magespawnHey Super fly no worries i had to go home too.06:59
magespawni have got it done by changing the folder owner ship for the copy and then changing them back again.06:59
magespawn^ superfly07:00
superflyhey magespawn, glad you came right07:01
Symmetriagah my poor gf's flight outta kenya was delayed by 2 hours so she's gonna not make her connecting flight in joburg and is gonna need to get a later one and heh, she's kinda freaked out about that 07:01
Symmetrialol, she's never had to sort out connecting flights etc in a foreign country before (normally all flights are direct and normally she's travelling with someone else)07:02
magespawnhey Symmetria 07:02
magespawnlearning curve then07:02
Symmetrialol made a plan though, got someone meeting her at the airport and phoned the airlines and gave em my platinum voyager number and told them to make a damn plan :P07:03
Symmetriathey asured me they would lol07:03
Symmetrialol, one advantage of being a very frequent traveller, once you hold that platinum card, SAA starts being very careful how they treat you07:03
magespawnthanks superfly. the folder was owned by root for some reason.07:03
superflyso that the web server could write to it?07:04
magespawni am not sure. i am self teaching on this one. i set up a pc with ubuntu server on it.07:04
magespawni ticked all the options for server types, want to learn how to use them all.07:05
superflymagespawn: were you trying to run Joomla on the server?07:05
magespawnthats another story all together.07:06
superflyyeah, I recommend against Joomla, rather use Drupal07:06
magespawnmweb does not allow you to ftp joomla to the servers and run the install through the web. their tech help said i have to install it locally and then transfer to their server.07:07
superflyyeah, and Joomla is retarded about that, from what I've heard. I do that with Drupal all the time though.07:07
magespawnthat was a consideration, did some research, opinion is that Joomla has a easier learning curve. 07:08
superflyeasier yes, but it'll bite you in the rear too07:08
magespawnmaybe i will give it ago. do you have any running on mweb?07:08
superflyAnd Drupal's not that difficult07:08
superflyno, I use SubOracle's hosting07:08
magespawni was going to install joomla on mweb and drupal locally to try.07:09
magespawnthis is just really me playing/learning, no of this actually concerns any work i am doing at the moment.07:10
magespawnto put things in perspective i studied nature conservation, i am professional Field Guide, and now i own an internet cafe and pc shop.07:19
Symmetriaheh, its strange how our careers mutate07:20
magespawnppl are always asking about websites and if i can do them. so i thought i would learn.07:20
Symmetrialook at the number of electrical engineers who are now working in networking and IT for example07:20
Symmetriaheh, for myself, I've been working part time in IT since I was 12, and full time since I was 16, but only in the last 9 years or so have I been completely focused on networking (after doing programming, security, software consultancy and unix administration in the beginning at various times)07:21
Symmetriaheh, in 1996 odd I was doing installation and maintenance of AIX systems and specialix systems connected to those 07:22
SymmetriaI think if you put me down infront of an AIX box today I wouldnt have a clue :P 07:22
Symmetria(AIX = strange beast, though WAY ahead of its time back then)07:23
Symmetriaheh, aix's file system in the 1990s had features that other *nix systems didnt get for *YEARS* afterwards (like live space allocation/deallocation to a file system from newly inserted hot swap drives)07:24
* Symmetria also remebers running linux kernel 0.99 :P07:25
Symmetriaand fbsd 2 or something lol, which had to be installed off 1.44meg disks 07:25
magespawnmm. i have also just done the physical set up of a dvr security system07:25
magespawnokay now that is going to far back for me07:26
Symmetriastrangely, I almost ended up at one point leaving IT all together07:26
SymmetriaI gave seriously consideration to going back and doing a degree in my second passion, clinic psych 07:26
magespawnbut i do remember booting a pc of 5 1/2 inch disks with no hard drive.07:26
Symmetriaheh, and I found an interesting article that refers to a discussion I had with someone in the 90s about leaving IT 07:27
magespawnnah you cannot talk to yourself if you do that, everybody expects it ppl to talk to themselves07:27
Symmetriaheh, that was written by wyze1 in 199907:28
SymmetriaLOL, I didnt even know he had written it until a few weeks ago, but I clearly remeber that night and that discussion, lol, and remeber passing out on the office floor cause of pure exhaustion 07:28
magespawnrunning under a different name then to07:31
Symmetriaheh, for good reason07:34
magespawnjust read the article, my thoughts, ppl will quite often mistrust things they do not understand.07:34
Symmetria:P Vortexia was... an interesting persona :) fairly carefully crafted and served a specific purpose *shrug* it was time to put that persona to bed :)07:35
magespawnone of those things. i have been using the same nick since i first started using irc in '94, somewhere there.07:36
magespawnhowdy all20:54
magespawnif I had know it was this late i would have gone straight to bed20:57
magespawnnight all20:57

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