scott-upstairsi used dvd-rw so it might be the disc, burning another one00:00
falktx_scott-upstairs: you can use the ISO without burning if it's a vm00:04
scott-upstairsfalktx_, i know, but i'm not doing a vm00:13
falktx_scott-upstairs: you can also set grub2 to load an iso00:14
falktx_ie, boot from it00:14
scott-upstairshmmm, interesting, didn't know that00:14
scott-upstairsbah, second disc didn't work, it starts the disc but after choosing to install ubuntu studio, it hangs00:15
scott-upstairsi was actually trying yesterday's image, i'll try the official QA one from today00:17
falktx_I guess this is why we use vms...00:18
scott-upstairseh, i do this for two reasons00:47
scott-upstairsfirstly i like to test on iron, you know it works for sure then00:47
scott-upstairsalso i have twenty dvd-rw discs that i'm doing nothing else with ;)00:47
falktx_haha, cool00:47
scott-upstairsgoing to reboot, brb00:48
scott-upstairshaha, i'm a big geek...00:51
scott-upstairsrather than find the "shut down" menu thingie, i use the reboot command in terminal00:51
scott-upstairsach, nothing is booting correctly with this image :(  even on multiple machiens01:14
ScottLcan someone else try the latest images and see if they install?02:26
falktx_ScottL: I can try them tomorrow02:41
falktx_which should be in a few hours actually...02:41
* falktx_ needs to sleep02:42
holsteinScottL: does this look right?02:42
astraljavaunity's still there, this time brought to your by mousetweaks. meh. I really need to get my local germinate working.09:07
astraljavaA little something to work on, still. Dontcha think? :)09:55
astraljavaAnyone seen Cory lately? He hasn't responded to my email several days back, after asking for me on this channel.10:21
ScottLastraljava, you can send another email, sometimes he means to responds but gets busy and forgets11:22
ScottLi'll poke him in google chat which gets him on his phone usually11:22
ScottLholstein, i think that's the one but QA has one also, hold on a sec...11:23
ScottLholstein, this is what i've seen:  http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/build/ubuntustudio/all11:25
ScottLbut strangely i usually get an email directoly from QA for those test but didn't this time 11:25
astraljavaScottL: Did you have a look at the screen shot yet?11:29
ScottLastraljava, no, but i am now11:50
ScottLastraljava, is that from our image?11:51
ScottLastraljava, it sounds like we need to use falktx's menu to fix this11:51
falktxScottL: what's the matter?11:52
ScottLfalktx,   http://astraljava.kapsi.fi/(X)ubuntu_studio_cropped.png11:52
ScottLthat screen shot probably shows the xfce menu as you described it to me previously11:52
falktxScottL: the audio production is still there though, right?11:53
ScottLi didn't see that menu, but i'll look again11:53
falktxI can't see it from the screenshot11:53
ScottLfalktx, if you could get the image and see about getting the menu updated that would be awesome11:54
ScottLfalktx, is that something you might be able to do quickly?11:54
falktxScottL: I think I can just install us-menu here11:54
ScottLif we could get something for astraljava to test as well that would be helpful to check it before pushing to a new image11:55
astraljavaScottL: I am presented with two sessions there. The other one being Ubuntu, which doesn't work, and the other is XFCE, which you can see in that shot.12:02
astraljavaSo we need to look into how we can get our own session in the greeter, and modify that then.12:03
falktxScottL: just noticed the us-menu does nothing... :(12:11
ScottLfalktx, yes12:12
ScottLastraljava, we could talk to somebody with xubuntu-dev to ask about this setting, i think they have lightdm working12:13
ScottLastraljava, falktx: can the two of you work together to get something testing and pushed to launchpad to fix the menu?12:13
falktxI think my patch still works, http://kxstudio.sourceforge.net/tmp/us-menu_xfce.patch12:14
ScottLi can talk to xubuntu-dev about the lightdm situation if no one else wants to12:14
falktxScottL: if you're willing to accept that patch, I assure you it will work12:14
ScottLfalktx, if astraljava is not in a position to test then maybe you should just push it to the bzr branch and we'll test it in the image12:15
