hacked_kerneljbicha, urlin2u , what do you think?00:00
urlin2uhacked_kernel, trying to max out a development may be dangerous, clone it first.00:01
devcalaisWhen I upgrade from 11.04 to 11.10 - will I be able to keep all my files/settings/applications/everything?00:07
devcalaisIs it just a straight dvd-in-dvd-out upgrade?00:07
urlin2udevcalais, always backup before you do anything especially upgrades.00:08
jbichadevcalais: you don't need to use a dvd to upgrade. Backup your important data but you should be able to keep your settings,etc.00:21
OnlyodinDependency issues today?00:27
jbichaOnlyodin: there's always transitions in the development release, just don't dist-upgrade or partial upgrade and you'll be fine :_)00:31
DaekdroomWhy not dist-upgrade?00:32
DaekdroomI like doing dist-upgrades as long as they don't try to remove my whole system.00:32
robin0800Onlyodin, safe-upgrade is my favourite00:34
astraljavaAwww c'mon, where's the fun in that?!00:34
tjoyI want to install a headless server, which installation media should I download?00:39
tjoyfound it00:44
astraljavaFox News seem to be pretty brainless, for sure.00:45
tjoyit's worse, astraljava, they're not stupid, they're evil.00:45
micahgastraljava: wrong channel?00:45
astraljavamicahg: Granted. Sorry about that.00:45
tjoyhow does oneiric handle multipath disks?00:49
tjoyprobably about as well as debian...00:53
tjoygiven the alternate installer00:53
ExodusSo, Unity shows the new software-center icon but gnome-shell doesn't00:59
ExodusI must find out why00:59
princej88Hey guys, I installed 11.10 beta on my netbook and I selected the GDM login screen during the upgrade. How would I now switch to the lightDM screen?01:45
Daekdroomprincej88, sudo dpkg-reconfigure lightdm01:46
princej88Thanks. Let me try that01:47
princej88I think that worked. I'll go back to the login screen and find out.01:47
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KrenairWill gnome-session-fallback still be in the repos when 11.10 is released?02:39
ssargenntois it safe to enable the ppas and software sources that were disabled during the upgrade or will i need to find new ppas of these projects for oneiric?03:03
robin0800ssargennto, if your lucky you can edit the sources and change natty to oneiric03:06
micahgrobin0800: that should be automatically done03:07
micahgssargennto: just keep in mind that not everyone has built for oneiric yet03:08
ssargenntomakes sense, so basically its up to the project to have an oneiric ppa?03:10
ssargenntoand just to clarify the natty ones wont work with oneiric?03:10
micahgssargennto: they might, depends on which other packages are needed03:11
ssargenntomicahg: gotcha.03:11
robin0800ssargennto, yes and if there is not one you can revert back to natty which may or may not work in oneiric03:12
ssargenntorobin0800: thank you, time to go check on all of those. thanks to both of you03:12
ethana2so, I opened Jockey-gtk again today, and it shows 5 different drivers for my nVidia gpu03:47
ethana2are things stable enough at this point that using a binary nVidia driver is a good idea?03:48
ethana2last time I tried to use one, I screwed over my whole X situation so badly I ended up reinstalling03:48
* ethana2 installs [reccomended] option04:10
nomegoso what's the proper way to add a timeout to the grub menu?06:04
ssargenntois the current login screen supposed to be aligned to the left?06:10
ssargenntomine is still centered. i updated the lightdm and unity-greeter packages06:14
ssargenntois the current login screen supposed to be aligned to the left or center?06:39
bullgard4_ssargennto: I am using GNOM  3, and in GNOME 3 it is aligned to the center.07:05
BlackAssI installed latest Ubuntu 11.04. And pull my all hair out to make Blackmagic intensity pro pci card compatible, it failed and it failed. I contact there support and they mention Intensity pro is supported to the latest version of Ubuntu 10.10.07:05
BlackAssWhy 10.10 will work but not 11.04? Is there no possibility from Ubuntu?07:06
