:48
jcastrohave your  event18:48
jcastrotear it all down18:48
jcastrothen repeat the next year and you'd have your data just stored in EBS.18:48
rick_hyea, that's cool18:49
rick_huh oh, think I crashed something18:50
brouschan event?18:50
brouschsnap-l: did you listen to http://unwoman.bandcamp.com/album/uncovered-volume-1# ?18:59
brouschgood stuff in there18:59
snap-lNo, I didn't because it's (C)18:59
brouschstill good music :P19:01
snap-lI really hate corporate password rules that require special rules to conform19:45
jrwrenjcastro: wholy shit jorge... ensemble forumlas look like the bees knees.19:48
jcastrojrwren: apt for the cloud yo19:49
jrwrenits awesome.19:49
jrwrenand optionally for my private cloud.19:49
jrwrenso hot.19:49
jcastroor just normal bare metal19:50
jcastrobut not right now, give me till the end of the month19:50
jcastroLike, I like the cloud, don't get me wrong smoser19:50
jcastrobut if I can type that at work and deploy on HW I own then woo.19:50
jrwrenand I don't care what anyone says. bare metal is still the fastest.19:51
jrwreni don't want to run in VM for some things.19:51
jcastroif anything, I am sick of waiting for EC2 for every little thing19:51
snap-ljrwren: bah, VMs for every single process.19:51
smoserDBO, are you going to talk about ubuntu in ohio?20:01
DBOthere is something going on in ohio?20:02
smosercause i really dont want to, and really am not qualified to talk about any desktop-y things20:02
DBOsmoser, this? https://ohiolinux.org/20:04
smoserthere was a mail from jcastro where he threw you and i under a bus20:04
DBOI like busses20:06
DBOno no no, Jay Sullivan got thrown under a bus20:06
DBOmy god20:06
DBO"The Ubuntu Gaming System"20:06
DBOwow... hes screwed20:06
smoserjcastro, where did you send that mail. i cant find it.20:07
DBOoh I see20:08
DBOwe did get bussed20:08
DBOsmoser, it is in your canonical email20:08
DBOjcastro, let me check my schedule, maybe I can show20:09
snap-lDBO: Rick and I will be there doing Lococast if you want to stop by. :)20:11
snap-lnot sure if that's incentive or not. ;)20:11
snap-lUbuntu Gaming... isnt' that where Canonical put the humble bundle titles into the software store? ;)20:12
jcastroyou should do the lococast20:18
jcastro"And now we have Jason Smith, tells us Jason, how do you feel about tiling window managers?"20:19
snap-ljcastro: No fair, now he'll have time to think about a reasonable answer.20:19
DBOokay Im going20:20
DBOjcastro, so "Writing Applications for Unity"20:21
DBOsmoser, you're off the hook :)20:21
snap-lDBO: I thought it was "Ubuntu Unity: I'm not an effigy"20:21
DBOUbuntu Unity: use it you ungrateful bastards20:22
DBOwhere the hell is jcastro...20:23
DBOyou dont get to throw me under a bus AND run away20:23
snap-lWe're still claiming him on our team reports, though20:24
smoseri like snap-l's suggestion20:24
snap-lIt's like tax time and dependants. :)20:24
DBOjcastro, what should I tell the guy the talk is called?20:24
smoseri'm so coming with a fake mustache and tomatoes20:24
jcastro"Unity: Everything you don't like is my fault, and you should throw tomatoes at me"20:24
DBOsmoser, Im bringing a super soaker and house paint20:25
smosermeh. house paint washes off. tomatoes are funny for longer.20:25
snap-l"Unity: Why you're switching to Arch"20:26
DBO"Unity: if you switch to Arch you were too dumb to use a combo-box"20:26
snap-l"Unity: The prostate checkup Linux was avoiding for 20 years"20:26
DBO"Unity: the press is wrong and I'll tell you every lie they ever said because they review shit without using it, I'm looking at you snap-l"20:27
snap-l"Unity: Your graphics card sucks"20:27
snap-lDBO: Dude, I'm soaking in it20:28
snap-lI even bought a newer graphics card because of Unity20:28
snap-lI have never said anything bad about Unity that wasn't grounded in truth. :)20:28
snap-lI think you're thinking of someone else.20:28
DBOI was telling dirty lies about you20:29
DBOIm tired of the press though :/20:29
snap-lhttp://www.amd.com/us/products/desktop/graphics/ati-radeon-hd-5000/hd-5450-overview/pages/hd-5450-overview.aspx <- That's the chipset I bought20:29
DBOthey suck so hard20:29
DBOyou bought a radeon?20:29
snap-lDBO: Well, it is controversial20:29
jcastroDBO: do a cycle on server side stuff20:29
snap-land the press LOOOOOVES controversy20:29
jcastrothe users don't hate you20:29
DBOI want to cycle into HR20:29
jcastropeople actually like what you do, etc.20:30
snap-lDBO: I thought it could do crossfire with my 3450, but it doesn't.20:30
snap-lwas $20 after rebate, though20:30
snap-land I have an AMD chipset.20:30
DBOsnap-l, basically this is linux20:30
DBOalways buy nvidia20:30
DBOits about the only thing with a proper working gl stack20:31
