SnowhogCartoonCat: I can confirm that using the flashplugin64-installer from SevenMachines PPA 'just works' where as the default flashplugin-installer does not.00:18
Brian_Hfor some reason when I log into kde after the desktop loads I get about 20-30 seconds of freezing that prevents me from doing anything.  are there any tools I can use to help track down what the cause is?00:24
Brian_Hthis is on kubuntu 11.04 latest updates00:24
ionitewhat is linux mint?00:25
ionitewhat's the difference between Linux mint and kde 11.4?00:25
ubottuLinux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org00:25
James147ionite: it is a distro that I think uses kde (like kubuntu does)... so you cannot really compare it `to` kde00:31
ioniteJames147: meaning it's inferior to KDE?00:31
ioniteJames147: ure using ubuntu?00:31
James147ionite: no... its a distro like kubuntu is... and as far as I know it uses kde as its desktop envrioment like kubuntu does00:32
szalJames147: no, there is a KDE edition of Mint00:33
szalbut the default is something else, afaik00:33
James147szal: :) all I know is they have kde ... dont know much beyond that00:33
James147but either way... you cannot compare a distro to a desktop envrioment00:34
ioniteJames147: szal i'm a noob to linux which should i use?00:34
szalplus there's no such thing as 'kde 11.4' ;)00:34
szalionite: you gotta be kidding, you've been roaming around here for at least two weeks now..00:35
James147ionite: kubuntu and mint are two different distros that (like all linux distros) have different goals and ways of doing things... there is no one "best" distro and you `should` use which ever you like the ebst00:36
ioniteszal: yes. and im having such tecnical issues with some environment, for eg, chinese input, now i'm using LTS.00:37
James147ionite: try them both, use the one you like more... one o hte greate things about linux is there is so much choise (much like standards :D )00:37
James147one of the great ^^00:37
* James147 should go to bed00:37
LINKSWORD2I dunno... I've used Fedora aka "RedHat" as well as Ubuntu and Knoppix....00:38
ioniteJames147: ubuntu unity cant work well in my netbook00:38
LINKSWORD2But I prefer Kubuntu.00:38
ioniteLINKSWORD2: kde, isn't it resource heavy?00:38
LINKSWORD2Not in my experience.00:39
James147ionite: as much as most feature right envroments00:39
James147rich ^^00:39
LINKSWORD2I have Kubuntu on a VERY old Compaq system that could barely tolerate Windows 2000.00:39
LINKSWORD2Yet Kubuntu works very well on it.00:39
ioniteLINKSWORD2: are u using KDE LTS or 11.4?00:40
ionitei'm considering if i should use ubuntu LTS.00:40
* szal ran a KDE distro DVD (PCLinuxOS) on a PIII 933 w/ 512 MB RAM once.. epicly slow, but worked00:40
LINKSWORD2I believe I'm still running 10.10.00:41
James147szal: what version was it? 4.0 was very slow compared to the later version00:41
Snowhogionite: There are two main factors that determine what Linux distro you can use: The minimum hardware requirements of the distro (if your hardware doesn't meet the minimums, you can't use it), and how you feel about it.00:41
ioniteok guys here are my specs: 1.66 GHZ atom, 2gb ram, 256 video.00:42
szalJames147: FullMonty 2011.01 (KDE 4.4 or something)00:42
James147ionite: kubuntu should run fine on that ^^ it does on my netbook wiht similar specs (exept the video memory)00:42
szalLINKSWORD2: what is a system that can 'barely tolerate Windows 2000'?  I remember running W2k no problem on a Celeron 450 w/ 256 MB RAM00:43
James147szal: hmm, on a live dvd? ^^ wouldnt expect it to run great in a live envroment with 512 ram00:43
szalJames147: yes, live DVD00:44
James147szal: should try an actual install on it :) I would think it should be allow smoother00:44
James147considering there was probally no swap and the livesystem would be eating lots of ram :)00:44
szalJames147: (1) couldn't convince my father to free up space for an install ;); (2) the machine is dead now (mobo kicked the bucket)00:45
* James147 dosnt quite understand how live system work with limited ram :p though he hasnt really look into it00:45
LINKSWORD2I suppose I should rephrase....00:45
LINKSWORD2My system originally had a 1.66 GHz Pentium 4 and 256 MB of RAM.00:46
LINKSWORD2Not overall bad, but the RAM sucked horribly.... UPGRADE!!!00:46
szalW2k runs on as little as 128 MB RAM00:46
szalor even on 64 MB, because 128 is the minimum requirement for XP00:47
DaemonFCyeah, then you start loading modern software and you're in trouble00:47
DaemonFC400 MB of RAM for Firefox00:47
DaemonFCa few hundred for an office suite00:47
LINKSWORD2It was designed for XP, but came with W2K.00:47
