yax51ok s oI got a usb tuner for my computer, however when I plug it in, it doesn't even detect that there is anything there....00:43
yax51I suspect I may need drivers for it though..00:44
yax51does anyone know where I can find such drivers (if they even exist)? it's a ub435-q tv tuner00:56
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tdnHow do I change system language (menus and the like) to Danish? I would really like to do it from command line if possible. And for all users.09:19
M0hitdn: I think setlocale will do09:30
ubot2`Factoid 'setlocale' not found09:30
tdnIs that a program I need to install?09:35
tdnM0hi, ?09:48
Sidewinder1M0hi left, I believe.09:49
M0hitdn: you got the solution?11:53
tdnYeah. By this thread: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=11223604#post1122360412:02
M0hitdn: mark that as solved. Lemme poke raja to be active here too :D12:06
tdnM0hi, it is marked solved?12:06
M0hiOh yeah! sorry My bad12:07
r4yIs there another command that can replace this command?, or a modification to this command? I want it so that username doesn't have to be stated as my username to make it easier for a tutorial13:05
r4ysudo find ~/Desktop/roms -exec chown username.username \{} \;13:06
geirha-exec chown "$USER:" {} +13:08
geirhaOn second thought, that's dangerous.13:08
geirhado  sudo chown -R "$USER:" ~/Desktop/roms  instead13:09
geirhaNo find.13:09
r4yThank you for the info13:11
r4yThat worked. Thank you. I have another question.13:28
r4yWhy use this command then this command after it:13:29
r4yfind ~/Desktop/roms/ -type f -exec chmod 644 \{} \;13:29
r4yfind ~/Desktop/roms/ -type d -exec chmod 755 \{} \;13:29
geirhaYou need execute permission on directories to be able to access them. On files, you only want execute bit if it's meant to be executable.13:30
r4yThe files end up being marked with X's and locks, so I use these 3 commands to fix them13:31
geirhafind ~/Desktop/roms \( -type f -o -type d \) -exec chmod u+rwX,go+rX {} +13:32
geirhaHm. That's odd13:32
geirhathat last find will just add bits (if missing), so it won't remove the execute bit on a file that is meant to be executable.13:33
r4ytorrentzip from sourceforge messes them up, so I left it as an option to use the source version from sourceforge with this a solution. The other torrentzip is not on sourceforge which doen't have this poblem13:33
r4yexecutable. You mean marked as executable?, I will have to look.13:34
geirhaActually, you could lose the find there too.  chmod -R u+rwX,go+rX ~/Desktop/roms13:36
r4ythis command fixed the X's so access permissions are fixed:13:36
r4yfind ~/Desktop/roms/ -type f -exec chmod 644 \{} \;13:36
r4ythe other didn't seem to do anything13:36
r4yI meant this command didn't seem to do anything:13:37
r4yfind ~/Desktop/roms/ -type d -exec chmod 755 \{} \;13:37
r4ychmod -R u+rwX,go+rX ~/Desktop/roms worked for access permissions as well as find ~/Desktop/roms/ -type f -exec chmod 644 \{} \;13:41
r4yDoes this command do anything?:13:41
r4yfind ~/Desktop/roms/ -type d -exec chmod 755 \{} \;13:41
r4yI mean why should I even have it in my tutorial?, Or be using that command?13:43
r4yI should go study with google for a sec13:44
r4yI see, like you were trying to tell me:   Files = 644  and  Directories = 75513:48
r4yOK, so then the second command of the 2 isn't needed in my case because only the files need their permissions changed and not the folder holding it. Well at least that is what I have been perceiving over the past with this problem13:51
r4ythank you for the help13:51
r4yI will have to mess around with the 3rd command I have been asking about when dealing with torrentzip, just in case I am wrong here. TY and bye13:53
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haqkingGreeting everyone ;-)14:51
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kristian-aalborghurm, my internet dies and dies and dies18:04
LearnUbuntuWhat is the new path for /etc/gdm/custom in 11.04?20:16
geirha/etc/gdm/custom.conf according to http://library.gnome.org/admin/gdm/2.32/configuration.html.en#daemonconfig20:22
LearnUbuntugeirha, true, but i do not find the file in 11.04 there is /etc/gdm/ [but no custom.conf]20:23
geirhaLearnUbuntu: Well, I assume it'll be used if you create it20:41
LearnUbuntusolved thanks geirha20:41
LearnUbuntuHow can i tell Ubuntu via terminal do not turn off my and auto logout or do not enable screen savers all the time, keep it as it is.20:48
LearnUbuntuI am from my another laptop connected to Ubuntu 11.04 via SSH. How can i from terminal open the VNC ? So that i can login.20:53
AntonjoA little piece of advice by you experts.21:25
AntonjoIn my insane efforts to get my driver working I keep on upgrading kernel.21:25
AntonjoNow I get to 3.0.4. With lubuntu and no apps opened I use 63 mega out of 211.21:25
AntonjoIn any case everything seems smooth. Do you advise to downgrade?21:25
holsteinAntonjo: ?21:32
holsteinwifi? graphics?21:32
holsteini personally wouldnt feel unsafe running an older version of the linux kernel, unless theres a known vulnerability you are concerned about21:33
Antonjowifi is ok21:38
Antonjographics also21:38
holsteinAntonjo: of which driver do you speak?21:39
Antonjoi was installing a wifi stick21:40
holsteinAntonjo: im unclear on your question21:40
holsteinwhat are you inquiring about downgrading?21:40
holsteinthe kernel?21:40
Antonjook  i'll tell better21:40
Antonjothe stick is a us robotics, and they all claim to use it with ndiswrapper21:41
Antonjoi was able to get ndiswrapper + originale inf working but21:42
Antonjoafter some minutes the system froze21:42
Antonjoby chance i used a live Puppy and I discovered that it could use my stick out of the box21:43
Antonjobut without original inf21:43
Antonjojust simple prism driver21:43
Antonjoin fact i did the same via sudo apt-get install linux-firmware-nonfree21:43
Antonjoand everything is going smooth21:44
Antonjothe only thing is that since many claims some bugs in the kernel21:44
Antonjoi upgraded21:44
Antonjofrom ....38 to ...3921:44
Antonjoand so on21:45
Antonjojust before discovering the prism solution21:45
Antonjonow I find myself with this kernel 3.0.421:46
AntonjoWHAT do you think of it?21:46
Antonjodo I keep it ?21:46
holsteinno reason *not* to keep it21:46
holsteinunless its particularly breaking some funcionality for you21:47
Antonjono, but  you know some say it is unsuppoted21:47
holsteini mean, it either works or it dont21:47
holsteinif its working, its working21:47
holsteini wouldnt sweat it... unless it stops working21:48
Antonjoother say too much memory21:48
AntonjoAnd I am a newbie21:48
holsteindo what makes you feel comfortable21:48
holsteini would see about the memory usage before getting bent out of shape though21:49
holsteinmaybe run top, and monitor for a bit21:49
Antonjo 63 mega out of 211,  without apps, it is lubuntu21:50
Antonjoso very fast21:51
Antonjoalso on an old laptop21:51
Antonjoso thanks holstein21:52
holsteinAntonjo: :)21:57

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