StevenKwgrant: The librarian GC is hideous00:03
wgrantSurely not.00:04
wgrantBut WTF are you doing in there?00:04
wgrantRipping out staticdiff?00:04
StevenKNo, it errors since it uses introspection and no longer has access to openidrpconfig00:05
wgrantOpenIDRPConfig has an LFA?00:05
wgrantOh, the logo?00:05
wgrantSo, just leave the permission.00:06
StevenKYeah, the logo00:06
wgrantIt must hold it until we drop the FK, which I will do with the other 30.00:06
StevenKwgrant: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/682968/00:13
wgrantStevenK: Interesting, jelmer had the same thing, but it works for stub and I.00:15
wgranthost localhost00:15
StevenK.1 and ::100:17
wgrantOpen up pg_hba.conf, duplicate the trust line with ::1/12800:18
wgrantReload postgres, and see if that fixes it.00:18
StevenKwgrant: It does, yes.00:20
* wgrant fixes launchpad-database-setup and mails the list.00:22
wgrantStevenK: +host    all         all         ::1/128      trust00:23
StevenK"host    all         all         ::1/128           trust" is what I added, yes00:24
wgrantMy postgres isn't listening on v6.00:25
wgrantPossibly because the container I was testing in isn't properly bridged, so it only has a link-local address.00:25
wgrantBut detecting using that sounds pretty hideous.00:26
wgrantI know glibc did that sort of check to prevent DNS hangs... but postgres?00:27
wgrantStevenK: Is your listen_addresses setting the default? (commented out or 'localhost')00:29
StevenKwgrant: It's commented out00:31
wgrantStevenK: Can I have your /etc/hosts? And is this natty?00:31
StevenKwgrant: Yes, and http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/682984/00:33
wgrantThat looks either upgraded or mangled.00:33
wgrantHah, mangled.00:33
wgrantI suspect line 6 is the difference. localhost isn't there on my machines.00:34
wgrantAnyway, I will fix launchpad-database-setup.00:34
StevenKNow the last failure is in xx-person-edit00:37
StevenKWhich now fails since it now prints the OpenID warning everytime00:37
wgrantStevenK: Jenkins is still happy!01:02
StevenKwgrant: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/683002/01:11
wgrantStevenK: Comment please.01:11
StevenKwgrant: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/683003/01:12
Ghey btw, the ec2 test results e-mails that get sent, appear to be dateless01:22
G(i.e. no Date: header)01:23
StevenKNo, it's just ... timeless01:23
Gewwww very punny :)01:24
StevenKwgrant: Tossing destroy-openidrp back at ec201:26
wgrantStevenK: Great.01:27
StevenKec2test@i-dee51dbe$ sudo shutdown -P +480 &01:30
StevenKThat makes me happy01:30
StevenKApplying postgresql configuration changes...01:33
StevenKpatching file /etc/postgresql/8.4/main/pg_hba.conf01:33
StevenKpatch: **** malformed patch at line 14:01:33
StevenKwgrant: ^^01:33
wgrantHow did that work before :(01:35
wgrantStevenK: 1387701:43
pooliedoes python-coverage work with lp?01:45
poolieone way to find out01:46
wgrantThat sounds fatal.01:48
poolieoh, it's unlikely to work?01:48
wgrantzope.testrunner is somewhat special. And LP takes 10s or so of CPU time to start even without instrumentation, so it's probably going to be sloooow.01:50
poolieoh but there is a --coverage02:00
LPCIBotProject devel build #1,038: FAILURE in 1 hr 21 min: https://lpci.wedontsleep.org/job/devel/1038/02:25
wgrantAh. My fault.02:28
wgrantwallyworld, StevenK: https://code.launchpad.net/~wgrant/launchpad/fix-dbuser-override is ugly, but needs to land within an hour. Could one of you please give it a review?02:43
StevenKwgrant: Did you fix the patch issue?02:44
StevenKSince my ec2 run just utterly broke with02:44
wgrantStevenK: Yes, 1387702:44
StevenKOperationalError: FATAL:  Ident authentication failed for user "launchpad"02:44
wgrantIt's what broke jenkins too.02:44
StevenKLet me delete that slave, since it's probably infected02:45
wgrantHeh. It should be OK, but maybe.02:45
LPCIBotProject devel build #1,039: ABORTED in 19 min: https://lpci.wedontsleep.org/job/devel/1039/02:45
StevenKwgrant: r=me02:47
