valorinCan someone give this bug some loving? It's really annoying and I'd like to get it seen by the right people: https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/83424800:26
ubot5Ubuntu bug 834248 in unity "Oneiric: Non-maximized windows which sit on the bottom edge of the lower workspaces shift downwards when called from an upper workspace." [Undecided,Confirmed]00:26
valorinIt's been present since Natty: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity/+bug/75584200:27
ubot5Ubuntu bug 755842 in unity (Ubuntu) "Non-maximized windows which sit on the border of a workspace move when called" [Medium,Triaged]00:27
apware we aware of compiz going into a flat spin consuming 100% CPU on login?00:37
kscloudunabashed self-promotion if someome might want to look it over: https://lists.launchpad.net/ayatana/msg06519.html00:45
valorinCan someone give this bug some loving? It's really annoying and I'd like to get it seen by the right people: https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/83424801:26
ubot5Ubuntu bug 834248 in unity "Oneiric: Non-maximized windows which sit on the bottom edge of the lower workspaces shift downwards when called from an upper workspace." [Undecided,Confirmed]01:26
Victor_Unity is taking really long to compile. How long [in average] does it take on your machines?02:10
valorinAnyone around to take a look at a bug for me?05:29
didrocksgood morning05:48
valorinAnyone around to take a look at a bug for me?06:09
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ephanmorning Andy8009:07
oierhi, I am looking for some kind of guideline or specification document about indicators status colors09:16
oierAFAIK the informative status for oneiric has changed to blue, I would like to know which kind of blue it is for instance09:16
oierand lastly, since I maintain an indicator, if the one in Natty should turn green and the Oneiric version blue09:17
sbtehi, is it possible to change the behaviour of a launcher entry itself through the launcher API?09:20
kamstrupsbte: no - or depends what you have in mind exactly...10:21
kamstrupdidrocks: so lp:compiz-core/oneiric FTBFS... is it you or smspillaz I need to punk?10:57
didrockskamstrup: this branch is smspillaz10:59
didrockskamstrup: I'm lp:compiz10:59
kamstrupdidrocks: not lp:compiz-core?10:59
didrocksnot that one :) all that are smspillaz's projects11:00
kamstrupdude... there are so many lp:compiz* branches and projects... it's a jungle11:00
sbtekamstrup, I want the launcher entry to unhide a hidden instance instead of starting a new one11:04
didrockskamstrup: the project is a jungle itself :)11:05
didrockskamstrup: smspillaz created an upstream project for every plugin IIRC11:05
sbtethe quicklist is there on the entry, so it's at least aware that the program is started11:05
kamstrupsbte: ah so you want some way to raise your app similarly to when the launcher icon is clicked?11:06
sbteno, clicking the icon currently starts a new instance11:06
sbtebecause the app is hidden11:07
sbtein the messaging menu actually11:07
sbtei want clicking the icon to show the hidden instance instead of starting a new one11:07
jjardonrodrigo_: ping11:09
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rodrigo_jjardon, pong11:11
jjardonrodrigo_: hey, I wonder if you have problem loading the datetime panel in g-c-c11:11
rodrigo_jjardon, let me try11:12
rodrigo_jjardon, works fine, but this is in gnome-shell11:13
rodrigo_jjardon, you mean the upstream one, or the indicator-datetime one?11:13
jjardonrodrigo_: oh, I mean the unity datetime, the indicator-datetime11:13
rodrigo_let me try that one11:13
jjardonstop working here and maybe is because some change upstream11:14
jjardonor something is wrong in my system ;)11:14
rodrigo_jjardon, it loads ok also11:14
rodrigo_jjardon, this is with the very latest g-c-c (3.1.91)11:14
rodrigo_jjardon, any output on the terminal related to that?11:15
kamstrupsbte: sounds mostly like BAMF has problems detecting that your app is already running - do you have a .desktop file for it?11:22
kamstrup(that you can maybe pastebin?)11:22
sbtekamstrup, yep, and there's also an option to run it single instance, but I want only the launcher to trigger that option11:23
