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tgm4883I'm trying to find if it's possible to have upstart run a job as another user. It would be a non-interactive job. I've found a post that mentions it is going to be in an upcoming version, but I can't find anything else about it, and I'm not sure where I can subscribe to so I see when this functionality exists20:27
ionUse su for now.20:28
tgm4883from what I've read, su won't work as it needs an interactive console20:29
tgm4883correction, consolekit. We actually used to use su, but it caused issues with that and shutdown20:33
JanCtgm4883: I don't know why 'su' shouldn't work21:45
JanCmaybe it needs some options in some environments?21:48
superm1tgm4883 asked me to pop over here about su.  we ran into problems with su in the job that it left an interactive consolekit session open21:50
superm1so if someone tried to reboot the machine it seemed like people were still logged in and there was a warning every time to reboot21:51
tgm4883JanC, ^21:52
JanCIMO that would be a bug in 'su' (or maybe su has an option to prevent that)?21:59
JanC(or maybe sudo is more powerful in that respect?)22:00
JanCthe 'su' manpage lists a specific option to mimic a login session, so that indicates it should not start one by default?22:04
superm1we were previously doing "exec /bin/su -c "/usr/bin/mythbackend $ARGS" $USER" which caused ck-list-sessions to list a mythtv session22:19
superm1since then we've added support to mythtv to setuid seteuid etc, but this has the side effect that core dumps can't be captured anymore22:19
superm1slangasek explained here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/consolekit/+bug/445953/comments/1922:20

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