akgraneranyone else read through the newsletter?00:14
mhall119I skimmed it00:24
mhall119every looked okay00:25
mhall119how do you collect all of that information though?00:25
Pendulummhall119: people dump links into a google doc00:26
akgranermhall119, what Pen said - and myself and others went through about 150 issues and pulled links to every site we used and I created an RSS feed for them them I skim through daily00:34
mhall119akgraner: sounds like you need a better RSS reader ;)00:42
mhall119also, it sounds like we should export the loco.u.c blog aggregation as RSS00:43
akgranerI am still not comfortable with everything beinf automated - I like to look at the information00:43
akgranerand sometimes the first paragraph doesn't contain the meat of the story/post00:43
mhall119ReadFeeder wouldn't automate it, but you could make a queue for each section in UWN, and just drop stuff into those queues as you find them during the month00:45
mhall119it also displays the original page, not the summary00:45
mhall119(the summary is in a tooltip over the entry title though, for skimming)00:46
akgranercool  - yeah I really need to dump all the feeds into Readfeeder it's on my list :-)00:48
mhall119I'm up to 1876 feeds being updated by RF00:49
mhall119akgraner: do you have an OPML file of the feeds?00:49
akgranerum prob not b/c I don't even know what OPML means ;-)00:49
akgraneror I might and just not know it00:50
akgranerwhich is entirely possible00:50
mhall119if it's in Google Reader you can get an OPML, it's basically just an XML file of the feed url and title01:00
akgranerok then yep I have that :-)01:00
akgranerbrb need to finish publishing UWN :-) Finally woot woot01:01
mhall119akgraner: is there an RSS feed for UWN that I can subscribe to?02:40
akgranerthere is supposed to be - it would be the fridge feed....02:40
akgranerI don't think - or can't remember if we set up another one yet or not - also people subscribe to the forums post as well02:41
* akgraner adds that to my list of things to verify or get fixed :-)02:41
mhall119I was just wondering, it's not a big deal if there isn't02:47
paultagSo, I've decided to make the first hipster distro with Syn02:48
paultagI think it'll be an ironic statement on the state of GNU/Linux (which I do understand makes me a hipster)02:48
paultagI'm going to make the default terminal font Helvetica02:49
paultag(but monospaced) - and preloaded indie music that you've never heard of02:49
mhall119but then people will have heard of it02:50
paultaghumm good point02:50
mhall119OMG, you'd be able to destroy hipsterism!02:50
mhall119do it!02:50
mhall119DO IT!02:50
paultagI think I'll do that - I wonder if I can use the linux framebuffer to set the console's background to something02:50
paultagRMS with a scarf and glasses02:51
mhall119how would you know if he had on a scarf?02:51
mhall119or, if the scarf was wrapped around the beard, how would you know it was RMS?02:52
paultagperhaps RMS posing with a fixie02:52
paultagmhall119: fixed speed bike02:52
mhall119oh man, I'm so not hipster02:53
paultagmhall119: want to see something super hipster?02:53
mhall119akgraner: so I tried my hand at a molasses based BBQ sauce tonight, turned out alright, but there's something missing02:54
mhall119paultag: sure02:54
paultagmhall119: this is what the next release of Fluxbox is going to look like (minus the conky script, that's mine ;) ) - http://i.imgur.com/nP9Sf.png02:54
paultagclassy, aye?02:55
Cheri703so I'm randomly announcing it and then I'm off to bed: I am going before the EMEA board tomorrow (scheduling conflict for america meeting) :)02:55
paultagmhall119: oh pfft - it's so clutch02:55
mhall119Cheri703: you weren't a member already?02:55
paultagCheri703: :D02:55
Cheri703nope mhall11902:55
mhall119Cheri703: where's your wiki application page?02:55
Cheri703hope to be after tomorrow :)02:55
Cheri703I'm a bit anxious as I've not been doing quite as much in the past few months, but life has been insane :/ things should actually start calming down, even though I'm starting a full time job next week (hence the scheduling conflict)02:57
mhall119IME, the membership boards know that people's contribution levels rise and fall, and that sometimes life takes precedence02:58
Cheri703thanks mhall119 :)02:58
