pleia2on the bright side, the rivers around philly seem to have finally crested so the flooding should stop ruining my life \o/00:00
pleia2(stupid power and internet outages)00:00
knomegood to hear00:00
* pleia2 detatches from computer00:00
knomeoki, see you00:00
charlie-tcaknome: what is the status of the logo for the menus?02:03
Unit193Looks to me as if it's still pending, but what would I know?02:06
charlie-tcaapparently, knome has decided to keep it a secret. I will have to guess it is not going to happen02:10
Unit193It's up to someone else now, nothing he can do but bug him02:12
GridCubemy university proxy is blocking irc :|02:25
madnickGridCube: ssh then? :)02:28
GridCubei can't even use webirc, tho that might have to be whit the university's servers are failing02:29
GridCubei dont know how to ssh02:29
madnickWell, do you have a box that is mostly online all the time at home+02:29
GridCubei can have 02:29
GridCubeif i turn it up when i leave :P02:30
* GridCube thinks this is offtopic02:30
madnickIll assume it'd be running xubuntu :P so just apt-get ssh-server02:30
mr_pouitcharlie-tca: https://code.launchpad.net/~knome/debian-cd/xubuntu-logo/+merge/72497 (knome gave this link, and it's not really a secret…)06:15
charlie-tcamr_pouit: I still don't know what the url means. Is the updated logo on hold until after beta1, or until LTS, or what?12:59
mr_pouit"Status: Needs review", and "Reviewer: Colin Watson; Status: pending"13:07
mr_pouitno more info than that13:07
mr_pouitI guess you'll have to ask Colin for a timeframe13:08
charlie-tcaThank you13:13
charlie-tcaI will push cjwatson after beta1 then.13:14
charlie-tcaI don't think I will ever understand all this stuff. I can push when someone tells me what needs pushing.13:18
charlie-tcamr_pouit: another lightdm configuration change taking place14:19
charlie-tca      ev | http://paste.ubuntu.com/678006/                                               14:19
charlie-tca superm1 | that will be fine for mythbuntu, xubuntu will need to add a commented out #autologin-user= line to their default conf          14:19
charlie-tcaev | patches welcome, should be fairly straightforward 14:21
mr_pouitcharlie-tca: we don't ship a default conf15:06
charlie-tcaI thought we had one in /usr/share/xubuntu/ something15:07
mr_pouitnot for lightdm15:08
charlie-tcaOh, okay. I can't get them to tell me more, either15:08
charlie-tcaI am tired today. Maybe I am just getting frustrated, they just dropped a new kernel, too. Maybe it will not affect us, though15:09
charlie-tcamr_pouit: 15:16
charlie-tcacharlie-tca | superm1: Xubuntu is not shipping any lightdm.conf file                    15:16
charlie-tca** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** **  15:16
charlie-tca    superm1 | charlie-tca, yeah you are, the postinst creates it                        15:16
charlie-tca    superm1 | via lightdm-set-defaults                                                  15:16
charlie-tcaalternate images will be re-built again15:30
charlie-tcahm, I sure am hating software center. It is difficult to tell an application is even installing.15:48
charlie-tcano password required to install either15:48
charlie-tcamr_pouit: can you upload https://code.launchpad.net/~knome/debian-cd/xubuntu-logo/+merge/7249716:00
charlie-tcaso we can get it in beta1?16:01
charlie-tcaor knome ?16:01
charlie-tcaor micahg ?16:01
charlie-tcaI have it approved16:01
micahgcharlie-tca: in the middle of something at the moment, will get back to you when I have a minute16:02
charlie-tcaApproved by pitti and skaet16:02
charlie-tcaI think that is what it is waiting for, is the approvals16:14
charlie-tcalightdm on 64bit upgrade has no icons, clock in center across top; black panel on top16:27
charlie-tcathis seems to be limited to upgrades. Fresh installs are fine16:38
charlie-tcaplymouth looks great!16:39
charlie-tcahm, probable problem with plymouth... It doesn't tell me to remove the cd anymore, it just waits for me to and then hit enter.17:54
madnickThat is acctually quite odd, because thats a message, and messages should be handleded properly17:58
madnicklet me try17:58
charlie-tcamaybe related to the disappearing splash screen then?17:59
charlie-tcaI get text, and the bouncing slider, but no splash17:59
madnickyeah the message function works18:01
* madnick checks if the prompt works18:02
charlie-tcahm, I don't have a camera, so I can't get a picture. I have on screen:18:03
charlie-tca* Stopping save sound card(s') mixer state(s)18:03
charlie-tca* Starting Userspace bootsplash utility18:04
charlie-tcaand the bouncing slider18:04
charlie-tcabut the cd ejected from the drive18:04
charlie-tcaI don't get a prompt to remove it and hit enter to continue18:04
madnickhm, hold on ill check something18:04
charlie-tcaThese are both live cd's18:06
madnickcharlie-tca: hm18:17
madnickIt is possibly18:17
madnickthat they are sending an "ask-question --prompt"18:17
madnickto plymouth18:17
madnickand that is not implemented, because I honestly did not think it was used18:18
madnickBut I am unable to confirm this18:18
madnickBecause I cannot find where the commands sends to plymouth are located18:18
charlie-tcaI see18:18
charlie-tcaanything is possible18:18
charlie-tcaprobably comes from caspar or ubiquity18:18
charlie-tcacaspar runs the live session, ubiquity runs the installer18:19
charlie-tcawell, I must say, colors when installing using "install Xubuntu"  from the menu are really unique!18:21
madnickcharlie-tca: but if this is the case, it must not have shown anything like this for 11.04 either18:21