DaemonFCgood choice00:47
DaemonFCgiven the two00:47
LINKSWORD2Anyway. Let's move on.00:47
ioniteJames147: so what should i do? d/l kde? ubuntu doesn't seem very light on my netbook. i need something light and pretty.00:49
James147ionite: download every distro you are intrested in, try them for about a week (or less if you really cannot stand them :D )  and then keep the one you liked the most00:51
ioniteJames147: lol. i can't simply d/l so many. maybe any 3-5 suggestions so i can work around?00:55
ioniteJames147: also LTS and non LTS which should i choose?00:55
James147ionite: then start with ubuntu/kubuntu... (I would alsways use the latest version unless you need long term support... which home users generally dont)00:56
LINKSWORD2To get the widest variety, I'd recommend Fedora/RedHat, Knoppix, Debian, Mint, and of course, Kubuntu/Ubuntu.00:57
James147ionite: if nether kubuntu or ubuntu feel right to you then you can try other distros00:57
ionitedoes ubuntu have the non-unity version?00:57
ioniteJames147: can i disable unity in ubuntu?01:00
James147ionite: you would have to ask #ubuntu01:00
ioniteoh ya. on the wrong channel01:00
ioniteJames147: but kde is great but how can i make it lighter? or is there any lighter version of kde?01:01
James147ionite: there are no different "version" of kde like that ^^ but you can configure kde in prity much anyway...01:02
ioniteJames147: so i can make it lighter so to speak?01:02
ioniteJames147: but ubuntu appears to have quite some bugs. so i'm hesistant01:02
szalthere is no such thing as bug-free software (except for TeX perhaps)01:13
LINKSWORD2If you want bug-free, and you've got a lot of money to get rid of, go get a Mac...01:26
LINKSWORD2Otherwise.... You don't have many options. lol01:26
CartoonCatOk so I was doing a psaux and nspluginwrapper is running with no browsers active02:18
CartoonCatits got a lock on the libflashplayer.so I am guessing that is stopping the isntaller from working correctly.02:19
LINKSWORD2CartoonCat: I consider myself to be well-versed in technical terms related to systems... But that seriously went over my head.02:24
LINKSWORD2Can you please elaborate on your problem without using jargon or shorthand?02:25
LINKSWORD2That was fun. I hit the button I thought I had set up for opening the System Monitor and instead, the computer shut down...02:39
DaemonFCGNOME 3 got me the other day02:43
DaemonFCits shut down menus depend largely on what button you have pressed on the keyboard at the time02:44
DaemonFCmakes no sense just to avoid a couple entries02:44
LINKSWORD2DaemonFC: Do you know what shortcut there may be for the System Monitor?02:50
DaemonFCit's under system/system monitor02:50
LINKSWORD2Yeah, but is there a keyboard shortcut?02:52
DaemonFCyou might be able to set one02:52
LINKSWORD2... I'm going to have to find out where. :/02:52
avihayLINKSWORD2: do you mean ctrl+esc03:07
LINKSWORD2Apparently that's it... lol03:07
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riffhow is it possible to do a simultianious boot?03:56
LINKSWORD2riff: You can do a DUAL boot, but not a simultaneous boot.03:59
riffi've seen it a system that ran linux mac os and windows04:00
LINKSWORD2That's a mult-partitioned system.04:00
LINKSWORD2It is possible to do that, but you CANNOT run two or more operating systems directly at the same time.04:01
LINKSWORD2In my experience, it is best to install Windows first, then use a utility called EasyBCD to set the system up to run the other operating systems.04:02
riffwhat is easy bcd?04:02
LINKSWORD2Google search it. It will tell you all that you need to know.04:03
LINKSWORD2And do some reading in their documentation before you decide to use it or not.04:03
LINKSWORD2The other option, and perhaps better even, is to install the Mac OS, then use Mac's BootCamp to set up the other partitions.04:03
LINKSWORD2Each option has its own benefits and risks.04:03
LINKSWORD2If you prefer to install Linux first, you'll have to talk to someone else here that knows how to partition with Linux.04:04
riffwhy do you prefer this over say grub?04:05
LINKSWORD2EasyBCD takes place of the boot editors present in Windows, and can manage the setup for other operating systems and boot managers...04:06
LINKSWORD2I've done setup with Mac and with Windows, but never with Linux, and therefore not with GRUB....04:07
LINKSWORD2So I prefer what I know how to do.04:07
LordCrcwhere can i change the wallpaper for the loading screen? (after login)04:07
LordCrcoh and hi :D04:07
rifffair enough,04:07