snap-lI've been happy thus far20:31
snap-lIt's mostly working with a few quirks20:31
snap-lbut the 5450 is much less quirky than the 345020:31
snap-lAt least it isn't an Intel. ;)20:32
DBOI *really* want to give a talk on what everyone does wrong20:32
DBOand just offer no solutions20:32
DBObut I think that would be bad form20:32
rick_h_hmmm, did I disconnect? wtf20:33
snap-l"How to make Unity sings, and your desktop happy"20:33
DBOI really wish we could just make a plugin system for Unity already...20:34
snap-lStep 1: Ditch your POS graphics card20:34
devinheitmuellerStep 2: uninstall Unity?20:34
DBOdevinheitmueller, it's called a combo-box, learn to use it20:35
DBOwhen the funny thing that makes you type a password shows up, click on it... now I know you will be tempted to let go of the mouse20:35
DBObut dont20:35
devinheitmuellerHmmm, combo-box.  I remember those from Windows 3.1!20:35
DBOkeep holding onto that button20:35
DBOthen move the mouse to where it says "Classic"20:35
DBOthen let go20:36
DBOit's practically brain surgery20:36
DBObut what you'll find is the urge to bitch will go down a LOT20:36
snap-lbut classic is going away, and I hate KDE/QT20:37
snap-lAnd really, I just want a mac.20:37
kdubclassic is going away? :(20:37
DBOits not20:37
snap-lkdub: Yes, and Canonical eats children20:37
DBOstop listening to mark20:37
snap-lwith butter20:37
snap-land a rue20:37
DBOactually we prefer them battered20:38
DBO...just realized thats a double entedre20:38
* DBO sits down to wait for the black helicopters20:39
kdubthought police!20:40
snap-lI know you guys probably have dick to do with some of the design, but whomever made the new software center have a candy-store header needs to lay off the banapeel smoking20:40
rick_h_ouch: http://twitter.com/#!/chrismcdonough/status/10863945786707148820:41
snap-lrick_h_: Wow, that smarts.20:42
brouschheh, so true20:46
brouschi'm looking at what a pyramid scaffold generates for you and it is a lot20:47
brouschwhich i'm sure is one reason it's so easy to plug it into wsgi20:47
jrwrencan anyone help with a simple regex? I can't seem to see from where a second match is coming. https://gist.github.com/118204621:10
devinheitmuellerjrwren: a case where you have a "*" instead of a "+" ?21:10
devinheitmueller* = zero or more matches.21:10
jrwrenunderstood, but I really want that.21:11
jrwrene.g.    1,,2 should result in {"1","","2"}21:11
snap-lI'm never buying another MP3 from Amazon if I can help it21:11
jrwrendevinheitmueller: and if I'm matching "a", then it is matching , or $ and I don't see a , there, so it should match $ and be done.21:12
jrwrenor is it some strange rule because $ is zero width?21:12
devinheitmuellerYeah, I'm not sure.  Under Perl I just always use Text::ParseWords, which is a built-in module so it's always available.21:13
jrwrenI'm trying to parse Excel style CSV, that is the catch.21:14
jrwrenso its not Parse Words at all.21:14
devinheitmuellerThe name is a bit of a misnomer, but indeed it is intended to parse CSV files that have quoted values.21:14
jrwrenmixed with non quoted?21:15
devinheitmuellerIt's explicitly intended to deal with the "I'm using quoted CSV, but what if there's a quote in the actual CSV content?21:15
devinheitmuellerjrwren: yeah.21:15
devinheitmuellerBut again, you're using Python, so not really relevant to you.21:15
jrwrenI'm in C#.21:16
jrwrensimilar enough regex engine. I'll just use their regex.21:16
devinheitmuellerworth a try.21:16
devinheitmuellerIt's a pretty nasty regex.  No guarantee they aren't using some PCRE ism rather than a true POSIX regex.21:17
jcastrosnap-l: that's just a palce holder21:17
jcastrothat'll be where like the app shots go, etc.21:18
jrwrendevinheitmueller: C# is nearly PCRE21:18
snap-ljcastro: OK, thank you.21:18
jrwrendevinheitmueller: and I can read both pcre adn C# well enough to xlate.21:18
jrwrendevinheitmueller: I was a perl programmer before moving to C# :)21:18
devinheitmuellerjrwren: fair enough.21:18
devinheitmuellerI am not challenging your Perl-fu.  Just making the observation that there are slight differences between Perl regex and POSIX regex to watch out for.  :-)21:18
jrwrennot just slight.21:19
jrwrenPOSIX regex is completely different.21:19
jrwrenno character class shortcuts like \s \w \d in POSIX or even ERE21:19
jrwren[[:alpha:]] <- i never liked it21:20
devinheitmuellerwtf, seriously:  http://www.osnews.com/story/25116/HP_Announces_Another_TouchPad_Production_Run22:03
jrwrendevinheitmueller: huge thanks for that link BTW.22:21
jrwrenText::ParseWords ftw22:21
devinheitmuellerGlad it works for you.22:21

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