charlie-tcaOh, that is possible18:21
charlie-tcaWe didn't get a lot of things to work in 11.04...18:22
madnickI fixed this locally18:22
madnickI need to get an image18:22
madnickAcctually, its not sustainable to install to try the fix, i will need to find the commands sent18:23
madnickill run a massive cat :)18:23
charlie-tcathe oneiric desktop images are good today18:26
madnickcharlie-tca: catfish is broken on my image18:29
madnickbut its acctually not todays18:29
madnickIll get todays18:29
charlie-tcaI have both installing now. I will check it when they finish18:29
charlie-tcamr_pouit, knome, micahg : did we get the logo fix uploaded? all images are going to be re-built, and we can get that in them for beta118:31
micahgI should be free in about 30 minutes, can look then, images won't be respun for about 4 hrs18:32
micahgwell, freer...18:32
charlie-tcaOkay. As long we got it, I think it would be really nice to get it in 18:32
charlie-tcaknome puts a lot of time and effort into getting things to work, I think. If it just takes the upload now, ...18:33
madnickhm, i think it runs "ask-question" in order to wait for an enter key, to run "eject" of the install media18:35
madnickThis is not good :|18:35
madnickDoes it automatically eject?18:36
charlie-tcaeject is automatic, then it should say :18:37
charlie-tcaPlease remove the cd and hit enter to continue18:37
madnickThen perhaps it waits for enter to reboot, oh well, ill fix it18:37
charlie-tcaand it won't go on until the enter key is hit18:38
madnickI still need to find the acctual command passed tho18:44
charlie-tcaYeah, that's it, but will it show if the splash screen doesn't?18:44
madnickNope, but that is when the text theme kicks in18:45
madnickAnd im not sure that you can script that tbh18:45
charlie-tcaokay. It will be okay, anyway18:46
madnickNot sure what the .so files does18:47
charlie-tcaso, I will file a bug for that, so mr_pouit has one to put the fix against and we don't forget it.18:47
madnickit seems the ubuntu version loads a .so file18:47
madnickwhich is a libary18:47
charlie-tcawhich one is it?18:48
madnick1 sec18:48
madnickNope xubuntu-text loads that as well18:48
charlie-tcathis is for desktop images only, right?18:49
charlie-tcaalternate give a message to remove the installation media and give the message.18:50
madnickperhaps it does not run plymouth 18:50
madnickon alternate installs18:50
charlie-tcait doesn't use plymouth, no18:51
charlie-tcaplymouth is used on live sessions and installations only, as far as I remember18:51
charlie-tca386 desktop passes; unfortunately, all images will be rebuilt again tonight18:52
charlie-tcamadnick: does it help if I tell you the message should appear after ubiquity closes?19:05
madnickNot sure :) I need to find the acctual script that invokes plymouth with that message/prompt 19:06
charlie-tcaOkay, I am going for a walk. by the time things get rebuilt, I may be sleeping again...19:13
madnickill upload the fix, because i have to go, i still want to know what is invoked, but if someone else figures that out, the fix is ready19:13
micahgcharlie-tca: ok, what needs to be done?19:15
madnickmicahg: do you happen to know what invokes plymouth with a prompt to remove install media after install?19:16
charlie-tcamicahg: I don't understand all of it, but I asked pitti and skaet if we could push this through and they said okay:19:16
charlie-tcaThen pitti asked if I could upload it?19:16
micahgmadnick: no, I haven't looked at the installer at all19:16
madnickill do an attempt in #ubuntu-devel :) then i have to go19:17
micahgcharlie-tca: I don't think I have access to that either...you need a CD team member19:18
charlie-tcaso, who do I have to go to?19:19
charlie-tcacjwatson or ev?19:19
micahgcharlie-tca: most of the people in -release can do it19:19
micahgcharlie-tca: maybe ask slangasek since he's driving this rounf19:20
charlie-tcaknome: We are going to get the logo in, at least everything seems to point that way.19:26
knomecharlie-tca, yeah, i already talked to cjwatson20:12
charlie-tcaWish you would talk to me, because he ain't really doing it20:53
charlie-tcaThat would have been good to know, though20:53
charlie-tcaHowever, even with a lack of all information, I got it in, and it will be in beta120:54
madnickcharlie-tca: it is infact really wierd that you dont get a graphical prompt20:56
madnickI looked at casper now20:56
madnickAnd it sends a message20:56
madnicknot a ask-question, so it should work20:56
charlie-tcashould is good, but it does not, in reality, work20:57
madnickdo you get a blank screen? or is the plymouth animation going?20:57
charlie-tcaI get a black screen with some text on it, and the slider bar only20:58
madnickThat would certainly explain it20:58
madnickThat is really outside of the plymouth domain unfortunetly20:59
madnickIm not sure how one would go about that20:59
charlie-tcaI see21:00
madnickOn the bright side, it shouldnt happen :) And it happens for my labmachine aswell (1 out of 10 times) 21:01
charlie-tcaheh, here it is 10 out of 1021:01
madnickIll ask around21:01
astraljavaHey guys, was a little busy with studio stuff this evening. I'll try to test the QA image tomorrow at work, so I can contribute for that one.22:40
astraljavaI'm gonna head to bed now.22:40
Unit193Good night22:40
charlie-tcano problem. They are re-spinning all the images again, anyway22:43
astraljavaOh okay, so it's actually a good thing, then. See ya tomorrow, then. :)22:46

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