nhainesOoh, U1M for Android update.00:07
snap-lI seem to have my /tmp directory filling up because of U103:48
snap-lIt also appears to be unable to complete a transfer of one file03:49
snap-l  path: /home/craig/.ubuntuone/Purchased from Ubuntu One/T3chnophob1a/Grave New World/02. Abduction Starfleet.mp303:49
snap-l    deflated size: 745924603:49
snap-l(upload to U1)03:49
snap-l    bytes written: 745924603:49
snap-lThere's 16 copies of the same file with different filenames03:52
snap-lAnd of course u1sdtool -q && u1sdtool -c cleared that up.03:56
verteroksnap-l: I think there is bug about that...but dont have the number at hand03:57
snap-lI added myself to the tmp directory filling up bug03:58
snap-lnot sure about the sync daemon bug03:58
snap-lseems to rear it's ugly head whenever there's connectivity trouble.03:58
snap-lwhich tends to occur when I'm doing large transfers03:59
snap-lI'd be more than happy to guinea pig for someone if they need someone to test03:59
verteroksnap-l: if you hit the issue again, please file a bug and attach the logs, if it's possible DEBUG logs :)04:00
snap-lI have debug logs04:00
snap-lhaven't turned them off since last time04:00
verterokah, ok04:00
* verterok heads out to sleep a few hours04:01
verteroksnap-l: later!04:01
mandelmorning all!08:08
JamesTaitGood morning, world. :-)08:38
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mandelis it holidays somewhere? dammed this is empty...09:47
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mandelfacundobatista, buenas!10:10
facundobatistaHola mandel10:10
gatoxhi everyone10:10
facundobatistaHola gatox10:10
gatoxfacundobatista, buenas10:10
mandelgatox, hola10:21
mandelfinally people!10:22
mandelI was getting lonely :P10:22
mandelno offence JamesTait :P10:22
gatoxmandel, do you still have a headache?10:25
mandelgatox, nah, I'm fine :)10:27
gatoxmandel, cool10:27
mandelgatox, I have migraines due to circulation probelms... so in the bad ones I bleed thorugh my nose, throw up and have a headache10:27
mandelbut yesterday I had a drugs contail that made it less discusting ;)10:27
mandelgatox, did I miss something important? or just bussiness as usual?10:28
gatoxmandel, just as usual10:28
mandelcool, I'll get back to find where is the unicode being licked...10:29
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ralsinagatox, mandel: if you could review this one please? https://code.launchpad.net/~ralsina/ubuntuone-windows-installer/fix-tests/+merge/7324710:42
gatoxralsina, on it10:42
ralsinagatox: thanks!10:43
ralsinagatox: you still have branches needing reviews?10:43
gatoxralsina,  i was looking for it..... this one please: https://code.launchpad.net/~diegosarmentero/ubuntuone-windows-installer/setup-buttons/+merge/7325110:43
ralsinagatox: got it!10:44
ralsinagatox: conflict!10:44
gatoxralsina, ohh....10:44
* gatox fixing...10:44
ralsinaAlso, the commentin line 579 of the diff is wrong (copy&paste)10:44
gatoxralsina, yep10:46
mandelralsina, on it!10:47
ralsinathanks mandel!10:47
nessitagood morning everyone10:47
mandelralsina, question, the local folders, why do you expand ~/Documents?10:48
mandelralsina, that is going to be problematic in installations that are in spanish.. or any other lang10:48
ralsinamandel: because it's supposed to return absolute paths10:48
ralsinamandel: Does ubuntu localize the name of the folders?10:49
nessitagatox: hi there! question, I had this MP to review but is no longer there, any idea what happened? https://code.launchpad.net/~diegosarmentero/ubuntuone-windows-installer/setup-buttons/+merge/7322710:49
mandelralsina, well, you ought to be using this on windows: http://www.pctools.com/guides/registry/detail/107/10:49
mandelralsina, is that code only used on linux? and yes I think we do have localized folders :(10:50
mandelfacundobatista, ping10:50
ralsinamandel: on windows it's using the right thing, that code is linux code10:50
ralsinamandel: read the comment too :-)10:50
mandelralsina, oh, pyxdg...10:50
facundobatistamandel, pong10:50
nessitaralsina, mandel: ubuntu does localize special folders, and we do nothing special about that10:50
gatoxnessita, yes... i was having the same problem again, remote lock of bazaar, and i couldn't break from here10:50
nessitagatox: did you ask help in u1-internal or in canonical support?10:51