bullgard4_BlackAss: Wrong channel.07:19
almoxarifeanyone else having an issue with the wallpaper on nautilus file manager?07:21
BlackAssbullgard4_, i am using 11.04 and Intensity pro pci express card does not work. Is this wrong channel to ask about 11.04?07:33
BlackAssDoes this work with latest Ubuntu? e.g: http://java.sun.com/developer/technicalArticles/GUI/translucent_shaped_windows/07:45
knightstalkerBlackAss,here is for Ubuntu 11.1007:45
BlackAssknightstalker, i am latest and greatest always. yes please 11.10 does this works now? e.g: http://java.sun.com/developer/technicalArticles/GUI/translucent_shaped_windows/07:50
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TeTeTjust stumbled over bug 839744 during an upgrade, any work around?08:30
ubottuLaunchpad bug 839744 in glib2.0 (Ubuntu) "package libglib2.0-0 2.29.16-0ubuntu3 [modified: usr/share/doc/libglib2.0-0/changelog.Debian.gz] failed to install/upgrade: ErrorMessage: './usr/share/doc/libglib2.0-0/changelog.Debian.gz' is different from the same file on the system" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/83974408:30
TeTeTI'm a bit puzzled that it installs the 32 bit version of libglib2 on a 64 bit system08:31
jtaylorTeTeT: why is your changelog modified?08:34
TeTeTjtaylor: it isn't, at least not by me.08:34
jtaylorreinstalling it should reset your modifications and allow upgrading08:35
jtaylorapt-get install --reinstall08:35
TeTeTI'll give it a try08:35
knightstalkerNovell Moonlight can not be installed because its not compatible with FireFox 7.008:36
nomegois there a ppa for 3.1-rc kernels?08:43
hifinomego: http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/ direct download .deb08:47
nomegohifi, thanks08:48
TeTeTjtaylor: reinstalling won't work because of the unresolved dependencies. It looks to me like a multi arch problem, there's already glib2.0 for amd64 installed on my system, and something draws in the 32bit version08:49
urlin2uknightstalker, nightly tester tools add on might fix that, hard to say.08:49
jtaylorTeTeT: is multiarch enabled?08:50
TeTeTjtaylor: yes, by default comes with the upgrade08:52
jtaylorit does?08:52
jtaylorthats new then08:52
TeTeTjtaylor: think it changed with beta1. I'll disable it and see if it cleans the problem08:52
jtaylorthat won't08:53
TeTeTjtaylor: well, at least it allows me now to use apt again08:54
knightstalkerIf you upgraded to beta1 and you didn't fresh install on Alpha3 then its still disabled08:54
knightstalkerbut if you fresh installed beta1 then its enabled already08:54
knightstalkeror atleast thats what it says on Release Notes08:54
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rigvedStanley00: hi. you helped me the other day. i was able to reproduce the problem. when i click on preferences in ccsm, unity crashes.08:59
rigvedthe only way to recover is to delete .gnome and other folders...08:59
rigvedi will file a bug09:00
amitranaHi, how do I add/use invest-applet in ubuntu 11.10?09:06
amitranaI cant find it using synaptic-manager09:06
diverse_izzueah, so many bugs09:52
rigvedmy microphone is not working on the latest beta. alsamixer does not show the mic. it worked perfectly on lucid earlier. can anyone help?09:52
ssargenntoi've been given conflicting answers on this.. is the login screen supposed to be aligned to the left or center? can anybody confirm for sure?10:12
jtaylorits left for me10:13
jtaylorwith my right monitor black10:13
ssargenntoi see, mine is still aligned center. after I was told earlier it should be aligned left I reinstalled the lightdm package and unity-greeter package but is still aligned to center position10:18
ssargenntojtaylor: any idea how to fix it?10:25
ubottuLaunchpad bug 842519 in unity (Ubuntu) "When Touchpad is disabled,Graphical info will report its enabled,and vice versa" [Undecided,New]10:47
hacked_kernelI'm unable to change the Gnome shell theme, tried the tweak tool i'm able to change the GTK theme but not the window, and the shell theme is disabled in the tweak tool11:34
