akgranerholstein, you're now the team contact in LD01:01
akgranerI'll add all the event information soon01:02
akgranerBill I am sending you a box tomorrow - lanyards and a few mouse pads01:02
akgranerinternalkernel, and holstein we'll have some swag too on Saturday - it's still the old design but I think people will like having them01:03
internalkernelakgraner: sounds good, let me know what else I can do... just getting past a little cold.... see ya soon!02:38
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akgranerholstein, what are the times for Saturday - I am just now gettng around to adding stuff to the Loco directory14:30
akgranerI'll blog about all this today as well14:30
akgranerholstein, just sent the team contact change to the loco contacts list and to the loco team mailing list14:36
holsteinakgraner: noon is the LUG14:37
holsteinthats our official time14:37
mhall119holstein: congrats14:37
holsteinand i have to play laugh or leaf or whatever that day14:38
holsteinso i have to leave around 1 prolly14:38
holsteinmhall119: :)14:38
mhall119I read the email as "Amber voluntold Mike to be contact"14:38
holsteinakgraner: is there a place where i go to request the CD's and all that?14:40
holsteinfor the LoCo?14:40
akgranerholstein, yep - but it;s not time yet14:44
akgranerI'll poke you when it is14:44
holsteini was hoping it was something you just 'set-and-forget'14:44
internalkernelvoluntold... lol... I'm going to use that one... :p15:02
akgranerbillf, are you a member of the loco team in LP?17:32
akgranerI can't seem to find you to add you as the contact for your global Jam event17:32
akgranerfor now I'll add my name until I can add yours17:33
billfakgraner: hmm, not sure, let me check17:45
akgranerthanks b/c I can't add you as contact if you aren't there17:46
akgranerbillf,  and holstein  take a look at the blog post17:48
akgranerI'll add that to LD in just a second17:48
billfakgraner: I am listed on our loco Natty release party event page17:50
akgranerin Lanuchpad17:50
akgranerhmmm I'm not finding your name in the LoCo Directory17:50
akgranerlet me see if I can get you added17:51
billfOK I have joined17:52
akgranercool now I just need to let the Loco directory refresh then I'll add you17:55
akgranerbut for now I added me so I could save the event17:55
billfgreat, I have no idea why I forgot about adding the event :-)17:59
akgranerI've got the events added to the LoCo Directory18:06
akgraneras soon as I can see your name I'll edit it and point it to you as contact18:07
billfakgraner: I have updated the event details.  thanks for setting it up19:13
akgranerno worries - were you able to add yourself as contact now19:14
akgranerit usually takes about an hour to update19:14
akgraneroh good19:14
akgranercheck out I'm quoted in the same article with Linus and Jono  - http://www.datamation.com/open-source/linus-torvalds-and-others-on-community-burnout-1.html20:57
akgranerinternalkernel, ^^^^^20:58
internalkernelakgraner: oml22:16
internalkernelI had to invent an acronym for that... it's beyond omg... it's Oh My Laawwwd.22:17
akgranerluv it22:17
internalkerneloml... and congrats. :D22:17
akgranerI thought you'd like that article22:17

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