zetaphorHello everyone! In my attempt to get sound working, I ended up uninstalling the default sound slider app that was packaged with xubuntu 11.04. I'd like it back as it had a hover window for controller gmusicbrowser. Does anyone know the package name for this, and if it will also manage spotify?00:28
knomezetaphor, xfce4-mixer?00:37
knomezetaphor, or are you maybe talking about the indicator plugin?00:37
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zetaphor@knome I thought it was the indicator plugin, but I have lost the volume control01:25
zetaphorNo it's not the mixer. I was able to control gMusicBrowser with it, it's the default sound package with 11.0401:27
uofm49426if  sudo modprobe start a module how do i stop one03:10
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paul_ukhey all, i've got a lot of files in my trash that I don't have permissions to.  I've tried going into ~/.local/share/Trash/files but its coming up blank.  Is there a way of getting elevated privileges to remove these files or another directory? Thanks10:32
TheSheeppaul_uk: type 'gksu thunar' in terminal10:34
paul_ukwhat does that do?10:35
paul_ukok i had to run it again cos apparently it wasn't doing anything10:35
paul_ukok this is weird, im still not showing any files in trash although in my Rubbish Bin, I am seeing 6GB.10:36
jarnosHow do you enter grub menu in Natty? Display goes black soon after BIOS checks and no key seems to bring menu visible.10:40
paul_ukoh man, i had to go into the usb device find the trash location and then delete the files from there.  Thankfully the Rubbish Bin updated and it's now showing 0 items.10:42
paul_ukjarnos hold down shift right after your bios finishes and just before you boot10:43
paul_ukleft shift10:43
paul_ukjarnos, nvida gfx card?10:43
jarnospaul_uk, yes10:48
jarnospaul_uk, why?10:48
paul_ukok, me too.  What worked for me in the end after hours of troubleshooting.  Is to boot in safe mode gfx settings and then choose opensource 3d drivers because the default nvidia drivers kept on giving a blank screen.10:49
paul_ukthe linux community is seriously screwing up by installing gfx operability.  For me F15 is a complete screw up and totally unstable, ubuntu wouldn't give me any 3d options and it was only until I chose xbuntu and show the 3d option that I selected that and I was actually working again.  This after using fedora since version 10 lol.  No problems ever.10:50
jarnospaul_uk, but I use nouveau driver; binary driver does not even work for my card in 11.04: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/Nvidia#Driver Versions10:50
paul_ukjarnos, did xubuntu fire up ok after the initial install?10:51
jarnospaul_uk, I think it was blank initially, too.10:51
paul_ukjarnos: but you choose to specifically install the nouveau driver?10:52
jarnospaul_uk, no, AFAIK it is the default for nVidia cards.10:52
paul_ukjarnos, no it wasn't for me.  For me the default was the nvidia accelerated graphics driver.10:53
paul_ukI had to choose the experimental 3d support for nvidia cards10:53
paul_ukthen I had no issues so far..10:53
jarnospaul_uk, strange.10:53
paul_ukyes I wasted half a day trying the latest and beta drivers from nvidia site with ubuntu and couldn't get anything to work.10:54
paul_ukonly xbuntu and 3d support drivers works10:54
paul_ukjarnos, this is what I have: http://i.imgur.com/2CKgH.png10:55
paul_ukas I say the first option was only available with ubuntu and xubuntu gives both drivers.10:56
paul_ukis there a way to hide .ext~ files? like .txt~ .php~ .whatever~11:00
jarnospaul_uk, AFAIK the default driver is neither shown in the Additional Drivers dialog. you can find the current driver in the output of command "sudo lshw"11:02
paul_ukjarnos: to be honest for me xubuntu is working and that's that.  I am too busy in a development project I need to get out the door to do any sort of troubleshooting :)11:03
paul_ukso all I'm doing is giving you my experience  of how I finally got linux to work with an up to date nvidia card.11:04
LogicallyDashingUbuntu LTS is at version 10.04.3 while Xubuntu LTS is at version 10.04.2; is there any meaning to this? Is Xubuntu LTS less up to date?11:33
bittinSomone wants a Mac LC?12:26
Sysibittin: don't crosspam offtopic12:27
Jcook_5xDataanyone know how to install ubuntu mixer in xubuntu? Xfce4 mixer is just not that good12:30
Sysiyou propably want pavucontrol12:30