hacked_kernelI installed the gnome shell theme extension but it didn't show up11:40
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BluesKajHey folks11:50
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gnomiehavent seen an update in 3 days. update-notifier fail12:51
BluesKajjust use apt-get update, in the terminal12:52
gnomieBluesKaj: besides the point13:14
BluesKajgnomie, if you must use a buggy gui then do so :)13:16
gnomieexpected behaviour: system should notify user of new updates13:16
BluesKajI don't expect much from notfiers...13:17
BluesKajgnomie, especially one's in a beta OS13:18
gnomiei AM going to have to update manually now anyway.. am sure it won't fix itself13:19
knightstalkerhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity/+bug/842519 <- Weird how Gnome-shell detects touchpad enable/disable better :p13:20
ubottuLaunchpad bug 842519 in unity (Ubuntu) "When Touchpad is disabled,Graphical info will report its enabled,and vice versa" [Undecided,New]13:20
gnomiealthough, i already heard todays update is breaking stuff royally for some.. sigh13:20
knightstalkerwasn't unity based on gnome?13:20
BluesKajgnomie, breaking what ?13:20
gnomieBluesKaj: you're a kubuntu guy, aren't you?13:21
knightstalkerI have my ubuntu 11.10 updated,nothing is broken,except some crash reports which only occurred after update and gone after restart13:21
knightstalkerif thats what you are referring to13:21
* gnomie crosses fingers13:22
BluesKajgnomie, yes13:24
gnomieknightstalker: my system here has been pretty stable. found only 3 bugs, two reported, one never happened again13:24
BluesKajKwin is borked in KDE , that I know from my13:25
gnomielets see what i find when i finish updating/rebooting13:26
gnomieBluesKaj: am on unity13:26
BluesKajgnomie, brave soul :)13:26
gnomiedamn right13:27
knightstalkerI had 3-4 crashes =),And some minor issues13:27
knightstalkerReported them all13:27
knightstalkerI am gnome shell :p13:27
rigvedhi everyone. my mic is not working on the latest beta. it was working perfectly on lucid. alsamixer does not show a mic. can anyone help?13:30
BluesKajrigved, did you use f5 on alsamixer to dispaly all controls ? I have to ask13:38
jmlMore bug filing fun.13:42
jmlIt seems my laptop screen dims even when it's plugged in13:43
jmlWhere should I file a bug about this?13:43
rigvedBluesKaj: sorry, i had gone away. yes. with F5, all I see is: Master, PCM, S/PDIF, S/PDIF Default, Beep, Capture13:56
zniavregood afternoon14:01
zniavreusing gnome-panel session (fallback) the screen become blank after mn . how to stop this behavior please ?14:01
jmlalso, my screen jitters sometimes14:03
rigvedjml: i do not know for sure but you could check http://gnome.org/projects/gnome-power-manager/14:04
jmlrigved: ta14:04
DrHalanhey, doesn oneiric have to 2 network configuration applications on purpose or will that change?14:04
zniavrejml ok14:05
jmlIt's a hard thing to file a bug for.14:06
rigvedhi everyone. my mic is not working on the latest beta. it was working perfectly on lucid. alsamixer does not show a mic. can anyone help?15:03
zniavreim wondering why i can run gnome-fallback session with compiz quite easily but gnome-shell/unity can't run at all ... that s frustating15:31
cwillu_at_workbecause software is hard.15:36
cwillu_at_workjust because something works doesn't mean that something else that looks identical will also work :p15:37
cwillu_at_workfrustrating yes, but literally the only thing you can do about it other than waiting for somebody to fix it is to learn to fix it yourself, at which point you'll gain a very deep appreciation for what I just said :)15:37
nomegowhat's the proper tool to get hardware information in oneiric?16:20
Picinomego: lshw?16:22
ActionParsnipnomego: sudo lshw | less     is one way16:22
jtaylorlshw brings a bunch of information16:22
ActionParsnipnomego: there is no real 'proper tool' for anything, there are options16:23
Picisome of it useful!16:23
ActionParsnip!info lshw-gtk oneiric16:23
