cyberangerpace_t_zulu: pong00:15
cyberangerpace_t_zulu: what's up00:16
pace_t_zulucyberanger: mailing list01:19
pace_t_zulucyberanger: admin to my email address01:19
cyberangerpace_t_zulu: I'd advise against that (a mistake I made, it gets bombed with spam)01:26
cyberangerbut I can change it to another address, just lemme know what one you'd like01:26
average_guyHello ppl03:43
cyberangerhey average_guy03:52
average_guyHow is life? Nice ova here now that it is no longer 100 degrees out03:55
cyberangeryeah, better cool03:58
XpistosGood Morning peeps14:06
wrstmorning Xpistos14:19
pace_t_zulumorning Xpistos and wrst14:20
wrsthowdy pace_t_zulu14:20
XpistosOh yeah, anyone that will be in the area of Nashville the weekend of September 9-11, you can get free tickets for the nashville greek festival at http://nashvillegreekfestival.com/?page_id=5114:21
pace_t_zulureminder everyone ... team meeting on Thursday14:44
pace_t_zuluXpistos: you want to post about the greek festival at ubuntu-tennessee.org?14:44
XpistosSure why not14:45
XpistosHoly crap! $25 Arm Linux Computer Running Quake 3! http://www.raspberrypi.org/14:50
pace_t_zuluanyone know the turnaround time between when you delete a google account and when you can re-register it?14:57
wrstnever delted a google account15:05
pace_t_zuluwrst: i have a dot in between my first and last name15:32
pace_t_zuluand i want to get rid of it15:32
wrstahh that makes sense15:38
pace_t_zuluwrst: tempted to delete the account and recreate without the dot16:05
pace_t_zului know emails will go through with or without dots ... but i want the appearance of the account to be without the dot16:05
pace_t_zulucyberanger: https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/Ubuntu-us-tn ... why are we both listed?16:36
pace_t_zulucyberanger: i don't mind both of us being listed (especially as you are more the mailing list guru)16:37
wrsthello average_guy18:05
average_guyHola!  How r yu?18:06
wrstgood average_guy and you?20:01
average_guyI am doing pretty well. Thx wrst.  Been runnin windows fer a while (games) getting linux running again..20:09
wrstgood average_guy ;)20:09
average_guyI prefer linux but currently only have a small HD20:09
average_guyattemting arch install for the first time20:10
wrstaverage_guy: I run arch and so does chris4585 so we can probably help if you need it20:16
average_guyI'm still reading about it.  Trying to figure out exactly what packages I need20:38
wrstaverage_guy: with the new installer you can install most of everything you need with the basic installation that is if you use the netinstall image20:45
average_guywrst: yes, it is fairly simple.  It's the figuring out "what I need" that I'm working on...20:52
wrstwell if you miss something you can always do it later :)20:53
average_guyyeah, thats what I'm thinking, that I need to go as minimal as possible and add as I go.20:54
wrstyeah average_guy just be sure to set the root password :)20:56
* wrst knows this from experience20:57
wrstaverage_guy: get arch going?22:15
cyberangerpace_t_zulu: that was a mistake (well, overlooked might be a better word) it allows mutiple addresses, one per line in the settings, I put yours in on a new line, hit save, forgot to remove mine22:26
average_guywrst: having trouble partitioning22:32
average_guyI have a very limited space to work with22:32
average_guyand I set it all up, but got a bunch of "failure to mount" errors" and everything went to shit22:33
average_guyopps lang22:33
average_guyhave 100mb /boot, 3.72gb /root, 1.22gb /home..22:36
average_guyI mean even safely back in xubuntu, I can see the partitions in gparted..22:37
average_guydon't kno y it didn't like em :(22:37
average_guyformating them to ext4 an gunna try again22:39

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