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azmanyone here?18:13
azmI'd like some more stable version of ardour318:13
holsteinazm: hey19:41
holsteinfalktx (kxstudio) pacakges it up if you dont feel like building it19:41
holsteinotherwise, you'll just have to wait like the rest of us :)19:41
azmwell guys in Ardour told me its bad Idea to use prepacked so I downloaded the binary and it works19:44
azmjust trying to resolve xruns19:44
holsteinwell, to be more presice, its preferred to build the current version from las19:44
holsteinbut, its not a *bad* idea19:44
azmlas gave me such instructions19:46
holsteinlas is awesome19:46
holsteinand i trust him implicitly in every way19:46
azmwhen the installation of ubuntu studio asks me If I want to use rt priority19:47
holsteinhis option of ubuntu is really low19:47
azmhow come I don't have all the options in limits.conf?19:47
holsteinand not necessarily current, accurate, nor based on *any* first-hand experience19:47
azm@audio - rtprio 9919:47
azm@audio - memlock unlimited19:47
azm@audio - nice -1919:47
holsteinazm: that has been phased out19:47
holsteinand you shouldnt need it19:47
holsteinbut, test for yourself19:48
azmbut what is realtime on it then?19:48
azmI have generic kernel and lots of xruns19:48
holsteinright, so try a different kernel19:48
holsteini say go in order19:48
holstein-generic then -lowlatency then -RT or -realtime19:48
holstein*and* have realistic expectations19:48
holsteinif you have an internal sound card, and you get near 20ms latency, thats pretty good19:49
azmyea near yes but with hundreds xruns :)19:49
holsteinsure, but you have interrupts to look at19:50
holsteinalso, you are looking at ardour19:50
holsteini would close ardour19:50
holsteinand troubleshoot jack seperately19:50
holsteinwith something like hyrdogen or yoshimi19:50
azmyea, its all same19:50
holsteini mean, you can hop versions of ardour all day and it wont matter19:50
azmI go for lowlatency19:51
holsteintry gksudo qjackctl19:51
azmnow reboot19:51
azmI use one19:51
holsteinthen, you can troubleshoot for permissions issues seperatly too19:51
azmwhy to go gradually and not for rt straight from generic?19:56
azmholstein, are you around?20:45
azmI just tried lowlatency k.20:45
azmand intital ubunstustuio logo appeared but then it freezed20:46
azmI had to reboot20:46
azmnvidia I guess?20:46
holsteinazm: thats a good guess20:54
holsteini suggest not using it with the proprietary drivers20:54
holsteinfalktx has them patched for nvidia use though AFAIK20:54
azmIm just reading that latest20:55
azm280 works fine20:56
azmholstein, jusr purged the old ones and installed 280 and works great!21:20
azmwow and no xruns s ofar21:20
holsteinazm: :)21:20
holsteinazm: master out to midi in?23:25
holsteinyou mean a master audio out?23:25
holsteinthat wont go to a MIDI in23:25
azmholstein, well IM trying to get sound from pian oroll23:25
azmyea its wrong23:25
holsteinazm: piano roll doesnt make sounds23:25
holsteinthats going to just be a controller23:25
azmbut it does if you connect it to yoshimi23:26
holstein'll point it (via MIDI) to a synth23:26
azmor add plugin23:26
azmin jack connections?23:26
holsteini would do it there23:26
holsteinin jack23:26
holsteinunder connect23:26
holstein*if* you cant get things from the alsa tab to talk to things in the midi tab you can use a2jmidid23:26
azmlike yoshimi left and right to master of ardour ?23:27
azmnot necessary23:27
holsteingoing *to* the master of ardour doesnt do anything23:27
holsteinIF you wanted to loop something in23:27
holsteinlike JAMin23:27
azmstarting Yoshimi using alsa midi input.23:27
azmyoshimi -a , or yoshimi --alsa-midi23:27
holsteinyou *could* put it there23:27
azmno, I just want sound from piano23:28
azmthat is all23:28
holsteinso route the piano to the sound card23:28
azmlas said that it possible two ways23:28
holsteinand listen to it23:28
holsteinyou can put it in the ardour master too23:28
holsteinthat'll make it 'export'23:28
holsteinyou just need to read about some routing23:28
holsteinand signal path23:28
holsteinand get used to the jagon23:28
holsteinand just try some things out23:28
azmthe thing is23:30
azmif I want to make that piano roll make sound with yoshimi23:30
holsteinit'll have some midi out23:30
holsteinin jack23:31
holsteinor it should23:31
holsteinagain, i would suggest starting with something easier23:31
azmin JACK-MIDI tab right ?23:31
holsteinardour it self is not trivial23:31
holsteini would close ardour23:31
holsteinget comfortable routing something to a midi synth23:31
holsteinmaybe use something like qtractor for a bit23:31
holsteinor rosegarden23:31
holsteinyou could be dealing with broken things in ardour 323:32
holsteinif you can catch [lsd23:32
holsteinover in #opensourcemusicians23:32
azmI have no problem routing plugins and synths and other software in older Ardour23:32
azmthe only thing is23:32
holsteinhe's my go-to midi guy23:32
azmthatin A3 alpha is midi new and Im kinda confused23:32
holsteinright, and you should be23:33
holsteinand it could be broken23:33
holsteinand no one cares if you can use it yet or not23:33
holsteinbut, [lsd] would take some time im sure23:33
holsteinpersonally, im waiting til its out23:33
holsteinat least beta23:33
azmok, so I figured out the first way23:41
azmalready have sound on piano roll23:42
azmnow the other23:42

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