sbtekamstrup, /usr/share/emesene/emesene/data/share/applications/emesene.desktop11:24
sbtethat's the desktop file11:24
sbteif you have emesene installed11:24
sbteproblem is that it's started, but that it doesn't have any active windows11:26
sbteso the launcher doesn't know that it's there11:26
sbtebut most people tend to lock it to the launcher11:27
kamstrupsbte: Are you certain that is the problem? And not fx. that you are changing the process name?11:27
sbteand click the icon multiple times, starting multiple instances of emesene without knowing11:27
sbtekamstrup, yes, we allow multiple instances, and there's a command line option to disable it, but I want to disable it only for the unity launcher11:28
kamstrupsbte: you could also have a switch to the executable like --show that checked for a running instance and then showed that?11:28
kamstrupthen put emesene --show in the .desktop11:28
sbteother distros/oses/starting options should be able to use the multiple instance option by default11:28
rodrigo_jjardon, I need to go now for a bit, try to look for some message in the output, and if you don't find the cause, ping me later, ok?11:29
sbtekamstrup, we already have the -s option, but we don't want to enable it by default11:29
sbteour problem is just people that have emesene locked in their launcher and wonder why they get 50 notification when someone talks to them11:29
sbtehence my question if you can change the behaviour of the launcher only by using the launcher API11:30
sbtewe DON'T want to change the desktop file, because that will affect other distributions too where this is no issue, because the unity launcher/messaging menu aren't used11:31
kamstrupsbte: ok, i see. I don't have a solution then... you could request that the ubuntu packages be distro patched to add -s to the .desktop file, but I guess that's not exactly the solution you had hoped for11:41
kamstrupsmspillaz: right now - when I run 'unity' inside my jhbuild env, it looks mostly like compiz starts without any plugins...11:47
jjardonrodrigo_: thanks, but It was a problem in my system. Sorry for bother you11:47
smspillazkamstrup: ah11:48
smspillazkamstrup: you're using lp:compiz-core right ?11:48
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htorqueTrevinho: bug 841609 → sure, but do you mean today, this week, month?12:52
ubot5Launchpad bug 841609 in nautilus (Ubuntu) "Progress bar overlay not working" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/84160912:52
JohnLeaandyrock; has your patch for https://bugs.launchpad.net/ayatana-design/+bug/727901 landed?13:07
ubot5Ubuntu bug 727901 in unity (Ubuntu) "When dragging and dropping a file on to the Launcher, the Launcher icons that are valid drop receptacles don't highlight until the cursor is over the launcher." [Medium,In progress]13:07
andyrockJohnLea, no...13:07
andyrocki'm waiting DBO's answer13:08
DBOlet me find an answer for you13:08
andyrockJohnLea, btw thx for the clarifications about devices managament in the bug report :)13:09
JohnLeanp, thx for fixing13:09
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andyrockjust one quick question: if a virtual device is blacklisted but "mounted" it should not be shown in dash right?13:10
njpatelcdbs, has the apt-daemon side of your merge proposal for SC been merged and in Oneiric?13:10
jcastrohey cdbs13:12
jcastroyou had a list of quicklists for oneiric, is the spec up to date with what was accomplished?13:13
JohnLeaandyrock; if a user has chosen to not have a mounted device in the Launcher, it should not be displayed in the Launcher.  However *all* mounted devices should always be displayed in the Dash File Lens 'folders' category header.  This how users can add them to the Launcher if they choose, or add them back to the launcher if they earlier removed them and then changed their mind.13:17
JohnLeaandyrock; does that make sense?13:18
andyrockJohnLea, just one note13:18
andyrock However *all* mounted devices should always be displayed in the Dash File Lens 'folders'13:19
andyrockall mounted removable (or virtual devices)13:19
andyrockthe un-removable devices imho should be always shown13:19
JohnLeaandyrock; yes, basically everything that is currently accessible should always be shown in the Dash file lens13:20