Cheri703kk, cool :)02:58
akgranerCheri703, you rock - don't be nervous...02:59
mhall119paultag: Fluxbox can look beautiful, why does is still look like Win95?02:59
paultagmhall119: it's a secret, but we have compositing support for 1.3.1+202:59
Cheri703thanks akgraner02:59
paultagmhall119: so it should handle compiz esque fancyness, but our impl is stupid small footprint02:59
mhall119paultag: but the widgets look dated02:59
paultagmhall119: we also have new lua support02:59
paultagmhall119: that's conky not fluxbox02:59
Cheri703ok, well, just wanted to mention it, and now I'm off to bed! early morning tomorrow03:00
paultagmhall119: we also have cool xdg autostarting shaz going, so it might become a workable DE soonish03:00
mhall119paultag: I mean the window frame, scrollbars, toolbar, etc03:00
paultagmhall119: oh, I actually prefer it like that :(03:00
mhall119paultag: cool, have you proposed the xdg autostart upstream yet?03:00
paultagmhall119: since we have compositing support, we could get it slick looking soonish03:01
paultagmhall119: sorta kinda. I have my delta up and in the testing branch03:01
mhall119paultag: I saw fluxbox slick looking 5 years ago03:01
paultagmhall119: I need to add a bit more and clean it up03:01
paultagmhall119: yeah Mint's doing an OK job with it03:01
mhall119I almost used Fluxbox as the basis for Qimo03:01
paultagmhall119: http://linuxcritic.files.wordpress.com/2010/02/lm8fbce_mintconfig.png <- that's Fluxbox03:02
mhall119see. why doesn't it look like that by default?03:02
paultagmhall119: because the idiots who can do good work like that don't feel like contributing upstream03:03
paultagand it pisses me off03:03
paultagIf I could get in touch with whoever, I'd gladly merge it in personally03:03
mhall119it's open source right? Steal their configs03:03
paultagmhall119: Yeah, but some of it is either not documented under a license or CC-NC-SA 303:03
paultagwith means it's nonfree by DFSG standards03:03
paultagmhall119: I'm going to head off, but perhaps I'll start hunting harder to make fluxbox prettier OTB03:04
paultagOne love :)03:04
* mhall119 should wrap up school work and head to bed too03:05
doctormoHey paultag03:05
mhall119so I'm writing an essay about open source software, where should I go with this?03:06
mhall119akgraner: ^^ and NTEU insights for me?03:06
doctormomhall119: go to me ;-). what are writing about?03:06
mhall119doctormo: I haven't decided yet, something about FLOSS that I personally relate to or care about03:07
mhall119but in no more than 5 pages03:07
akgranermhall119, wow - that's a huge topic- gotta narrow it down some more03:07
mhall119yeah, that's what I'm asking for suggestions for03:07
akgranerok so give me 4 things you can personally relate too03:08
mhall119it's not supposed to be an advocacy piece, more descriptive from a personal point of view03:08
doctormomhall119: Yeah, I think I've maybe savaged about 60% of the FOSS topic over 4 years of blogs and comments.03:08
akgranerrelate/care about03:08
mhall119learning, sharing, fixing and creating03:08
mhall119but a lot of that is because I'm a developer03:09
mhall119I'm wondering how to relate this to technical non-developers or non-technical users03:09
doctormomhall119: Owning, fixing, learning, sharing. FOSS rules.03:09
akgranerThen discuss where the pain points are for new users and how as a developer you work to overcome the gaps/barriers to entry without lowering the standards of quality03:09
mhall119http://paste.ubuntu.com/683063/ are my notes so far03:10
akgraneror making new users feel patronized etc03:10
* mhall119 loves tomboy-pastebinit03:10
mhall119need to fix bullets and indenting though :(03:11
doctormoThe only parts missing from my mental list are: Efficiencies, NIH resistance, Pre-Pay Development models, support freedom (choosing who to help you) etc.03:13
mhall119NIH resistance?03:13
mhall119have you seen the number of python web frameworks?03:13
mhall119or java ones?03:13
akgranermhall119, that's some pretty cool brainstorming there03:14
mhall119akgraner: thanks03:14
mhall119I tell you, Tomboy should be a requirement for college work03:14
mhall119don't know what I'd do without it03:14
akgranerLet me think about it - I've been up since 5am and have another early day tomorrow  - can I give you some sane feedback tomorrow?03:14