wgrantStevenK: Thanks.03:15
jtvwgrant: my connection's insane again but hope I can get a review for https://code.launchpad.net/~jtv/launchpad/pre-832647/+merge/7408704:00
wgrantjtv: Sure.04:00
jtvwgrant: you'll be happy to note that I made the unification of [SB]PPH a bit more sustainable.04:03
wgrantI am glad.04:03
wgrantjtv: The name "GeneralizedPublication" made me think it was a wrapper for ?PPH.04:05
jtvYes, better suggestions would be most welcome.04:06
wgrantWell, couldn't it be a wrapper?04:06
wgrantAh, that would make the sort() call awkward.04:08
jtvbut I did consider it.04:10
wgrantjtv: Approved with comments.04:20
StevenKO hai04:56
nigelb<-- sleep deprived :(04:56
StevenKnigelb: So situation normal, then?04:58
Ghaha, sounds familar :)05:09
Gbtw, not going to bug you folks much today, working on my own project today :)05:09
StevenKG: That's a bug!05:09
GStevenK: "Bug: G is not fully devoted to Launchpad development" ? ;)05:10
StevenKPriority: Critical05:11
Gto tell the truth, I'm not really that much of a developer, but I do like to dive deep into code, which is kinda funny :)05:12
nigelbStevenK: Ha05:12
nigelbStayed up for App Developer Week and ended up not being able to sleep.05:13
nigelbwgrant: Your ISP gives you IPv6?05:15
StevenKNo, both wgrant and I have a tunnel05:16
wgrantI believe there's roughly one residential ISP in Australia that provides native IPv6.05:16
StevenKInternode only so far05:17
StevenKTelstra will be turning on it "soon"05:17
GStevenK: wow seriously, nice05:17
StevenKExetel have performed trials, but no news on when the unwashed get it.05:17
Gone retail ISP in NZ just went live w/ non Beta native IPv605:18
GNo idea when Telecom will05:18
GTunnel to HE.net for me, but it works well05:18
StevenKBoth wgrant and I are using AARNet's05:19
Gahhh via the Hexago setup05:20
StevenKI have no complaints05:20
wgrantMost of Linode's location's have native IPv6, and my v6 tunnel has better US routing than native v4, so it's handy.05:20
GThere is one crowd that has a tunnel server setup via Sixxs or whatever they are,05:21
Gwgrant: I dumped Linode ~6 months ago05:21
StevenKwgrant: Both Atlanta and London are in internal testing for v605:21
Gmoved my VPS to an LA provider that runs KVM + Native IPv6 etc05:21
Git was back before Linode decided IPv6 was a good thing05:22
StevenKSo all 5 should be v6 in a month or so05:22
Gwell that is something I guess, they dropped the silly policy of charging for anything more than a /128 right?05:22
wgrantG: HE.net's broker is in the same Fremont DC as Linode, so tunnels worked pretty excellently even before it was native.05:22
wgrantI believe so, yes.05:22
StevenKG: Yes05:23
StevenKG: http://www.linode.com/IPv6/05:23
Gwgrant: yeah, I used to use Linode + HE.net Fremont tunnel, but went to ARPnetworks w/ Native IPv605:23
Gmy home IPv6 tunnel terminates in LA, so it's not much of a hop in that direction either05:23
Gplus, as the Southern Cross Cable terminates at LA.... well you get the picture :)05:24
GStevenK: wgrant: ahh yep, iirc from the original announcement, they were only offering a /128 and more was $$$05:25
wgrantI guess enough people told them that was completely stupid.05:26
StevenKG: I waited for the backlash to die down, and then a little while for the kinks and reverse v605:26
Gyeah, I just laughed05:26
GIPv6 is definately the way to go05:27
G(oh, the other reason why I ditched Linode, was the instability after those crazy outages)05:27
StevenKWhich isn't Linode's fault at all05:27
StevenKHE couldn't design a stable DC with help05:28
GStevenK: yeah, but the communication afterwards, wasn't that great either05:28
G(imo anyway)05:28
Gand yeah, you are right, HE can't really design datacentres, so it was another good excuse :)05:32
StevenKPersonally, I didn't mind either way05:33
StevenKI'm not about to jump up and down and demand Linode fix something that is HE's fault.05:34
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=== al-maisan is now known as almaisan-away
wgrantstub: Evening.06:02
