pooliemgz, heaven help us when we get to 7 digits01:13
pooliemaybe we can have optional punctuation: 184-222301:14
arnetheduckhi, just noticed you forgot to blame me for the log matching in http://doc.bazaar.canonical.com/latest/en/release-notes/bzr-2.5.html#bzr-2-5b1 =)06:32
vilaarnetheduck: the way devs ususally take credit is to add a news entry in doc/en/release-notes/bzr-x.y.txt, unfortunately no reviewer reminded/explained that to you :-/07:45
vilaarnetheduck: it's not too late to either send an email to the mailing list with the entry you want or file a merge proposal (that will certainly be approved ;)07:46
vilaarnetheduck: sorry about the confusion there, I really appreciate this feature (I even encountered a case where I suggest to use it only to be reminded that it was available only in 2.5 ;)07:47
* jelmer does the mumble configuration dance07:51
Riddellping vila08:00
Riddellno jam I guess08:00
vilajelmer, Riddell, jam: poolie sent an email saying he will be off08:00
vilaRiddell: yeah :)08:00
Riddellvila: that's no excuse for you to skive off!08:01
vilahehe, I'm not !!08:01
vilajelmer: http://webnumbr.com/ubuntu-package-import-failures.from%282011-08-29%2908:34
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zygahow is bzrlib expected to be initialized on python 2.4 where there is no with support?14:01
vilazyga: bzr-2.3 is the last stable version supporting python-2.414:12
vilazyga: 'with' is not used there14:12
zygavila, so just bzrlib.initialize() and "go" ?14:12
vilazyga: that's what the doc string says, yes14:13
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Guest95861Hey all — I think this is probably a really obvious question, but I just cannot seem to find an answer. I have a Launchpad project that I was doing some work with, that I then decided to update my local code from upstream. I performed a bzr merge, but now that left me with uncommitted changes locally (not my changes, they are the changes from upstream)16:21
Guest95861What did I do wrong?16:21
Guest95861Performing additional bzr merges complains about the uncommitted changes16:22
Guest95861The actual thing I want to accomplish is to have my repo look like the upstream repo16:22
jelmerGuest95861: hi16:44
jelmerGuest95861: you didn't do anything wrong - you have to commit the merge16:45
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Guest95861Oh! Thank you!17:10
Guest95861I thought committing it might make my local copy go out of sync17:10
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suptonis `bzr pull --overwrite -rOLDER_REVSION_THAN_CURRENT` really as dangerous as it looks?20:05
suptonas in, it permanently stomps on all local commits20:05
supton...that are not available from the pull repos20:06
AuroraBorealisif all else fails, just make a backup before you do anything20:06
jelmerhi supton20:06
suptonhi jelmer20:06
jelmersupton, it removes the reference to those revisions from the local branch20:06
jelmersupton, but the revisions are still available from the repository, you should be able to get those revisions back from the repository by using "bzr heads"20:07
suptonjelmer: so say I checkout... `bzr branch -r123 lp:~seanupton/+junk/something` and then make a local commit to r124 in that branch (but never push anywhere), then my automated build tool does a `bzr pull --overwrite -r123` in that branch.  What happens to local r124?20:09
jelmersupton, the branch gets updated to point at r12320:14
jelmerbut the contents of r124 are still in the repository20:14
suptonFWIW, I am adding revision-pinning support to the bzr support of an automated build tool (mr.developer, which is an extension for zc.buildout). https://github.com/seanupton/mr.developer/commit/47f83fa4d59d5f06373c7cb2f91e6d00bf07c741#L1R6320:15
jelmersupton, ah, cool20:16
jelmersupton, it's a pity you're calling out to bzr rather than importing bzrlib20:19
suptonjelmer: does bzr heads command exist in 2.4.0?20:20
jelmersupton, yes, but it's a part of the bzrtools plugin20:20
suptonjelmer: I'm assuming that the goal of upstream folks for mr.developer is few library deps.20:20
suptonjelmer: ah, okay, I'll install bzrtools20:21
jelmersupton: that seems silly, given installing bzr will pull in that library anyway20:25
suptonjelmer: yeah, but the typical assumption among a lot of folks using buildout is that they are not using the system python20:25
suptonwhich means they don't want to install bzrlib in their buildout or for the python running their apps when it is installed (sufficiently, as far as they care) in the system python's site-packages20:26
suptonso folks like me are using macports or apt to get bzr, bzrtools, bzrlib, etc and then only lightly automating around them from python app deployments that are not using the system python at all.20:27
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pooliehi jelmer, all22:43
jelmerg'morning poolie22:48
jelmerI hope you're feeling better22:48
pooliea bit23:32
pooliewell, mostly better23:32
pooliemight go back to bed in a bit though23:32
pooliehow are you?23:32
jelmer_alright, doing some more foreign branch hacking before sleep23:45

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