mhall119sure, my brainstorming is due tomorrow night03:14
akgranerok cool...03:15
mhall119and thanks both of  you03:15
doctormomhall119: Well resistance in a certain way, probably not in some others.03:34
doctormonp, night night03:34
cheenuhow to download a video from youtube from ubuntu terminal?06:33
AlanBellcheenu: try asking in #ubuntu or your loco team channel06:34
AlanBellthis isn't really the right place for that question06:35
dpmgood morning all06:35
cheenuok thanks but can u tell me how to go for #ubuntu ??06:36
cheenui got it fine thanks06:37
dholbachgood morning07:01
dholbachhi nigelb07:21
dpmmorning dholbach, morning nigelb07:23
dholbachhola dpm07:23
nigelbahoy dpm :)07:23
dpma rocking start to UADW yesterday, thanks a lot nigelb and akgraner for your help!07:24
popeyMorning all07:26
nigelbdpm: The wiki already has logs. akgraner and I did the logs as sson as we could :)07:27
nigelbdpm: and IRC nicknames are all sorted out now :)07:28
dpmnigelb, yeah I saw the logs, good work!07:28
kim0Morning folks08:07
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czajkowskikim0: you about for a quick pm please ?10:14
kim0czajkowski: sure10:22
dpmhey nigelb, did you have a chance to look at the e-mail I sent you re: tutorials for d.u.c?10:56
nigelbdpm: I did, I'm going to convert AlanBell's class from yesterday into a tutorial (with credit to him of course)10:57
dpmnigelb, excellent, let me set up an account for you at d.u.c10:57
AlanBellcool :)10:59
nigelbdpm: Excellent, got it.11:00
dpmnigelb, cool, let me pm with some details11:01
duanedesignmorning all11:45
czajkowskiduanedesign: howdy11:47
duanedesignczajkowski: doind well i hope?11:49
czajkowskiyeah not to bad11:52
czajkowskiworking on testing a system for a mate11:52
czajkowskiad then doing a training manual11:52
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jcastroI seem to have forgotten how to add things to the fridge calendar15:33
nigelbjcastro: Does this help? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Fridge/Calendar15:34
nigelbakgraner is away today15:34
jcastrogot it15:34
akgranerjcastro, I'm on for 5 mins before heading out again15:42
akgranerdid my email make sense to you?15:42
jcastroI'm all set!15:42
jcastroit got filtered so I am lucky I ran into it15:42
jcastroI am resetting things now15:43
akgranerok :-)15:43
jcastroand will make an annoucenment this afternoon15:43
akgranerjeez do you send my email to /dev/null to like Pete does15:43
jcastrothanks for the tip, I was totally unaware of how screwed I would have been15:43
jcastrono, I have an askubuntu filter and it's in your sig15:43
jcastroso it got stuck there15:43
jcastrobut it's ok, I check it daily15:43
akgranerhehe :-)15:43
jcastroit's my AU + Amber folder now15:43
akgranerno worries...everyone needs an Amber folder15:43
akgranerok I just wanted to check with you before I headed out again15:44
akgranernigelb, please email if I need to finish logs again today - I'll do it when I return15:44
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jcastrohey jono19:43
PiciVoice recognition?19:49
Picinigelb: It reminded me of this: http://spamusement.com/index.php/comics/view/4119:50
jcastropopey: meow meow, hi popey meow meow19:52
nigelbI finally got around to posting to planet.mozilla.org today!19:52
jonohey jcastro19:56
jcastrojono: why did you let me buy this mercyful fate19:56
jonowhich one?19:56
jonoand when did I let you buy it? :-)19:56
jcastroI bought the "best of"19:56
jcastroI think you were in the channel19:56
jcastroand I was like "ok, going to go get it"19:57
jcastroway to look out19:57
jononews to me19:58
jcastrothere's like, specs of genius19:58
jonodon't listen to Mercyful Fate, listen to King Diamond19:58
jcastroand then he gets all .. well, you know19:58
jonoget Them, Conspiracy and Abigail19:58
jonowow my blog has got some discussion going19:59
jcastroI aksed ted to respond to chip19:59
jcastrojono: hey when you get a chance (no rush) can you search for when you mailed me telling me my start date? I promise to write it down this time.20:04
jcastroI know I am like a week or so after you20:04
jonojcastro, dude, I do this every year20:04
jonodidnt you write a blog entry about when you started?20:04
jcastroI know20:04
