X_already_in_usehey guys, help me out here, I've always wondered how to format a pendrive/usb flashdrive/thumbdrive  on linux (my lubuntu),  in win7 all I do is rite click format on My Computer, how do I go about this on lubuntu, just use Gparted then delete partition, add new partition ??01:26
jmarsdenX_already_in_use: Do you want the resulting drive to be useful in Linux only, or also in Windows (i.e., what sort of filesystem(s) do you want to be on it when you are done?01:28
jmarsdenX_already_in_use: There are usually two steps in getting a drive ready in Linux: (1) partitioning (2) creating a filesystem on each partition you made.01:29
X_already_in_usejmarsden, not really moving files between different O.S. just messing around/playing around, like loading a distro on the pendrive and pluging in back and forth between computers01:30
X_already_in_usejmarsden, oh i see01:30
jmarsdenWell, for "loading a distro on a pendrive" some of the utilities will do the formatting for you.  But in principle, you can use gparted or whatever to create the partition, and then01:30
jmarsdenuse mkdosfs to create a FAT32 (vfat) filesystem on that partition.01:31
jmarsdenThere may be a GUi way to do it, I tend to use the command line, I'm an old timer :)01:31
X_already_in_usejmarsden, right, forgot about that thing where the utility reformats it then load the distro, I guess I got use to reformatting the pendrive myself before running the tool. lols. well thnx anyway01:36
mewayI installed an old netgear wireless card after installing lubuntu, How do I make this work?02:23
mewayAlso the machine has no other way of connecting to the internet but I have a usb flash drive02:23
mewayIs there a way to check what the name of my device is? all I know its a netgear02:24
mewayOk so I have a Ethernet controller: Marvell Technology Group Ltd. 88w8335 [Libertas] 802.11b/g Wireless (rev 03)02:31
mewayIf that helps? Idk how to get this to work (the machine as said before is offline)02:31
X_already_in_usemeway, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx#b43_-_No_Internet_access02:37
mewayX_already_in_use: this computer has no access to the internet02:55
X_already_in_useya, use that guide02:55
X_already_in_useyou d/l files from other computer that has internet connection, then transfer the files to the computer that has no access, then run a few commands02:56
mewayits confusing02:56
mewaybut the other computer is a windows02:56
mewayX_already_in_use: wait I can make things easier I think02:57
X_already_in_useill give you 4 files hold on02:57
mewayX_already_in_use: what if I install a wired ethernet card02:58
mewaycan I use this to temperarly get the wirless I need?02:58
X_already_in_useidk, cuz I have to manually install drivers thru command to get wireless working on my lubuntu02:59
X_already_in_usebut try it and see if it works on your comp02:59
X_already_in_usemeway, download this 4 files03:03
mewayok  on my pendrive03:06
eduardompsanyone else tried to upgrade to Oneiric and got a "update-manager is marked for removal [...]"?03:06
X_already_in_usetransfer to the computer you want the wirless to work, put in your home folder   /home/YourUsername/        click on b43 file then patch file, then do this command in order: tar xfvj broadcom-wl-
meway_lubuntuok so I am wired in03:07
X_already_in_usedid you get wireless working?03:08
X_already_in_usesudo b43-fwcutter -w /lib/firmware wl_apsta-
X_already_in_usesudo b43-fwcutter --unsupported -w /lib/firmware broadcom-wl-
meway_lubuntuno I am wired in03:08
X_already_in_useyou transfer the 4 files i told you about, put on your home folder  /home/YourUsername/   run the .deb files, run 3 commands, run Additional Drivers, activate reboot. tha'ts it.03:09
meway_lubuntuCannot open input file broadcom-wl-
meway_lubuntuyou only gave me 2 commands to run03:12
X_already_in_usetar xfvj broadcom-wl-
X_already_in_usethe first one is that one03:12
meway_lubuntuah shit I missed that03:13
meway_lubuntushould I do the commands again in that order?03:13
X_already_in_usei guess so03:13