LINKSWORD2LordCrc: If you'll give me a couple minutes, I'm working with someone else at the moment.04:08
LordCrcLINKSWORD2: thanks04:08
LINKSWORD2riff, depending on where you are located, you'll probably see better results, and more people to ask your questions to in about 12 hours.04:08
LINKSWORD2Are there any more questions I can answer?04:09
riffneed to get ahold of my old boss he had a computer that could do a simultanious boot04:09
LINKSWORD2Agh! Blasted..... @#$% thing....04:10
LINKSWORD2LordCrc: I believe I'm available to help you now.04:10
LINKSWORD2LordCrc: Open the Launcher menu and point to Settings, then to System Settings.04:12
LINKSWORD2If your layout is using the category system, you'll see Login Screen in the bottom row.04:13
LordCrcah yes04:13
LINKSWORD2From there, you're able to manage already-installed login screens, and get new ones.04:14
LINKSWORD2If you need help with a particular one, I can help you out04:15
poiteeIm unable to get dual monitors setup in kubuntu 11.10 on an nvidia card.. any suggestions?04:17
LINKSWORD2poitee: NVidia is known to have issues with Kubuntu because they don't provide Linux-based drivers on their website.04:18
LordCrcLINKSWORD2: well, the background for the loading screen is not the same as the background for the login screen04:18
LINKSWORD2poitee: I think your best bet is to see if you can find a compatible driver in one of the repositories, or you may have to wait.04:19
LINKSWORD2LordCrc: That's somewhere else. Just a moment and I'll see if I can find it.04:19
LINKSWORD2It's called a Splash Screen.04:19
LordCrcSplash screen04:19
LordCrcthanks :D04:19
FloodBotK1LordCrc: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.04:19
poiteeLINKSWORD2: I did find a compatible driver.. everything seems to work just wont initialize my second monitor04:19
LordCrcok so i have to modify this theme04:19
LordCrcbit sensitive bot there :D04:19
LINKSWORD2poitee: Would you mind conversing in private so I can get better details and help you more accurately?04:20
poiteeno problem04:20
LINKSWORD2LordCrc: How are you progressing?04:23
LordCrcwell, i cant find a simple way to modify an existing theme04:23
LordCrci just want to change the background scaling04:23
LINKSWORD2LordCrc: Is this a theme from the theme manager, or one you have to download via a link?04:24
LordCrcLINKSWORD2: this is the bog standard theme04:24
LordCrcLINKSWORD2: aka "Default"04:24
LINKSWORD2Please give me about 5 minutes and I'll work directly with you.04:25
LordCrcLINKSWORD2: its just i use the same wallpaper for my desktop, but with a different scaling (i dont have widescreen here, looks squished), so and it just looks so jarring when it switches between the two scaling modes :D04:25
LordCrci know, minor detail but :)04:25
LordCrcthe rest of kubuntu looks so slick so it's kinda standing out more04:26
LINKSWORD2As I said, I can work with you directly, LordCrc. I just need a few minutes.04:27
LINKSWORD2First up, LordCrc....04:28
ubottuScreenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button. Want to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://imagebin.org/?page=add and post a link to it.04:28
LordCrcive had a bit of a kubuntu break as 8.04 and onwards was completely unreliable on my laptop, but i must say it's really come together for 11.1004:29
LINKSWORD2Also, I recommend using KSnapshot to take your screenshots, as it allows you to manage what you capture.04:29
LINKSWORD2But you can upload them to http://imagebin.org/?page=add04:30
LordCrcwhat exactly was it you'd like me to screenshot again?04:30
LINKSWORD2What theme are you wanting to modify?04:31
LINKSWORD2The standard Horos theme?04:31
LINKSWORD2Oops. I must've gotten booted out for flooding. lol04:32
LordCrcreset by peer it said04:32
ssfdre38so your network resetted04:33
LINKSWORD2... Fail. lol04:33
LordCrcanyway, yes, the default Horos theme04:33
LINKSWORD2What parts of it are you trying to modify?04:33
LordCrcwallpaper scaling mode04:33
LordCrcsorry, "Positioning"04:34
LordCrcfrom "Scaled" to "Scaled & Cropped"04:34
LordCrcit just seemed intuative to me that one should be able to easily modify a theme (like using a theme as a template for a new theme)04:35
LINKSWORD2LordCrc: I'm not finding that option.04:35
LordCrcLINKSWORD2: http://imagebin.org/171216 <-- thats for my desktop, i'd like to do the same to the splash screen04:36
LINKSWORD2Hold on. I think I'm getting confused by trying to work on two things at once.04:37
LordCrcsure np04:37
LordCrci'll be here :)04:37
* LINKSWORD2 pokes random people.*04:42
LINKSWORD2LordCrc: I don't think you can set the splash screen to such things as "Scaled & Cropped"04:45