wgrantstub: Your --port changes broke staging updates; I removed an assertion and things seem to work again, but I thought you should probably check it.06:03
wgrantBug #84228406:03
_mup_Bug #842284: connect_string can't override the username if already specified <regression> <Launchpad itself:In Progress by wgrant> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/842284 >06:03
wgrantAlso got a couple of other DB-related archaelogy questions when you have some time.06:04
=== wgrant changed the topic of #launchpad-dev to: https://dev.launchpad.net/ | On call reviewer: wgrant | Critical bugs: 254 - 0:[#######=]:256
stubHow did that happen? Thought that that assert was already in there.06:06
wgrantIt was.06:06
stubwgrant: shoot06:06
wgrantBut db_options() didn't originally put dbuser in the connection string.06:06
wgrantIt just put it in options.dbuser, which pretty much everything that connected to the DB respected.06:07
wgrantIt makes sense, in a not at all and how could somebody do that kind of way.06:07
stubits retrofit on retrofit06:07
wgrantI'm ripping out lots of it now.06:08
wgrantAll the non-DB scripts just call connect() without a custom username, and canonical.lp is almost dead.06:08
StevenKKill it!06:08
wgrantWhich was one of the other questions: the checks in canonical.lp.sql look reasonably pointless now, and aren't running any more.06:08
wgrantI presume the ZCML inclusion was accidentally dropped somewhere along the line.06:09
wgrantThe automatic FROM thing has been off by default since postgres 8.1, so probably hardly worth checking for.06:09
stubThose checks used to be useful. Probably not so much now, yeah.06:10
stubMaybe the encoding one, but that would be more useful as locale one in any case to confirm the expected collation order. I think we have duplicated these checks elsewhere?06:11
stubBut yeah, kill 'em.06:11
wgrantGood, I already killed them early in this branch :)06:12
StevenKwgrant: Does it mean that c.l.sql dies completly?06:12
wgrantNo, it will still have initZopeless and isZopeless.06:12
wgrantThey need a new home until they die.06:12
wgrantBut all the other crap is no longer used except by canonical.launchpad.scripts.db_options, and I hope to eliminate that in a sec by removing the LP_DB* envvars.06:13
wgrantstub: Those envvars are pretty dead, right? :)06:17
wgrantSince we have universal script args now.06:17
stubwgrant: Yes. They sometimes get used, but we should be able to use the PG* env vars or the db_options helper for those rare cases.06:18
wgrantdb_options is pretty handy.06:18
stubAll the times they were used recently I think were for work arounds, stuff like accessing a DB on a non-standard port.06:19
wgrantWhich is now fixed.06:19
wgrantAnd PGPORT worked for anyway, IIRC.06:19
stubtwice :-)06:19
wgrantThere's also lots of cruft in database/schema/pending.06:19
wgrantAnd what is lib/canonical/database/ftests/portforward-to-postgres.tac? :/06:20
stubyer, its pretty much a garbage can for people to stick templates, works in progress etc.06:20
stubThat is the old disconnection test harness IIRC, before it moved to Storm.06:20
wgrantIt's used by an unused TacTestSetup.06:20
* wgrant schedules that for deletion.06:20
wgrantdatabase/schema/restoredump.sh looks to be 6.5 years out of date.06:23
wgrantThe config is now the sole repository of the DB config.07:07
wgrantAlthough there is still the extra dbuser in each DBConfig section.07:10
wgrantThat is more forgivable, but still needs refactoring.07:11
stubYup. And I suspect we could drop them if we just use the script name as the dbuser07:11
stubOverriding the database username was a big WHUI07:11
stubThanks for that. Point me at a MP if you want.07:14
wgrantStill need to work out how the dbconfig.dbuser stuff is tied in. I think I may have missed a spot.07:15
wgrantLooks like it's mostly respected in LaunchpadDatabase.raw_connect, which will probably blow up if a script using it is run with -U...07:16
wgrantBut that's not restricted to this branch, and hopefully doesn't affect production.07:17