ScottLi just don't like the habit of pushing code without testing it, nothing against you or your work12:15
falktxScottL: let me make a testing deb12:15
ScottLi'm still getting kids and me ready, i'll be in and out for another fifteen minutes then we are off12:16
falktxapt-get source ubuntustudio-menu12:16
falktxcd ubuntustudio-menu-0.1412:16
falktxwget http://kxstudio.sourceforge.net/tmp/us-menu_xfce.patch12:16
falktxpatch -p1 < us-menu_xfce.patch12:16
falktxdch -i # add a new entry there12:17
falktxdebuild -rfakeroot12:17
falktxcd ..12:17
falktxsudo dpkg -i ubuntustudio-menu_0.*_all.deb12:18
* falktx tests, brb12:18
astraljavaI can test this later this evening for sure.12:19
falktxScottL: it still works12:22
falktxScottL: http://kxstudio.sourceforge.net/tmp/scr024.png12:24
falktxScottL: there are still some missing apps in the us-menu, but that can be fixed later12:24
falktxI think getting the menu to work is more important now12:24
falktxastraljava: ^12:25
astraljavafalktx: Yes, that works.13:02
falktxastraljava: can you push (apply the patch) ?13:02
falktxok, thanks13:02
astraljavaThank you! :)13:02
astraljavaOops, I'll take that back. I cannot push to that branch.13:04
astraljavaOnly for Ubuntu branches team members.13:04
astraljavaScott can, though.13:04
falktxScottL: it's up to you ;)13:05
astraljavaWait, what?13:07
astraljavaI see, no direct uploads except only by Colin and James. I wonder if it works then that you file a bug against the package and attach the patch to the bug report? ScottL, can you recall how it was done in the past?13:10
holsteinwell... im finally about done installing the image from yesterday ;)15:40
charlie-tcaand today there is a new image...15:41
holsteinhey, we're getting good images it seems15:42
holsteinthats cool15:42
astraljavawell, at least images from which you can install a working system. looks like crap, but works. :)15:53
holsteineh... i'll have to try again later16:01
holsteinmaybe *you* get a working system16:01
astraljavaholstein: How did it fail on you?16:01
holsteinastraljava: im not getting to a desktop16:02
holsteincould be on my end16:02
holsteinim a bit distracted and trying it virtualized16:02
astraljavaholstein: Not even the greeter?16:02
holsteinastraljava: :/16:03
holsteini'll try again later though16:03
falktxI can try later tonight16:04
scott-workwhen i tried the daily image from 28th and the QA image from yesterday i was unable to get either disk to begin the installation16:37
scott-workthey would boot and give me a menu16:37
scott-workbut when i selected to "install ubuntu studio" (or whatever the first menu entry said) it would go to a blank screen and do nothing16:37
scott-worki'm not sure that is the image's fault however 16:38
scott-worki would greatly appreciate anyone who can test the images16:40
scott-worksecond QA image for amd64 from today:  http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/info/636316:41
scott-worksecond QA image for i386 from today:  http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/info/636416:41
holsteinyeah, i will16:44
holsteini wont have time today though16:44
holsteini got finished a little early here and i fired up the one i installed from yesterday16:44
holsteinand waited on it longer16:44
holsteinseem like im getting a desktop16:44
holsteinim getting to what im assuming is light-dm16:46
holsteini have to say, its very exciting to see XFCE there16:47
holsteineven as strange and bare-bones as it is16:48
scott-workthanks mike!  i'm glad the image is working17:04
scott-worki hope that falktx and astraljava can update the menu for our submenus17:05
scott-workholstein: how do you do your installs?  you burn a disc, do it in VM with the ISO image, use netbooten?17:05
falktxscott-work: i'm not sure how to do it17:06
scott-workfalktx: do the menu?  i thought you had something that already worked17:06
falktxyes, scott-work, but I don't know how to push things17:06
falktxthe patch applies and works fine17:07
scott-workfalktx: hold on a sec...17:07
falktxjust need to make it part of US now17:07
* scott-work is looking for something17:07
scott-workfalktx: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuStudio/Sandbox#Seeds_Update17:07
scott-worki used this work flow to update the code in the bzr branch for the seeds17:08