mandelfacundobatista, I was going to ask you if the folder are localized cause I know you have ubuntu in spanish, but nessita already confirmed it :)10:51
mandelralsina, so, I'd say there most be a way to get those folders, right? if not you can ask nautilus about them or something... but I don't know10:52
gatoxnessita, nop..... noone review that branch yet at that moment, so i just delete it10:52
mandelralsina, also I would re-enable the pylint issues after the import you know that dont work10:53
mandelralsina, lines 187 and 200 in the diff10:53
ralsinamandel: ok, I will re-enable10:53
facundobatistamandel, ok10:53
nessitagatox: ok, since you had this issue twice, let's try to debug it the next time, I'm curious what is happening with these locks10:53
ralsinafacundobatista: do you have a ~/Documents in spanish or is it a ~/Documentos ?10:53
gatoxnessita, ok10:53
facundobatistaralsina, the later10:53
mandelralsina, is mainly in case we have other imports in the code and they are wrong :)10:53
nessitagatox: by any chance, did you hit cancel any push in that branch with ctrl-c, for example?10:53
ralsinafacundobatista: dang.10:54
gatoxnessita, yes, that was the problem...10:54
facundobatistaralsina, ?10:54
ralsinamandel: I suppose I will have to parse the config file. That suuuuuuuuuuucks :-(10:54
nessitagatox: and what command did you run to break the lock?10:54
gatoxbzr break-lock (but this is locally)10:54
nessitaralsina: hi there! what problem are you trying to solve?10:54
facundobatistaralsina, eso10:55
facundobatistaralsina, what you want to do?10:55
mandelralsina, one more thing... is there a need to recalculate os.path.expanduser("~/Documents") for everytime the function is called :)10:55
nessitagatox: when you hit ctrl-c, what you need to unlock is the remote branch, afaik10:55
ralsinafacundobatista, nessita: creating the list of default UDFs for Linux, so that part of the installer is cross-platform10:55
ralsinamandel: it's only called once :-)10:55
facundobatistaralsina, default UDFs?10:55
mandelralsina, cool10:55
gatoxnessita, yes... i didn't know how to do that... :(10:56
mandelralsina, other one, why do we have windows and linux code in the same file?10:56
ralsinafacundobatista: we have a wizard that "suggests" some UDFs for users on first setup10:56
facundobatistaralsina, ah, nice10:56
mandelralsina, I though we would always have a file for linux and a diff for windows, even if it is for small things...10:56
nessitaralsina: since syncdaemon does not handle special folder localization (at least for now), what is the issue? (besides showing a default list in whatever language the user has)10:56
mandelralsina, you are not allowed to wish me andother migraine!10:56
nessitagatox: bzr break <remote url of your branch>10:56
ralsinamandel: I'm open to doing that. However, this should be moved into our xdg eventually10:56
gatoxnessita, ahhhhhhhhhhhh10:57
ralsinanessita: that I don't know how to get the right folder name10:57
mandelralsina, hm... that module is starting to grow to a ridiculous level, and sso with it... stupid xdg!10:57
nessitagatox: for the next time ;-)10:57
gatoxnessita, yes, thanks10:57
mandelralsina, ask nessita she is the team lead, but I certainly would prefer to have separated files for the code10:57
ralsinamandel: it's ok, I will move it into utils10:58
mandelralsina, cool, is mainly so that we keep the same patten everywhere :)10:58
* mandel walks dog 10:58
mandelnessita, ralsina I'll be back in an hour 'caus eI'll have lunch too :)10:59
mandelcu in a bit10:59
ralsinabye mandel!10:59
facundobatistaralsina, when I see utilities like "xdg-user-dirs-update", I think that Unix tradition is lost, I don't know who accepted this kind of tools11:01
facundobatistaralsina, no man page, if you do --help it just gives you some params, no explanation11:01
ralsinafacundobatista: yeah, it sucks11:01
ralsinathe whole xdg suite is a hack11:01
nessitaralsina: were you and mandel talking about https://code.launchpad.net/~ralsina/ubuntuone-windows-installer/fix-tests/+merge/73247 ?11:02
ralsinanessita: yes11:02
nessitaralsina: is the code that does the expand ~/Documents going to change?11:02
ralsinanessita: it seems eventually we will have to do a real xdg implementation of that11:03
ralsinanessita: so yes, rewritten11:03
gatoxralsina, +111:04
ralsinagatox: thanks!11:04