ubottulshw-gtk (source: lshw): graphical information about hardware configuration. In component universe, is optional. Version 02.15-1 (oneiric), package size 411 kB, installed size 1636 kB16:23
nomegook cool, thanks16:25
bullgard4_I just did an update using UpdateManager. 180 MB have been downloaded. I was asked to restaart the computer. Now I do not have Internet access through my ADSL router. The ethernet connection is functional. '~$ route' shows normal output. '~$ sudo dhclient eth0; RTNETLINK answers: File exists.' This answer is unusual. How to proceed?17:08
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ActionParsnipbullgard4_: does the router manage the connection for you, so you just get DHCP from it?17:19
ActionParsnipbullgard4_: can you ping
ActionParsnipbullgard4_: does the interface get an IP address?17:19
bullgard4_ActionParsnip: The router did manage the connection for me  just befor the update.17:21
ActionParsnipbullgard4_: cool, makes life easier17:21
bullgard4_I do not know ehat you mean asking: "so you just get DHCP from it?" Please ask this in other words.17:22
ActionParsnipbullgard4_: do you set a static IP for the inteface, or do you just let the router configure the interface for you?17:22
bullgard4_ActionParsnip: Yes I can ping (*surprise*)17:23
ActionParsnipbullgard4_: ok then your DNS probably sucks. If you run:  gksudo gedit /etc/resolv.conf     delete ALL the text and add these 2 lines:   nameserver      nameserver     save the new file, close gedit and retry teh web. Does it work ok?17:23
bullgard4_ActionParsnip: Usually the router configures the interface for me. I do not use a fixed IP address.17:24
ActionParsnipbullgard4_: sure but it appears the OS is not getting DNS set properly, this will test it17:24
ActionParsnipbullgard4_: if it's ok, we can make the setting permanent as the resolv.conf file is generated by network manager (etc) at boot17:25
ActionParsnipbullgard4_: any better?17:26
bullgard4_ActionParsnip: Yes. Now I have Internet access again.17:29
ActionParsnipbullgard4_: BOOM! ok then in network manager, set the interface to DHCP (address only) then set the DNS to:,    set to apply system wide and apply etc (you will need to enter your password)17:30
ActionParsnipbullgard4_: this will make THAT setting apply each boot and will take the place of your router / driver's shortcomings17:31
ActionParsnipbullgard4_: puinging known web IPs is a good way to see if you have a connection and if dns is failing ;)17:34
zonkersi think you guys have done a decent job fixing unity in the next release.17:35
bullgard4_ActionParsnip: Actually, i pinged www.belug.de and got no ping answer, before I posted here in this channel.17:36
ActionParsnipbullgard4_: that's a name, not an IP17:36
bullgard4_ActionParsnip: Ah, yes. You are right, and I made a mistake. My apologies.17:37
IdleOnewww.belug.de has address
ActionParsnipits cool man, you see what's going on though :)17:37
ActionParsnipbullgard4_: if you install dnsmasq then tell it to listen to  You can then set your DNS to:,,
ActionParsniplocal dnsmasq makes the web faster as name resolutions will take 0ms rather than 30ms to web DNS :)17:43
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BluesKajActionParsnip, i'm still a bit confused , resolv.conf should ave the dns IP , orrect ?17:44
bullgard4_ActionParsnip: How to invoke NetworkManager in GNOME 3? If I key in Super-key > network, GNOME 3 offers i.) Applications: Network Tools ii.) a window "Network Connections". ii.) seems to be part of NetworkManager. I remembered my past wireless connections, but the "Wired" tab is empty. How can I find the NetworkManager interface eth0?17:46
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ActionParsnipBluesKaj: yes, it is made my network manager but the file is still used. If you don't use a manager app, you will need to manually populate the file17:46
BluesKajActionParsnip, right , gotcha ...not using NM ;)17:47
ActionParsnipBluesKaj: indeed, wired connections don't really need NM unless they need vpn stuffs etc17:48