stubWe run the database update scripts with -U sometimes07:17
wgrantYeah, but they don't use the CA, do they?07:17
wgrantThey'll use sqlbase.connect, which does a direct psycopg2 connection.07:18
stubNot sure - security.py would be the main offender, as we do -U slony to run it directly on the slaves since that is a superuser and has auth all setup.07:19
wgrantsecurity.py is fixed by the assertion removal I pointed you at earlier.07:20
wgrantIt uses connect().07:20
wgrantBut the Storm backend has pretty much the same bug, as it turns out.07:20
wgrantBut I don't believe we run any normal scripts with -U... only DB maintenance ones.07:21
wgrantLike full-update on staging.07:21
wgrantAnd no DB maintenance script uses Storm.07:21
wgrantSo we are safe for now.07:21
nigelbHrm, need to do QA.07:23
stubwgrant: lagmon might be a problem07:31
stuboh no.... connect too07:31
wgrantArgh, ZTM keeps its own copy of connstring components. /me destroys.07:35
nigelbHello mrevell :)07:39
stubI still don't understand why bzr doesn't automatically break insane locks. Or to people really hold their transactions open for a week?07:40
wgrantstub: Have we ever needed storm_cache to be configurable?07:42
wgrantIt seems to be the same across the board, except for the dev config's launchpad section, where it's 100 instead of 500.07:43
stubYes. Helped migration when we were switching cache implementations, and currently our scripts run with a smaller cache than the appservers07:43
wgrantAh, missed that 10000 in there.07:43
wgrantFair point.07:43
wgrantjelmer: Oh?07:52
wgrantI was going to ask if we'd broken the importds.07:52
wgrantBut we didn't deploy to the importds.07:52
wgrantSo that's unlikely.07:52
adeuringgood morning07:53
jelmerwgrant: Wrong channel, I was just going to express my annoyance with mumble :)07:54
jelmerg'morning :)07:54
wgrantAh, heh.07:54
wgrantjelmer: buildbot has succeeded once since you disappeared, and looks like it may again.07:54
wgrantSo it may just have been those WorkerMonitorIntegrationScript tests.07:54
jelmerah, cool07:55
jelmerI also see I wasn't the only one with that password error, thanks for mailing the list about that.07:55
wgrantYeah, StevenK ran into it. IPv6 as you suspected, so was easily fixed.07:56
LPCIBotYippie, build fixed!08:08
LPCIBotProject devel build #1,040: FIXED in 4 hr 36 min: https://lpci.wedontsleep.org/job/devel/1040/08:08
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StevenKstub: Any news WRT live patch to migrate away from StaticDiff?08:17
stubStevenK: First thing after this coffee :-)08:18
stubLanded the patch to drop the dud index08:19
StevenKstub: So the patch to drop the bad index is already in db-devel?08:40
stubStevenK: https://pastebin.canonical.com/52285/08:46
stubStevenK: Yes, it has landed already08:46
stubStevenK: Can you check those statements over?08:47
StevenKstub: Looks good to me08:51
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stubStevenK: Done08:58
=== gmb changed the topic of #launchpad-dev to: https://dev.launchpad.net/ | On call reviewer: gmb | Critical bugs: 254 - 0:[#######=]:256
StevenKstub: As you have a patch hitting db-devel or the migration is done?09:03
stubStevenK: Its done09:03
StevenKstub: Excellent, thanks.09:04
StevenKstub: Would you mind commenting on bug 834384 that you've done the migration live on prod?09:07
_mup_Bug #834384: StaticDiff is unused and needs to be shot <Launchpad itself:Confirmed> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/834384 >09:07
StevenKwgrant: no-more-staticdiff tossed at ec2 -- +53 / -61509:16
gmbbigjools, wgrant, Laney is asking questions about (I think) distros, blacklisting and suchlike over in #launchpad... Can either of you answer them?09:36
gmbbigjools: Thanks for - once again - being the Tree of Knowledge-I-haven't-acquired-yet.09:42
bigjoolsgmb: nae prob, it's brand new functionality that we've done so I don't expect it to be that common yet09:43
gmbAh, right. That's why I was even more "Eh? Whut?" about it than normal then.09:43