gatoxralsina, and my branch was fixed (conflicts): https://code.launchpad.net/~diegosarmentero/ubuntuone-windows-installer/setup-buttons/+merge/7325111:04
ralsinagatox: ok, looking!11:04
duanedesignmorning all11:12
ralsinagotta take thekid to school,be back in 45 or so11:15
nessitagatox: ping11:28
gatoxnessita, pong11:28
nessitagatox: not sure what this comment means "can't do that because the page is not added yet (this change has been applied in the installer, but it's not possible to do that in sso)" since I see you changed that in the code?11:29
gatoxnessita, ohh...... i don't know what that code wasn't updated11:30
nessitagatox: ENOPARSE :-)11:31
gatoxnessita, i have that changed in my machine and tells me that i don't have any files modified....... i will push the last version now11:31
nessitagatox: wait11:31
nessitagatox: I see you changed stuff like the following:11:32
nessitafrom "self.view.ui.set_up_button.style()" to "self.view.set_up_button.style()"11:32
nessitagatox: so you could do what I asked in sso?11:32
gatoxnessita, no.... that code is wrong, that won't work11:32
gatoxnessita, we discuss this with ralsina yesterday11:33
nessitagatox: I read a bit of backlog and I saw that you can't do it before initializePage, right?11:33
nessitagatox: can be define the "synonym" in initializePage?11:33
gatoxnessita, not following the last one...11:34
nessitagatox: ok, for the top. In the MP you say "can't do that because the page is not added yet"11:35
nessitagatox: well, my question is, can we define the "synonym" once the page is added?11:35
nessitathe "synonym" would be set_up_button == custom311:35
gatoxnessita, i'm doing that in the installer side11:36
gatoxnessita, yes, i can do that11:36
nessitagatox: would that make things clearer?11:36
gatoxnessita, yes, you won't have to remember what custom3 is....11:37
* gatox fixing11:37
nessitagatox: great!11:37
gatoxnessita, changes applied in branch: https://code.launchpad.net/~diegosarmentero/ubuntu-sso-client/setup-buttons/+merge/7308712:13
nessitalooking in 512:14
ralsinaHEY, I CREATED A UDF!12:30
ralsinaThe bad news are, I had to stop and start the u1cp for it to show12:31
nessitaralsina: file me a bug!12:32
ralsinanessita: 2 actually: the u1cp doesn't end the process whenthe window closes12:32
nessitaralsina: that's... complicated, but yes, bug is needed12:32
nessitaralsina: the twisted web client is not ending the connections, I think (same happens on linux)12:33
ralsinanessita: ack12:33
nessitaralsina: can you confirm that id you wait enough, the process does end?12:35
ralsinanessita: I can't confirm it yet but I will try12:35
ralsinanessita: the UDF problem is bug #83501312:36
ubot4Launchpad bug 835013 in ubuntuone-control-panel "Can't create UDFs on windows (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/83501312:36
ralsinaas in, it started that way, and it has a partial fix, needs tihe UI refreshing thing12:36
nessitaok, I'll assign it to me12:36
ralsinanessita: assigned already12:37
nessitagatox: ubuntu_sso/qt/controllers.py:12:38
nessita    497:  [W0201, SetUpAccountController.setupUi] Attribute 'set_up_account' defined outside __init__12:38
nessitagatox: you need to assign it with None at creation time12:38
gatoxnessita, ok12:42
gatoxnessita, done12:49
nessitagatox: rebranching12:49
ralsinanessita, gatox, mandel, alecu: standup in 9'12:51
gatoxralsina, ack12:51
gatoxalecu, hi13:00
nessitamandel: me?13:01
mandelsorry :P13:01
nessitaalecu: go!13:01
alecuDONE: almost done with delayed hashing branch13:02
alecuTODO: finish delayed hashing, research and IRL update events13:02
alecuBLOCKED: no13:02
alecuNEXT! gatox13:02
gatoxBug #833921, Bug #836859, Bug #83516713:02
gatoxFinish Reset Password page.13:02
gatoxnessita, go13:02
ubot4Launchpad bug 833921 in ubuntuone-windows-installer "When closing the installer, it hangs (affects: 1) (heat: 30)" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/83392113:02
ubot4Launchpad bug 836859 in ubuntuone-windows-installer "wizard can't be resized (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Low,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/83685913:02
ubot4Launchpad bug 835167 in ubuntuone-windows-installer "Wizard is not closed on license agreement screen (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/83516713:02
nessitaDONE: not much, had to attend a family issue13:02
nessitaTODO: finish bug #834900 (almost done), reviews13:02