LordCrchmm, i guess ill have to manually copy the theme and make a new one then?04:45
LordCrci mean modify it as a new theme04:45
LINKSWORD2That's getting into territory I don't know.04:47
LordCrcbummer, anyway thanks for the help04:47
LordCrchmm activities seems like something id really love in another 2 releases or so :)04:47
LINKSWORD2Perhaps I could help you more if there were a better way for you to explain it... etc.04:47
LINKSWORD2You can already do SO much with Kubuntu lately. It gets more and more awesome each time.04:48
LordCrcno worries, and yes :)04:48
LordCrclike i said, 11.10 is really looking good04:49
LINKSWORD2I'm running 11.04.04:49
LordCrci'll be getting a new laptop soon, so i thought i might as well check out the new one04:50
LINKSWORD2I try to avoid upgrading to the .10 extensions, because they're classified as a short-term support release, and can also have more bugs...04:50
LordCrcwell 11.04 didnt agree with my machine last time i checked it out04:51
LordCrcfeels good to be back to kubuntu though :) my most important apps are kde based anyway so04:52
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ucenik04wtfdF a06:56
ucenik04fd a06:56
ucenik04sto e ova b ?06:56
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tdnI have multiple monitors. I have09:22
tdnOups. That was not the whole message :)09:22
tdnWhen I dock my laptop, I have multiple monitors. I have a plasma panel with shortcuts for frequently used programs and folders. However, this panel is only visible on one monitor. How do I make it visible on all monitors? I know I can add a new panel on each monitor, however, then I need to manually add each shortcut as well as maintain these shortcuts in sync with the other panel.09:24
James147tdn: as far as I know there is no current way to duplicate pannels or keep two in sync09:26
James147tdn: I would suggest fileing a bug report if there isnt one already ^^09:28
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tdnJames147, ok. I will.09:35
tdnJames147, what product should I file the bug under? Plasma?09:36
James147tdn: the panels are part of plasma09:36
tdnJames147, https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=281463  <- Here is the bug if you would like to confirm it that would be great :)09:40
ubottuKDE bug 281463 in general "No way to duplicate panels or keep two panels in sync" [Wishlist,Unconfirmed]09:40
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bigbrovarIs there a way to get kmail2 to work with the indicator menu plasmoid?10:09
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espereguhow can I restart the sound? it only gives computer style noice11:12
szalesperegu: (1) press Ctrl+Alt+F1 (or any of F1 thru F6) & login if you aren't already; (2) sudo stop kdm && sudo stop alsasound && sudo start alsasound && sudo start kdm11:21
szalesperegu: attention, this will stop and restart KDE, so save any work you might be doing11:22
espereguszal: hmm. I would like to restart it while remaining in session11:22
szalesperegu: most probably not possible because running programs might be using the sound system11:23
espereguszal: stop: Unknown job: alsasound11:23
szalthus preventing it to stop11:23
szalit's alsasound pretty much everywhere else, why not in *buntu?11:24
James147sudo alsa force-reload   ^^might work11:24
espereguJames147: at least now it's quiet11:26
espereguhmmm. since I broke it makes no sense to restore it. restarting. thx anywai11:29
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BluesKajHey folks11:50
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drostieSo, just wondering: what are the privacy implications of Nepomuk? For example, I keep a journal encrypted with TrueCrypt -- is Nepomuk just going to leak the names of files therein (not so bad -- those are just dates) or is there actual indexing of the content that goes along with it?13:32
drostieOr does Nepomuk play nice and store the metadata in a hidden file in the directory, so that it respects encryption, or something like that?13:32
drostieAnd will it store information about, say, things I have torrented long after I have deleted those things?13:33
James147drostie: well, you can tell it to ignore patterns ^^ so you should be able to configure it to ignore your encrypted dirs13:34
James147drostie: though I cannot actually say much about the other stuff :)13:34
drostieHmm. Well I guess I'll put this another way then. Do people here actually use Nepomuk for anything? :D13:35
James147drostie: file tagging it useful :)13:36
