gary_posterbac benji gmb, call in 212:28
gary_posterand hiya12:28
gary_posterbug 838825 gmb12:31
_mup_Bug #838825: Async comment loading doesn't display the comment form <bugs-async-comments> <Launchpad itself:Triaged> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/838825 >12:31
bacgary_poster: when running natty on bare MBP do you ever use an external monitor?14:20
gary_posterbac, yes (though it's been awhile since I pursued that project.  My Mac/VM is just so convenient)14:21
bacgary_poster: on my 5,1 the nvidia driver hangs at boot and the community driver doesn't support the display port.  :(14:21
bacVM for me again14:21
baci had forgotten this fact before buying my new 27" monitor14:22
gary_posterbac, huh.  WFM.  Mine's a 27 too, and...I use the "big" nvidia card always.  I think mine is a 5,314:24
bacgary_poster: dunno.  worked with bryce for a long time and he was stumped wrt nvidia14:25
gary_postereesh. :-/14:26
gary_posterwow, bac and gmb, great job on CHR.  Thanks.  Done.15:06
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benjiReason 85 I enjoy working from home: Mello Yello floats after lunch.17:49
bacbenji: wow.  is that really good?17:50
benjibac: I'm a big fan of Mello Yello, so you may want to judge for yourself.17:51
bacgary_poster, benji: can you connect to canonical imap server?17:58
gary_posterbac, no18:00
bacgary_poster: hey, me neither!18:00
gary_postertha's ok it was mostly spam anyway :-P18:01
bacwe should all just use gmail18:01
benjigary_poster: (background: I'm trying to figure out why the MP diffs aren't being generated) I seem to recall a way to get up to date logs from the servers that run the cron scripts, but where I'm looking (/srv/launchpad.net-logs/) doesn't seem to be it.18:14
gary_posterbenji, ah, one sec18:16
gary_posterbenji, eek18:18
gary_posterbenji, ok, looks like there are a lot of problems maybe.  Here's one, having to do with apport processing: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/683745/18:19
gary_posterNote that the answer to your question is "you are looking in the right place, but the cron spam email is often a good place to start:18:19
gary_posterso that's what I'm doing18:19
benjigary_poster: yep, there is at least one other problem because of the recent rollout, abently is working on one too18:20
benjigary_poster: "cron spam" == "scripts failed to run"?18:21
gary_posterbenji, https://pastebin.canonical.com/52327/ rosetta-export-queue.py failing on loganberry...18:21
benjiooh, that looks familiar18:22
gary_posterSame problem for /rosetta-poimport.py on loganberry18:22
gary_posterSame problem for process-mail.py on loganberry18:22
gary_posterSame for process-job-source-groups.py18:23
gary_posteron loganberry18:23
gary_posterSame for checkwatches.py on loganberry18:23
gary_posterand send-person-notifications.py18:23
gary_posterand process-death-row on germanium and others18:24
gary_posterso anyway18:24
gary_posterbenji, cron spam == it whines.  often unimportant18:25
gary_posterthere has been a lot today18:25
gary_posterbut I've been busy18:25
gary_posterwith my own system problems and phone calls18:25
gary_posterso I didn't look closely enough18:25
gary_posterbenji, so it looks like that db name is just bad, but I have no real idea.  Are you on this?  Do you need any assistance, or should I just be on standby?18:26
gary_posterI'd suspect that the oops error is just hiding this one18:27
benjigary_poster: at least two of those three are true ;P18:27
gary_posterheh, ok benji :-)18:27
benjigary_poster: I'm actively working on it.  If I don't make some good progress soon I'll as for a consult.18:28
gary_postercool benji.18:28
benjigary_poster: how, excatly, do I see those cron errors; I have a lot of "Scripts failed to run: cocoplum:process-death-row18:40
benjigary_poster: how, excatly, do I see those cron errors; I have a lot of "Scripts failed to run: cocoplum:process-death-row" and the like, but no actual tracebacks.18:40
gary_posterbenji, I get them be being subscribed to a list...getting list...18:40
benjiI need to subscribe to that.18:41
gary_posterbenji https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/launchpad-error-reports18:41
bacgary_poster: fyi danilo's branch had test failures19:03
baci can look later to see if they are easy to clean up19:04
gary_posterbac, I figured, since we he had tried to land it.  cool, thank you19:04
benjibac: for https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/169054 did you send the user a "your email has been hijacked" message?19:50
* bac looks19:59
bacbenji: i can not recall20:00
bacbenji: i sent out some last week but don't know if it was to this user or not20:00
* bac relocates then chrs20:01
benjibac: ok, he sent some more spam so I'll do so and remark as such on the new spam complaint20:01
benjibac: I'm finishing up https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/170350 so you don't have to do that one20:02
bacbenji: thanks20:46
* bac finishes20:46
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