BluesKajActionParsnip, ssh is ok without NM for Lan , what about remote ?17:50
ActionParsnipBluesKaj: remote what?17:50
bullgard4_kuroi: Ich habe in /etc/resolv.conf nun eingetragen die 2 Zeilen "nameserver" und  "nameserver". Nun funktioniert der Internetzugang wieder auch über DNS. Aber das ist wohl keine feine Dauerlösung.17:51
ActionParsnipBluesKaj: as long as there is a correct set of IP addressing, it doesn't matter how it is set17:51
BluesKajssh into remote pc on the internet , other thab behind one's router, act17:51
ActionParsnipBluesKaj: as long as the IP is in the routers subnet, it will be contactable from teh WAN with correct port forwarding17:52
BluesKajActionParsnip, one needs a dns Ip tracker to use ssh etc with dynamic IPs .. I have easy dns available thru my ISP but the linux ddclient isn't compatible with my router17:56
BluesKajguess who makes me use their router17:56
coeoshow can I change the time format on the login screen to be 24 hours?18:01
BigWhaleIs Ubuntu Mono font excluded in Oneiric?18:08
BigWhaleafter todays upgrade I no longer have Ubuntu mono font... :'(18:08
coeosI don't have it either, but I don't remember ever having it18:10
bullgard4_BigWhale: What directory have you been lookiing in?18:33
BigWhalewell I haven't really looked for the font, but I can't select it anymore18:34
BigWhaleand the terminal is now using Ubuntu and there is no Ubuntu Mono18:34
htorqueBigWhale: there was an update to the oneiric fonts that superseded the version in the pirvate PPA you are using18:35
BigWhaleI knew it!18:36
BigWhale(just never bothered to check)18:36
htorqueyou can do: sudo apt-get install --reinstall ttf-ubuntu-font-family=0.71.2-0ubuntu5+phasedbeta5~oneiric18:36
htorqueaccording to paul sladen the ppa should see an update soon18:37
BigWhalehtorque, thanks for the help!18:37
htorqueyw :)18:37
BluesKajhope there's a fix in kwin in the new kde 4.7.118:42
gnomiegnome-control-center and update-manager need revision; multiple crashes while and after updating18:49
PiciMake sure to log bugs18:49
gnomiefile two already [launchpad]18:50
gnomiegnome-control-center update won't install, makes updater crash too18:51
hfIt seems I have a few corrupt packages on my system, and can't get rid of them.18:52
gnomieit's like held back against its will! :o18:52
hfWhenever I do anything with apt, I get this at the end: http://pastie.org/249303518:53
hfWhat do I do? It seems it breaks Software Center and Update Manager, although Synaptic works fine but reports said problems also.18:54
hfI am wondering if is a problem with Python itself?18:56
hfWhat Python version does apt use?18:56
hfYes, it is: pyclean doesn't run. :/18:56
trismhf: it looks to me like you changed the system python binary to python318:57
hftrism, I did actually. Just changed back. Let's see.18:58
hfFinally! :)18:58
alkisgHi, I'm trying oneiric. I've opened 3 openoffice windows. I can't find an easy way to switch between them (using unity).18:59
* hf is doing a dance :P18:59
alkisgAlt + tab doesn't work, it just shows one openoffice window18:59
alkisgClicking on the libreoffice launcher icon and holding the mouse button doesn't show the 3 different windows18:59
alkisgHow can I switch windows with unity?!18:59
alkisgAnd a second question, I haven't found a way to restore (opposite of maximize) the libreoffice window with the mouse. Now I'm using alt+space to show the window menu!19:02
bodhi_zazenDo we do test days ?19:02
urlin2ualkisg, there s a window button in the left panel.19:05
bodhi_zazenIf not, we should consider test days =)19:06
bullgard4_Why is there a softlink /sbin/ip? It points to /bin/ip.19:06
alkisgurlin2u: I'm seeing the dash button, and the workspace switcher, are you talking about another button that I'm not seeing?19:06
alkisg(may be some oneiric bug in my netbook, that would explain our inability to work with unity... :))19:06
urlin2ualkisg, yeah work place there is probably a short cut key, don't know it though.19:07
bassoim still getting an evil report problem message19:07