meway_lubuntuwhats additional drivers?03:14
X_already_in_useit should be on System Tools, after you click the bird icon03:14
meway_lubuntufound it03:14
meway_lubuntuit was kind of a dumb questoin xD03:14
X_already_in_usenp dude, everyone starts somewhere, i did too awhile back :)03:15
meway_lubuntuyea but I have been using ubuntu for like 4 years now xD03:15
meway_lubuntuBut I never setup wirless drivers see03:15
meway_lubuntuwhat do you mean by activate reboot?03:19
meway_lubuntujust reboot the computer?03:19
X_already_in_useafter you run the Additional Driver, activate the wireless that you see in there, after you activate that, reboot.03:20
mewaysays there are no priority drivers?03:21
meway*puts boots on and kicks his computer* reboot damn it03:22
mewaytook wired card out03:26
mewaytrying again?03:26
X_already_in_useI guess03:26
X_already_in_usedid you put the files in your home folder?03:26
mewayfolder named meway yew03:27
X_already_in_useok run the .deb files, starting with the one named  b43    after that  run the other deb file with the name patch,   make sure you install it03:27
X_already_in_usethen do the 3 commands03:28
X_already_in_useafter that see if you can activate it from Additional Driver, if you can't find it then Idk.03:28
mewayfinding nothing...03:32
mewayX_already_in_use: does this help http://www.hpl.hp.com/personal/Jean_Tourrilhes/Linux/Linux.Wireless.drivers.802.11ag.html#Libertas03:32
mewayidk what I'm looking at but somone from #ubuntu suggested it03:33
mewayalong with a program called03:33
X_already_in_useim no guru, sry. Lol! I just happen to have a link/guide how to enable b43 wireless03:34
meway4.18 Marvel Libertas (802.11g)03:35
mewaymy card^03:35
mewaywait nvm03:35
mewayI have no idea what I'm doing >.<03:36
X_already_in_usesame, sry dude cant help ya. lol03:38
mewaywait its ndiswrapper03:43
jmarsdenmeway: I see screens and screens of discussion... what are you trying to do exactly?04:14
mewayget my wireless to work04:15
jmarsdenOK, so what is the PCI ID of the card?04:17
mewayfollowing the link its getting me pretty far04:19
jmarsdenOK, cool.04:20
meway_lubuntuwoot got it04:26
meway_lubuntuthanks for the help X_already_in_use and concern jmarsden :)04:26
Guest17951anyone here to help me at all? Have a thinkpad with 128mb of ram14:18
Guest17951can i make this into a sensible non-tec usible machine14:19
Guest17951in an hour or so14:19
Guest17951or am I being too optimistic about life?14:19
lightadepend on what u mean by non tech14:24
lightalubuntu pretty easy to use in my opinion14:24
Guest17951am a fiction writer not a hacker of the computer kind14:24
Guest17951but think i might go wioth puppy14:24
Guest17951seems more user freindly14:25
lightaok hope you'll succed there then14:25
Guest17951thankoyu kindly14:28
Soojinhow do i make this menu bar transparent?  http://imagecdn.maketecheasier.com/2010/05/lubuntu-menu-bar.png18:02
Soojinit seems nothing affects the menu inside lxappearance or openbox18:03
maheanuu_Good morning , I am wanting to format a removable drive to NTSC from terminal and would appreciate some advice on how to do this18:05
Unit193rafaellaguna! Howdy!19:44
Unit193Awesome job on Oneiric so far! I have also heard great things about it. Good luck on membership too!19:46
rafaellagunaOh, thank you so much. I'm very proud of it (great collaborative discussion, this one)19:47
rafaellagunaMore votes on the polls, so more democratic :)19:48
Unit193Yeah, that's also good19:48
head_victimrafaellaguna: I'm actually awake now so I can cheeer you in the meeting in person not just on the wiki20:13
Unit193head_victim: Oh is that now??20:13
head_victimThe meeting has started but we're waiting for rafaellaguna's turn20:14
* head_victim claps as rafaellaguna gets Ubuntu Membership20:38
Unit193Hey ho!20:38
Unit193Now he can get a member cloak ;)20:40
head_victimAnd LWN subscription :)20:40
head_victimI find that's the thing I enjoy mostly20:41
Unit193Heh, that would be cool, but I've never seen it20:41
rafaellagunaIt's done20:42
rafaellagunaThank you all, people20:43