JohnLeathat includes un-removable devices13:20
andyrockok ok...13:20
andyrocknow i've the I have the full picture ;)13:20
JohnLeabut not a usb key that is currently in your pocket, or a CD that is not in the drive13:21
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JohnLeacool ;-)13:21
JohnLeaandyrock; one other question...13:21
JohnLeajust reviewing bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ayatana-design/+bug/764460 but it is impossible to test because bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ayatana-design/+bug/764641 as not yet been implemented.  Should I revert to triaged?13:21
ubot5Ubuntu bug 764460 in Ayatana Design "Dash - As soon as a user starts dragging a file from the Dash, the Launcher icons that are valid drop receptacles should re-saturate." [Critical,Fix released]13:21
ubot5Ubuntu bug 764641 in unity "Dash - dragging a file outside of the Desktop Dash should close the Dash" [Medium,Triaged]13:21
andyrockDBO is merging this branch right now :)13:22
andyrockif it find some problems with my branch you change this bug status to invalid (or triaged i don't really know)13:22
andyrockhowever it's not totally fixed so fix-committed is not the best bug status13:23
andyrockthere still is a small race condition13:23
andyrockan xdnd problem, other toolkits have the same problem13:24
andyrockso i think that triaged is the best bug status :)13:24
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jcastrohey njpatel13:58
njpatelhey jcastro14:01
jcastronjpatel: lenses api!14:01
njpateljcastro, kamstrup is working on making python work, and I'm doing a app developer thing on Friday, so basically, it'll be done by then very latest14:02
jcastrojawesome dude14:02
roignacguys, a question on lenses api14:09
roignacwill libunity-4.0 be available in natty - or devs will have to wite two versions of lenses for oneiric and natty?14:10
Ciminjpatel: ping14:34
Ciminjpatel: remember the issue with the menubar/indicator items? I added 1px offset to them, but after seeing the indicator session menuitem (you can see there's 1px offset on the right, before the end of the panel), I had the real feeling that the dropdown menu was misplaced14:35
Ciminjpatel: andyrock told me that in unity-panel-service there's 1px of offset, which confirms my theory14:36
Ciminjpatel: and it's weird14:36
njpatelCimi, okay, patch it?14:36
Ciminjpatel: my proposal is to remove the offset from unity drawing code14:36
Ciminjpatel: and explain me why there's a 1px of offset here14:37
Cimiin unity-panel-service14:37
andyrockCimi: not in unity-panel-service14:37
Cimiandyrock: where?14:37
andyrockin PanelIndicatorObjectEntryView14:37
Cimiok njpatel ^14:37
njpatelCimi, I don't know, it's been too long since I've worked on that14:37
andyrockbut the real drawing is in unity-panel-service14:37
njpatelthere is probably a comment there if there is a magic number14:37
andyrocknjpatel, 14214:40
andyrockvoid PanelIndicatorObjectEntryView::Activate()14:40
andyrock  proxy_->ShowMenu(GetAbsoluteGeometry().x + 1, //cairo translation FIXME: Make this into one function14:40
andyrock                   GetAbsoluteGeometry().y + PANEL_HEIGHT,14:40
andyrock                   time(NULL),14:40
andyrock                   1);14:40
njpatelif it's no longer needed, just remove it?14:40
Cimiandyrock: could you pls test it?14:42
Cimiandyrock: feel free to take the code and merge request it, I can approve it14:42
Cimi(if works)14:42
andyrockCimi, there is another "+ 1" in the same file...14:43
andyrocki will do it14:43
Cimiandyrock: so, remove that +1 too14:43
andyrockthere is a bug on #lp?14:43
ach1m_njpatel, hi, is that bug on your "radar" https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/837432 ?15:00
ubot5Ubuntu bug 837432 in unity (Ubuntu) "Reflection/Blur of the "frosted glass" is displaced" [Undecided,New]15:00
Cimiach1m_: it's such a small bug, leave it for the future weeks15:05
ach1m_Cimi, okay :-)15:06
Cimiandyrock: did I kill your unity?15:06
andyrockCimi, unity compilation time is huge :)15:07
andyrocki've a dual core15:07
Cimime too15:07
andyrocki've to post a screenshot here?15:08
andyrockbut for me it looks good15:08