Jcook_5xDataSysi, yea I look at that now the right one. I am not sure if it there in 11.10 I think they combine it in the gnome-control-panel12:37
Jcook_5xDatanot *12:37
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charlie-tcaLogicallyDashing, paul_uk : If you update your system, it is up-to-date whether it is Ubuntu or Xubuntu. The cd is just an older image for Xubuntu, which means there will be more updates after installing.12:52
paul_ukcharlie-tca, thanks captain obvious ;) another point is, whether or not someone cares about a 0.0.1 upgrade heh.  Any serious dev will tell you that it's an update you can do without.12:56
paul_ukif it is at all any sort of real update.  Or it could be mis-match in versions between repos, etc12:56
charlie-tcaIt is normal for LTS releases to have those image updates. Normally, Xubuntu will have .1 while Ubuntu will have .1, .2, .3, .412:57
paul_ukwell LogicallyDashing there you go12:57
charlie-tcaHowever, It still is only a specific image in time, with updates in the cd instead of after the installation completes12:57
paul_ukanyway onto something more useful: is there a way to hide .ext~ files? like .txt~ .php~ .whatever~12:58
TheSheepno, the files that start with a . are hidden12:59
paul_ukTheSheep, .ext as in extensions and no starting with .12:59
TheSheepyou can change your editor settings to append a period to the temporary files12:59
TheSheepno, you can't12:59
paul_ukthat's a PITA.  so if I have say 100 files that I have edited I now have to also see 100 ~ files giving me lots of noise.13:00
TheSheepno if you have properly configured editor13:00
paul_ukI'm talking about the filemanager13:00
TheSheepit is a PITA to use an editor with broken config, agreed13:00
paul_ukWhen I do FileSystem > Directory > Files13:01
paul_ukoh nevermind, I'll just add this to my list of xubuntu gripes.13:04
TheSheepwould be so much easier to just make your editor prefix backups with a period13:04
paul_ukTheSheep, unfortunately I don't see such option.13:06
paul_ukI'm currently using bluefish, but don't have the time to spend customising gedit.  I'll leave it for now.13:06
paul_ukThanks anyways13:06
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charlie-tca!hi | xubuntu19215:23
ubottuxubuntu192: Hi!, Welcome to #xubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines. Enjoy your stay!15:23
xubuntu192i just installed xubuntu on my dell latitude, is there anyone here who can tell me how install the broadcom drivers for my wireless?15:23
xubuntu192or perhaps point me in the right direction15:25
ubottuHelp with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx15:26
xubuntu192thank you much  :)15:26
genii-aroundxubuntu192: Is your card in that 43xx series?15:27
xubuntu192yeah....i had this trouble before15:28
genii-aroundAh, right page then.15:29
xubuntu192thanks again15:29
yeikWhere would i post a suggestion on workspaces?16:54
Pici!brainstorm | yeik perhaps17:04
ubottuyeik perhaps: Post your ideas for Ubuntu at http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com and vote for the ones you like!17:04
xunubiCould some kind soul explain to me what changes have been made regarding sound drivers / mixer gui between ubuntu + xubuntu ? :) just switched to xubuntu and im getting a lot more sound devices listed than I had on gnome, and when I try to increase volume for my mic, it plays out of my speakers lol.17:35
charlie-tcaUbuntu uses gnome and it's applications, Xubuntu does not17:36
charlie-tcaXubuntu uses Xfce and it's applications17:36
xunubiYeah, I guess what I meant to ask was, is it possible to use the gnome default sound application within XFCE, the one that comes built in with xubuntu seems to be conflicting with my sound hardware.17:38
charlie-tcasure, you can just install it, but I don't know what the names are that gnome uses17:38
charlie-tcaYou can remove xfce4-mixer and install the mixer from gnome17:39
gtludwighello all17:39
charlie-tca!hi | gtludwig17:40
xunubiThanks :) usually I'd persevere and fiddle till it works but I've got incoming calls left right and centre on skype and can't talk lol17:40
ubottugtludwig: Hi!, Welcome to #xubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines. Enjoy your stay!17:40
gtludwigthx, charlie-tca !17:40
gtludwigquick question, how can I set font resolution for xubuntu?17:41
Sysisettings → appearance → fonts17:41
gtludwigSysi, I try a "xdpyinfo | grep resolution"17:43