nessitaBLOCKED: nopes13:02
nessitaNOTES: teaching duties at noon today13:02
nessitaNEXT: ralsina13:02
ubot4Launchpad bug 834900 in ubuntuone-control-panel "QT UI: Implement logic behind 'Sign In' Panel (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/83490013:02
ralsinaDONE: some IRL testing [UDFs work!], bug #834953, bug #832989, bug #831424 (partial), reported a few bugs. TODO: fix another part of 831424 (double clicking on shares), merge my pending branches, release13:02
ubot4Launchpad bug 834953 in ubuntuone-windows-installer "The uninstaller is called with the wrong arguments (affects: 1) (dups: 1) (heat: 12)" [Medium,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/83495313:02
ubot4Launchpad bug 832989 in ubuntuone-windows-installer "Provide the actual revno of the code that is distributed (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Low,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/83298913:02
ubot4Launchpad bug 831424 in ubuntuone-control-panel "clicking "Explore" in rows of cloud folders tab does nothing (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/83142413:02
ralsinaBLOCKED: not today13:02
mandelDONE: recovered from migraine. Sorry for the inconvenience. Worked on bug 83163413:03
mandelTODO: finish fix for 831634, reviews.13:03
mandelBLOCKED: no13:03
ubot4Launchpad bug 831634 in ubuntuone-client "ActionQueue - Upload Error running the command: Path u'\\\\?\\c:\\users\\rickmc~1\\appdata\\local\\temp\\tmpkxbjks' should be a bytes sequence (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/83163413:03
mandelI'm last I think13:03
ralsinaye syou are13:03
ralsinaso, comments?13:03
nessitano comments13:04
mandelme neither13:04
gatoxralsina, i wanted to ask you something about the reset password page....13:04
ralsinagatox: sure13:04
ralsinaalecu: did you get my email about u1-client being broken?13:04
mandelnessita, one question, what was the trick ou used to run the tests on a mounted HD from virualbox?13:04
mandelnessita, rahter than mounted disk, a shared folder, sorry13:04
alecuralsina, didn't check my mails yet :-)13:04
ralsinaalecu: ok13:04
nessitamandel: set TRIAL_TEMP_DIR=C:\Temp\foo13:05
nessitamandel: so, point it to somewhere writable by your user under C:13:05
gatoxralsina, i'm seeing that there is some code in the installer that i'll need in sso in order to finish the reset password page... but i think that we should move some functions from the installer to sso in order to avoid to duplicate code...... such as: password_assistance methods, password strings constants, and so....... what do you think? is that the proper solution?13:06
mandelnessita, cool, thx!13:06
ralsinagatox: yes it is13:06
gatoxralsina, ok, on it then!13:06
alecuralsina, weird13:06
gatoxhave to leave now.... i've to go to the AFIP :S.... BRB!13:07
gatoxi hope13:07
gatoxralsina, nessita ^13:07
nessitagatox: ack13:07
nessitaalecu: did you and verterok resolved something about the tarmac failure related to tritcask?13:12
* mandel wishes apt-get was ported to windows...13:13
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alecunessita, no, we didn't reach any conclusion13:18
nessitaalecu: ah, ralsina mentioned that we may have added a bug inside trunk, so that is not confirmed?13:18
ralsinaalecu: verterok said revno 1111 is the one that makes thetest fail13:19
alecuralsina, yup. I saw that on the mails13:20
alecuralsina, probably it's a state issue; something changes the order of tests on the new tarmac and that makes this fail13:21
alecuralsina, I need to bring amelia to kinder; I'll be back in 30' and will look at this.13:21
ralsinaalecu: ack13:23
verterokalecu: is a state issue, but a different one. the last_generated_id is a class attribute, that lives between threads13:26
verteroks/threads/tests/ :p13:27
verteroknessita, ralsina: ^13:27
alecuverterok, right :-(13:27
nessitaverterok: seems bad, but I can't see the issue yet (lack of context)13:27
alecunessita, "bzr cdiff -r 1110..1111" in u1-client13:28
verteroknessita: only affect tests13:28
verteroknot the real code, as we only have one instance of Tritcask class13:28
nessitaI see13:29
alecuverterok, do you have a log of the failing tests?13:29
verterokalecu: nope13:29
alecuverterok, does this happen only to sidnei's tarmac?13:29
verterokalecu: only tested it there13:29
nessitaalecu: is not happening on "my" tarmac13:30