bigjoolsit's all part of derived distros09:43
bigjoolsyou were paying attention in my talk at the Thunderdome right? :)09:44
nigelbpop quiz after a few months is unfair :P09:46
gmbbigjools: Attention and retention are two different things :)09:50
gmb(Though I'd figured out that it was derived distro speak; just couldn't get the specifics)09:51
nigelbI didn't work on Launchpad today at all :(09:59
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nigelbOh, sinzui will be back today right? \o/10:13
wgrantnigelb: I believe he's meant to be, yes.10:20
nigelbwgrant: I have a review pending UI review plus a few UI things I wanted to ask him for help :D10:20
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jelmernigelb: what is your day job, officially?10:35
jelmer(is launchpad a part of it?)10:36
nigelbjelmer: lolno :)10:36
nigelbMy official day job is systems engineer10:36
nigelbwhich is a far cry from launchpad10:36
nigelbMy contributions to Launchpad are entirely voluntary and out of my own interest10:36
jelmerah, cool :)10:37
bigjoolsnigelb: IOW you are pimping to be hired? :)10:40
nigelbbigjools: IOW?10:41
nigelbOh, hahahaha10:41
nigelbbigjools: I'm running a record breaking run to "Number of rejections by Canonical" :)10:42
patrickgnigelb: they actually write rejections? aiui you simply get no response ;)10:50
nigelbpatrickg: Nah, I've gotten actual rejections. I think my current count is 16.10:51
patrickgyou're quite persistent10:56
* gmb -> lunch11:07
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jtvG: your bug-self-assignment-email branch has landed.  I'll Q/A it once it hits staging.  All it takes is filing a bug and then assigning it to myself?11:45
jtvI'll also want to test assigning to someone else; the better part of Q/A is seeing that you didn't break anything that always worked before.  :)11:45
Gjtv: no, because it only sends the e-mail if you are new to the bug (i.e. never been a subscriber to it effectively)11:46
Gjtv: I've QA'ed a few bugs, but PM me when it goes on QAStaging and I'll create the bugs if you want :)11:46
jtvSo I'll have to do it somewhere where I can assign bugs, but am not automatically subscribed to them.11:47
G(a few bugs = my other contributions)11:47
jtvIt's tempting to let you do the work, and nice of you to offer, but I'm afraid the responsibility falls on me.  :)  I have a separate testing account, so I can play two people.  No need to coordinate across timezones etc.11:48
Gjtv: okay, no problem :)11:52
stubjtv: Ping re https://code.launchpad.net/~jtv/launchpad/bug-834388/+merge/73483 and resultset.set()11:58
jtvstub: pong re etc.11:58
stubjtv: In your fix, is there a chance that the list of ids has been sliced? .set() currently fails when used on a resultset that has been sliced (the slice is ignored, and you attempt setting far more than you wanted to set)11:59
stubjtv: nm. checked the code and the ids are listified so it is safe12:00
jtvThought so.  :)12:00
stubjtv: Is there a script that we can run to qa-ok it? Its next up on blocking a rollout (followed shortly by nigelb's branch)12:02
jtvstub: been working on it since morning.12:03
stubok. I think it just landed on qastaging.12:04
stubWho has the qastaging mailbox all setup for a trivial check?12:06
nigelbstub: I'll do my QA in ~2 hours, unless someone else gets to it before me.12:08
stubnigelb: You have access to do it?12:08
nigelbstub: No, I have to ask someone else to check once I trigger the email in qastaging12:09
stubWhich is what I would be doing since I haven't got any mail readers setup :)12:09
nigelbHrm, what do I ask to check if I want someone to check the mails on qastaging?12:13
StevenKThe staging mailbox12:13
nigelbNo, but is there an ID/ something of the particular email that I want checked?12:14
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nigelbMPs broken?12:15
nigelbOOPS on visiting all MP pages. I can't QA.12:16
StevenKnigelb: Lemme sync logs12:22