gtludwigand it returns resolution: 79 x 113 dors per inch17:43
gtludwigit looks strange17:44
takumiHello everybody17:45
takumiIs someone can help me please?17:48
xunubiGah, my mic plays through my speakers! Anyone with experience who might suggest where I'm going wrong? :)17:48
Sysitakumi: somebody may ansver if you ask a question17:49
takumiok thank you Sysi17:49
takumiin fact i am not new on linux OS but i'm totaly new on xubuntu17:50
takumiand i have some little problem with it17:50
takumiOh a precesion, i'm using Xubuntu 11.0417:51
takumiSo my first question is : Is it possible to change the Icon of a folder? or a video?17:51
Sysi(told'ya to ask a question)17:51
Sysinot easily at least17:52
takumioh sad :(17:52
takumiit is look more hard than the other OS to personalize17:53
takumi2) Is it possible to have overview of Picture or Video (I'm not sure my english is good for you understanding)17:54
Sysiwell, you can change icon themes easily, download one and extract to ~/.icons17:54
TheSheepit's easy to use a different icon theme, and there are hundreds of different icon themes17:54
TheSheepmaking an icon theme takes a little learning, but it's not extremely hard17:54
takumiYes but i dont talk about icon theme, i just want to change 1 icon17:55
takumias exemple, i create new folder "work" and i put a personal icon only for this folder17:55
TheSheeptakumi: yes, thunar (the file manager) makes thumbnails of pictures, videos, pdf files and such17:55
takumiOk thank you thesheep!17:55
TheSheeptakumi: you can put an emblem on a folder17:55
takumiYes i saw the emblem, but they are not really an icon17:55
TheSheeptakumi: it will have the same icon as other folders, but it will have an additional icon on it17:55
takumibut to have an other icon of the older folder, it is not possible?17:56
TheSheeptakumi: not for just one directory, no17:56
takumihmmm and my last question was about the hide folder17:57
takumiin gnome, it just need to add a . before the name, and the shortcut is Ctrl+H17:57
TheSheepall files and directories that have their names staring with "." are hidden in linux17:57
takumibut on xubuntu, it is doesnt work17:57
TheSheepthat's a general thing in linux17:57
TheSheepit does work17:57
takumiah? i will try again17:57
takumipfff oh yes you are true! sorry17:58
TheSheepby the way, you can make a shortcut to a directory, and change the icon of that shortcut17:59
TheSheepif you for example want to have fancy icons on the desktop17:59
takumioh yes good idea, thank you ;)18:00
takumii will try personalize it18:00
takumii'm on xubuntu because i really hate unity18:00
TheSheepwe get a lot of users like that recently18:00
takumiso i keep gnome 2, but i would like try xfce now for change and learn more18:00
takumiyes i think canonical made a bad thing with unity18:01
xunubixfce is much nicer, apart from some confusing differences with my sound driver, so doesn't look like im gonna be able to keep it :|18:01
takumiit is maybe cute but very not usefull18:01
takumiSorry for your problem, wish you can correct it but as i'm newbee i can't help you now :(18:01
takumiTheSheep, for the overview, it is not possible to have it naturaly on desktop as exemple, without pass by thunar?18:03
TheSheepxunubi: did you try installing pavucontrol and padevchooser?18:03
TheSheeptakumi: desktop is displayed by thunar now too, so it should work fine18:03
xunubiTheSheep: Nope, I'm totally clueless when it comes to Linux and sound :) will have a look now, thanks18:03
TheSheepxunubi: they give you even more options to confuse you ;)18:03
TheSheepxunubi: but at least you can see what is happening with them18:04
TheSheepxunubi: I still didn't find a way to stop the mike being heard in the speakers, other than muting the mike18:04
xunubiTheSheep:  My problem is already too many options, the last thing I need is more lol.  on a clean ubuntu install, if I go to sound mixer, I just get a nice standard window with Master, Mic, etc ...from a clean xubuntu install I have 7 different devices listed, each containing an insane amount of things such as Surround, PCM, LFE, CAPTURE x318:05
takumiTheSheep, i didn't have overview of a picture in my desktop (i have just icon BMP) but i have overview in the folders you contain the picture. For the videos, i don't have overview in the folders and on the desktop (but it is not a problem of driver because i can play the video normaly)18:06