drostieThat's kind of what I was thinking. It might be useful to enable it maybe in my photos directory or so, if it makes searches faster.13:36
James147drostie: and as far as I know it stores all info in a database rather then in the directory structure13:37
drostieAww. :< Cleaner but less modular.13:37
James147drostie: also faster ^^ whats the point in indexing if you just place the index with the files ^^13:37
James147have to then have a way to search for the indexes to search the index :p13:38
fithai am newer13:38
James147hello fitha13:38
fithai am chinese13:39
drostieWell there is still a use if you were categorizing photos and each folder had a .nepomuk file. It would just read in the .nepomuk files from all the directories and aggregate the tags when you wanted to do a search.13:39
fithai am in china ,i am chinese,i13:39
drostieThe real question is just whether the database can fit into memory or so.13:39
James147drostie: depends on how much memory :)13:40
James147drostie: but with indexing enabled it can become quite large (in excess of servral gigs)13:40
Pici!zh | fitha13:40
ubottufitha: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw13:40
fithathank u13:41
James147drostie: ^^ that is assuming you have allot of files :)13:42
James147drostie: you can select which files and folder it will index... (defaults to everything in your home that isnt hidden)... so you can easaly configure it to not index private data13:44
drostieYeah, I can probably exclude ~/Torrents and so on, and KDE routinely breaks privacy concerns more flagrantly.  (Translation: I once found naughty pics in ~/.thumbnails.)13:49
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kalwinsiema :D15:07
kalwinsa jacys polacy ;]15:07
ubottuNa tym kanale używamy tylko języka angielskiego. Możesz uzyskać pomoc w języku polskim na #ubuntu-pl.15:07
kalwinthx ;)15:08
FloodBotK1ucenik11: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.15:22
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tzangerhello; I have an odd probelm... plasma-desktop is "on top" of all my windows. I log in, I see plasma desktop. I can alt-f2 to run another program (chromium, konsole, etc.) but they are all invisible becuase the desktop graphic is on top of them.  alt-tab shows them in the list, and if I blind-type "killall plasma-desktop" then I can use them just fine15:48
tzangerI have no kicker, nothing... just the plasma desktop and whatever I run manually.  any ideas on how to kill the plasma desktop configuration so it starts with a clean slate (and hopefully fixes this) ?15:49
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James147tzanger: you happen to go from dual screen to a single monitor?15:55
tzangerJames147: actually that is exactly what happened, yes15:56
jonyhello all15:56
jonyI have an issue with Kubuntu...15:56
jony"you can only select local files"15:57
jonythis happens when I try to play a movie via VLC15:57
jonyI don't want to mount the SAMBA share as a local drive15:57
jonyI want to play it just double clciking on the movie15:57
jonycan it be done?15:58
James147tzanger: yea, its a bug in plasma, resetting plasma back to default fixes it (and resets all your widgets/wallpapers) "mv ~/.kde/share/config/plasma-desktop-appletsrc ~ "15:58
tzangerjony: sounds like a VLC problem, not a kubuntu problem15:58
James147tzanger: you might be able to edit the file as well, though I havnt tried that yet :)15:58
James147tzanger: also, you should file a bug report if there isnt one already15:59
tzangerJames147: ahh, thank you15:59
James147jony: dragon player and kaffeine should beable to15:59
James147jony: but I am not sure VLC understands network folders ^^16:00
jonyok... I've installed Acetone ISO too to mount some image file that are in the same SAMBA share too.... same message :((16:00
tsimpsonfor most non-KDE applications, you need to mount the samba share to use it16:01
jonyin Ubuntu worked perfectly16:01
tsimpsonbecause Gnome applications do a similar thing to KDE applications16:01
tsimpsonbut VLC is neither KDE nor Gnome16:02
tsimpsonit'd probably work in dragon player fine, but not VLC16:02
jonyok, and how you explain that VLC is working fine in Ubuntu16:02
tsimpsonperhaps gnome actually mounts the samba share in the background16:03
jonyin this moment I am writing the Ubuntu imaghe to a CDRW... :P16:03
jonytoo shame, 'cause I liked much more the Kubuntu-like interface16:04
tsimpsonso use a KDE application to play your video, or mount the share16:05
jonybye for now... the CD is ready16:05
jonyTY all for helping me16:05