jcastrobut I suck, I was like "this month I celebrate"20:05
jonojust post it for this month20:05
jononot sure if the specific date is required20:05
jcastroyeah I think this is what we did last time20:05
* jono tries to avoid digging through his email :-)20:06
jcastroI will post tonight or something20:06
jcastroman lightning just struck the house across the canal from me!20:29
czajkowskigah I've the menu for flipping throuhg application on my dekstop and it won't go away20:29
czajkowskiand is blocking my view!!!20:29
Pendulumjcastro: that's a bit close for comfort20:31
jcastroyeah but for a split second I thought the world was over, that was awesome!20:32
PiciI'm not sure many people would describe it that way.20:32
nigelbPici: but its jcastro! He's not most people :P20:35
Picinigelb: ah, you're right.20:35
nigelbk, sleep. For realz20:36
jcastroat my last job a guy got struck  by lightning20:36
jonoczajkowski, yeah sometimes the launcher gets a bit stuck20:36
jcastroit hit like 3 feet from him20:36
jcastroand knocked him off his feet20:36
jussijcastro: are you zeus? :P20:37
* jono begins the burndown smackdown :-)20:37
jonoakgraner, can you complete your action from the burndown?20:37
jonoakgraner, on https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/community-o-ubuntu-one-developer-apis20:37
czajkowskijono:  a bit! have had to reboot 6 times today alone due to it20:38
jonoczajkowski, oof, see if you can reproduce and file a bug20:38
jonoczajkowski, are you natty or oneiric?20:38
jussibed time. laters :)20:38
czajkowskiI can reporduce it if I alt tab 5 applications the menu bar across the screen will not feck off20:39
duanedesignhello community friends20:39
jcastroczajkowski: let's find DBO on #ayatana20:39
jcastrohe's always asking for alt-tab testers20:39
duanedesigni hav an Ubuntu One users who wants the site in French. Will Chrom not do this?20:40
jonoczajkowski, file a bug20:42
duanedesignaha i found #ubuntu-fr20:44
jonodoctormo, around?20:44
jonodoctormo, would you mind looking into your item on https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/community-o-irc-classroom-events ? thanks!20:44
jcastrobefore you get to me I just knocked two off20:45
jcastrothere's no need to investigate my items20:45
* jcastro hand waves a little bit20:45
duanedesignjono: in your crazy schedule i really need 3o minutes to discuss Beginners Team, We are at a bit of a crossroads an would hate to see the team fade into Ubuntu folklore. I believe it has a lot to give20:47
jonoduanedesign, sounds good, can we chat later this week?20:47
duanedesignso in the coming weeks keep it in mind please jono20:48
duanedesignjono: awsome!20:48
jonoduanedesign, lets get something in the calendar, one sec20:49
jonoduanedesign, Fri at 2pm Pacific?20:49
duanedesignonly thin i have that day is a 10 am Central20:50
duanedesignso sounds perfect20:51
jcastrothe list of regressions moving to gnome 3 is like a mile long. :-/20:52
jonoduanedesign, awesome20:52
jonojcastro,  if you want to hear something odd, check out Sigh20:53
jonoodd Japanese death metal oddball band20:53
jcastrois that like a band?20:53
jonointeresting to listen to20:53
jonojcastro, check out Musica In Tempora Belli by them20:54
jcastrohmm, weird20:55
jonojcastro, see what I mean?20:56
jononot as awesome as Ghost, though20:56
jcastrohmm, this middle classical thing is nice20:58
jcastrothen he ruins it by singing20:59
jcastroI guess I'll forever be radio-pop metal21:04
head_victimYou say that like there's something wrong with radio-pop metal ;)21:06
jcastroI try not to be too condascending to him when it's between working hours21:07
akgranerjono  - I emailed you buddy aq :-)  he never got back to me - I'll try him one more time but you may have to kick him :-)21:30
jonothanks akgraner, follow up and if nothing happens, postpone it21:30
akgranerok :-) will do21:30
* akgraner goes on an aq hunt....or at least a spamming mission 21:32
jonojcastro, can you do me a favor?21:50
jonofollow up with kapil and get him to complete his actions on http://status.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-oneiric/canonical-community.html21:50
cjohnstonakgraner: ping22:28
akgranercjohnston, pong22:40
cjohnstonakgraner: see pm22:42

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