rippsGeez, what's taking the ppa builders so long, I've some packages queued for around 24 hours, and it keeps saying it's gonna start in just an hour or two00:08
popeyripps: big queue on the ppa builders00:09
StevenKripps: Most of them are off testing SRUs00:09
DNS777hey guys02:09
DNS777If i try to upload code i get: Permission denied (publickey). bzr: ERROR: Connection closed: Unexpected end of message. Please check connectivity and permissions, and report a bug if problems persist.02:09
DNS777but upping packages to ppa via dput worx02:09
wgrantDNS777: Has it worked recently?02:10
wgrantIt sounds like your SSH keys are not set up properly.02:10
DNS777ok so its about the ssh keys and not pgp keys02:10
wgrantRight, bzr uploads use SSH.02:10
DNS777if i added the old ssh key from my lp site (created long time ago), and add it to my  id_rsa.pub then if i pull or push it says key is too open lol02:19
DNS777i try to add a new one to server02:20
DNS777added = take02:22
DNS777now it asks me for a passphrase, but if i enter the passphrase that i just choosed a few secs be4 its not workin02:40
DNS777i wonder that i never had such as problem with ssh02:54
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mrevellHello :)07:38
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Laneydoes a "Blacklisted always" blacklist apply to all parent series?09:19
Laneyactually, experimental isn't a parent series of oneiric09:32
Laneyso, if I add a Blacklisted always entry to a dsd between oneiric and sid, will it also block syncs from oneiric and experimental?09:32
gmbLaney: I don't know the answer to your questions, let me see if I can find someone who does...09:36
bigjoolsblacklisting doesn't block syncs09:36
bigjoolsit just hides it09:36
Laneyso it's just a UI thing?09:37
Laneywell, we can query it for the client tools too09:37
bigjoolsthe aim is to get just the things that need actioning on the first page you visit09:37
Laneybut it should be enough to just set it for sid I suppose for our purposes09:38
bigjoolswhat are your purposes?09:38
Laneycertain packages which we don't want to (auto) sync09:39
bigjoolsah ok09:39
Laneyso if someone tries to syncpackage foo or syncpackage -d experimental foo then the tool should block that09:40
bigjoolsI guess you're writing some api scripts for this?09:40
bigjoolsright, so as long as your tool checks the blacklisting status, you're golden09:40
LaneyI was just confused about whether I was going to need to explicitly add blacklists for sid and experimental, but that doesn't seem to be the case09:41
tumbleweedLaney: there's a related issue, which is that when ubuntu > sid, it'll be auto-blacklisted-CURRENT, which will block a sync from experimental09:42
Laneycurrent we can check around in the tool09:42
tumbleweedLaney: right, at the moment, I haven't, because it'll be --force -able (and it's ugly to check for)09:44
Laneytumbleweed: (or anyone else) does lp-shell staging devel work for you?09:44
* Laney gets "httplib2.CertificateHostnameMismatch: Server presented certificate that does not match host staging.launchpad.net: {'notAfter': 'Feb 12 20:29:11 2012 GMT', 'subjectAltName': (('DNS', '*.staging.launchpad.net'), ('DNS', 'staging.launchpad.net')), 'subject': ((('organizationName', u'*.staging.launchpad.net'),), (('organizationalUnitName', u'Domain Control Validated'),), (('commonName', u'*.staging.launchpad.net'),))}09:44
tumbleweedyeah I noticed that a while ago too09:45
tumbleweedworks fine for me now09:45
beatpanicLaney, this thing, happened to a collague of mine under a debian distribution09:47
LaneyI am on unstable indeed09:47
beatpanicLaney, I basically monkey patched httplib2 to avoid checking for valid certs09:48
Laneydoesn't work in a chroot though09:48
Laneydoesn't work on my oneiric laptop either09:48
beatpanicLaney, but it was one of that dirty hacks and I don't remember what I have done at the moment :)09:48
beatpanicLaney, IIRC something similar these 'hints' http://viraj-workstuff.blogspot.com/2011/07/python-httplib2-certificate-verify.html09:50
Laneyi'd rather not hack around it09:50
beatpanicLaney, ok09:51
Laneybut thanks :-)09:52
beatpanicLaney, you are welcome09:53
nizarushi, i downloaded a .po file to translate it offline during the #ugj but i can't fine how to upload it again to launchpad10:01