Trevinhohtorque: I guess as soon as possible...15:09
Trevinhohtorque: however I just I've to to use another partition to check it?15:10
Andy80andyrock: lucky me... it takes a couple of minutes with Unity-2d :D15:11
andyrockAndy80, 6-7 minutes for me... :(15:11
Andy80andyrock: even less if I only modify 1-2 files15:12
TrevinhoAndyrock did you play with some indicators related code?15:13
andyrockTrevinho, why? :)15:13
TrevinhoBecause something could change there.... https://code.launchpad.net/~3v1n0/unity/indicators-redesign/+merge/7081815:14
TrevinhoAh... OK I saw that15:15
Trevinhoandyrock: the plus one thing fixes the event issue on first pixel?15:16
andyrockTrevinho, i think not...15:17
andyrockit's a cimi work btw15:17
Trevinhoah, ok15:18
TrevinhoAh, also if I guess it's just related to the entry menu position15:18
CimiTrevinho: you always do enormous patches, these are more difficult to review15:18
TrevinhoCimi: I know that, but that is a complete redesign15:19
Cimiok then15:19
Trevinhoit needs lots of things to be adjusted15:19
Cimiandyrock: if the patch works, I can approve it15:19
Cimios ri can do the merge15:20
andyrockCimi, ^^^15:20
andyrockand https://code.launchpad.net/~andyrock/unity/removes-plus-one/+merge/7424415:20
Cimiandyrock: topright indocator touches the screen^15:20
Cimithe gear15:20
Trevinhoandyrock: you still have the network menu as last item... ohoh... :P15:20
andyrockTrevinho, why^15:20
Cimiandyrock: ?15:21
andyrockCimi, yes15:21
Cimiok, perfect then15:21
andyrocklet me post another screen15:21
andyrockCimi, http://img850.imageshack.us/img850/707/screenshot20at202011090.png15:23
andyrockthe cut cursor is a screenshot bug :)15:23
andyrocknot a unity problem...15:24
Trevinhoandyrock: new order http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/703/indicatorsreordered.png/ :P15:24
CimiTrevinho: use geany15:24
andyrockTrevinho, great!15:24
CimiTrevinho: it kicks gedit's ass15:24
andyrockTrevinho, add a gsettings option to change indicator position too15:25
Trevinhoandyrock: I would like that15:25
Trevinhobut I don't know if it's something requested15:25
andyrockto make ubuntu more flame free15:25
Trevinhoor that can be handled easier yet15:25
TrevinhoThe fact is that actually only the indicators based on libappindicator have a name to be used to easily order them15:26
Trevinhootherwise I should use in the settings the tuple libraryname,indicator-name15:26
Trevinhoand that sucks15:26
Trevinhomaybe in next cycle I'll add that.15:26
TrevinhoCimi: I know I should use that... I used for some time, then I don't put it in my devel machine15:27
Trevinhohowever Cimi does it support for dynamic ctags right now?15:27
TrevinhoOnce I had to update my ctags file everytime15:27
CimiTrevinho: not in realtime I'd say15:28
CimiTrevinho: after a bit15:28
TrevinhoMh, ok... It's still good15:29
Trevinhoalso if in that role Eclipse would beat every IDE ever.... The problem is that I'd need other 8GB of ram to use it!15:30
htorqueTrevinho: yeah, should work with a second ext4 partition or from an external drive15:30
Trevinhohtorque: also another kind of partition?15:30
htorqueext4, ntfs, vfat on a flash drive worked for me15:31
TrevinhoI'll try15:31
htorquejust pick two bigger files and it should fail like in the screenshot15:31
Trevinhohtorque: ok, found15:37
Trevinhoit also happens when computing the size15:38
nigelbnjpatel: Hey15:51
njpatelnigelb, hey dude15:51
nigelbAll set for the session?15:51
nigelboh wait, you cancelled...15:51
njpatelnigelb, it's been moved to friday :)15:51
nigelbnjpatel: Yeah, just got told. Updating :)15:52
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smoseris this a known bug ?17:45
smoseri hit alt-f2, the dialog comes up, but i can't launch anything from it.17:45
smoserusually it works the first time after login, and then it seems like it works sometimes, but most of the time not.17:46
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jderosewhat's the correct, modern way to save/restore window positions and sizes?18:24
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sbtejcastro, any chance this bug will get fixed before 11.10? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity/+bug/73299720:09