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wgrantnigelb: Merge proposal diffs are stored in the restricted librarian, which isn't accessible to (qa)staging.12:29
wgrantSo you have to create a new one.12:29
wgrantNot use one from prod.12:29
nigelbCan I use an existing branch which doesn't have an MP?12:30
nigelbApparently I can.12:30
nigelbSo, erm, could someone check the mailbox on qastaging for me.12:30
nigelbI'm looking for a Disapproved mail for this branch https://code.qastaging.launchpad.net/~summit-hackers/summit/install-docs/+merge/6530212:31
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flacostemorning everyone13:31
bigjoolso/ flacoste13:32
nigelbbigjools: Halp.13:32
nigelbbigjools: Need the mailbox from qastaging for QA-ing my fix.13:33
bigjoolsnigelb: under normal circumstances I would help immediately.  However, due to the fact that the inbox has currently got 31k messages in it from cronspam kio_imap4 is somewhat struggling :/13:33
nigelbAh. Heh.13:34
bigjoolsI will need to bite the bullet and install t'bird at some point, it handles massive inboxes much better13:35
nigelbWhat are you using Kmail?13:35
nigelbAFAIK it has slightly better support for IMAP.13:36
* G personally recommends mutt ;)13:37
cjwatsonmutt works fine with 31k mailboxes, though it's worth having a header_cache set up.13:39
GI just use mutt w/ Maildir & SSH, but yeah, no problems w/ a default-ish configuration and large maildir folders13:40
bigjoolsnigelb: yeah kmail.  kio_imap4 is not very good, which is a shame because kmail itself is fantastic13:42
bigjoolsAll email clients suck in one way or another.  Pick your poison.13:43
nigelbI just use gmail web UI.13:53
wgrantbac: How does ForwardedAuthorization compare to AuthorizationBase.forwardCheckAuthenticated?14:00
bacwgrant: complementary.  the new one does both checkAuthenticated and checkUnauthenticated.14:01
bacthere were instances were forwardCheckAuthenticated was still needed so it was kept14:01
wgrantGreat, just checking you hadn't somehow missed it.14:02
wgrantThanks for fixing that.14:02
bacwgrant: nope but thanks for asking14:02
wgrantThree successful builds in a row. Quite a novelty.14:27
* wgrant sleeps.14:27
wgrantstub: Thanks, didn't expect that!14:35
wgrantstub: Part 2 coming up... I might shorten the description if you're going to do it :)14:35
wgrantstub: https://code.launchpad.net/~wgrant/launchpad/destroy-lots-of-db-cruft/+merge/74233, if you're still around.14:41
wgrantjelmer: Hm, is bzr 2.4 meant to be much faster at generating MP diffs, or am I just being very lucky tonight?14:41
wgrantTwice I've had LP diffs within 40 seconds.14:42
jelmerwgrant: lots of things are quicker in 2.4, not sure about MP diffs specifically14:43
jelmerwgrant: 40s is really appalling btw. Generating a diff for a lp tree locally (couple years old machine) takes 20s here locally14:44
wgrantbuildbot also seems well and truly fixed, so your bzr stuff is all good, and jenkins seems far more stable with 2.4. Thanks.14:44
wgrantjelmer: 40s is actually not bad, considering the cron job only runs every minute.14:44
nigelbsinzui: O hai. Do you have a minute for a quick UI review?14:44
nigelbI'm assuming you're currently swimming in email.14:44
wgrantjelmer: So it was <40s from MP creation to diff being there (that's just when I refreshed), which includes the time to the start of the next minute, startup time, processing anything that's earlier in the queue, then the actual diff.14:45
sinzuinigelb, I can review. I read email while I am away to ensure my inbox is always zero14:45
jcsackettsinzui: free to mumble in a bit?14:45
nigelbsinzui: https://code.launchpad.net/~nigelbabu/launchpad/ubuntu-font-787798/+merge/7379314:46
nigelbsinzui: Smart man :)14:46
jelmerwgrant: Ah, that seem pretty quick in that case. Still, it should really be instantaneous.14:46
sinzuijcsackett, starting mumble14:46
sinzuinigelb, opening page14:46
wgrantjelmer: Oh yes.14:46
wgrantjelmer: And with rabbitmq it can be.14:46
wgrantAnd may well be within the year.14:46
nigelbwgrant: I thought you went to bed.14:46