Unit193Well done! Hope to see you again!20:43
frankboothcongratulations rafaellaguna :)20:43
Soojinhow do i make this menu bar transparent?  http://imagecdn.maketecheasier.com/2010/05/lubuntu-menu-bar.png  it seems nothing affects the menu inside lxappearance or openbox20:44
rafaellagunaDo you mean the panel or the menu pane itself?20:45
Soojinthe background inside the menu20:45
rafaellagunaWell, I'm stupid, because the menu can't be transparent20:45
rafaellagunaNope, you can't. The menu uses a background definition that cannot be transparent. Just the panel when defining a colour (not a semi-transparent PNG, yet)20:46
rafaellagunaThis is not Compiz20:46
Soojinaha ok :)20:46
rafaellagunaBut there's a solution20:47
rafaellagunaYou can use xcompmgr20:47
Soojinok , i'll have a looksaroo at it20:48
rafaellagunaTest this command: xcompmgr -I1 -O1 -Ff -m.8620:49
rafaellagunaIt should make windows and menus transparent (dunno if distinguishes between them)20:49
silverarrowdoes anyone know about gnome mplayer issues? I have issues with locking computer20:50
Soojinrafaellaguna doesn't seem to work20:50
rafaellaguna'xcompmgr -c -t-5 -l-5 -r4.2 -o.55 -I1 -O1 -Ff -m.8620:51
Soojin invalid option -- 'm'20:51
rafaellagunaWithout the apostrophe :D20:51
rafaellagunaNo! You're right20:52
rafaellagunaSoojin: xcompmgr -CcfF -I-.02 -O-.04 -D0001 -t-5 -l-5 -r4.2 -o.8220:55
rafaellagunaWith this you have fade in & out, but not total transparency. You can use GCompMgr (http://sourceforge.net/projects/gcompmgr/files/gcompmgr/)20:56
Soojinhmm keeps spitting out errors20:56
Soojinerror 8 request 152 minor 6 serial 1494820:56
rafaellagunaWith it you can control visually the effects (it's an RPM but you can use "sudo alien <RPM>"20:56
Soojinerror 9 request 149 minor 4 serial 1494920:56
Soojinerror 4 request 54 minor 0 serial 1501820:56
Soojinerror 162 request 149 minor 7 serial 1501920:56
Soojinerror 8 request 152 minor 6 serial 1505120:56
Soojinerror 9 request 149 minor 4 serial 1505220:56
Soojinerror 4 request 54 minor 0 serial 1560520:56
rafaellagunaWhat release do you use? In Natty it works fine.20:57
Soojinaha thanks alot , thats probably a bit easier for me:)20:57
Soojini'm using the latest 32bit lubuntu20:57
Unit193Please use pastebin for longer lines of text, thanks20:57
silverarrowwho made the gnome mplayer?21:00
silverarrowis there an irc for it?21:00
silverarrowit has apparently nothing to do with mplayer21:00
silverarrowchromium is very bad with popups21:52
bioterroralmost naughty?21:53
bioterrorand yeah, I get those live jasmins too21:54
silverarrowI get casino commercials21:55
silverarrowbioterror:  do you know anything about the gnome player?21:57
bioterrorI know that it sucks21:57
bioterrorand last time I checked it was a worse GUI for a mplayer21:57
bioterroryou should think about migrating to mplayer221:58
silverarrowI shall?22:00
silverarrownow that I have firefox flash video replacer, and tv streams in chromium at least22:01
silverarrowso there's no hope for fixing gnome player?22:09
micahgsilverarrow: did you try the gecko-mediaplayer from natty-proposed?23:34
silverarrowmicahg: no package manager locked up last night23:37
silverarrowfroze and got me a bit worred23:37
silverarrowhappened when I added for proposed updates/packages23:38
silverarrowI have not opened package manager since,23:38
silverarrowscared of what might turn up23:38
silverarrowI do however have gecko23:39
silverarrowI really depend upon lubuntu these days, it will be major crisis if  things lock up23:40
silverarrowmicahg: ok opening updates manager23:42
micahgsilverarrow: I'd suggest just installing gecko-mediaplayer from -proposed and then removing it if your risk tolerance is low23:42
micahgsilverarrow: removing -proposed, not gecko-mediaplyer23:43
silverarrowmicahg: it's not listed, maybe I have it already? I do have gecko, and I'm not really shore. hmm23:47
* micahg thought it was part of lubuntu in natty23:47
silverarrowcan I install form terminal?23:48

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