bassothat does pop up all the time19:07
urlin2ubodhi_zazen, if more people would do regular fresh installs it would probably help as well, instead of breaking their setups, and crying bug.19:08
bodhi_zazenfedora provides a live CD for test day19:08
bodhi_zazenso most people use the live image -> usb or what not19:09
bodhi_zazenPerhaps some test days might help with Ubuntu ?19:09
bodhi_zazencould try a few, lay out your expectations of testers19:09
Picibodhi_zazen: Like: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBugDay19:12
bodhi_zazenno Pici , that is a bug triage day19:13
bodhi_zazenFedora asks users to test and report packages : https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Test_Day:2011-08-30_Nouveau19:13
bodhi_zazenWith a list of specific testing procedures19:14
bodhi_zazenand on, see the first page19:14
PiciI'm not sure what tasks our testing team does specifically, but you may want to look at: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing19:14
bodhi_zazenI am suggesting specific days to test "major" components, such as X, again that link is a general to do list19:15
alkisgAny way to reset unity settings? I tried `unity --reset`, but that only made the already opened windows hang, and I had to restart X...19:16
Picibodhi_zazen: then #ubuntu-bugs or #ubuntu-testing would be a better place to make suggestions :)19:16
gnomiegot proper icons under nautilus! rock on!19:18
gnomieone thing that went well with the updates for me19:18
jbichaevery day is bug testing day!19:18
jakempWhen I go to install adobe flash, based on the apt link on their page I get an error package not in current sources in the software manager19:19
jbichapackage testing, bug reporting & fixing19:19
gnomieyah, currently checking out unity-2d.. really want to see this take off19:20
jbichajakemp: that sounds like an issue with Adobe's website as Ubuntu 11.10 has changed how Flash works for 64-bit19:20
jakemphow's that? I'm not seeing anything helpful in my googles19:21
jbichajakemp: you should try the Ubuntu Software Center to install stuff anyway19:21
bodhi_zazen #ubuntu-testing seems to be for iso testing19:22
jakempjbicha, I go in there and install it, and I get about 1/10 of the completion bar, then it resets. It never installs19:22
bodhi_zazenand many of the same people as here, so seems like interest is low19:22
bodhi_zazentoo bad19:22
Picibodhi_zazen: That doesn't mean that they are curently active. And I'm in a lot of channels myself, but I don't necessarily look at them, so they might not be looking at this one.19:23
bodhi_zazenSo I have your attention here, why should we move the discussion to an iso testing channel ?19:24
urlin2ubodhi_zazen, I think some are just don't have the technical chutzpah,I don't and I am a experienced user19:24
Picibodhi_zazen: Because I'm not a part of the testing team.  I'm just someone who knows that they exist.19:24
bodhi_zazenWell, iso testing is not what I am suggesting =)19:26
jbichajakemp: you could instead try sudo apt-get install flashplugin-installer19:26
jakempI did that just now19:26
jakempThe following packages have unmet dependencies:19:27
jakemp flashplugin-installer : Depends: flashplugin-downloader but it is not installable19:27
jakemp                         Depends: nspluginwrapper but it is not going to be installed19:27
jakempthen when I try those. "E: Package 'flashplugin-downloader' has no installation candidate19:27
micahgjakemp: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel-announce/2011-August/000886.html19:28
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.19:29
BluesKajjakemp, 64 bit ?19:30
jakempyes, and I started on alpha 2 or 319:31
BluesKajjakemp, https://launchpad.net/~sevenmachines/+archive/flash/+packages19:31
jakempI tihnk micahg's link did the trick19:33
bjsniderjakemp, i would recommend using the 32-bit browser and flash plugin if you're on amd64 because it will be much better and more stable without nspluginwrapper19:51
