Gredeui have a valid user account on ubuntuforums.org however it won't allow me to retrieve a password reset.  its a valid account.  03:35
Gredeui get the best assistance or ubuntu on the forums.  03:37
Gredeui also want to use the forums for privacy reasons03:40
bkerensaIs there any reason I'm forced to login to forums to view certain threads?05:48
zenroxno idea05:49
zenroxthought thay were all open to read05:49
bkerensajust a little time consuming to sometimes to view something and be prompted05:49
bkerensathats what I thought too05:49
bkerensais a example of a thread that talks about tray docking and it prompted me =/05:50
zenroxHello, zenrox You are browsing a READ only archive of the main support categories pre 4/21/2008. You will not be able to post or reply any threads in this section. Be aware that some of the information is outdated and may cause problems to a current installation. 05:50
zenroxyou have to be loged in to read the old stuff05:50
bkerensaodd :P05:50
bkerensaI guess they do that to reduce traffic consumption? 05:50
zenroxand i am loged in05:51
zenroxnot only to protect new users05:51
zenroxmakes sence why thay would do that05:52
bkerensawell I have been prompted on newer threads in the past too like stuff thats only a few months old05:52
zenroxhmm odd05:52
zenroxi just keep myself loged in i dont have that prob05:53
bkerensa:D well my browser clears every time I close it and plus I have Bleachbit set to run in cron twice daily to wipe all temp data :D so thats not gonna be easy for me 05:53
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zenroxshould just set it to ignore that website05:54
zenroxor that cookie05:54
Aquixbkerensa   why do you have  cron to run bleachbit twice a day?06:07
bkerensaAquix: I like a clean system :D06:08
bkerensaAquix: Chrome doesnt delete as much data as it suggets in fact it leaves tidbits so the only way to fully nuke stuff is via bleachbit or shred06:08
bkerensaI dont like wipe my free space but I do have it say to nuke chrome, firefox and a couple other trivial things now and then06:09
bkerensalike rotated logs06:09
AquixI see. afraid someone will look at your computer?06:10
bkerensano I just dont like leaving cookies for tracking purposes06:14
bkerensaplus I dont like the idea of having the risk of someone being able to login to an account if I leave traces of data06:14
bkerensaie: Bank Acct, etc06:14
AquixI just stay logged out from google, and for the bank I log in with my cellphone. Cookies or not, there are enough companies doing ip tracking anyway.06:17
bkerensaAquix: Well I have LastPass + YubiKey so I'm pretty secure but just for safety :D06:46
Aquixbetter things for safety out there. Get noscript and better privacy  addons06:49
kpsuanyone uses recorditnow here?17:52
kpsurecords desktop17:53
kpsuhaving some issues enabling the "ffmpeg-recorder" plugin17:53
FTMichaelI don't, sorry. Try http://ubuntuforums.org/ too17:53

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