Cheri703boring monday02:13
Cheri703well, boring monday evening, earlier was busy-ish02:13
thafreakMorning Ohio13:27
thafreakeveryone psyched for OLF?13:27
_bbbgonna try and make it but baby on the way might complicate things =)13:43
_bbbkinda at his mercy13:43
thafreakbah, bring the baby13:47
thafreakmaybe your wife could give birth at olf...13:47
thafreakslap a tux sticker on the kid13:48
thafreakThe first year I went, I dragged my pregnant wife along...13:49
thafreakshe only went to the pre party though...13:49
thafreakthat was when the pre-party was a few pizzas and about 20-30 people and a keg13:49
thafreakin a tiny room13:50
thafreakthen my wife went to a horse show the next day13:50
thafreakoh, and that was the year i won the psp from novell...only year i won anything13:50
_bbbwe won a eee pc one year13:54
thafreaknice...I think I remember that year...is that the year that shaun powers one one too?14:41
_bbbsounds right14:41
paultagthafreak: haha, oh lordy - senior powers15:56
paultagthat was a good year15:56

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