artnaynizarus: there should be a link next to "Download translation"10:02
artnayUpload translation10:02
nizarusartnay, i have only :     Download translation and Translation details10:03
artnaynizarus: are you a member of ar translation group?10:04
nizarusartnay, no :/10:05
artnaynizarus: that's probably the reason. apply for membership.10:05
nizarusartnay, i can't just upload as suggestions ?10:06
artnaynizarus: I think the "Upload translation" link won't exist for non-members10:07
nizarusok thank you artnay10:07
henningenizarus: I am surprised that you cannot upload suggestions.10:08
henningenizarus: Can you *enter* suggestions on the page?10:09
henningenizarus: Stupid question, just to be sure: You are logged in, right?10:09
nizarushenninge, yes i can write suggestions one by one10:09
nizarusbut i would like to upload the whole file10:10
henningenizarus: that is a bug. You should be able to do that.10:10
nizaruswith many suggestions10:10
nizarusyes i'm logged on :)10:10
henningenizarus: there is no more "edge" service, btw. You must have some old link.10:10
henningebut that doesn't help here10:11
nizarusnothing on the non edge page too :/10:11
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henningeyes, it is the same server10:12
henningenizarus: bug 29368010:12
ubot5Launchpad bug 293680 in Launchpad itself "Non-team member cannot upload PO file even if they can submit suggestions" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/29368010:12
henninge3 years old ...10:12
nizarushenninge, that's it :/10:13
Laneybigjools: is it possible to get archive admin permissions on dogfood so i can test my blacklisting script?10:21
bigjoolsLaney: done10:24
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debfxwhy can't I reject this merge proposal: https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-branches/ubuntu/oneiric/phonon/oneiric-201108111512/+merge/7391910:37
debfxI do have upload rights for the package10:37
htorquehey everyone! it seems i can edit/remove attachments from bug reports by other users. is that a bug? i can't remember seeing this before and i'm not sure if that's intended.10:52
htorquei'm part of ~launchpad-beta-testers if that's important10:53
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wgranthtorque: That's always been the case, but the link is more obvious now.11:20
nigelbwgrant: heh, that's my bug fix at work right? ;)11:24
htorquewgrant: thanks for the info! that change was obviously needed in my case. :-)11:25
tumbleweedLaney: can you blacklist some things on dogfood for me? (or point me at stuff that's blacklisted)11:52
Laneytumbleweed: try things from the sync-blacklist11:52
Laneyarb arts atom4 atoppatch11:52
Laneymy python is so bad that i can't fix this UnicodeEncodeError: 'ascii' codec can't encode character u'\xa0' in position 38: ordinal not in range(128)11:53
tumbleweedLaney: you are trying to mix byte-strings and unicode strings11:54
tumbleweeduse u" instead of " to start all your strings, and either use print instead of sys.stdout.write, or do sys.stdout.write(foo.encode('utf-8'))11:56
Laneynice, works, ta11:57
Laneythis is probably what people mean when they say "knows enough to be dangerous"11:58
tumbleweederm, how are you hacking around httplib2.CertificateHostnameMismatch?11:59
Laneycommented it out11:59
Laneynow it fails when i pipe it to tee :(11:59
tumbleweedencode your output explicitly12:00
* tumbleweed hates that about python12:00
Laneythis makes me sad and/or angry12:00
bigjoolsdeath to ascii strings.  use unicode, or encoded bytestrings12:00
* Laney writes haskell-launchpadlib12:00
tumbleweedbigjools: what I'm complaining about is that print behaves differently when outputting to a tty or a pipe12:01
Laneyso I should go back to having sys.stdout.write()?12:03
bigjoolsif you use encoded strings it should work12:03
Laneywith print too?12:03
Laneythey all have u"..." - not enough?12:04
bigjoolsit depends on where you get the data that goes in that string12:04
LaneyI suppose it does12:04
bigjoolsit needs to be decoded first12:04
bigjoolsso something like u"string" = asciistring.decode("utf8")12:05
bigjoolsand encode() for the other direction12:05