jakempI migt be doing that already, I am just using chrome out of the google repo, and then once I ran that command from the mailing list, it started working again.19:52
jakempand then I only saw one flash in the repo, and I installed that for firefox19:53
* jakemp takes the path of least resistance.19:53
micahgbjsnider: we don't support running a 32 bit browser from the archive yet, but multiarch has improved using a 32 bit flash on amd6419:53
darthanubisnothing is wrong with the 64bit flash20:02
darthanubiswhy is this idea still being pushed?20:02
BluesKajdarthanubis, read the page, https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel-announce/2011-August/000886.html20:04
micahgdarthanubis: because 64 bit flash hasn't been released yet :)20:04
BluesKajdarthanubis, 64 bit flash is 32bit in 64 bit sheep's clothing20:06
BluesKajmicahg, let's hope more than just flash offers 64 bit ... I see skype has no real 64 bit versions either20:07
micahgBluesKaj: well, no, there's a real 64 bit version, but it's still in beta20:08
micahgBluesKaj: skype is the the 32 bit in 64 bit clothing20:08
darthanubisBluesKaj, that link has what to do with flash stabilty?20:08
darthanubismicahg, I get your point20:08
darthanubisbut people are still , those not in the know, are believing there is some stability issue with the 64bit driver20:09
bullgard4_[GNOME 3] '~$ sudo service dmlight restart; dmlight: unrecognized service'. What is the proper syntax?20:09
darthanubiswhen that is not the case at all20:09
darthanubisJust wondered why that old untrue meme was still floating around20:10
trismbullgard4_: it is lightdm not dmlight20:12
bullgard4_trism: Ah!20:13
bullgard4_trism: Thank you very much for your help.20:15
trismbullgard4_: you're welcome20:16
bullgard4_FernandoMiguel:   ¡Buenas tardes¹20:18
BluesKajdarthanubis, the only one i have is the sevenmachines posted above , but micahg's post above should take care of all 32 bit apps on 64 bit OS's...right micahg ?20:19
micahgBluesKaj: not entirely, multiarch will be a long process, right now, I think flash and skype should work and maybe a few other things20:20
darthanubisBluesKaj, sevenmachines is the one I have been using for years. Works beautiful as it is straight from Adobe.20:21
BluesKajmicahg, ok .. it's worth the wait ...it'll be nice once HTML5 is adopted by flash heavy websites tho , then flash won't matter20:22
BluesKajand javascript for that matter20:27
jbichadarthanubis: the problem with recommending Adobe's 64-bit plugin is that Adobe historically doesn't support their betas very well20:37
bullgard4_Since the latest update this morning using Update Manager my GNOME 3 often crashes but I do not obtain an error message. Is this worth reporting to Launchpad?20:40
BluesKajheh, it still crashes on natty ..good luck20:41
RRRRubebullgard4, Does the Activities panel disappear and just leave you with a Nautilus-like menu along the top?20:46
bullgard4_RRRRube: The Activites panel does disappear. But there is no Nautilus-like menu left along the top.20:48
RRRRubebulldog98, I had been having problems with crashes for the past couple of days, but I installed a whole bunch of updates and tonight and so far, so good. There is a bug on launchpad for the problem I've been having, I don't know if yours is the same, but you can take a look at it. Give me a sec and I'll look out the bug no.20:50
RRRRubebulldog98, Have a look here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-shell/+bug/84139920:50
ubottuLaunchpad bug 841399 in gnome-shell (Ubuntu) "gnome-shell segfault error 4 in libgobject-2.0.so.0.2918.0" [Undecided,Confirmed]20:50
alkisgCurrently the real name of the user is displayed in the panel. Is this to be there in the final oneiric version too? On netbook resolutions (1024x...) it wastes too much space, and firefox or libreoffice menus are hidden under the other icons.20:58
alkisgAlso the keyboard indicator applet now has a new, useless keyboard icon, that also wastes some screen space21:00
alkisgAnd, even though I tried creating a new user, I'm still not seeing the window button in the left panel (launcher?), so I can't switch windows.21:02