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tzangerhm, I'm trying to free up some space on the drive by removing specific kde packages I don't need/want, but apt-get is telling me it'll remove kubuntu-desktop as well in that case... is there a way to remove specific kde components without taking the entire thing out?16:30
black_devil_ss47как мога да си инсталирам MAC OS Snow Leopard на лаптопчето ACER ASPIRE ONE 15016:30
James147tzanger: kubuntu-desktop is a meta package to install everything kubuntu comes with by default ^^ ... though its not normally a consern for space if you have given your / partition enough sapce16:34
James147tzanger: "sudo apt-get autoclean" should help free up some space by removing old archived .deb files it has downlaoded that are no longer installed on the system16:34
* James147 notes that you should be abel to remove kubuntu-desktop without much trouble, but this can cause issues during a distro upgrade16:35
James147^^and generally isnt recomened unless you have one of the other *-desktop meta packages installed16:36
black_devil_ss47интересуваме ро точно как става с USB флашка16:36
James147!ru | black_devil_ss4716:37
ubottublack_devil_ss47: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.16:37
black_devil_ss47ако ми кажеш как докато пиша на български език и при изпращането на текста да се превежда на съответния език16:42
black_devil_ss47на събеседника отсреща16:43
black_devil_ss47Руски,  Английски  ...16:44
ubottuопитайте #ubuntu-bg за български потребители . try #ubuntu-bg for bulgarian users, and please idle there patiently16:44
poiteeIm having a hard time getting dual monitors going with an nvidia card.. card is a gtx 550 ti one DVI out and one HDMI out... no video through HDMI.. it recognizes the monitor just will not display..16:48
* lethu is away: Awwwwway...17:06
BarkingFish!away | lethu17:07
ubottulethu: Please do not use noisy away messages and nicks in Ubuntu channels. It is annoying and unnecessary. Use the command "/away <reason>" to set your client away silently. See also «/msg ubottu Guidelines»17:07
BarkingFish:) thanks17:08
lethunp :)17:08
BarkingFishhi Micc17:09
MiccI've just tried to install kubuntu on my system with wubi, but when I reboot to finish the install it gives me an error that there is no root file system. I click ok/cancel/x but it just keeps coming back. I drop to a shell, df shows / is mounted and seems fine.17:10
Miccit was version 11.0417:10
Miccany ideas? my windows partition is on an nvidia raid stripe.17:13
Miccmaybe that has something to do with it?17:13
BarkingFishI'm really sorry, I have no experience with raid or wubi - maybe one of the other guys here will be able to help you.  Stay in the channel, be patient, and someone will get to you in due course :)17:15
genii-aroundMicc: Yes, wubi has issues with raid17:17
Miccso, what if I install from usb stick?17:18
genii-aroundMicc: http://www.pendrivelinux.com/move-wubi-to-a-usb-flash-drive/ may be useful17:22
genii-aroundjoe__: /topic17:34
joe__Sec, net, wtc?17:35
joe__Theres 263 nicks and no one chatting?17:38
BarkingFishWe're not here to chat, joe__ - we're here as a help channel :)  #kubuntu-offtopic is for chatting in17:39
genii-aroundjoe__: This channel is for help with Kubuntu, we do not usually talk when there is not a problem being addressed17:39
joe__I see.17:39
joe__How can I find rooms about specific topics? re: security, networking etc?17:40
BluesKajjoe, actually you've found it :)17:41
BarkingFishjoe__, you can use the ALIS search system on here - type /msg alis list *<keyword here>* and hit enter17:41
genii-aroundI also find http://searchirc.com/search.php?SCHANS=1&SSORT=SIZE&N=freenode sometimes useful17:41
BarkingFishif any channels exist which meet your keyword, they'll be listed17:41
BluesKajjoe__, do yo have a qustion ?17:42
* BluesKaj brings KB closer to receiver17:42
joe__i see17:43
joe__BlueS: Is this similar to the irc?17:44
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BluesKajthis is irc. joe__17:46
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joonyI'm back18:11
joonyin Ubuntu the autommount is automatic, but if I want to open a movie inside VLC, it doesn't see the mounted SAMBA share :(18:12
joonyso... back to Kubuntu18:12
LordCrchi, i'm trying to install 11.10 beta on my latop... i think i may have messed up the partitioning as i'm getting "grub installation failed"18:18
LordCrcis there a way i can manually install grub via the livecd afterwards?18:18
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)18:21
LordCrcor would it be easier just to rerun the installation perhaps18:21
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LordCrcso, if my / is sda1, i should install my boot loader there?18:43