bigjoolsPython makes this a PITA12:06
Laneythat really is awful12:06
tumbleweedit's better in python3, but there's still the different print behavior thing12:07
tumbleweedmeh, dogfood isn't useful for testing syncpackage12:08
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wgrantbigjools: The only strange thing Python does is sometimes automatically encoding in print.12:28
wgrantYou suffer encode/decode in any language.12:28
wgrantThe only strange thing Python does that has been mentioned here, that is.12:29
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dpmhi sinzui, all set for the UADW session later on?14:14
sinzuidpm: I am ill, but am typing my presentation now14:19
dpmsinzui, oh, sorry to hear that :(. Are you sure you'll be ok to do the presentation?14:20
sinzuidpm: well. I honestly cannot say I am sure. I have been vomiting. for several hours14:21
sinzuibut I really want to present14:21
dpmthat's truly passion for open source14:23
* dpm hugs sinzui14:23
wgrantsinzui: You seem to have good luck on holidays :/14:23
sinzuiwgrant, indeed. I stressed so much I got cold sores. I am very pleased that the presentation is over IRC14:24
henningedpm: still here?15:07
dpmhenninge, yes, still here15:10
henningedpm: ;-)15:10
henningedpm: you asked about eog and lightdm template generation.15:10
henningedpm: are you aware of *any* template generation that is actually happening?15:10
henningeI mean, can you name a project that uses it successfully?15:11
dpmhenninge, I don't know, I assumed it was happening, I didn't check out all projects15:11
dpmso I can't really name one where I know it's happening15:11
henningedpm: so far I have found none.15:11
henningeA lot of project have the template checked into the branch and import from there.15:12
henningeothers just have very old templates ...15:12
henningedpm: ok, I have to leave soon. I will email the translation people and see if anybody knows anything about this.15:13
dpmok, thanks henninge15:14
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dobeyhow does one resgister a distribution on launchpad?17:32
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rockstarabentley, ping17:51
abentleyrockstar: pong17:51
rockstarabentley, is diff generation taking longer than normal?17:51
rockstar(I only ask you because there's no Help Contact currently)17:51
abentleyrockstar: no, I haven't heard of an issue.17:52
rockstarabentley, okay.  There might be an issue, since we have two branches now that haven't generated diffs for at least 18 minutes.17:52
abentleyrockstar: gary_poster is supposed to be Help Contact, but not online.17:53
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beuno3 branches!17:54
beunoI think it's stuck or really delayed17:54
beunonone of the branches for the past 25 minutes seem to have diffs (for u1)17:54
abentleybenji: your squad's on interrupt duty this week.  Can you look into this? ^^17:55
benjiabentley: sure17:55
* benji reads backlog.17:55
abentleybenji: thanks.17:55
abentleybenji: we just did a rollout.  I'm debugging an issue with buildmaster.17:57
benjiabentley: so... I shouldn't look into it?17:58
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abentleybenji: you should look into the merge proposal diffs issue, and be aware that today's rollout may be related.17:59
dobeyabentley, benji: it seems launchpad branch scanner is stuck perhaps18:00
benjiabentley: gotcha18:00
benjiabentley: is this the problem you're having with the biuldmaster?: OperationalError: could not translate host name "lp" to address: Name or service not known18:29
abentleybenji: yes.18:30
benjithat is what seems to be keeping MP diffs (and several other things) from working18:30
benjiabentley: ok, once you fix that several other things should straighten out too18:30
benjiis there anything I can do to help?18:30
ahasenackhi guys, I have a script that was working since ever (years), and now it's complaining about "expired token" (oauth), but I even logged in again using it18:30
ahasenackany changes landing that could affect this? I'm using api.edge.launchpad.net18:30
abentleybenji: I really have no idea what's causing the issue.18:30
ahasenackjust before I start debugging further18:31