ubot5Ubuntu bug 732997 in unity "Cannot open a window that starts iconified" [Low,Confirmed]20:09
sbteBecause otherwise I need to submit a critical patch for emesene20:10
jcastrosmspillaz is the one to poke20:11
sbtejcastro, ok thanks, i guess you just did that :P20:13
jcastroDBO: unless that bug is your fault? or is it compiz?20:23
DBOfile against unity20:23
DBOassign to smspillaz20:23
jcastroDBO: hey ^^^^20:40
jcastrodoes alt-tab window get stuck sometimes?20:40
DBOno in my experience but if it does let me know20:40
czajkowskiwhat happens is the menu comes across the screen where I alt tab through applications20:40
czajkowskiand then won't go away20:40
czajkowskiso I alt tab to a terminal20:40
czajkowskiI cant get to it20:40
czajkowskithe menu bar will not go away20:40
DBOso its the menu bar getting stuck20:41
DBOnot alt-tab20:41
czajkowskiit won't vanish20:42
DBOczajkowski, I'll look at it when I can20:43
DBOmy system is kinda fucked up right now :)20:43
czajkowskiDBO: I can file a bug20:43
czajkowskijust not sure what to file it against20:43
htorquehey all! i just tested the latest fix for alt-tab and dash corners. looks miles better than before, but can it still be improved? http://img.xrmb2.net/images/675518.png21:08
Andy80Kaleo: are you still here?21:17
om26erhtorque, i'll be testing it soonish if it build fine in my ppa and screenshot wont open21:25
om26erimagebin plz ;)21:25
htorqueom26er:  http://imagebin.org/index.php?mode=image&id=17131621:26
htorquei hope i picked the right "imagebin" - there are lots of them ;-)21:27
om26erDBO, that would be one way to make it "stuck" bug 83203321:27
ubot5Launchpad bug 832033 in unity (Ubuntu) "window switcher stuck when alt-tab with Onboard" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/83203321:27
DBOthats not really stuck but I see the problem21:28
DBOalso seriously, who alt-tab's with Onboard?21:28
* om26er is clueless21:28
DBOfundamentally that is pretty broken21:28
om26erDBO, maybe this case might fix the other as well21:28
DBOnot really related :)21:29
om26erhtorque, thats zoomed i'll see how it looks in real size21:29
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om26erhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/832033/comments/3 might be another way to reproduce the problem21:31
ubot5Ubuntu bug 832033 in unity (Ubuntu) "window switcher stuck when alt-tab with Onboard" [Medium,Confirmed]21:31
om26eror https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/832033/comments/621:31
htorqueheh, yeah that works - can you make it unstuck? :)21:36
jonoDBO, yo22:19
jonoremember the bug we found when moving your mouse slowly to the left edge of the screen and the launcher not showing?22:20
Trevinhohtorque: around?22:50
TrevinhoWell, I've looked at that nautilus issue22:50
Trevinhobut I can't reproduce it anymore using my own compiled version22:50
TrevinhoIf i push it to a branch could you test it?22:51
Trevinhofine, so wait few minutes and I'll put it online22:51
Trevinhohtorque: sorry, but I ask you to wait other few minutes... Unfortunately I've lost the copy of nautilus i was working on... Damn! I always put things on /tmp... :(23:01
htorqueoh no :(23:01
TrevinhoNot that bad since I just changed few details, but I've to remember what... :P23:03
Trevinhohtorque: still here? :)23:51
Trevinhohtorque:  try this version: lp:~3v1n0/+junk/nautilus-unity-debug23:52
Trevinho(it's sitll uploading :P)23:52
Trevinhohowever, just compile it, killall nautilus before running it23:53
Trevinhoand run nautilus launching it from a terminal23:53
Trevinhoit should print some informations on the terminal while copying the files.23:53
TrevinhoSo, please send me the output you get when the error occurs23:53
htorquesure :)23:53
htorquedoes that branch contain packaging info so that i just can run debuild?23:54
Trevinhoyou can use debuild as well23:54
thumperboom, boom, boom... another one bites the dust23:54
thumpermemory leak that is...23:54
htorquethumper: i guess not the one in indicator-applications or the way worse (probably) in indicator-appmenu? ;-)23:56
thumperhtorque: no, unity and nux23:56
htorquetoo bad, anyways: keep putting 'em down! :-)23:57

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