seifkim0, around00:08
kim0seif: yeah! was about to jump to bed though .. what's up00:09
seifcan i skype with you quickly00:09
kim0if it's important yeah00:09
* kim0 plugs mic00:09
seifthelinuxer, thanks for the mail10:43
seifvery well written10:43
seifgood job10:43
thelinuxerseif: thanks man :)10:44
thelinuxerseif: lets talk business10:44
seifwhich business10:44
seifi am busy as it is10:44
thelinuxerArabic developer days, how about that ?10:44
seifwhen is it?10:45
seifthelinuxer, ^10:47
seifthelinuxer, ^10:48
thelinuxer1seif: sorry wireless connection just dropped what was the last thing u said ?10:48
seif<thelinuxer> lol10:48
seif<thelinuxer> Arabic developer days, how about that ?10:48
seif<seif> when is it?10:48
thelinuxerseif: well i was thinking about contacting other Arabic teams10:49
thelinuxerand see how would they like to participate10:49
seifis is ubuntu specific or also general open source10:50
thelinuxerbut until now, if it's an ubuntu-eg related event then u can set the date10:50
thelinuxerit can be general opensource of course10:50
thelinuxerbut i wanted to teach people the process of becoming a UD10:50
thelinuxerit's a clear path10:51
thelinuxerand helps new comers to quickly start contributing10:51
seifuhm well there are several ways to become an ubuntu dev10:51
seifeither you come directly ot ubuntu10:51
seifor come from upstream down to ubuntu10:51
seif2 different approaches10:51
thelinuxeryes i know10:51
seifI can only talk about the latter10:51
seifbut i like the idea10:52
seifwill it be remote?10:53
thelinuxerthat's the whole idea10:53
thelinuxera couple of hrs/day10:54
thelinuxeron IRC room like ubuntu deve days10:54
thelinuxerseif: can u give a list of the sessions you would like to present in these days ?10:58
seifdepends when it is10:59
thelinuxeru set the date10:59
thelinuxerbut not before 2 weeks or something10:59
thelinuxerto give me time to coordinate with other teams and announce it properly11:00
seifthelinuxer, sounds good11:01
seifthis month however is pretty busy11:01
seifI will be at OSC 201111:02
seifOWF 201111:02
seifa hackfest in milan11:02
seifso kinda crammed11:02
thelinuxerok 1st of October ?11:03
seif1st of cotober i will be most probably recovering form 30th spetember11:08
thelinuxerseif: give me a date man :D11:09
thelinuxeror a range and I will try to arrange it11:09
seifi cant give a date until the 3th is over11:10
seifashams, dude lose the attitude13:24
seifhe said he is willing to give then let him give13:24
seifif you want to rant or annoy ppl then please on irc and not on the mailinglist13:25
seifthe mailinglist represents us13:25
ashamsseif: Hi13:58
ashamsseif: I wasn't here, sorry for late response13:58
ashamsI think it's enough for me13:58
ashamsI'll be waiting for a decission to respond to13:59
ashamsthanks for waking me up :D13:59
ashamsseif: Karim mentioned that he was on the mailing list a day long, would you please help me to remeber this?14:32
thelinuxer1ashams: u mean on the IRC14:41
ashamsthelinuxer1, Yes14:42
thelinuxer1it might have happened long before you were a member of the team14:42
ashamshehe I think so :D14:42
ashamsthelinuxer1, May I say something that I really want to say and I want all of you to apologize me?14:43
ashamsfine, I'll just shutup14:45
thelinuxerashams: back14:46
thelinuxerwhat did u want to say ?14:46
ashamsthelinuxer, ok14:47
ashamsIsn't Karim lying14:47
thelinuxerthis is exactly what i don't want to discuss now14:48
thelinuxerif we need to discuss this it needs to be in a meeting14:48
ashamsmay I ask why(you're totally free to ignore this msg)14:48
thelinuxercause discussing this will only cause problems, and we will only be flaming him14:49
seifashams, he is not lying14:49
seifi worked with him before14:49
ashamsseif, Hi14:49
seifashams, i was here maybe before most of the ppl on this channel14:50
thelinuxerseif: ashams lets just not discuss anything now please14:50
ashamsI didn't mean about work14:50
seifashams, look in the end what is your problem14:50
seifashams, get over it14:50
ashamsI meant about active, I don't blame him for anything but why to lie about such a thing14:50
seifhe said he is willing to hand over ownership14:50
seifhe was very active in the past14:50
thelinuxerand now ur both r ignoring me ...14:51
ashamsseif, I'm not talking about the past14:51
ashamsthelinuxer, :D14:51
seifi agree with thelinuxer14:51
seifthis topic is closed14:51
seifpointing fingers is stupid and not healthy to the community14:51
seifso please get over it14:52
thelinuxerseif: i have to say something, ur giving ashams a little bit of an attitude here14:53