xunubiBut I can't locate the driver / difference between installs so I can revert, so I think I will just install Ubuntu and then install XFCE and set it to default, hopefully this will address it.18:06
TheSheepxunubi: I feel your pain, unfortunately the linux sound ecosystem is very complicated, and xfce is made to work with most of the elements available out there, so one can mix and match them -- unlike gnome, which just make a choice and simplified everything18:07
TheSheepxunubi: both approaches have their up and down sides, obviously, but xfce's way is much more confusing18:07
TheSheeptakumi: which version of xubuntu is it?18:08
takumiIt is the last one 11.0418:09
xunubiTheSheep: Yeah I agree totally, XFCE has a nicer feel to it, but the definition of "desktop environment" seems to be getting quite cloudy compared to when I first tried linux 4 or 5 years ago, and xfce seems to be using a lot more gnome dependencies now, hard to draw the line between what is what lol18:09
TheSheepxunubi: gnome is getting less open day by day and more monolithic, it's hard to pull only some parts from it18:10
TheSheepxunubi: plus, we still need to use the ubuntu base, which sometimes forces some innovations of their own18:10
TheSheepxunubi: dropping gdm should help a little in the near future18:11
xunubiTheSheep: Yeah I really don't want to go back to Gnome if I can help it, but I have zero knowledge about how sound works on linux, I have tried reading up on it but it's just messy and confusing.  And I need to be able to use my mic, lots of skype calls etc, doesn't work when it's playing out of my speakers lol18:11
TheSheeptakumi: do you get the thumbnails if you open the Desktop directory with thunar?18:12
TheSheepxunubi: it's 20 years of complete chaos :)18:12
takumiTheSheep, yes if i open thunar, i can see pictures thumbnails but not video18:12
TheSheeptakumi: you need to have ffmpegthumbnailer installed to have video thumbnails18:13
TheSheeptakumi: make sure you have it18:14
xunubiBack laters gonna try installing ubuntu and xfce, I get the feeling it's a change in the distros not the window manager itself (fingers crossed as that means i can still use xfce)18:14
takumiOk thank you TheSheep i will check it :)18:14
takumiYou was true again TheSheep, i didn't had ffmpegthumbnailer!18:16
takumii will reboot to check if it is ok now and reconnect here to tell you18:17
TheSheepthat was quick18:19
takumiTheSheep, i'm back18:19
takumiyes quick :)18:20
takumibut the result is the same :(18:20
TheSheepthat is strange18:20
TheSheepit works for me18:20
takumiyes it is strange18:20
takumiyou did't install other things?18:20
TheSheephmm, I have tumbler-plugins-extra18:21
TheSheepand libffmpegthumbnailer418:21
takumiI can try install it18:22
takumiI reboot again18:23
TheSheepI just wanted to say that you don't need to reboot or relogin for it to work18:25
takumiAh ok TheSheep18:25
takumiso now it is working in thunar, working on the folders too18:26
nick_mHello all! I need some help. Briefly: my notebook hangs on hibernation. OS: xubuntu 11.04. Notebook: emachines d620.18:26
takumibut not working on the desktop18:26
TheSheeptakumi: yeah, I'm not sure why, to be honest I never have any icons on my desktop, so I never checked18:26
takumiYes it is not a big deal because i have few icon on my desktop normaly, i keep place for wallpaper or conky18:27
takumiTheSheep, thank you for your help ;)18:27
TheSheeptakumi: you may want to ask at #thunar about the thumbnails on the desktop18:28
takumiah ok thanks :) i will ask here!18:28
takumiTheSheep : i will go now, have good day and thank you again!18:29
manuelisimohello, does anyone knows if there is a tool in xubuntu to easily change keyboard layouts (I want to switch back and forth between english and spanish)18:29
TheSheepmanuelisimo: there is a command for it, and you can bind it to a keyboard shortcut18:29
manuelisimois that setxkbmap?18:30
manuelisimohow do I go about binding a command to a keyboard shortcut?18:30
TheSheepyou go to the18:30
TheSheepkeyboard settings18:30
TheSheepapplications -> settings -> keyboard -> application shortcuts18:31
TheSheepmanuelisimo: then you click on 'add', type the command you want, press ok, and then it will ask you to press the key combination for it18:31
manuelisimofound it18:32
manuelisimothanks a lot!18:32