nessitaalecu: but seems like my computer is faster than average13:30
alecunessita, right. And it's not happening to me either, and I'm on the slowest laptop around13:30
verterokalecu: we need to move the last_generated_id into the instance, or reset the value in the setup/teardown of every test13:31
alecuverterok, I really need to be out for 30', I'll check it when I return.13:32
ralsinanessita: 20 minutes doesn't seem to be "enough" time for u1cp to close13:33
nessitaralsina: ok, then I take that as a "no"13:33
alecunessita, ralsina: btw: for my next branch I'll need to use the following MIT licensed file in u1-client, so we can have OrderedDict on python 2.6 (as used in previous ubuntus): http://code.activestate.com/recipes/576693/13:34
alecunessita, ralsina: I'm thinking of including it in contrib... should I put it somewhere else?13:34
nessitaalecu: let's talk when you come back13:34
alecusure, I just wanted to spark the discussion :-)13:35
alecubye, all13:35
nessitaI'm not sure we can put MIT license anywhere :-.13:35
ralsinanessita, is the login screen UI in u1cp still a work in progress?13:38
nessitaralsina: yes, almost finished (reviews are getting in the way :-)). Shall I prioritize the branch instead of reviews?13:38
ralsinanessita: because it's showing up (disabled) for a while if sso is not started, and then you get this beauty: http://screencast.com/t/bp9YV6pD13:38
ralsinanessita: I say, let's clean our review queues this morning and code the rest of theday13:39
nessitaralsina: ok13:39
nessitaralsina: please file me a bug for that screen13:39
ralsinanessita: but if you have too many, I can take a few13:39
nessitaralsina: not too many, just not so trivial :-)13:39
mandelnessita, ping13:41
nessitamandel: pong13:42
mandelnessita, I'm trying to debug ricks bug but I'm finding it hard since the os_helper assertions do no provide which methods raised them, do you mind if I propose a branch in which at least the name of the function that raised the os_helper assertion is given?13:43
nessitamandel: well, I don't mind, but the method raising the exception is in the trace, isn't it?13:44
testi_Can I buy music using my phone? I never think of buying music when I'm at home.13:46
mandelnessita, the parent method is, yet http://paste.ubuntu.com/677980/ is not very useful, http://paste.ubuntu.com/677980/13:46
mandelnessita, something like Path u'\\\\?\\c:\\users\\rickmc~1\\appdata\\local\\temp\\tmpkxbjks' should be a bytes sequence qhen passed to rename13:47
mandelfor example wold be nicer13:47
nessitamandel: ok, sounds good. How are you planning on getting the caller?13:49
nessitatesti_: I'm not sure, let me confirm13:49
nessitatesti_: what phone is it?13:49
mandelnessita, the decorator gets the function and then we use function.__name__, or am I missing something?13:51
nessitaralsina: is https://code.launchpad.net/~ralsina/ubuntuone-windows-installer/fix-tests/+merge/73247 ready for review?13:52
nessitamandel: you're right!13:52
nessitamandel: I was thinking something else13:52
nessitamandel: yes, sounds even better13:52
ralsinanessita: I am not sure what to do about default_folders13:53
mandelnessita, ok, I'll do that, propose for branch and will do an IRL, the code that fails has no tests... is kind of hard to know where that unicode is comming from13:53
ralsinanessita: that code is not really correct for linux, but the fix is big and belongs in xdg13:54
nessitaralsina: right. What about moving the special folder digger to utils and add a fixed result for linux?13:54
nessitaralsina: so, from the Qt side we use a unified function from utils, and we later implement the linux side (but we have something working for now)13:55
ralsinanessita: agreed13:55
mandelnessita, ralsina, gatox shall we wait for alecu for the mumble call?14:00
ralsinamandel: yes14:00
nessitamandel: I guess so, besides bosses are in the management call, I think14:00
mandelnessita, ralsina please ping me wheneve you want :)14:01
nessitaralsina: can I set a custom property for a widget using designer?14:01
mandelI cannot have mumble running, my system hates it14:01
ralsinanessita: I think so, but I haven't tried :-)14:01
nessitaralsina: I just found it! thanks14:02
ralsinano problem14:02
facundobatista  File "/home/facundo/canonical/u1-client/trunk/tests/platform/test_credentials.py", line 247, in assert_method_called14:04
