valorinCan someone give this bug some loving? It's really annoying and I'd like to get it seen by the right people: https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/83424800:24
valorinIt's been present since Natty: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity/+bug/75584200:25
micahgvalorin: that's the upstream unity project, we don't deal with that here.  #ayatana would be the place to ask00:25
valorinCool, thanks :)00:25
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Andy80how is it called the package in Ubuntu that contains the installer?10:05
htorquehi all! should i set an expired bug to "invalid" if it's no longer reproducible?11:09
htorquebug 80580811:09
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nigelbpedro_: Heya!16:26
bdmurraycharlie-tca: could you peek at bug 840094?16:50
charlie-tcabdmurray: it's correct, when "install xubuntu" is chosen from the menu. I haven't tried with Ubuntu, and don't know if it is the same16:59
bdmurraycharlie-tca: so confirmed then?17:01
charlie-tcaYeah, confirmed17:01
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bkerensabdmurray: I need to reapply to control someday :P17:46
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bdmurrayyofel: around?18:51
yofelbdmurray: yes, but need to go in a minute18:52
bdmurrayyofel: do you know what provides kpushbutton?18:53
bdmurraybug 81564518:53
yofelKPushButton should be from kdelibs (I think)18:54
yofelkde4libs as package18:54
bdmurrayokay thanks18:54
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andersk_Can someone set bug 824255 to importance High (network-manager-openconnect doesn’t work at all in oneiric)?19:35
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pabelangerAfternoon... I was hoping to get some help triaging a backport request: https://bugs.launchpad.net/lucid-backports/+bug/63821319:57
micahgpabelanger: you want #ubuntu-motu for that20:00
pabelangermicahg: thank up20:01
pabelangerthank you20:01
micahgpabelanger: backports is run by the devs as a separate project20:01
RedSingularitybdmurray: Can i upload any corrections directly to ubuntu-bugpatterns in launchpad?21:34
bdmurrayRedSingularity: Yes as a member of bug control you could however, I'd prefer you setup a merge proposal first.21:35
RedSingularitybdmurray: thats how I will go about it then.  The "propose for merging" link?21:35
bdmurrayRedSingularity: yes after pushing to ~redsingularity then propose for merge21:36
RedSingularitybdmurray: I assume I will need to register a ssh key then?21:36
bdmurrayRedSingularity: probably... its been a long time since I did that ;-)21:37
RedSingularitybdmurray: ok doing that now.  Thanks.21:38
ashamsHello guys, I need your opinion here21:43
ashamsIn this wiki page : https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/Status?highlight=%28Upstream%20bug%20task:%20a%20release%20tarball%20was%20announced%20and%20is%20publicly%20available%2921:43
ashamsThe phrase "Upstream bug task: a release tarball was announced and is publicly available"21:44
ashamsis listed under "Fix Released"21:44
ashamsI think it should be listed under "Fix Committed21:44
bdmurrayashams: then what would be Fix Released for the upstream bug task?21:45
ashamsbecause an upstream dev has announced a tarball somewhere, doesn't mean that Ubuntu users can use it immediately21:45
ashamsIt's not clear to me21:46
greg-gashams: that is why there is a difference between an upstream task and an ubuntu task21:46
ashamsgreg-g, would you explain a bit further21:46
greg-gYou know when there is a link in LP to the upstream bug? WHen that is fixed upstream, then that task goes to "Fix Released" even if Ubuntu users never see it.21:46
greg-gThere Ubuntu task is still at Triaged until the fix is uploaded to the Ubuntu servers21:47
ashamsthat what I'm asking for21:47
greg-gashams: bascially, the first you you need to understand is that each bug can have multiple "tasks" Each one is for a different group. One is usually for Ubuntu (but not always), one can be for upstream, one for another distribution, etc21:48
greg-gSo, each bug can have multiple states, depending on which perspective you are currently taking: Ubuntu or the upstream projects (eg: Rhythmbox)21:49
greg-gFor Rhythmbox, the bug is Fix Released when they release a tarball, their work is done21:49
greg-gfor Ubuntu, it is still "Triaged" until that fix is merged into Ubuntu version21:49
greg-gdoes that help?21:50
ashamsgreg-g, yeah, but it's not uploaded to an ubuntu repo yet!21:51
greg-gashams: right, which is why ther eare two DIFFERENT tasks21:51
* micahg thought we made that clear on the status page a while back///21:52
greg-gan example might be helpful here21:52
ashamsgreg-g, thanks21:53
micahgor maybe a definition of Ubuntu task vs upstream task21:53
greg-gthis is a complex one, but it has the needed parts21:53
RedSingularitybdmurray: what did you mean by "push to RedSingularity"?  How can I do that in launchpad?21:53
paultagohai RedSingularity21:53
RedSingularitypaultag: ohhh look at that!21:53
RedSingularitypaultag: pm me21:53
greg-gashams: there are two main "tasks" there, one called "Rhythmbox" and the other "Rhythmbox (Ubuntu)" (the 3 ubuntu distro names are all subtasks of the "Rhythmbox (Ubuntu)" task)21:54
greg-gsee how the top one doesn't say "(Ubuntu)"? And notice how it has a link to the upstream bug report?21:54
ashamsgreg-g, yeah \o/21:55
ashamsgreg-g, I got it, Thank you21:55
greg-gSo, that bug is in Rhytmbox, software not written by Ubuntu developers but by the good people in GNOME. When they fix the bug, their bug is rightly marked as Fix Released, and thus, the ......21:55
ashamsOh! finally I understood21:55
greg-gyou're welcome21:55
ashamsgreg-g, Thank you very much :D21:55
greg-g:) no worries21:55
bdmurraygreg-g: thanks21:56
bdmurrayRedSingularity: something like bzr push lp:~redsingularity/apport/ubuntu-bugpatterns/my-new-pattern21:57
greg-gbdmurray: no problem man :) What I haven't been contributing in actually triage work lately I like to give back in knowledge every now and then ;)21:57
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RedSingularitybdmurray: I downloaded the whole bugpatterns.xml file.  Should I make the edit to that file and upload the whole thing to my branch?  I made an addition to software-properties.23:29
RedSingularitybdmurray: just not sure if I am supposed to make the edit to the whole .xml file....23:30
bdmurrayRedSingularity: yes it should be to the whole xml file23:31
RedSingularitybdmurray: And do you suggest I make a comment (bzr commit -m) as to what I changed in it?23:34
jtayloryes always document your changes, bzr commit will open a text editor for you23:40
RedSingularityjtaylor: thanks :)23:40

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