thelinuxerwe all have to calm down and think about how to make the loco more healthy14:54
ashamsThis will never happen without facing it, not just getting over, seif  ?14:55
* ashams will just watch14:55
seifashams, sorry for the attitude14:58
seifashams, we had these problems in eglug and in ubuntu-eg before14:58
seifand we need to learn to let it die14:58
thelinuxeri don't want to talk about the issue14:59
thelinuxerbut this issue is a little bit differrent14:59
EgyParadoxI guess this is the admin issue14:59
seifso i am apologizing for the attitude  but lets close the topic14:59
thelinuxeri want to only talk in the meeting to let it all out14:59
ashamsseif, I wasn't offended by any of your msgs simply because you're not LYING :D14:59
ashamsseif, May I reebl? :) pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaase15:00
seifashams, rebeling is not cool atm15:00
seifrebeling while winning is just awkward15:01
seifubuntu-eg got what it wanted15:01
seifit will get the ownership15:01
seifwether he lied or not15:01
seifits the past15:01
seifand bringing it up is kind annoying15:01
seifand please avoid sarcasm and provocation on the mailing list15:01
seifthe mailing list is public15:02
seifand is our gateway to the egyptian community15:02
seifplease take it as friendly advise15:02
ashamsseif, Thanks15:02
seifi used to rebel alot and it cost me alot in the GNOME community15:02
ashamsThis can't be bad15:02
seifi dont want to see this happen in ubuntu-eg15:02
seifwhat cant be bad15:03
ashamsbad from them to let you shout till you find no way except rebelling15:03
ashamsseif, right?15:03
seifand what did the rebellion bring me15:04
seifwhat is the rebellion bringing you15:04
seifright now u won the case15:04
seifwhy rebel15:04
seifto rebel u need to be the underdog15:05
seifwhich in this case you are not15:05
ashamsEnta betsannegni 3ala fekra!15:05
thelinuxerbetsannegni ?15:05
ashamssorry, I meant betsabbetni15:05
ashams= bet sakketni bel 7ada2a, got it?15:06
seifi really dont mean bad15:06
seifi actually have a very high image of you15:06
seifand your enthusism15:06
seifi just odnt want the image to be broken15:06
seifthe new loco team is amazing15:07
seifout of experience rebelling hurt my work at gnome15:07
seifdiplomacy got my work into kde and unity15:07
seifso i resort to the last15:07
seifashams, when i feel pissed i dont reply mails15:07
seifand this happens often (I am an angry kid :P)15:07
ashamsOk, let's go to diplomacy15:08
ashamsthough I prefer facing frankly15:08
seifbut not on public lists15:09
seifin person or on irc15:09
seifashams, here is some rebellion and ranting i did in the past15:10
seifthelinuxer, i am one of the guest writers of omgubuntu.co.uk15:10
seifi would like to interview the loco team15:10
seifwhat do u think15:10
ashamsI read that before, that's why I was astonished by you trying to get over15:11
thelinuxerseif: sure, i just got really busy i lost track of this suggested to made before15:11
seifi got over it15:11
seifhey diplomacay is not getting zeitgeist as a backend for gtk15:12
seifor to be precise15:12
seifashams, do u code15:12
seifwanna learnm15:12
ashamsseif, sure15:13
ashamsI'm strugging to learn15:13
ashamsI'm a self-learner15:13
seifashams, ok15:13
ashamsthe hardest way15:13
seifashams, same here15:13
seifactually no15:13
seifashams, self learning is the best way of learning15:13
seifashams, i never studied CS15:13
seifi am a mathmatician15:13
ashamsI'm atranslator15:13
seifi tought myself programing at a very young age15:14
seifashams, we need to get you working on coding15:14
seiflet me go get some food and i will ttyl15:14
ashamsYes please15:14
ashamsbut It's very new from here15:14
ashamsyou know, there is one jump to take, If i only can :(15:15
thelinuxerseif: will try to reply to this email (the interview email) tomorrow or the day after with the answers15:15
thelinuxerto the mailing list so people can revise the answers and polish it15:16
ashamsthelinuxer, I was thinking of giving a bug triaging class15:19
ashamsbut I might not be able to do it in Arabic15:19
thelinuxerashams: y ?15:19
ashams:D can't understand!15:19
ashamsthelinuxer, you mean "why?"15:21
ashamsbecause I learned it all in english, thinking in english, replying in english15:21
thelinuxerand ur our translator15:22
thelinuxerright ?15:22
ashamsI appreciate my fate to be here :D15:23
ashamsDoing it in Arabic will take a lot of time for the first time15:23
thelinuxertayeb we can talk about this later15:23
ashamsthelinuxer, Ok, I know you're busy right now, bas kont batrakhem :p15:24
EgyParadoxelfasalan dah 3ayez #ubuntu-trivia16:35
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