facundobatista    self.assertIsNotNone(reply_handler, 'Must provide a reply_handler')14:04
facundobatistaexceptions.AttributeError: 'ArgsTestCase' object has no attribute 'assertIsNotNone'14:04
nessitafacundobatista: booo where are you using python2.6?14:06
facundobatistanessita, desktop14:07
nessitafacundobatista: let me propose a fix for that (but we assume dev envs are running python2.7)14:07
facundobatistanessita, bad assumption :)14:07
facundobatistanessita, tell me about the fix, I'll include it14:07
nessitafacundobatista: no, is a known assumption :-)14:08
facundobatistanessita, I'm starting to work in the fix for tritcask14:08
facundobatistanessita, is a known bad assumption :)14:08
nessitafacundobatista: self.assertIsNotNone(reply_handler, 'Must provide a reply_handler') -> self.assertTrue(reply_handler is not None, 'Must provide a reply_handler')14:08
facundobatistanessita, ok14:09
testi_nessita: an android phone14:12
nessitatesti_: let me check14:13
nessitabeuno: can android phone users buy music from their phone?14:13
Chipacanessita: yes, they can. Not from our store, though.14:17
nessitaChipaca: ack, thanks14:17
nessitatesti_: you can't buy music using our store from your phone :-/14:18
testi_nessita: hmm but I can buy music? Which provider?14:20
nessitatesti_: no idea14:20
Chipacatesti_: "AmazonMP3"14:21
ralsinanessita: pushed fix-tests with default_folders moved into utils14:22
nessitaralsina: ok, looking in 1014:22
testi_Chipaca: thanks, I'll check14:22
ralsinagatox: are you around?14:35
gatoxralsina, i'm back!!!!!!14:37
gatoxi hate to do errands :@14:37
ralsinaok, then, gatox, nessita, mandel, alecu mumble in 10'?14:37
gatoxralsina, did i miss mumble?14:37
gatoxralsina, ack14:37
nessitaralsina: Chipaca too?14:38
ralsinaChipaca is welcome of curse14:38
ralsinaof cOurse14:38
nessitapor curso!14:40
nessitaralsina: what's the QTonic way of making the hit of <enter> in a lineedit to activate the default button? conneting returnPressed?14:46
Chipacanessita: *de* curso, clearly14:46
ralsinaor editingFinished14:46
alecufacundobatista, "<facundobatista> nessita, I'm starting to work in the fix for tritcask" -> what is the fix for tritcask?14:46
ralsinaof curses?14:46
nessitaralsina: ack14:46
nessitaralsina: we're in mumble, you coming?14:46
ralsinanessita: yes, sorry14:47
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ralsinagatox: asignado15:03
gatoxralsina, okkkkkk15:04
facundobatistaminifig, the fix in the tests15:14
=== minifig is now known as alecu
facundobatistanessita, is control panel broken? https://pastebin.canonical.com/51936/15:24
nessitafacundobatista: looking15:24
nessitafacundobatista: you in maverick using nightlies?15:24
facundobatistanessita, yeap15:25
nessitafacundobatista: we've been this road last week :-)15:25
facundobatistanessita, ENOPARSE15:25
nessitafacundobatista: you asked me the same last week, we reviewed the build log, we saw a nasty error in the tests15:26
facundobatistanessita, ah...15:27
facundobatistanessita, what about ubuntuone-login? https://pastebin.canonical.com/51938/15:27
nessitafacundobatista: must be the same issue, can you please check the credentials log?15:28
facundobatistanessita, all I get is15:32
facundobatista2011-08-30 12:30:57,758 - ubuntuone.credentials - INFO - Starting Ubuntu One login manager for bus u'com.ubuntuone.Credentials'.15:32
facundobatistanessita, mmm... in other terminal it worked, how strange15:34
nessitagatox: I reviewed your last branch, has some things to fix15:47
nessitaralsina: looking at yours now15:47
gatoxnessita, yes, i'm fixing that15:47
mandelralsina, alecu, nessita, gatox please can I hae a review for https://code.launchpad.net/~mandel/ubuntuone-client/add-method-name/+merge/7340015:52
gatoxmandel, ok15:53
mandelgatox, thx!15:53
nessitamandel: 450 lines to add method names?15:55
nessitamandel: also, can you please restore all the removed lines before the docstring ends?15:56
nessitamandel: ideally restore all the removed blank lines, so the diff does not grow unnecessarily15:56
nessitaralsina: hum, your branch depends on gatox, maybe?15:57
nessitaralsina: I'm getting     from ubuntu_sso.qt.controllers import (15:58
nessitaImportError: cannot import name TosController15:58
ralsinanessita: you get that in mine?15:58
gatoxnessita, yes, i said that my sso and installer branches were related.15:58