LordCrcor in sda?18:43
LordCrchmm reinstalling did not work18:50
LordCrcis it because im using efi?18:50
LordCrcsays "grub-efi" failed to install into /target/18:50
genii-aroundLordCrc: sda and not sda1 for bootloader install18:55
LordCrcok thats what i used18:55
LordCrcok im gonna try the "boot repair" thing18:55
LordCrci assume kubuntu livecd has something similar? :)18:57
LordCrcah i didnt create an efi boot partition19:04
LordCrci wish there was some way to use the guided partitioning but enter a max size19:04
LordCrcdon't want to use 100% :(19:05
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LordCrcpartition manager had a special "efi boot" partition type19:38
LordCrclets see if that helps19:38
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shadeslayerLordCrc: having EFI issues?19:43
shadeslayerLordCrc: note, if you have a Macbook Pro, you need to install grub onto the partition where you installed /19:44
shadeslayerthen install something like reFit to choose between ubuntu or OS X at bootup19:45
BarkingFishhi guys, I wonder if someone could give me some advice on a little security for my laptop please.  I've been told that it's apparently possible to split your system up so that your boot goes on something like a usb stick or an SD card, and the rest of your system remains on the hard drive.  How do I do this, since I'm considering it as a secondary security measure.19:45
BarkingFishThe primary goal is that the machine won't boot whatsoever unless I have the SD Card or USB stick inserted19:46
shadeslayerBarkingFish: well ... you could set the /boot partition to a external SD Card or USB stick19:46
shadeslayerwhen you get to the partitioning part of the install19:46
LordCrcshadeslayer: i got a regular pc laptop, trying to install kubuntu 11.10 on it19:46
LordCrcshadeslayer: apparently yes im having efi issues :)19:46
BarkingFishis it possible to move it once the OS is installed, shadeslayer?19:47
shadeslayerBarkingFish: in theory, yes, never tried this myself19:47
shadeslayerBarkingFish: with /boot on a sd card, your machine has no kernels on the HSDD19:47
shadeslayerso, you can't boot it essentially19:47
shadeslayerLordCrc: install EFI to /dev/sda , install grub to /dev/sdaX if you have / installed to /dev/sdaX19:48
LordCrcshadeslayer: how do i install efi into /dev/sda?19:48
BarkingFishrit needs grub to be present though in order to boot... so if I could install just grub to the card, it would find grub there, and then boot, right?19:48
shadeslayerLordCrc: depends on what machine you have etc19:49
LordCrci've set up the efi partition (gpt, fat32, boot), but that's as far as ive come19:49
shadeslayerLordCrc: btw don't trust grub-efi :P19:50
LordCrci just want to install kubuntu :(19:50
shadeslayeri run grub under BIOS emulation mode19:50
LordCrcright perhaps i should just do that19:50
shadeslayerLordCrc: thats the most pain free way to do it19:50
LordCrcthis is proving to be a royal PITA19:50
shadeslayerrun grub with BIOS emulation19:51
shadeslayerit took me 3 days to get it right19:51
shadeslayerBarkingFish: not sure if you can do that, but in order to install grub to a external device, there's a option at the end19:51
LordCrcaaight, thanks :)19:51
shadeslayeror wait, kubuntu has that during the manual partitioning19:52
BarkingFishbrilliant, thanks shadeslayer19:52
LordCrcim glad i made a liveusb stick... livecd was slllllloooooooooooooooooooooooow19:52
shadeslayerBarkingFish: tread carefully tho, i have never seen anyone with this kind of setup19:52
shadeslayerLordCrc: hehe ... for me the live usb didn't work as well19:52
shadeslayeri used a combination of the CD + USB19:53
BarkingFishI would've preferred a smartcard reader to lock the machine down, but I'm not au fait with how to get a card for the reader19:53
LordCrcshadeslayer: i made a stick using that windows "installer" program, seems to work perfectly19:53
BarkingFishI want something essentially where, unless I'm there, this machine is deader than a-line flares with pockets in the knees :)19:53
shadeslayerneat .. never worked here ...19:54
shadeslayerBarkingFish: encrypt the HDD during boot?19:54
shadeslayeri mean .. it will ask you for a password during boot19:54
BarkingFishnever tried, don't know how19:55
shadeslayerso you can encrypt your entire / partition ... but then that kinda makes your system slow19:55
shadeslayeryeah, i've only heard of this, don't even remember the correct term for it19:55
shadeslayerok, i'm off to sleep19:55
shadeslayercya everyone19:55