scott-workyou can follow an extremely similar methodology for updating the bzr code for the menu17:08
scott-workfalktx: are you familiar with bzr?17:08
* scott-work realizes you use git quite fluently17:08
falktxyep, I like git17:08
scott-worki don't know git that well actually, but i presume much is similar in overarching tasks or action between git and bzr17:09
scott-workbut the link above should show you much of what is required for the menu17:10
falktxyep, let me try17:10
scott-workbut the gist would be to use bzr to pull it17:10
scott-workadd any files necessary17:10
scott-workmodify what is necessary17:10
scott-work'bzr add' if you added any files17:10
scott-worki like to check with 'bzr diff'17:11
scott-workthen 'bzr commit' with comment and 'bzr push' as required17:11
scott-workfalktx: https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntustudio-dev/ubuntustudio/ubuntustudio-menu17:12
scott-workthat page will have the 'bzr branch' and 'bzr push' commands17:12
falktxah, I remember this, I need to login now17:19
falktxshould I make a new changelog entry?17:22
falktxI guess anyone can easily change that, so I will17:22
falktxScottL: astraljava: how to update the package in the repos now?17:36
astraljavaGood question, I'm not 100% on how these get updated. Let me poke around a bit.17:42
scott-worksorry, the work internet crapped out17:44
scott-workfalktx: hopefully you got all my last messages17:44
falktxscott-work: yes, I already did the changes, and added a new changelog entry17:45
astraljavaI'd imagine the new debs to be rolled the next time the buildd/whatever notices there's an update on that. scott-work, got a better knowledge on ubuntustudio-menu branch to become a new .deb?17:51
scott-workastraljava: i'm not sure i understand, are you asking me if _i_ have a better understanding of the -menu branch?17:52
scott-workastraljava: when you ask about the .deb file do you mean when building it locally by using falktx 's patch or you mean for the buildd system within launchpad?17:52
astraljavaI'm not fully up-to-date on how branches become packages in LP. falktx just pushed a commit to ubuntustudio-menu branch, when will it become a new package in the repositories?17:53
scott-workastraljava: AH!  you know, i'm not exactly sure either18:03
scott-workperhaps TheMuso or persia can answer that, if not we can ask in #ubuntu-motu18:03
astraljavaRight, I'm on it. Thanks"18:03
astraljava" == !18:03
holsteinscott-work: i actually try to do a mix19:42
holsteinthis one was just right in virtualbox from the downloaded iso19:42
scott-workholstein: a "mix"?  i'm not sure i understand20:01
scott-workbut it sounds like the iso worked for you in vm    that's good :)20:02
scott-worki'll rsync the new images and try burning with a fresh disc and then test again20:39
astraljavaWhy rsync? Isn't zsync more effective?20:55
holsteinscott-work: like i try to do different things each time21:00
holsteinfrom an actual burn21:00
holsteinor from USB21:00
holsteinin VM...21:00
scott-workastraljava: yeah, sorry, meant zsync, it's what i thought in my head but i typed rsync21:01
scott-workholstein: ah, a mix meaning different types of installs...gotcha :)21:01
astraljavaOkay, we're supposed to have fresh images tomorrow morning, unless I f***ed up desktop in seeds. But we still need to work on lightdm greeter theme (my bad!), and theming overall. The current session looks fugly.22:17
charlie-tcaXubuntu looks bad too, lightdm is changing too fast to keep up with it22:18
astraljavacharlie-tca: Yeah, but we don't even have a customized theme so far.22:18
charlie-tcaWe aren't putting that in for this release. We will try again for the LTS instead22:19
astraljavaOh okay. Is it _that_ difficult nowadays?22:19
charlie-tcaseems to be, at least for madnick these days. Doesn't help he is short of time, too though22:20
astraljavaI understand that.t22:20
* astraljava is getting in the know re: image spinning22:38
astraljavaDamn, I feel like we're gonna go with something real for the next cycle22:38
charlie-tcaheh, it all takes time to learn22:39
astraljavaYeah, indeed.22:40
falktxhm, just saw a  new meta, what about menus?22:48
astraljavaI dunno yet, I just asked on -devel about how that stuff rolls. I'll let you know when I do.22:52

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