nessitaralsina: yeap, cuz gatox's sso landed15:58
nessita(but the installer one did not yet)15:58
gatoxnessita, i'm updating the changes in the installer so you can re-review it15:59
ralsinanessita: ok, then it has to wait fo rhis15:59
gatoxnessita, branch ready for re-review and i answer your comment: https://code.launchpad.net/~diegosarmentero/ubuntuone-windows-installer/setup-buttons/+merge/7325116:01
nessitagatox: if you need a subset of test with a common setup, then you should make a new testcase16:02
nessitagatox: instead of duplicating in each one the patching16:02
gatoxnessita, ok...... i'll create another testCase right now16:04
mandelnessita, sure, np16:06
nessitamandel: I added a couple of needs fixing, you may wanna check with meld the changes you're proposing16:08
nessitamandel: seems like your editor has a weird setup regarding spaces16:09
gatoxnessita, done16:09
nessitagatox: rebraching16:10
mandelnessita, i changed editor to try a new one, that is probably the issue16:13
nessitagatox: you left a couple of lines commented out16:17
nessita#        self.terms_checkbox.setText(16:17
nessita#            TERMS.format(TERMS_LINK, PRIVACY_POLICY_LINK))16:17
nessitaI think you want to remove those?16:17
nessitagatox, ralsina: I gotta run, so I will be reviewing this when I get back (6pm ART)16:18
ralsinanessita: ok16:18
nessitagatox: the rest looks good! (please note there is another line commented out, which is a comment itself16:20
nessitaralsina: while IRL tetsing the signin in controlpanel, I realized we were logging sensible data in u1client, so I'm proposing https://code.launchpad.net/~nataliabidart/ubuntuone-client/careful-logging/+merge/7340716:22
ralsinanessita: makes sense to me16:23
ralsinanessita: I'll do a proper review later, and merge it if all tests pass16:23
nessitaralsina: thanks16:23
gatoxnessita, yes16:26
* gatox fixing16:26
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ralsinalunch! me too16:27
=== ralsina is now known as ralsina_lunch
nessitaok, teaching duties!16:28
nessitasee ya later16:28
* nessita will be back16:28
mandelnessita, ralsina_lunch, alecu gatox_lunch, I have an appointement at the bank, I'll be back later16:35
gatox_lunchmandel, ack16:36
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tera___ubuntuone seems to be creating tons of files under /tmp17:12
tera___Why is this happening?17:12
=== beuno is now known as beuno-lunch
facundobatistatera___, it's the file compressed for Upload17:25
facundobatistatera___, it should be cleaned after the Upload was finished17:26
facundobatistanessita, verterok, https://code.launchpad.net/~facundo/ubuntuone-client/fix-trunk/+merge/7341717:30
duanedesignmandel: The Windows client can you select folders to sync? If so is that limited to a specific folder (like the Home folder on Ubuntu)?17:41
ralsina_lunchduanedesign: you mean the one we are doing now? Same limitation as in linux: has to be inside the user's home folder17:47
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ralsinamandel, alecu: either of you still has on his plate the "watches are added to parents of UDFs"?18:06
ralsinabecause it just happened to me: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/678190/18:06
* gatox cries... refactor makes test fail really bad.... :P18:13
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ralsinagatox: the good part is usually those are easy to fix18:16
gatoxralsina, yep...... but things seems to be getting better! so its good!18:16
duanedesignthank you ralsina18:45
alecuralsina, do we have a bug for "watches on parents"?18:55
alecuralsina, I remember the issue18:55
ralsinaalecu: I don't think we do18:59
ralsinaalecu: and it is a critical bug since it means an endless stream of events for syncdaemon, including duplicates for all events in ~/Ubuntu One18:59
alecuralsina, oooooh. And Ouch!19:00
alecuralsina, I'll add a bug and take a look19:00
mandelralsina, ping19:24
ralsinamandel: pong19:24
mandelralsina, so, the UDF parents are getting a watch?19:24
ralsinamandel: yep19:24
mandelralsina, if there is a bug report, gie it to me :)19:24
mandelI'm do the rmacbride now, or at least will try to reproduce it...19:25
ralsinamandel: a quick look at the code makes it look intentional (I remember it's intentional for linux)19:25
ralsinaalecu was going to file it, don't know if he did it19:25