abentleybenji: is this happening when the scanner runs, or something?18:31
benjiabentley: yep18:31
abentleybenji: I can't even get trunk to build on that revision right now, because ~launchpad/lp-source-dependencies/trunk/ doesn't have bzr 2.4.1dev-r603218:33
abentleybenji: I don't see an issue like that in carob:/srv/launchpad.net-logs/scripts/ackee-bzrsyncd/scan_branches.log where do you see it?18:38
benjiabentley: Gary sent me copies of some cron email errors18:39
benjiabentley: https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/launchpad-error-reports18:41
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Cypher2i need some help with bzr push on bzr: ERROR: Connection closed: Unexpected end of message. Please check connectivity and permissions, and report a bug if problems persist.20:04
kikoCypher2, you're not giving us a lot to go on20:14
jelmerhi Cypher220:15
jelmerCypher2, I've just followed up on the question you asked on Launchpad asked the bzr project20:15
Cypher2well i followed the omgubuntu dev setup to fix bugs ( http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2011/09/series-introduction-ubuntu-development-part-2/), i managed to fix what i need, did the local commit, built the test packages and installed, verified and so on...20:16
Cypher2ssh-add -l returns The agent has no identities.20:17
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Cypher2when i attempt to push.. the error comes out...20:19
Cypher2are you the same jelmer that helped me figure out the smbd/nmbd issues?20:20
jelmerone sec20:23
jelmerCypher2: can you try adding your ssh key to your ssh agent manually ? ("ssh-add ~/.ssh/id_rsa" if I read that howto correctly)20:24
jelmerCypher2, that's probably me, I'm not sure how many jelmers there are around here :)20:24
Cypher2:).. ok.. will attempt now20:24
Cypher2it worked!20:25
Cypher2its pushing20:26
Cypher2one last question: how can i purge all my old keys from servers20:28
jelmerCypher2, you should be able to edit your keys on your launchpad page20:31
michaelh1Hi there.  The diff on merge requests seems to be broken.  See https://code.launchpad.net/~ramana/gcc-linaro/fix-lp-838994/+merge/74230 amd https://code.launchpad.net/~ams-codesourcery/gcc-linaro/merge-from-fsf-20110906-4.5/+merge/7421320:36
michaelh1and https://code.launchpad.net/~ams-codesourcery/gcc-linaro/merge-from-fsf-20110906-4.6/+merge/7419920:37
kikomichaelh1, is it stuck saying updating forever?20:41
kikoflacoste, ^^20:41
michaelh1kiko: > 7 hours20:41
* micahg wonders why /topic wasn't updated for the issue20:42
jelmerabentley: ^20:44
abentleymichaelh1: I expect that diff is permanently broken.20:46
abentleymichaelh1: This is OOPS-2075SMS17 which doesn't show up on the oops-viewer for some reason.20:49
michaelh1abentley: all three of them?  These are all the merge requests done in the last 24 hours...20:52
michaelh1How can I fix this?  My autobuilder won't run if the merge request is broken.20:53
abentleymichaelh1: This is a failed branch scan.  We should it as a pending merge diff update, because if the scan shows we need to update the diff, we will.20:53
abentleymichaelh1: and yes, I see four oopses, which makes sense, because it's timing out.20:55
michaelh1abentley, kiko: yip, so what's the next step?  Merge requests are the main part of how we develop.21:05
kikomichaelh1, I think abentley is saying that there's a bug in the diff generation that is causing it to time out21:06
kikoflacoste, Ursinha, matsubara-afk: ^^21:06
abentleykiko: no, I'm saying that the branch scanner times out.21:06
Ursinhakiko, I'm an Ubuntu girl right now21:07
kikoUrsinha, but you know all the right lp tricks21:07
kikoabentley, on our branches specifically?21:07
Ursinhakiko, I'm looking :)21:07
abentleykiko: yes, on that linaro gcc specifically.21:07
abentleymichaelh1: https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bug/808930 is already critical, so I don't know what else is to be done.21:09
ubot5Ubuntu bug 808930 in Launchpad itself "Timeout running branch scanner job" [Critical,Triaged]21:09
Ursinhaabentley, escalated maybe21:09
Ursinhakiko, ^21:09
kikoright, can we?21:09
kikoflacoste, 3 ping :)21:10
kikomichaelh1, they are looking into it21:49
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