KathyReidHi everyone - I'm trying to make contact with Joel Pickett / @sagaci if anyone can point me in the right direction? It's re: the LCA2012 open day. Any help / advice much appreciated :-)00:50
elkyHe's here most evenings.01:00
KathyReidelky: Thanks :-) Will ping him later on01:02
elkyKathyReid, also, just PMd you an email address01:03
KathyReidelky: you are awesome01:04
elkyYou're welcome.01:07
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sagacihead_victim: no open day at lca2012 therefore no ubuntu-au stand03:45
elkythat's a shame. though i imagine ballarat isn't really the best place for that kind of thing03:47
sagacithey suggested having a BoF which is essentially what we had the first night... so I'll change accordingly03:55
gorillathat's a pity about the LCA open day.04:09
elkythere's also nothing stopping organising a similar activity on the saturday. ie, going to the local $event and handing out stuff05:00
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head_victimsagaci: that's a bit of a bummer. But yeah, what everyone else has said, try and organise a social event instead :) I found having one earlier in the week helped me (not sure about others) actually know  a couple of people at the conference.06:08
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sagacierr, what do you call those underlined letters in menus, like P for print and S for Save, etc12:22
sagaciyep accelerators or shortcuts12:27
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head_victimblahdeblah: you happy to talk to the edge people or did you want someone else to look into it? That does seem like a nice idea.22:42
head_victimFor all concerned, Mootbot has some hosting issues currently and means we will not be getting a lot of features it holds. meetingology is it's replacement as used in #ubuntu-meeting so I have also made the change in here. There should be little to no changes for the meetings but there are some added features. I've just sent an email to the mailing list to explain the differences. 23:36
ejatnoted :)23:37
head_victimBasically the only difference is we now have more features and the minutes are a bit better set out.23:42

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