mandelralsina, ok, I'll clean the screw up of spaces that my editor did in the branch I proposed and will get into that :P19:26
ralsinamandel: cool. isn't it way past your EOD though?19:26
mandelralsina, that is what she said :)19:26
mandelralsina, is either this or attempting to start the port to mac os x, your choice :)19:26
alecumandel, I'll create the bug; should I assign it to you?19:26
ralsinathis ;-)19:26
mandelthought so :)19:27
ralsinaas a side note, this extra watch also explains the endless stream of exceptions on u1cp because of the missing remote_queue_added since the logs itself trigger them ;-D19:27
mandelralsina, hm, adding those watches make no sense, so it logical for it to brake19:29
ralsinamandel: it makes sense on Linux to watch for UDF deletion, IIRC19:29
mandelralsina, yeah, hours on the other hand will stop the user form renaming them, which is great :)19:30
mandelralsina, we will have a similar issue on mac os x :P19:31
ralsinamandel: osx is still scifi to me19:32
ralsinamandel: until saturday at east19:32
mandelralsina, well, but I use it hehe so I have to face it everyday :)19:32
mandelI want my u1 files alwwas there!19:32
mandelnessita, ping19:33
ralsinamandel: nessita is teaching19:41
mandelralsina, Ill restrain by joke because she is in the team...19:41
ralsinaand I am going to have to stop for a few hours, will work more later, so email me if anyone needs something19:42
mandelbut it would have been a great one :)19:42
DoughyI keep getting a 403 Forbidden error when I try to make a file public in UbuntuOne.19:42
duanedesignhello Doughy19:44
duanedesignDoughy: did you email u1 support about this?19:45
duanedesignDoughy: just wondering if you were the same person or another user with the same proble,19:46
duanedesignDoughy: let me see what i can figure out19:46
duanedesignDoughy: i was able to confirm the error19:54
duanedesignDoughy: we are implementing longer URLS for public files19:54
Doughyyeah, got that19:54
Doughymy URL is long19:54
Doughyis the server down or something?19:55
duanedesignDoughy: it is a new feature they just turned on today19:56
duanedesignDoughy: i have pinged the developer working on that and they are working to fix it19:56
duanedesignDoughy: thatnk you for pointing this out to us19:56
DoughyNo prob19:57
DoughyI'll stay online to test19:57
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snap-lI'm starting to get a complex. Did U1 go down again?20:23
duanedesignsnap-l: are you having trouble connecting your desktop client?20:26
snap-lIt's a desktop client, yes.20:26
snap-lRunning on a laptop, trying to copy down files via wireless.20:27
nhainesLonger short URLs for public files?  aww.20:32
duanedesignsnap-l: i am not seeing anything at the moment...20:33
duanedesignnhaines: they are working on that20:33
duanedesignnhaines: it is a much requested feature20:33
nhainesduanedesign: longer URLs?  :)  Hopefully they have more information in them then.20:34
duanedesignnhaines: apparently people did not like the fact that the urls were so short20:34
nhainesduanedesign: well, there's no accounting for taste.  :)20:34
nhainesUbuntu One is having some trouble downloading some photos uploaded from my phone to my laptop computer.20:35
duanedesignnhaines: people were concerned with how easy it was to guess urls20:35
snap-lduanedesign: I'm getting aborted transfers, which start transferring all of the files from the beginning (no resume)20:35
nhainessnap-l: I'm getting that too.20:35
duanedesignnhaines: snap-l ok i will whip, i mean ping, the engineers20:36
snap-lThank you kindly.20:37
nhainesduanedesign: thanks.  :)  Let me know if you need log files.20:37
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karniduanedesign: you will whip the enginners, nice! really nice of you!21:05
karniWe're not that bad, you know? ;)21:05
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* nessita is back21:49
* nessita is back21:49
nessitamandel: you were looking for me?22:04
=== aquarius_ is now known as aquarius
nessitaralsina: simple needs fixing added to fix-tests22:38
ralsinanessita: ack22:57
ralsinanessita: pushed the fixes for fix-tests if you still around23:15
nessitaralsina: I'm just leaving to do some cooking, will review later if I can, otherwise tomorrow at "primera hora"23:16
* nessita -> eod for now23:18

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