nick_mmanuelisimo: my solution is (1) to install xfce4-goodies (particularly, the keyboard plugin), and specify switching keyboard by CapsLock (you may choose favorite shortcut)18:32
nick_mthe plugin should be added to the panel.18:32
nick_mby the way, the standard config manager (apps->settings...) doesn't provide this feature for me. Russian locale? I had to install goodies.18:36
nick_msorry TheSheep for my interruption... I've come to ask, not to answer... just had same trouble and solved it18:42
manuelisimothank you both, I installed xfce4-goodies just because I couldn't figure out a good way to toggle layouts with setexkbmap and didn't want to set up two different keyboard shortcuts18:46
manuelisimobut know that I know where to put keyboard shortcuts I will use it more often18:46
TheSheepnick_m: it's very good that you are answering!18:46
TheSheepnick_m: and it's natural thing to do18:46
TheSheepnick_m: but unfortunately I don't know the answer to you problem, you might want to search the forums for your notebook18:48
nick_mI googled over all the internet, and there are too many DIFFERENT solutions18:49
nick_msome of them patch older distros, some tell to install and configure alternative suspenders (uswsusp, for instance).18:51
nick_mI think, there some trouble with acpi - but I don't know how to read and interpret logs of pm-hibernate.18:52
nick_mmainly, people ask "oh shi, my pc hangs/doesn't wake/doesn't sleep", and the answer - use uswsusp, or - add a script to pm-..., - oh dear, it works, thanks!18:53
nick_mnothing about the *reasons* of the problem.18:53
charlie-tcaThe reason usually has to do with something the hardware manufacturer did that made it not work correctly.18:55
charlie-tcaThe fixes are ways of correcting that, and each one is a little bit different18:55
nick_mI agree - so I looked for acer's and emachines'. But there are same pattern of help. Well, I'm ready to install uswsusp, but... is it good idea to have 2 hibernators on single machine?18:57
charlie-tcait doesn't hurt anything, as far as I know18:58
nick_mcan I roll it back next time?18:58
charlie-tcaI don't understand that?18:59
nick_mas I see (tested on a virtualbox), uswsusp injects or replaces out-of-box power manager, letting the user invoke it via menus, not only from terminal. So, when I deinstall uswsusp, will the power manager come back?19:01
nick_mmy girl will kill me if I make her laptop not working (now it is just not sleeping :) )19:02
nick_manother strange effect that I saw on a virtualbox: using pm- it thaws instantly, and using uswsusp it runs grub first (and I had to configure grub to resume from my swap disk)19:04
charlie-tcaif it doesn't, just install xfce4-power-manager19:04
takumiTheSheep, can i ask you ultimate thing?19:05
nick_mcharlie-tca, could you please remember me, how to reinstall already installed package? sudo apt-get WHAT xfce4-power-manager?19:07
charlie-tcasure "sudo apt-get install xfce4-power-manager" without the quotes19:08
nick_mjust install? obviously. though, it doesn't reconfiigure it.19:09
charlie-tcajust install. If you never delete the .config files, it should pick it up again19:10
takumiHello, is someone know how i can put a shortcurt for open my harddisk partitions, or USB key in the userbar?19:11
nick_mthanks charlie-tca, I'm going to hibernate with uswsusp...19:12
charlie-tcagood luck19:12
xubuntu515Estou instalando o xubuntu, pois o gnome, unity me cansaram.19:17
nick_mbad luck. Still hangs.19:18
charlie-tcaxubuntu515: English, please?19:18
Unit193It's Galician19:19
xubuntu515I am not english, portuguese19:19
xubuntu515good by people19:20
ubottuPor favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.19:22
Unit193Worth a shot... What he said "translated" for me as Galician :P19:23
charlie-tcame too19:23
derrichterhi all is there anyone?20:55
derrichterhell i can't make audio work :\20:56
larrehi all22:24
larreGuess noone is alive right nowm but just shout when you're available to help, if I'm here I'll notice it :P22:28
charlie-tcaHelp is always easier when a question has been asked. Please ask your question and if anyone knows the answer, they can respond22:29
larreGood idea22:29
larreI have tried to install Xubuntu on an old laptop I've got, Dell Inspirion 1100, but it always halts. Perhaps it's just too old?22:30
charlie-tcaHow much ram does it have?22:30
larrecopy didnt work right22:31
larre384 MB (SDRAM)22:32
larrethere we go22:32