LordCrcthanks for the help shadeslayer, good night19:56
BarkingFishi know there's a way to make grub ask for a password, don't remember how to though19:56
BarkingFishnight, shadeslayer :)19:56
shadeslayerBarkingFish: google it? :P19:56
BarkingFishgot it, looks complicated19:58
BarkingFishi'll pass19:58
chuckfBarkingFish: a grub password will stop many people, but if someone has access to your machine you need to encrypt the entire drive to prevent access to your OS and data files20:00
BarkingFishonly thing i can do then is password the system at switch on, and at grub20:01
wafflesburgerhow can i find out my build string20:01
BarkingFisha password is needed to get into kde desktop anyway, so three passwords should be plenty20:01
BluesKajBarkingFish, , you can always make sure the login page isn't bypassed , that's not a whole lot of extra security , but's still a bit of a wall :)20:02
BarkingFishBluesKaj, that's worth a look too.20:03
chuckfBarkingFish: are you worried about someone with physical access with computer knowledge or a snooping roommate?20:04
chuckfroommate=coworker/friends/family/anyone else not you20:05
BarkingFishI'm worried about a significant amount of sensitive data which I am privy to, belonging to part of the UK Military, becoming public knowledge.20:05
BarkingFishI have it currently on an external drive which is dying, I want to move it onto here and secure the system to prevent any possible access20:05
BarkingFishi can't afford to get a replacement drive at the moment20:06
BarkingFishthe only thing I can do for now until I can secure the system would be to burn it all onto dvds, but that's gonna require about 12 dvds to store it20:07
chuckfBarkingFish: you must encrypt the data. all the passwords you are talking about will still leave the data vulnerable if someone has physical access to your machine20:07
chuckfBarkingFish: if that data is not already encrypted on that external drive it is vulnerable.20:08
BarkingFishchuckf, would it be secure enough if I locked it under a 2048 bit RSA key using gnupg?20:08
BarkingFishor would I be better to up and add a 4096 bit key?20:09
chuckfIf you have anything close to a modern computer, I'd suggest 4096.20:09
BarkingFishCompaq CQ61-105SA, Celeron Mobile 2.2Ghz with 2GB of ram, about 4 years old20:10
chuckfshould be good enough20:10
chuckfjust remember to protect the private key and you should be good20:10
BarkingFishI'm just trying to keep the working time on the drive down to a minimum in case it goes feet up while I'm working on it20:11
chuckfI would move the data off of there before doing the encryption20:11
BarkingFishthen I'm gonna have to get a new 160gb external drive before I move anything.20:12
BarkingFishI'm not messing around encrypting stuff on dvds, and to be honest, I don't think i have enough space on here to store it all20:12
LordCrcmuon is stuck on some package, says "preparing XYZ"20:14
LordCrcbeen saying it for like 10 minutes now20:14
LordCrcwhat to do?20:15
chuckfwait 10 more minutes20:15
LordCrcwhat on earth is it waiting for? it's not using any cpu20:16
* LordCrc is impatient :)20:16
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LordCrcits still doing nothing...20:25
genii-aroundLordCrc: Where you put "Preparing XYZ" what does it say instead of XYZ?20:28
LordCrcgenii-around: plasma-networkmanager-widget iirc20:30
LordCrchad to run dpkg --configure -a first, then it worked20:34
LordCrcand it was plasma-widget-networkmanager20:34
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saltyi'm having problems with "alfa network" usb wifi card and aparently kubuntu and ubuntu . I had ubuntu 10.4 and just installed kubuntu 11.4 and my card seems to brown out or something and "ifconfig" command won't shut down one of my wireless cards in either OS23:30
saltyare there issues with the network manager?23:30
saltythis is the quietest support channel i have ever been in23:36
=== OffToHades is now known as BarkingFish
BluesKajsalty, which wifi card ?23:38
BarkingFishsalty - we only talk in here when there is actually a support issue, otherwise everything else goes in #kubuntu-offtopic :)23:40
saltywould someone say something so I know that this is working23:41
werner_Hello salty, this seems to be working :)23:43
saltyok, thnx23:43
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=== hacked is now known as vinces
James147[00:39:09] <BluesKaj> salty, which wifi card ?23:49
saltyJames147: AWUSO36H23:54
BarkingFishthat's a usb adapter, right?23:56
BarkingFishthe Alfa 1000mW long range?23:57
saltyyeah BarkingFish23:59

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