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dokowhat's the status of vlc on armel? currrently ftbfs. can we remove the binaries (NBS)?10:49
ogra_its a segfault10:50
ogra_doko, let me at least try to give it back once10:51
ogra_ARGH !10:51
ogra_... -O2 -mfpu=neon -O2   -Wl,-soname ...10:51
ogra_why does it have neon on10:52
ogra_(not the build failure though)10:52
dokowell, the plugin is called neon ...10:53
ogra_yeah, and it finished fine, its the next action that segfaults10:53
* ogra_ gives back10:54
ogra_starts in 17h10:55
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dturhi all; i installed a headless 11.04 on my beagle C3. it boots and13:27
dtur..all, but i dont see /sys/devices/platforms/musb_hdrc13:27
dtur(which i need to enable otg host mode)13:28
dtur"dmesg | grep musb" gives a single line "[    0.451873] musb-hdrc: version 6.0, tusb-omap-dma, otg (peripheral+host), debug=0"13:28
dturany help?13:28
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ogra_do you have the right cable ?13:38
dturogra_: yes, it worked in my old lucid install13:42
ogra_hmm, might be a kernel bug then13:42
ogra_i dont think we test that much13:42
ogra_(i dont think anyone in the QA team has a proper OTG cable either)13:43
dturok, maybe if you can help me find it, i can help fix it :)13:43
dturi need to be on the run right now, but generally i'm not opposed to compiling me own krnl or using rootstock..13:44
ogra_well. search launchpad, if there is a bug already you should be able to find it13:44
ogra_ppisati would probably know if he was around, seems half the world is on vacation this week ... or traveling to plumbers13:44
dturright. i did find some problems, but the sysfs entry not being there was never part of it..13:45
dturso i'll probably open a bug on lp then.13:45
dturthx for the direction ;)13:46
ogra_thanks for the bug :)13:47
ogra_doko, hmm, vlc segfaults at the same spot, but digging a bit i found that siretart actually works on that issue14:40
ogra_bug 78531815:09
ubot2`Launchpad bug 785318 in qt4-x11 "programs segfault trying to dlopen libQtOpenGL" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/78531815:09
ogra_doko, so debian bug 635724 and lp bug 785318 seem to revolve around the vlc issue, i think a new QT will fix the ftbfs15:14
ubot2`Debian bug 635724 in libqt4-gui,vlc "vlc: FTBFS (kfreebsd-i386) Segmentation fault (core dumped) ../bin/vlc-cache-gen ." [Serious,Fixed] http://bugs.debian.org/63572415:14
ubot2`Launchpad bug 785318 in qt4-x11 "programs segfault trying to dlopen libQtOpenGL" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/78531815:14
dokoogra_, cool, who uploads the fix?15:16
ogra_doko, i hope bug 839557 ... we should just be able to give it back then15:17
ubot2`Launchpad bug 839557 in qt4-x11 "FFe: Qt 4.7.4" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/83955715:17
ogra_(assuming that fix is in the new QT)15:17
dokoogra_, cool, who uploads the fix in QT?15:18
ogra_doko, the new QT will ship it i think, the FFe is granted just needs a sync i guess15:18
ogra_yeah, the nokia bugtracker says 4.7.4 has the fix, so we only need to wait for the desktop team to include 4.7.415:28
ppisatiGrueMaster: morning16:22
ppisatiGrueMaster: can you check with latest kernel audio on panda? /proc/asound is populated16:22
ppisatiGrueMaster: i'm at plumbers now16:23
ppisatiGrueMaster: and i don't have all the hw16:23
GrueMasterwill do today.  just got back from long weekend.16:23
ppisatiooook :)16:23
ps2chiperHas persia been on lately?16:24
ogra_he should be arouns any time soon again16:26
ogra_and no, he was away from IRC for a while16:26
ppisatidid he live near Fukushima? :)16:27
ogra_he does live south of it, yeah16:28
ppisati(jet lag is not improving my sense of humor :)16:28
GrueMasteryou have a sense of humor?  :P16:28
ogra_closer than you and me for sure :)16:28
ogra_there we go, first ac100 image16:29
ppisatiGrueMaster: yeah, it's just that my sense of humor is picky... like Unix... :)16:29
ogra_(dont expect the installer to work yet, there is one remaining bug)16:29
ogra_but it would good to know if all partitions are seen by the bootimg16:30
GrueMasterI don't have to test it too, do I?16:30
ogra_you dont have to, no16:30
ogra_i'll find someone in #ac10016:30
GrueMastergood.  Last I need is more work.  :P16:30
ogra_indeed, if you have to much spare time :)16:30
ppisatiGrueMaster: if you are overloaded, and want to throw som stuff to me16:31
ppisatiGrueMaster: feel free16:31
ppisatiGrueMaster: just drop me an email and a pointer on what i've to do16:31
ogra_ppisati, make kvm work and GrueMaster will be happy16:32
ppisatidoes it support arm at all;?16:32
ogra_then he doesnt need to wreite the world from scratch16:32
ppisatiah ok :)16:32
ogra_but all out automated test tools use kvm16:33
ogra_and kvm only16:33
ppisatiA slightly modified Linux 2.6.27 and 2.6.29 kernel runs on a KVM patched kernel compiled for ARMv6 and ARMv7.16:37
ppisatiThere is a complicated bug that manifests itself in the user space part of the elf format init code, which prevents us from running16:38
ppisati /init16:38
ppisatithe secondo note doesn't sound good :)16:38
ogra_yeah, i wouldnt even dare to try16:38
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axleI use ubuntu 10.10 from usb flash drive on my pandaboard, and somehow update-initramfs only works as "update-initramfs -u -b /media/boot" where /media/boot is the mountpoint of my boot partition on the SD card. this makes "dpkg --configure -a" fail in some way, it "cannot find mtd partition 'Kernel'". I guess I have to set some var, any idea how to fix it?20:00
axlehi btw :D20:00
GrueMasteraxle: Do you have an /etc/flash-kernel.conf that has UBOOT_PART=/dev/mmcblk0p1?20:05
axleuhm, no. should I? I'm creating one now. anything else that should be in there?20:07
ps2chiperdoes anyone know if the amlogic 8726 soc can support ubuntu20:07
axleaw GrueMaster I love you :) your hint and the installation of uboot-mkimage did the trick :)20:12
GrueMasterps2chiper: It appears to be Arm Cortex A9 compatible.  If you can get a kernel for it, Ubuntu software will work.20:26
ps2chiperwell they have openlinux.amlogic.com20:27
ps2chiperi was told that android kernels wont work20:27
ps2chiperi need to go to sleep now. thank you for your time20:27
GrueMasterNo problem.20:27
prpplagueps2chiper: i think ds2 has been working on that21:06
prpplaguelet me ask him21:06

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