charlie-tcaThat should be enough. Does the live session work?22:32
larreYou mean start xubutu from cd?22:33
charlie-tcaIf you put the desktop cd in, and boot, you have a choice to try Xubuntu before installing or Install now22:33
charlie-tcaIf you try, does it get to the desktop?22:34
larreah yes, havent tried, will do now22:34
charlie-tcaIf it won't go to the desktop, the installs will fail22:35
charlie-tcaIf it does, I would suggest using the alternate cd to install, since the ram is low.22:35
larreit's still a black screen but it is still working22:35
charlie-tcaIt will take a few minutes22:36
larrealternate cd is a command promt install right?22:36
charlie-tcawell, no, it is a non-gui installer, but it is not command prompt22:36
larreokay, but is it still easy to install?22:37
charlie-tcaYou can not use a mouse with it, but it is very easy22:37
larreokay. as long as mouse works when installation is done22:37
charlie-tcayup, it should22:38
larreyes live desktop works!22:38
charlie-tcaeverything is the same after the installation finishes22:38
charlie-tcaso, where is the install failing?22:38
larrehmm wait22:39
larreseem computer restarted before desktop was fully loaded22:39
larreoh wait22:40
charlie-tcathat's usually not a good sign22:40
larreit seems to work22:40
larrebut i got a login screen22:40
charlie-tcaMaybe the install is just very slow22:40
larrewhat to login with, guest?22:41
charlie-tcapassword is blank, just hit enter22:41
charlie-tcasession should be Xubuntu22:41
larreyes it logs in22:44
larreworking hard22:44
larreold computer22:44
larreI did want xubuntu as windows works damn too slow on it :P22:44
larreStill a newbie with linux22:45
larreafter thinking for a while i got back to login screen22:45
larregoogle has revealed for me that there has been many issues with this laptop22:47
larreagain just back to login screen22:48
larreWell, forget that for now, I have another issue on another computer23:00
larreI have installed xubuntu 64-bit on my stationary amd computer with windows 7 using virtualbox. I cant set higher resolution than 1024x76823:00
larrewelcome back charlie-tca23:01
charlie-tcaWhat a deal23:02
charlie-tcaDid you see the part about lubuntu?23:03
larrestupid net split23:03
charlie-tcaIt's a netsplit23:03
larrelubuntu? never heard  of it23:03
charlie-tcaThat's where I went, too23:03
larrei know ubuntu, kubuntu and xubuntu23:03
charlie-tcaIf Xubuntu doesn't install, you can always try Lubuntu, which is a version of Ubuntu made for the old and slow machines23:03
ubottulubuntu is a project to create a derivative of Ubuntu using the LXDE desktop environment. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu . /join #lubuntu for lubuntu support.23:04
larreanyway logging in doesnt work, after a while of thinking I get back to login screen23:04
charlie-tcaIt sometimes is better for older machines than Xubuntu23:04
larresession says other I think23:04
larreI will tru23:04
charlie-tcaIf you can't login, I think the install will fail, too23:05
larrebut I have another issue as well23:05
charlie-tcaoh? other issue?23:06
larreI have installed xubuntu 64-bit on my stationary amd computer with windows 7 using virtualbox. I cant set higher resolution than 1024x76823:06
larrethats where i caht now23:06
charlie-tcaDid you install the hardware driver?23:06
larreI think it was among updates23:06
charlie-tcalook in menu -> Settings -> additional drivers or menu -> System -> Additional drivers23:07
larresays no drivers is used by the system23:07
larreHaha I try to translate your instruction, I use swdish language23:08
charlie-tcaheh, that's always fun, too23:08
larreso where can i find drivers?23:08
larreI edit xorg.conf according to some instructions on a forum but to no use23:09
charlie-tcano drivers needed, but this usually helps with it -23:10
larreWonder why I try to solve computer problems now, its over 1AM in Sweden haha23:11
larreah some terminal commands23:11
larrewill try23:11
charlie-tcaI have to go feed the baby here. Be back in a while23:12
larrewell xrandr --output VGA1 --mode 1920x1080 --rate 60 dint change anything, just got a liste of xrandr user commands23:16
burneranyone know why my network manager tray icon is showing a funny icon that looks like a polaroid photo with a red no smoking type symbol in the middle23:18
larreWell, I will try to sleep now. Will continue this late23:34

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