bullgard4_RRRRube: My error is simiar but different.21:06
bullgard4_alkisg: Are you referring to Unity?21:08
alkisgbullgard4_, yes21:08
alkisgIs gnome-shell more stable/usable?21:09
bullgard4_alkisg: Up to yesterday I thought so. But today there was a big upgrade, and now my GNOME 3 is crashing often.21:11
alkisgRight now I'm getting 100% compiz usage and I have to `kill -9` it twice, and then re-run it to get it running... /me tries unity-2d...21:13
alkisgAnd aptd has been doing very frequent 100% CPU spikes for many days now :-/21:16
alkisgHey, unity-2d is much much better! It even shows a window list when you double-click on the launcher openoffice icon!21:17
alkisgSo.... how's KDE in oneiric, wrt stability?21:21
alkisg... and, light-dm autologin destroys the saved "unity-2d" preference in .dmrc :(21:39
bassoi still have vertical tearing problems in gnome-shell :(22:23
kbroulikdoes Oneiric ship NM 0.9 or 0.8.x?22:46
kbroulikthx :)22:46
kbroulikokay, so upon installing lightdm onto Kubuntu, X doesnt start up anymore, but well, afk, investigating22:47
frewsxcvhow do i file a bug for the installer?22:47
jtaylorubuntu-bug ubiquity22:47
FernandoMigueland 6 years later, we are *still* recommending a CLI tool22:48
FernandoMiguelwell, a CLI command22:48
FernandoMiguelapport has a UI22:48
jtaylor it does?22:48
gnomieubuntu-bug is effective if you know app or package name already22:49
jtaylorwhats the cli command to start it :)22:49
cwillu_at_workFernandoMiguel, funny that:  in a text channel, text commands a preferred over visual commands22:50
FernandoMigueltext? you have an avatar here :P22:51
FernandoMiguelback on topic22:51
FernandoMiguelwe want to make an OS for Human beings22:51
FernandoMiguelI can't tell my dad to run that22:51
FernandoMiguelthen again my dad won't be running devel OSs22:52
gnomieapport works fine if you have the time to run the report as it happens ..22:52
gnomieand using the terminal should not be considered a burden when one can spend hours on silly facebooks22:53
gnomietyping stuff..22:54
BluesKajas a former windows user at my workplace for close to 20 yrs , I have to say it's pleasure to something as responsive and immediate as the cli ...gui s are necessary for some ppl ..but I' m retired out of the workforce and glad I discovered Linux when I did ...it's not as much a generational gap as many ppl believe22:57
tomodachiBluesKaj: well if you go far back enough into history ppl were using terminals so yes :)22:59
BluesKajFernandoMiguel, I'm a grandfather running a dev OS , and there more out there than you think :)22:59
FernandoMiguelI know22:59
charlie-tcaBluesKaj: +122:59
FernandoMiguelit's not what I'm saying22:59
FernandoMiguelbut not everyone is computer savvy23:00
BluesKajdon't sell you father short , showing him the cli might interst him23:00
BluesKajyour father23:00
BluesKajdid i make a funny ? :)23:00
gnomiei dont like your attitude, FernandoMiguel23:00
charlie-tcaum, reality is if they are not using a computer, it doesn't matter what OS you teach them, they will learn what they need anyway23:01
jtaylorhehe my father is always afraid I'll break his mac when I open the terminal there :/23:01
gnomienow THat is funny, jtaylor .. but then again, i would be worried to let someone else drive my ferrari away23:02
mongyubuntu now is as easy as windows.  for people that dont know anything, there are courses for windows, which means, windows aint that easy after all, so lets all learn ubuntu :)23:02
BluesKajjtaylor, try opening the terminal in windows ..wife almost freaked when I put putty on her W7 pc :)23:02
BluesKajbut she understood , once I showed her what I was doing23:04
* gnomie chuckles23:04
BluesKajshe used to me sitting here using the cli on our media server with tv monitor23:05
BluesKajBBL ... need to leave for a bit23:05
FernandoMiguelnite every123:07
bassoi just love posting bugs23:22
bassoits so easy23:22

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