jelmerwgrant: actually, that was a diff between my working tree and lp:launchpad. Generating a diff between a *revision* and the submit branch is less than one second on bzr.dev.14:47
jelmerwgrant: Yeah, rabbit should be great.14:47
wgrantnigelb: But then stub sneakily reviewed one of my branches.14:48
nigelbOh, its not yet 1 am local time.14:49
jelmerit's 10 minutes to EOD for me..14:49
jelmer(if I would work 9 to 5)14:49
wgrantMeh, call is only at 9am, but I will sleep soon :)14:50
nigelb9 to 5? HAHAHA14:50
nigelbI haven't worked at 9 am in a long while.14:50
nigelbI start late and end late.14:50
jelmerI conveniently did 9-5 BST (with some effort) when I started in Soyuz and have stuck with that ever since.14:51
nigelbYou're bzr team or launchpad team?14:52
nigelbI'm always confused. Until ercently I thought poolie was launchpad team :D14:52
bigjoolsthe rest of us do 9-6 ;)14:53
wgrantWell, bzr was technically a subteam of LP until January.14:53
bigjoolsstill here wgrant?14:53
wgrantJust waiting for a couple of ec2 runs to start.14:53
wgrantThen I may disappear.14:54
bigjoolsuh huh :)14:54
wgrantI don't have to babysit buildbot tomorrow :D14:54
wgrantIt shall be a productive day.14:54
jelmernigelb: poolie and I are both bzr team, though working on other projects occasionally is fun too14:54
nigelbjelmer: :)14:54
jelmerthere have been some contributions to bzr from lp folk too recently14:55
nigelbOh, nice14:56
nigelbI wish I got over my mental block of staying away from things that are not web apps14:56
jmlnigelb: bzr is *way* easier than LP to contribute to15:11
nigelbjml: You rickrolled me into contributing for launchpad. Not falling for that again :P15:12
nigelbI like web applications a lot better :)15:12
nigelbThe other thing is, bzr doesn't irritate me. Launchpad does. I'm fixing as much of those bits as I can.15:13
jmlheh heh15:16
stubbigjools: Did that mbox load?15:19
bigjoolsstub: hahaha15:19
nigelbI can totally picture the evil laugh there15:19
stubI'm thinking of just flagging the bug qa-ok as the actual patch is simple enough that it couldn't possibly go wrong...15:19
nigelbstub: You're waiting for an inbox fix as well?15:19
nigelbOr waiting for my QA to deploy.15:20
stubOr qa-untestable might be better as it technically is untestable :-)15:20
stubI'd like it qa'd tonight as there should be deployments tomorrow.15:20
nigelbIs there a qa-test-in-production? ;)15:21
stubqa-untestable :-)15:21
nigelbOh, its secret-coded :P15:22
adeuringgmb: could you please review this MP: https://code.launchpad.net/~adeuring/lazr.batchnavigator/lazr.batchnavigator-no-start-param-for-first-last-url/+merge/74249 ?15:24
gmbadeuring: Sure15:24
rvbagmb: Thanks for your review!15:24
gmbrvba: No problem.15:24
nigelbHa, mrevell replacing himself.15:24
* nigelb just saw it pop up in rss feeds15:25
stubnigelb, bigjools: I flagged it untestable. It is too simple a patch to let it bureaucratically block stuff.15:30
nigelbstub: okay :)15:31
gmbadeuring: r=me with comments15:43
adeuringgmb: great, thanks!15:43
bigjoolsnigelb: mrevell is irreplaceable15:44
nigelbbigjools: Ha, I tend to agree ;)15:45
adeuringgmb: good points!15:45
bigjoolsnigelb: I vote he clones himselfe15:45
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bigjoolshimself, even15:45
gmbadeuring: Well, I took jtv's comments about not doing rubber stamp reviews any more to heart :)15:45
benji___gmb: have a minute for a medium sized review?: https://code.launchpad.net/~benji/launchpad/bug-742662/+merge/7425415:46
=== benji___ is now known as benji
gmbbenji: Sure.15:46
nigelbsinzui: I moved that line into the macro, could you check if its done right?15:47
sinzuinigelb, +115:47
sinzuinigelb, I approved the whole review since you addressed bac's concerns15:48
nigelbsinzui: thanks :)15:48
sinzuinigelb, I will merge this for you15:48
nigelbsinzui: Oh, could you land it as well?15:48
bacthanks sinzui15:49
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jtvgmb: hah!  you actually read that stuff?  I never thought anyone would.16:37
gmbbenji: Approved. I don't actually have any comments... were there any questions you expected?16:37
gmbjtv: I generally pay attention to your emails on the flip of a coin, truth be told...16:37
benjigmb: if you have no questions then I did my job16:38
jtvgmb: you're being more interesting than usual yourself because this time money seems to be involved.16:38
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nigelbjtv: That was good stuff :)16:40
jtvnigelb: thanks, I tried English-tradition cocoa instead of Dutch this time.  It's easier to mix.16:41
* nigelb blinks16:41
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=== gmb changed the topic of #launchpad-dev to: https://dev.launchpad.net/ | On call reviewer: - | Critical bugs: 254 - 0:[#######=]:256
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mtaylorsinzui: hey! is there a way to bump a bug import request? it's been a few weeks now...18:32
nigelbmtaylor: He's taking an IRC classroom session atm18:32
mtaylornigelb: ah. cool18:33
mtaylorwell - if any losas are around, this: https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/168463 as been open since 18 August18:33
thedacmtaylor: I will take a look18:34
mtaylorthedac: thanks!18:34
sinzuimtaylor, I think we need to shout for a LOSA's attention. I expected it to be done with a day of when I set the question back to open18:40
benjisinzui: is there anything left to do on https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/168463 ?19:44
thedacmtaylor: bug-import has been run on production19:50
mtaylorthekorn: thank you!19:51
mtaylorthedac: thank you!19:51
mtaylorthekorn: (sorry, bad nick completion)19:51
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sinzuibenji, based on thedac and mtaylor's remark just after yours, I think the question is really answers and can be marked solved by mtaylor19:56
benjisinzui: which remark... oh after refreshing the page I see "David Ames (thedac) said 6 minutes ago..."; thanks19:58
sinzuibenji, in irc. between your last two comments19:59
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lifelessabentley: still around ?21:41
abentleylifeless: yes.21:41
lifelessI've replied to your mail; if you want a voice chat about it, I could do that too.21:41
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abentleylifeless: I've replied to your reply, but I have one question: is the output of bin/test --list-tests a list of test-ids?22:35
lifelessbin/test --subunit --list-tests22:35
lifelessotherwise the zope test machinery inserts gunk in there.22:35
abentleylifeless: AHHH!22:35
lifelessthats what I said.22:36
lifelessabentley: I think we're imagining basically the same thing22:41
lifelessabentley: I hope I've added clarity, not confusion :)22:41
abentleylifeless: So is the partitioning happening at a per-test level?  Or are you using information on past runs to estimate how long each test takes?22:49
lifelessthe latter22:49
lifelesssubunit streams are datestamped22:49
abentleylifeless: makes sense.22:50
lifelesswe get per-test durations from this, and there is a small db in the .testrespository directory that holds all the seen test ids -> duration22:50
lifelessso partitioning is make N buckets, allocate to the lowest accumulated time bucket the next largest test for all known test durations, then round robin for all unknown test durations.22:51
wallyworld_sinzui: can you hear me?23:02
sinzuino, but I am killing thunderbirf23:02
sinzuiI will restart mumble after the murder is complete23:02
sinzuiwgrant, lp:~sinzui/bzr-gtk/gtk3 works, though I am seeing gtk3 warnings that is why I delayed proposing it23:53
sinzuiStevenK, https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bug/48512623:59
_mup_Bug #485126: Accidentally unsubscribing myself from a private bug makes the bug inaccessible <disclosure> <lp-bugs> <privacy> <Launchpad itself:Triaged> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/485126 >23:59

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